A Little Bigger Planet: Project Spark

E3 is full of whoops and hollers. Watching a livestream of Microsoft’s announcements last night, I swear I heard somebody chanting ‘XBOX XBOX‘ as if they were at a cup final cheering on their favourite team rather than witnesses to a madly expensive and deranged corporate sales pitch*. The presentation of Project Spark generated some laughter and enthusiasm as well. It’s a game that’s also a game construction set, although with a far greater similarity to Gameglobe than Little Big Planet. It’s coming to next generation user interfaces (Windows 8) as well as the XBone. There are three videos below, one of which shows ‘community creations’. What community? How many people are playing this thing already?

Wow. SmartGlass is far more impressive when it’s CGI. Here’s the ‘community montage’ in which clones of other games are constructed.

Now for the most informative video, which actually shows what happens when somebody plays the game.

Infinite possibilities lead to a third-person action adventure full of goblins. And there’s the reference to the community again. I’m sure he’s a nice chap but Michael R Soft did not download that AI routine from a non-existent community. His words are the verbal equivalent of a blatant bullshot.

*I am fully aware that all sports teams and cups are sponsored by banks and beer


  1. jikavak says:

    war spark. project face.

  2. WoundedBum says:

    Well I liked the look of it. Especially the surfing on landscape thing, something I could have fun with.

    • Reapy says:

      Landsurfing was cool, reminded me a lot of an earth bender from the avatar series.

  3. Anthile says:

    I got some heavy Black & White vibes from this. I wonder what Molyneux thinks about it. Otherwise the reveal trailer looked very scripted. I will be very cautious until I see some actual footage, lest I get Molyneux’d once again.

    • Entitled says:

      Ineed. Or maybe more like Fable:

      Molyneux says: “You can do anything, you can even play with how far you can kick random chickens that you encounter!”
      > Makes generic RPG but with a chicken-kicking minigame in it.

      I bet this will end similarly:

      “Haha, Anything can happen in this game! Even flying goblins”
      > There’ll be a huge button in the menu specifically for making flying goblins.

  4. SaVi says:

    This is the only thing MS brought out that I am honeslty intrigued with, me as an old KODU Game Lab Fanboy. Yes, “Windows 8 ruins PC’s etc.” But I’d say worth a look for anyone who upgraded. And who knows, maybe they are using the Windows 8 capabilities to it’s fullest?

    • TechnicalBen says:

      Name one “Windows 8 capability” this game can use… that is not also a Windows 7/Vista capability? ;)

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        Windows 8 exclusivity adds the important feature of selling another copy of Windows 8.

        Windows 7 has no such feature.

        • Arkh says:


        • SaVi says:

          Yes, I know people here haven’t bothered to take a deeper look and instead prefer to join the bash-bandwagon. I won’t say that Windows 8 adds too much to what 7 has concerning games, but it is a step in the right direction, just suffering from weak execution on one part and just being a bigger change on the other, something known for people having trouble adjusting to.
          If it comes to features, there are things like unified sharing, search, settings and notifications. Authentication for every title is automatically done the moment you finish booting. There are roaming options too, making it easy to share the same settings and even savegames on multiple devices or after a wipe with barely any work from the devs. That is assuming that this isn’t a desktop title but indeed, Windows UI one, of course.

          But yeah, the missing start button totally ruins it, lol.

      • MadTinkerer says:

        The (*haaaaaaaaaagggghkkkkkkkkgghghgkkkkspit*) “Metro” interface. That’s a capability Win 7 does not have.

        So much more value!

  5. mrmalodor says:

    “coming to next generation user interfaces (Windows 8) ”

    Let me stop you right there. Not interested.

  6. skyturnedred says:

    As someone who is sticking with Windows 8, I’ll definitely keep an eye on this. I like the art style, and the possibilities for goofing around seem endless.

  7. TechnicalBen says:

    I can say one thing for certain, hated the way it was presented… Like passive aggressive? Gah, can these people in advertising never get it right?

    • Jac says:

      The presentation was a complete embarrassment but whatever this is looks like it could actually be something pretty amazing.

  8. nimzy says:

    Consider me mildly disgruntled that Microsoft would try to talk up a “new and improved” version of Minecraft by showing a trailer with nothing more than landscapes in it, and a scant few minutes later pimp a sandbox game seemingly built to destroy Minecraft on the console.

  9. pakoito says:

    GameMakerGameMaker: The Inceptioning.

  10. BooleanBob says:

    Some teams are also sponsored by pay day loans companies. It’s how they let us know they’ve won.

  11. ApexX says:

    This game is almost an exact match to an old game creator for the computer called Alice.

  12. HisDivineOrder says:

    This is the only game remotely interesting to me and fortunately it’s coming to PC. That makes it easier to own a PS4 because I already have a gaming machine and Sony’s franchises better compliment a PC gamer than MS’s imo.

    If Nintendo gives the Wii U a massive price drop, that too will make a decent complimentary console.

  13. Tinus says:

    If it does what it claims, cool. We need more Little Big Planet! I’m very disappointed with the lack of any actual editor footage though. You’d think toolsuite, the core of the whole damn thing, would at least get a glance of footage.

    Also, the juxtaposition of: “I’m tired of today’s games, I want to make new stuff with limitless possibilities” with: “Here’s clones of popular gaming tropes realized within our system” is quite funny.

    It kind of translates to: “We need new technology to create new experiences!” and: “Turns out technology doesn’t compensate for lack of imagination!”

    But aside from snide remarks I’m captivated. I really hope they make it work!