Titanfall Is Mechin’ Us Whoop

We don’t whoop, normally. But then you need to look at Titanfall, new multiplayer manshoot from Respawn (they invented Call Of Duty before reinventing themselves), and then reconsider your stance of whooping. It has roaring, gun-fizzing robots, and is making science-fiction splendours pour out of our screens.

Look below, I would.

Look at this:

Oh aye:

Nathan should be reporting on this first-hand later in the week.


  1. RedViv says:

    My thoughts last evening: “Finally, it was about time someone remade the cult classic Hawken. Has been so long since that was in the dusty old internets.”

    With more material out, this does not seem too shoddy.

  2. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    Heavy Gear 2 mixed with a little Section 8, adding two shots of Cowadooty? Helluva cocktail.

  3. Liudeius says:

    I didn’t think it looked bad, and will certainly consider playing it (on PC, no chance I’m buying an Xbone), but I seem to be one of the few who wasn’t blown away by it.

    The jetpack parkour was probably the best part, as mechs, while cool, are really just standing tanks unless they’ve given them plenty of special features. Other than that, it just looked like any other multiplayer FPS.
    Not that I expect it to be bad, it could be extremely good. I’m just saying, with what we’ve seen so far, it looks good, not great. It has potential, but I’ve not seen anything to make it GOTY.

    What I really want is a proper mech single player action RPG. (And not something like Armored Core which is more of a fighting game.)

    • Thorner says:

      Determining GOTY with E3 previews is kind of like trying to see the future in animal entrails. Please stop disemboweling goats.

      • Liudeius says:

        Oh you’re right, I should stop using trailers to estimate the quality a game.
        While I’m at it, I should entirely ignore demos and reviews too.

        It’s not like all of those things exist solely to inform your purchase.

        • Phendron says:

          I think you confused the words ‘inform’ and ‘entice’ there.

        • Thorner says:

          Choosing a political candidate based on campaign promises made in prime-time tv spots a year before the election does not make you part of the informed electorate.

          • Liudeius says:

            Misinforming is still informing.

            Also, demos (look at Aliens) can be misinformation, as can reviews (buying off/threatening to blacklist reviewers).
            And this was far more than a simple trailer, a notable amount of gameplay was shown.

            Lastly, I made no huge claims as a result of the gameplay, I did not say it was not GOTY, I said I saw nothing to make it so.
            I used hyperbole to say that from what we’ve seen, I’ve not been convinced it is unique enough to deserve a buy more than any other FPS coming out over the next year.
            And primarily, contrasting RPS’s whooping with the reminder that, thus far, we’ve not seen anything to suggest it is more than CoD with standing tanks.

            It’s not me who you should be trolling, I made a very moderate statement saying it could be good, but we need to wait and see. You should be trolling RPS, who is, based on simply seeing mechs, is getting a bit too excited for a game which is almost a year from release.

    • LionsPhil says:

      The mechs seem to basically be oversized FPS protagonists, as with Hawken, rather than anything stompy. Interesting to see them treated as vehicles as with, say, UT2004, though.

    • Sian says:

      I’d prefer standing tanks to the giant metal infantrymen the mechs in this game seem to be. Give me Mechwarrior style mechs, please!

  4. mondomau says:

    So…You run around manshooting with a fairly conventional array of machine guns, then get into a mech and run around mechshooting with a slightly bigger array of conventional looking machine guns? Consider me underwhelmed.

    Don’t get me wrong, look like a very competent & pretty COD / HALO mash up and I’ll rpobably play it for the multiplayer aspect (I’m assuming co-op here?), but I was expecting a bit more innovation from the mech side.

    • hotmaildidntwork says:

      What sort of innovation? Mechs never struck me as a terribly deep pool from which new ideas might be drawn, and I’m curious what else might be done with them.

      • brulleks says:

        Mecha-Godzilla. Of course.

      • elevown says:

        Name me any game with mechs vs foot troops? I mean anyone can get in a mech- but the point is you will often be on foot against players in mechs or killing players on foot with a mech.

        That asymetrical gameplay hasnt been done before as far as i know- and i dont mean a game where there is the odd small powersuit or little things like the max in planetfall you can use – but frequent and often combat guys vs 30 ft tall mechs.

        It seems like an innovation to me. And probably very hard to balance.

        • The_Great_Skratsby says:

          MechWarrior Living Legends, Battlezone 1/2, Planetside 1 and so on had a blend technically – and this game seems to be aiming for a blend as well, rather then mech suits v jetpack men.

