Mirror’s Edge 2, The Teaser Trailer

Mirror’s Edge wasn’t actually that good. Discuss.

But maybe they’ll get it right this time, eh?


  1. tnzk says:

    Well yeah, I suppose it wasn’t. But in everything it tried to do, it was a breath of fresh air. Imagine that, five years after its release – one in which wasn’t a commercial success – people are crying for a sequel, or at least a reattempt.

    See, you can have the most well designed game in the world, and you can be very, very proud of it. But if in many aspects it’s like the rest of its contemporaries, it’s going to be met with increasing resistance to someone’s investment.

    Just to put a more personal spin on it Jim, consider Sir, You Are Being Hunted. It’s looking like a fantastic game developed by people who really know what they want. I’m definitely going to purchase it. But watching the videos already, I have a sinking feeling that I’ve seen it all before. I’m going to play it with a sinking feeling that I’ve seen it all before. “But we have gentlemen robots!”. Yes, but…

    All I’m trying to do is paint a picture as to why Mirror’s Edge has received the cult status it has. It’s to do with being different, but the virtue is not in simply being different: it’s that it can still be very appealing despite not conforming to modern trends.

  2. piecewise says:

    Well hey, RPS is pretty shitty too, but we don’t hold it against you.

    • Phasma Felis says:

      Your Mom is pretty shitty, but she sure held it against me. If you know what I mean.

      Last night.

  3. Don Reba says:

    Another thought. I sure hope it supports Oculus Rift.

  4. Jimbo says:

    “Mirror’s Edge wasn’t actually that good. Discuss.”

    Yes, you’re right. And I don’t recall it being held in this high regard when it came out (because it wasn’t).

    • zin33 says:

      another guy commenting on this game that have no idea about it i assume? and by no idea about it i mean no experience at all with the core of the game, that is, speed running, that is, doing time trials and speed runs with good scores

      • Jimbo says:

        If I managed to play it from start to finish without experiencing ‘the core of the game’ then it was worse than I thought.

        • Mman says:

          Mirror’s Edge unfortunately puts it’s weakest aspects up-front, few are going to deny that, but when the VAST majority of playtime is from the stuff that comes after that it starts to become irrelevant in the long run.

    • Mman says:

      You’re right, but not for the reason you seem to think.

      The depth of the game only really becomes apparent once you delve into the Time Trials and Speedruns and start learning the tricks and different ways to navigate areas, and, in addition, most of the flaws (like the enemy usage) start to become irrelevant once you work out the ways around them or how to bypass them altogether. So it’s only natural that opinions get better over time as more people delve into the best parts of the game.

  5. honky mcgee says:

    I got 15 bucks that says this is a $15 downloadable arcade title.

  6. zin33 says:

    i dare you to find anything remotely similar to the really complex movement system this game has in place
    i mean even after beating the game on hard i knew nothing about the game
    only when i started the time trials (in particular the DLC ones) and speed runs only then i noticed how “noob” i was
    few months later i made it to top 10 on a few DLC time trials :D

    most people (no offense) but never really get into the game and you (the author of this article) as well as most here are probably talking about the game when they actually have no good idea how to play it (time trials are not really popular from what ive heard) so please if youre gonna talk about mirrors edge PLEASE get a few time trials maps done right first

    • Mman says:

      Yeah, it’s hard to go into this without coming across arrogantly, but, as someone who has had multiple world-record and top ten runs over the course of the games history, the gulf between skill levels is utterly vast. A lot of complaints here are like reading about a different game, especially in regards to stuff like “flow breaking” or supposed forced combat. (which are both things mostly confined to chapters 7 and 9, which are the real ass ones in the game).

      Assuming the general design is similar I do think a sequel could do a much better job easing players into the depth by making the initial run less trial and error (such as always providing clear paths out of chases that aren’t the fastest way), and pointing players more towards stuff like the time trials as a major part of the game, but past a point the only option would be to dumb down the mechanics and level design.

  7. mechabuddha says:

    My biggest problem with Mirror’s Edge was success/failure feedback. So many times I’d be stuck trying to figure out where to go or how to get there, only to have guards shoot me before I could do so. The game wouldn’t tell me if I was on the right track or not – this would be great if this was to encourage exploring, but there just was never enough time for that.

