The Machinegunned Thousands: Verdun

The Verdun team send word that their multiplayer World War I game has now entered open beta. We’ve not taken a look at it yet, but a couple of things make it intriguing, such as the claim of “a seamless MMO experience. Keep fighting with your squad against a limitless amount of enemies. Earn experience points, level up and gain new abilities.” It also suggests that there’s a unique co-op dynamic between the four-man squads.

Slightly peculiar trailer below.

Verdun is angling for Greenlight, and you can find their full campaign details here. Jump into the beta for free here.


  1. Kelron says:

    You can play this in a browser, which is mildly interesting. I wasn’t too impressed though, tried it a couple of months ago. The battles were small and there was a lack of team balancing – so the German side ended up outnumbering the French 4 to 1. People say they’d like to see a WW1 FPS, but this implementation at least didn’t come across as unique. The trenches and rifles didn’t seem to offer anything I haven’t seen in Call of Duty or Red Orchestra.

    • aepervius says:

      WW1 should be fought with massive battle of 100+ and with enemy artillery pillorying your positions as you advance.

      Anything else is a travesty they might as well put it in WW2.

  2. nizzie says:

    “Fight massive battles”, and yet there’s no moment in the entire video in which you see more than five to six players.

    • Monkeh says:

      Also thought it was a bit weird that they would first say ‘Fight with your squad!’, showing a couple groups with four guys and then right after that say ‘Fight together!’ and show almost the same thing.. :P

      • belgand says:

        And for some reason I accidentally read that as “Fight with your Dad!” for a brief moment. Sounds like a rather interesting option. Especially in a WWI game.

        “I’m tired of you and your outdated rules and lingering Victorian values! I’m going off to get shot to hell in France!”

  3. Gap Gen says:

    I was a little hesitant about the setting, given how bloody and futile it all was, but then I saw you could play as a Zouave and suddenly I had no more misgivings about it.

  4. ZIGS says:

    This looks rough as hell. Also I want a WWI single-player shooter, the closest we have is Necrovision (and that’s more of a zombie shooter, really)

    • Gap Gen says:

      I’m unsure that a realistic WWI shooter would be any fun, even if you stripped out stuff like waiting around in a damp trench, being shelled or gassed at random, etc. Perhaps something more akin to the Franco-Prussian War, where you play a Franc-tireur running around sniping Prussians and blowing up communication lines, rather than lining up to be shot or walking with a heavy pack across a cratered landscape covered by snipers and machineguns.

      • Leb says:

        RO2 does trench warfare pretty good in a WW2 setting.. usually one team set to attack another team

        can’t see why that wouldn’t work

      • B1A4 says:

        1) Sturmtruppen
        2) There wasn’t just Western front
        3) Prime material for ‘special ops’ missions (think MoH:AA)

        • Gap Gen says:

          1) True, although a late addition to the war.
          2) Also true, although I guess a Gallipoli setting wouldn’t be much better.
          3) Would be interested to know more about this aspect.

          • rapier17 says:

            3) That would be Trench Raiding which covers a multitude of different things – from performing a reconnaissance before the main assault to taking prisoners for questioning, seizing intelligence materials, disabling/destroying important military assets (such as MG08’s), scaring the enemy & causing havoc.

            I can see a single-player WW1 FPV game working if it maintained tons of tension the whole way through, whether it covered trench raiding missions or all out assaults or defences or going out into No Mans Land to rescue wounded soldiers – so long as it maintain tension I think it could work.

            As for multi-player – not so sure it can work so well. I’ve had great fun with the Half-Life 2 ‘World War I Source’ mod, that worked rather well and I imagine if done in the manner of RO1, a WW1 MP shooter could work rather well, but I’m still not convinced.

          • Gap Gen says:

            Reminds me of the CoD 2 map, which worked pretty well.

      • belgand says:

        I’d actually rather like to play a WWI game that’s more akin to Blackadder. You spend the majority of the game trying to connive a way to get out of actually having to fight (almost certainly screwing over other players in the process) and then in the end it’s all futile and you get killed regardless. Perhaps with some sort of scoring system and a wide variety of pointless ways to be killed (e.g. randomly gassed, sniper, actually going over the top and with a numer of possibilities where you think maybe this time you might make it) as you do your part to secure an insignificant victory of a few feet of blasted wasteland in a largely pointless war that would nevertheless end up pretty much shaping the course of the… well, pretty much everything up to the present more or less.

        But yeah, bleak, darkly comic social game of backstabbery and sensible cowardice rather than yet another man-shoot.

        Speaking of which, where’s my Catch-22-based economic sim?

        • Geen says:

          …I would play that. You, good sir, have made the comment of the day.

    • Leb says:

      Keep your eyes on this then

      EDIT: posted the wrong mod originally
      link to

      EDIT 2: woops.. you wanted singleplayer… sorry chap D:

  5. Deadly Habit says:

    I’ve been hoping for a proper WW1 trench warfare game or mod for Arma, hopefully this is decent.

  6. BobbyDylan says:

    Yes, but does it simulate the lice, and the rats? I

  7. de_Monteynard says:

    For all of you waiting for a proper WWI FPS, The Trench is currently in development and a beta will be released in August (hopefully).

    There’s more info on their site: link to

  8. roryok says:

    I don’t get this headline. Is “The machine-gunned thousands” a line from a war poem or is it some kind of pun I’m failing to see?

    • pupsikaso says:

      None of the article headlines have made any sense in the past few weeks. It’s as if RPS realized that article headlines are meaningless and just decided to throw random gibberish in there.
      Or maybe they actually do make sense to Brits.

  9. Suits says:

    Saw this earlier on greenlight, but now I went to try it.
    I’ve played it for a bit and I have only used rifles, since that’s how i used to play in CoD2. They handle pretty much the same way as those, except less tight and polished, that’s probably the netcode. But I could easily head shot people across the map with a non-scoped rifle, so the weapons do not suffer from any accuracy loss over distance, like their real life counterparts.
    Haven’t seen much of what the squad feature actually does, except divide people in classes and making the matchmaking worse. I suspect you get bonuses from your abilities on something, but this isn’t really explained well. This might be something to look out for, but at the moment it just makes me want to go back to my favorite MP shooter.

    • wengart says:

      ” But I could easily head shot people across the map with a non-scoped rifle, so the weapons do not suffer from any accuracy loss over distance, like their real life counterparts”

      At this range all the inaccuracy is from the operator not the weapon..

  10. Snids says:

    I’m seeing mustard gas killstreak rewards.
    Disrupted supply line malnutrition modifiers.
    Aim obscured by tears.
    Trench foot speed penalty.
    Being under conscription age chance to hit and movement bonus.

  11. Lagwolf says:

    Can’t really see the attraction of playing an FPS is WWi trenches me….

  12. MOKKA says:

    Wrong genre (FPS) and wrong type of game (multiplayer) for a World War 1 game.

    • JFS says:

      A single-player FPS (in a realistic style, think Red Orchestra) could actually be really cool. At least it’s never been really done, apart from the Necrovision game, which isn’t exactly realistic.

  13. Chubzdoomer says:

    Just played it for about 30 minutes and promptly removed it from my computer. Not very good at all.

  14. BubbaNZ says:

    I heard that it started when a bloke called Archie Duke shot an ostrich ’cause he was hungry.