        • Chris D says:

          Conceptually is it really any different from being able to jump into a tank? A mech is really just another type of vehicle. Albeit one that handles quite a lot like a person.

          • grundus says:

            There is also this; technically Battlefield and Call of Duty do this too. In fact I’d probably prefer jet vs. infantry to mech vs. infantry, assuming I’m the jet of course. This is ignoring my infinite contempt for people who play BF3 that way, of course.

        • KDR_11k says:

          G-Nome (well, okay, you didn’t want to be on foot there) and some Gundam PS3 game. MS Senki?

        • grundus says:

          Blacklight Retribution and Front Mission 3 are others. I mean, sure, you don’t want to be force-ejected in the middle of a fight in FM3 but I seem to recall disabling and force-ejecting a few mechs even with the handgun in that.

        • darkChozo says:

          Idle thought, but I want a mech vs. infantry game that has scale more along the lines of Shadow of the Collosus. Make it like 2042’s Titan mode only with Titans along the line of 40K’s. Grappling hooks are a must.

      • mondomau says:

        I think my main grievance is that it looks like the mechs don’t play all that different from the infantry, except bigger. I was hoping for a more stompy movement style and more ‘heavy’ feeling weapons.

        Having watched the TB video on it, I see how there might be something more to the teamplay element, like taking the mech suits down via parkour etc. Could be more interesting than I originally gave it credit for.

    • Liudeius says:

      The Mech/Monster Hunter hybrid Wii U game looks a lot more interesting use of mechs actually (It’s not actually Monster Hunter, it’s a new IP).
      Much more anime mech, but much less CoD with standing tanks.

  5. colossalstrikepackage says:

    Holy moly. So friggin cool.

    Edit: genuinely excited, unlike the comments above. Hope they have more tricks up their sleeve, but I see this taking my time by the weekend.

  6. Anthile says:

    This looks really, really good. Like Section 8 with a budget or a spiritual successor to Battlefield 2142. Together with The Division the best title I have seen at the E3. Although at the moment that one has not been announced for PC (yet).

  7. Hunchback says:

    OH hai Blacklight: Retribution with retardedly awesome graphics and cool new moves !

  8. dmoe says:

    This game looks so insanely awesome. Has a total District 9 feel to it.

  9. Big Murray says:

    The three things which turn me off are:

    The generic soldierism of the visual style. If you have frickin’ JETPACKS in your boots, which is amazingly cool, why would you downplay that and make everything look as close to Call of Duty as you can?

    The squad-led combat. That’s obviously just for show at E3, but I have nightmares of Homefront. There’s a danger that your squadmates could play too big a role in this.

    And the biggest one: Points for shooting enemies. That pretty much rules the game out of having any immersive or meaningful single-player narrative experience and shows that they’ve just focused on it being solely a multiplayer game. And that makes it a no-go for me.

    • baby snot says:

      As soon as the points popped up I knew this wasn’t for me. What a shame.

    • Theory says:

      It’s a multiplayer game with single-player bits thrown in on top. There is no campaign mode.

    • xao says:

      So points in a multiplayer game detrimentally impact your single player experience? That seems a bit petty, compared to the utter non-existence of the single player experience!

      (It’s a multiplayer-only game)

  10. Theory says:

    Adding my voice to the “want” crowd. I wasn’t expecting much more than COD but I’m now really quite interested, particularly by the integration of single-player and multiplayer. We never did get to see how that worked in The Crossing…how strange that both games are/were on Source.

  11. Radiant says:

    This looks brilliant.
    Double jumps, wall runs. Finally this generation of shooters catches up to the mobility of Action Quake 2

  12. Iskariot says:

    I am very, very interested, but only if it has substantial single player.

  13. rocketman71 says:

    If it doesn’t require Origin, I *might* try it.

    It’s EA, who am I kidding?. Source engine or no source engine, they’ll try to push their shity platform down our throats.

    • kaffis says:

      This was essentially my thought. Oh, look. A game I might not mind playing. Oh, look. It’s by EA, I guess that shoots that in the foot.

  14. Curundir says:

    Typo at the end of first paragraph: “pour our of our screens”

    (Poor, poor our!)

  15. Stuart Walton says:

    Looked pretty good to me. They appear to have found a good balance between the roles of the pilots and the titans. A titan may have great firepower and a resistance to small arms, but will falter without infantry to support it. That was clear in the demo when the player prioritised an infantry target over the enemy titan.