    That said, I really really enjoyed the time trial tracks. I never played them to get on the leaderboards, but I liked how I could take some time to play around, figure out the faster routes bit by bit, and then blast through when I wanted to.

  8. Tally says:

    Body is such troll-bait. I’m playing ME for the third time and loving it as much as ever. Not going to defend anything other than its core mechanics, but when they got their focus (most of the time) the movement is ace.

  9. wiper says:

    Your face isn’t actually that good. How’d you like dem apples, Mister Journalist? ;)

    Mirror’s Edge is definitely in my top 20 games of the last decade, though. A game that really rewarded skill, and made the simple act of running exhilarating – compared to the average set-piece laden shooter which struggles to excite the player as it throws 5000 explosions at them simultaneously, I think that’s worthy of respect.

  10. honuk says:

    Mirror’s Edge was pretty damn bad, but it should have been good, which is more than I can say for most video games released by large publishers. Unfortunately for us, gamers generally can’t tell the difference between actual quality and the simple idea of quality. Most people were sold on Mirror’s Edge the first time they were told it was different, even when it really wasn’t.

    • zin33 says:

      yes it wasnt very different. just like every other first person parkour game out there… wait what?

    • Mman says:

      ” Most people were sold on Mirror’s Edge the first time they were told it was different, even when it really wasn’t.”

      Tell me more about this utopia of 3D action-adventures with platforming that needs actual skill that you apparently hail from.

      • honuk says:

        maybe you should play some platformers dawg, I dunno

        but what I mean is the game was just a walk-forward-to-watch-cutscene corridor with uninspired level design, awful, awful storytelling, and keep-doing-this-until-you-get-it-right checkpoint hopping. there was zero room for imagination, which is what the game originally promised. oh, and don’t forget the set-piece arenas where momentum is no longer relevant and you have to kill thirty faceless idiots before you can walk forward again.

        mechanically, it was a pretty good game. but it did absolutely nothing with those mechanics.

        • Mman says:

          “maybe you should play some platformers dawg, I dunno”

          Assuming we’re talking about purely 3D platformers It’s very rare that I come across a modern one that isn’t “press A to awesome”, and even the ones that aren’t tend to be pretty puddle-deep compared to Mirror’s Edge.

          “but what I mean is the game was just a walk-forward-to-watch-cutscene corridor with uninspired level design, awful, awful storytelling, and keep-doing-this-until-you-get-it-right checkpoint hopping. there was zero room for imagination, which is what the game originally promised. oh, and don’t forget the set-piece arenas where momentum is no longer relevant and you have to kill thirty faceless idiots before you can walk forward again.”

          At least this makes it pretty clear you just blew through the compaign once, as opposed to even attempting to delve into the time-trials and other post-game content which is what most people who love it love it for. “Zero room for imagination” is also kind of funny given that most of the issues you mentioned can be avoided with a little imagination and experimentation.

          • honuk says:

            why would I “delve into” a game I thought was basically crap? and why would you have much faith (LOL GET IT) in this game if you’re even admitting that you think most of the prequel was pretty bad?

          • gwathdring says:

            I’m a fan of the game, but I spent more time in campaign than in time trials. Is my opinion therefore shitty, too?

            Look, playing the same maps over and over for faster times isn’t everyone’s bag and it’s not the primary intent of the Mirror’s Edge experience. It might be one of the more successful aspects of the game for fans and developers realized that well enough to release that non-steam-only DLC that game those pretty time trial maps in Floating Block Land that I can’t play because EA couldn’t be arsed. That doesn’t mean it’s the most important aspect of the game, and it doesn’t invalidate the critical perspective that puts the campaign experience first and the time trial experience second.

            That said, I completely disagree with the OP. I think it had some snazzy level design and some clever use of the mechanics. Perhaps this is related to me having no inherent issue with the linear corridor model. And to me, as a previous poster, being unaware of the vast repertoire of slick, 3D, first-person action platformers that downplay the action part.

          • Mman says:

            There’s nothing wrong with not being into the post-game content and disliking the game for that, or being put off by the bad first-impression, but in that case you shouldn’t make ignorant statements about those who do like it when you’ve barely even scratched the surface.

            Also, I never said most of the game was bad, there are two bad levels in the game, and the rest are fine (albeit with bad segments here and there).

          • gwathdring says:

            You sure write your responses as though you think not being into the post-game content invalidates one’s opinion at least partially. I’m not saying the OP is being all nice and friendly about it, but I resent the idea that whether or not one delves into the post game content that clearly wasn’t the primary focus of the game *as presented* determines how much they’re allowed to criticize the game.

            I liked the freedom of platforming in the time trials, but I didn’t like the time trial element itself. I’m a big fan of iterative games in very specific contexts. Personally, I think iterative gameplay work best when a) resetting is lighting fast b) the “correct” path is either crystal clear or different every time OR failing by taking the wrong path is an understood and mechanically substantive part of the game and c) control is rock-solid consistent. Mirror’s edge almost gets C), but it frequently misses out on B) and A). I think iteration works better in games like VVVVVV, Super Hexagon, Mario, Portal 2, Trackmania. They mostly differ in which side of B they take on, but I think B is what makes an iterative game work best for me. I think Mirror’s Edge works a lot better as a straight-forward level-by-level platformer albeit a little more open than your typical 2D affair and with the added element of The Chase from time to time–exactly what the campaign offers. The catch is that the campaign doesn’t always offer this very well and for a lot of people it fell flat completely. I loved it, but I don’t love it for the time trials and I don’t see them as a strong point of the game.

            I don’t know, maybe I’m paranoid and I apologize if so, but I can’t shake this feeling that a lot of fans (of Mirror’s Edge, but really of anything) start classifying themselves inadvertently as superior beings to those who “don’t get it.” I’m probably being oversensitive to it in your case so apologies again but it really really bugs me when people talk about enjoyment like it’s objective or the game in question as though only a carefully selected series of flaws accepted by the fan community count as valid critiques.

          • Mman says:

            This is late but I’ll clarify that. When I’m talking about the post-game I also mean the campaign/speedruns as well (which, outside of chapter 7 and 9 I actually prefer to the time trials because you aren’t limited by stuff like the beacons), which even in casual play is much more enjoyable when you know how to deal with the situations and aren’t gunned down a bunch.

            “the post game content that clearly wasn’t the primary focus of the game *as presented* determines how much they’re allowed to criticize the game.”

            If someone wants to criticise the game for their initial campaign experiences that’s fine, but in this thread’s case I’m calling out someone trying to make a judgement on people who liked the game as a result of that, when the initial campaign experience only made up a small part of the game for a lot of the people who liked it.

    • vivlo says:

      Did you play that game ? And you should know that the suggested idea of something beautiful is the basis of poetry, and it’s better than the realisation of something beautiful but less beautiful than what is suggested by the aforementioned idea.

  11. Premium User Badge

    particlese says:

    Darn it, E3, stop being tough/emo and killing everyone in the face!* I will maintain my hope for this game, but I think this is the first reboot trailer I’ve seen in a while that has actually diminished my excitement about a game I was ready to be excited about. 8[

    Now to go do some flips on my bed.

    Edit: *To be fair, this is the first E3 trailer I’ve seen this year. The remainder might be panning shots over pristine fields of wildflowers with Debussy in the background, for all I know.

    Edit edit: Debussy music playing in the background.

  12. Buemba says:

    My only big problem with the first Mirror’s Edge was that they didn’t put a checkpoint between the final rooftop battle (The one where you face snipers and a bunch of soldiers) and the jump between buildings you have to perform immediately after it. Fuck that part.

    I imagine most people who complained about the fights in the game were trying to finish it without using guns on their first playthrough. Combat is actually quite forgiving and fun if you’re not above using a machine gun or rifle every once in a while.

  13. Abendlaender says:

    YOU are not actually that good Jim!

  14. pupsikaso says:

    I see shooting and punching. Get it right this time? Keep dreaming.

  15. vivlo says:

    no more than 6 seconds of breathtaking outdoor glorious visions of sunlit bathed blinding neverending white rooftops. In which exactly 0 seconds of stunnning parkour cascades playing with gravity and blade running with the grip your hands can have. And 5 seconds of cascade not involving combat violence.
    Though combat is only 9 seconds in total (a little more with the time before, waiting the opponent, looking at them right in their helmet, eyes in the helmet).
    On a 1:11 cgi *in-game* trailer it’s maybe not that awful, considering the rest is aesthetic views on gloves and tatooes and a tattooist and an eye of heroin and a heroin. Approximately 7.8% of rooftops, 11.7% of combats, 6.5% of parkour, the rest of tatooes gloves heroin and letters. Hm. If it’s about a game of parkour, not tattooes, this is probably not very informative.
    Ultimately, it’s Mirror’s Edge 2 though.