    Interestingly, each player can call their own titan, based on a countdown which can be shortened by racking up kills and clearing objectives. This will affect the push and pull of a battle when a downtrodden team suddenly all get access to their titans. It seems as though you can leave your titan in a sentry mode while you go off doing things only an infantry unit can. This can also be a way to maximise your effectiveness in suppressive/defensive actions.

    Graphically it’s not the most impressive, a lot of the lighting appears to be baked into the textures and the overall aesthetic feels a lot like Hawken. Which also makes it run fast and visually easy to read, which I value much higher than the prettiest of pretty graphics.

  16. Caiman says:

    It looks like the Battlefield 4 footage except with mechs, wall jumping and jetbacks. And am I the only one that is sick and fucking tired of the same “soldiers wait in dropship, listen to buddy banter and look at their feet while flying over the scenery” schtick these things always start with? Sigh, I’m just getting too old for this shit I suppose. Either that or just depressed that E3 2013 looks identical to E3 2012, E3 2011, E3 2010, E3 2009 etc.

  17. figvam says:

    The embedded video quality is extremely poor. Here are the official trailers:
    link to youtube.com

  18. ObiDamnKenobi says:

    So COD with jetpacks> got it.

    And the “+1,000,000 awesomepoints!” pop-up ever 3 seconds is really annoying. Should have been a way to turn it off.

  19. StormTec says:

    I can’t say I’m too impressed with the whole points pop-ups, but I am liking the whole idea of mech and infantry combat taking place at the same time!

  20. psaldorn says:

    Everyone likes cakes (GROSS GENERALISATION)

    Cakes are made of mostly enjoyable ingredients.

    Put those ingredients together in the wrong order, and you do not end up with something enjoyable.

    Spaceships. TICK
    Mechs. TICK
    Infantry. TICK
    Trailer.. meh.

    Seemed a bit dull. Oh noes, they killed his wife.. he used to be military NOW THEY PAY.

    Also: giant robot with shotgun manages to repeatedly miss tiny fleshling – even in the open. Pfht.

  21. PatrickSwayze says:

    No puns? That’s a shame.

    My boner for this game is titanic.

  22. Lev Astov says:

    I thought this was an Xbone exclusive. That would be foolish, but that’s the impression I got last night.

    • Werthead says:

      There seems to be an ongoing message from E3: “This would be exclusive to the XB1, but then we wouldn’t make any money, so it’ll be on PC as well. But it’s a CONSOLE EXCLUSIVE to the XB1, yeah!”

  23. Werthead says:

    Is that really the Source Engine? Looking good. Hey, maybe Valve could use it for a game of their own creation? Anyone got any ideas?

  24. Dominic White says:

    It looks a bit like Lost Planet 2 multiplayer, only less creative and with much less interesting guns.

  25. RProxyOnly says:

    Console MMO.. LMFAO.

    Move a long nothing to see.

    And as it’s being designed for consoles you just know that it’s going to suck arse on he Pc.. So RPS.. WHY THE FUCK are you punting it at us?.. Have you no respect left for us at all? Not even enough to ignore the fucking thing until we’ve found out how relevant it’s going to be for the PC, you know, seeing as this is a PC site. Instead of trying to raise the hype for it so much, that people won’t be able to resist it when it comes out, piece of shit or not, because you KNOW people are just that stupid.

    You writers are going to have to start doing your job better..You are all constantly distracted and hyped by shiny things, which is preventing you from doing an ethical and balanced job.

    Basically at the moment you’re nothing more than shills.

    And NO, you don’t always have to excuse the bad by finding the good (if any)… sometimes somethings just need to be held up to the light for the shit that they are, not smoothed over with nice words of optimism for the future patches/etc…

    • xao says:

      1) Not an MMO
      2) Dark Souls was designed for consoles. Worked out pretty well on the PC.

      Basically at the moment you’re nothing more than wrong.

  26. FullMetalMonkey says:

    The *rock paper* shotgunning mech for some reason reminded me of Front Mission 3.

  27. enderwiggum says:

    The internets seem to be going wild about the game having ‘dedicated servers’, yet they seem to be completely run by Micros~1 (Yay!). I suppose they are not peer-to-peer, but who wants to play on servers run by the developer/publisher? That always turns out well.

    Hey RPS folk: drill Respawn about this. WE WANT STANDALONE DEDICATED SERVER BINARIES that run wherever we want. Anything else is wrong.

    Back to Tribes:