  16. ninjapirate says:

    The trailer of the first game was much more to my liking, this one gives off the impression that Mirror’s Edge 2 is all about fighting.

    I was hoping to see this game support the Occulus Rift!

  17. defektiv says:

    Exactly how I felt about Deus Ex.. wasn’t actually that good.

  18. Jahkaivah says:

    Somewhat bothered that the trailer seems to be mainly focused on showing off what was the weakest part of the first game, and next to nothing of what the game was all about.

    Hopefully the new title will handle the street tattoo artist gameplay a bit better than the previous one did.

  19. Snacko says:

    Mirror’s Edge was a wonderful game with some frustrating bits. You can actually beat the game without firing a shot, believe it or not. You’ll have to find some sometime unintuitive ways around the level to do so, but that’s the fun: the mechanics were solid enough that you didn’t always need to follow the linear path.

    The game really opens up in Race mode. Playing through tinier parts of the level really illuminates how optimizable the game really is, and how satisfying it is to do well.

  20. Urthman says:

    Jim Rossignol should stick to writing about RPGs and open-world British robot hunting sims.


  21. Muzman says:

    Mirror’s Edge isn’t that good like your favourite childhood movies aren’t that good.
    Regardless of falling short in narrative perfection or other standards, they have a certain spirit and originality that’s rare and fires the imagination.

  22. Low Life says:

    Now you’ve done it, Jim, I’m cancelling my preorder of Sir. Who’s not that good now, eh?

    In all seriousness, though: YES!

  23. Howard says:

    “Mirror’s Edge wasn’t actually that good. Discuss.”

    I would go so far as to say that Mirror’s Edge was actively terrible. While it was one of my most anticipated games ever, it is a game I have no intention of ever going back to and now, having seen this trailer, I will not touch the sequel with a 20 foot pole.
    The combat was not just terrible in the first game, it utterly destroyed any enjoyment by being so clunky, slow, badly paced and terribly implemented and this vid is *all* bloody combat.
    The first game may have had a ton of potential and showed amazing promise, but promises do not a game make, especially when the only aspect of its design that was good was the first-person running and it was a) so woefully underused and b) utterly overshadowed by everything else in the game (combat, cutscenes, controls, plot) that was so terribly badly executed.

    • Jenks says:

      This is the first thing ever written about this game that seems to be from the same dimension I’m living in.

      It’s god awful sales (before it dropped to $10) were pretty telling, though.

  24. Dave L. says:

    I’ve half a mind to livestream a speedrun of the entire original game on hard and only firing six shots just to spite you naysayers.

    • baltasaronmeth says:

      At those snipers on the rooftop. The only scene I did not make without firing shots.

      • Dave L. says:

        Nope. Actually it’ll be seven shots total: six to shoot out three panes of glass in Heat, and one for the engine block of the prison transport in Kate.

        And I’m totally gonna do this Friday night (PST)

  25. Harlander says:

    Oh, great, a sequel to
    a game from


  26. baltasaronmeth says:

    Soooo, no more love for comic style?

  27. chackosan says:

    Mirror’s Edge was a flawed game, but one that I thoroughly enjoyed. Combat wasn’t even a major deal-breaker for most of the game, since ‘disarm, dispose and flee’ was my go-to tactic. Whenever possible, I’d just avoid enemies and run with bullets whizzing past my head, which I felt was more in the spirit of the game.

    While it may not have been a great game in its own right, it sure felt like the foundation for something truly special. I always thought a second attempt which fixed its weak points and added to its strengths could feature in my top all-time games. Whether this sequel will actually do those things remains to be seen, but cautious optimism doesn’t cost too much.

  28. Spoon Of Doom says:

    Mirror’s Edge wasn’t actually that good. Discuss.

    Ahem. Okay, I admit, it wasn’t perfect. But I still loved the game to bits.
    I have very conflicting feelings about this announcement and EA in general. I mean, this is EA. I fully expect them to fuck this up with turning it into a microtransaction-based cover shooter filled with quicktime events, all while kicking consumer rights in the nuts. On the other hand, they actually resisted giving Faith the Flemeth Makeover (TM) and she didn’t have skimpy clothing or lots of cleavage in the trailer, so here’s hoping that they actually take the game seriously.

    And in addition to that, they announce things like a new Battlefront, the potentially fun(ny) Garden Warfare and a Dragon Age sequel that’s not being rushed out the door for this year’s christmas?
    I’m genuinelly confused whether I should love or hate EA right now. I’m gonna play it safe and do both until I know more. I just hope they don’t announce modding support for BF4, or my head might explode.

  29. MeestaNob says:

    The original game was great, and the hand to hand combat was fine. The gun play was ok, but totally unnecessary and didn’t suit the style of game at all.

    I just wish this wasn’t an Origin game. Such a waste.

  30. sophof says:

    I played the game a bit late, so maybe my expectations were too high, but I agree it wasn’t a ‘good’ game. I did have fun with it though and it was something new for the most part, so I am happy it exists and that I played it.

    Also, Rift support would be amazing (although they should probably ship some barf bags with the game CD).

  31. Jason Moyer says:

    Given RPS dislike of any racing game that’s actually good, hating Mirror’s Edge is not a huge surprise.

  32. devronius says:

    The first game was flawed, but it had a great aesthetic and great potential. I hope the sequel can live up to that potential.

  33. Blodyavenger says:

    ” Mirror’s Edge wasn’t actually that good. “…seriosuly? Everyone has a different opinion but honestly. Mirror’s Edge was unique and had interesting yet simple story, great visuals and you could feel that freedom when you were doing parkour tricks around while doing progress even if it was linear progress.

    I was waiting for this sequel for years. It looks great already on footage given. Hyped? Hell yeah!

  34. Lev Astov says:

    Life wasn’t that good for Jim, I heard.

  35. Dances to Podcasts says:

    “Mirror’s Edge wasn’t actually that good. Discuss.”

    Games journalism, everyone!

  36. Noviere says:

    I hope it’s a 3rd person game this time.

  37. TechnicalBen says:

    No guns! There were no guns!!! :D

  38. Megakoresh says:

    Would be nice if they removed the trigger-happy enemies too and just made a parkour game with occasional first person brawling…

    I won’t have enough money for all these amazing games that have been recently announced!

  39. mr.black says:

    mirrorS arE morE fuN thaN telivisioN!

  40. Mutak says:

    Mirror’s Edge and Mass Effect are the only games i can think of off the top of my head that pass the Bechdel Test. Mass effect might be disqualified if you accept that despite all their feminine forms, the Asari really aren’t female and you don’t play with FemShep. Discuss?

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      Weirdly I’ve not thought to apply the test to games… there must be loads of games where you can choose your gender that pass, like Saints Row, Skyrim, etc. Bayonetta passes, so do Tomb Raider 1, Deus Ex 2, Okami, and probably loads more. You could count all MMOs too, if you were being obtuse. I guess the fact that games a) have tons more content than movies, and b) are rarely about relationships mean possibly a higher pass rate than movies, despite the relative lack of good female characters. Mirror’s Edge is certainly a grand example, too.

  41. cazer113 says:

    after watching the mirrors edge 2 trailer im quite disappointed i have play through mirrors edge 1 many times and still play it now and its a great game for free-running in but the combat slows it down which sucked in my opinion and it seems that they now have a heavier focus on the combat and even arena areas if they put in some way to get around the combat or make it flow better with free running ill be very happy also really hoping for an open world but the combat doesn’t need to be there its a nice extra but when you are in a stairwell full of police with huge guns on hard and you cant shoot anyone due to the trophy you are trying to get its nearly impossible (thats from experiance BTW) really hope if they make a third one it will have some of these points in it

  42. Samwise Gamgee says:

    Nice lips

  43. Wonkyth says:

    Straight off I’m going to mention that I’m a complete Mirror’s Edge fanboi. I loved nearly everything about it. I have completed it many times, using many different playstyles (Some examples that include only variations in violence: Non-violent, no gun, no kill, no disarm, no punch, no kick, KILL EVERYONE!), and will probably continue to do so every month or so. (It’s short enough! :D )

    As a result, it would probably come as no surprise that I’m a little bit wary about this sequel. For starters, if I LOVED the first one, and yet the majority thought it failed, then surely they will be making changes to the core gameplay that I loved in the original. Not that this means that the changes cant make for good gameplay in their own right, but I’m still a little apprehensive.

    Also more than a little irritated that they decided to dump Rhianna Pratchett, especially after she did such a stellar job on the original. I mean, this is supposed to be a Prequel, no? Didn’t Pratchett write up the WHOLE of the damned story, including the backstory? What the hell, guys.

    The fact that they seem to be systematically cutting and burning everything from the original game, which I loved so dearly, is hardly surprising, in a way. It was a fringe-game that met some amount of success, drawing enough attention to be vigorously disliked by the masses. They’re simply trying to turn it into what everybody wants, what else would EA do?


    …Die easily or with much pain, EA, but promise me you’ll die fast.

  44. bill says:

    Ok. I finally got a chance to watch the trailer and: That’s about the worst it could have been.

    I loved mirror’s edge despite it’s flaws, but that trailer highlights all those flaws and none of the good points. If that was a trailer of everything they’d cut from the game then I’d be very happy.

    I realise it’s just an E3 trailer, but talk about disappointing – especially when compared to amazing original trailer.


  45. JessMcGuire6 says:

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  46. akinthesky says:

    That is most definitely your opinion, and it is most definitely wrong! :P

    Mirror’s Edge is something different. A parkour arcade FPS with a story about a modern believable world being manipulated from the top, like a glimpse of the future. The only way to transmit your messages in privacy is through runners. The art of the scenes using bold colors on the infrastructure under(and over)belly of a city under surveillance is mesmerizing. It’s accompanied by a great electronic score by an artist who saw what needed to be done.

    The parkour mechanics are exciting in this game, you are responsible for timing and aim unlike games like Assassins Creed where the game just does it for you.

    I sometimes think that most people who don’t like Mirror’s Edge just want a run of the mill FPS. That really chaps my ass.

  47. BDX777 says:

    I’m excited for the Open World, it’s my favorite genre.
    It’s SO good of a genre that it actually makes movie licensed games slightly good, some people really liked The Godfather 1 and 2 games and Scarface: The World is Yours.

  48. Apostian says:

    I created an account here just to say this. I was looking at my Mirror’s Edge news in Steam and I see an article that only has the following text: “Mirror’s Edge wasn’t actually that good. Discuss.”

    Dear Jim Rossignol,
    Kindly go fuck yourself. I’m sorry that Mirror’s Edge isn’t Call of Duty enough for you. I’m sorry that they took the first person genre and tried something different. I’m so sorry. Maybe this time, it’ll be generic enough for you. Also, I sincerely hope they dull down the graphics and make it more brown/grey. Maybe then it’ll be good.

    Someone who actually appreciates games for what they are and doesn’t get a fucking paycheck for glorified oral defecation.

    • Rashkavar says:

      Heh, agreed, for the most part. Though you have to admit, the white sparkly rooftops of the first several levels are, possibly, a tad too bright. There is the white of clean white paint, and there is the white of staring at the sun for several seconds. Mirror’s Edge comes closer to the latter several times than my eyes would like.

  49. sillywilly1234 says:

    It’s probably a long shot, but I really hope they make this game open world, I mean, how cool would that be? Like you have to go and do different things for different people like side jobs, and still being able to do main quest missions, sorta like Fallout i guess, except, not post-nuclear, you get the point.

    • andrevc says:

      Exactly what I think, you are introduced to the Runners and what they do, yet, you don’t have that experience throughout the game. That’s why the story is, for me, the major flaw. Sidejobs or simply delivery missions should have a bigger role. I think that in the first ME, those delivery jobs should be in between the main chapters. Besides Merc, these missions could be usefull to get important intel for you to unlock the next chapter.
      That’s what i’m hoping for the next one. And, of course, an open world game with lots of stuff to do while not on a mission, sidejobs, running away from the police on the rooftops and also, good places with awesome views over the city : )

  50. gabbasgogo says:

    I’ve completed the game on easy without firing a single bullet. I’ve also completed the game on hard only firing a few bullets on The Boat.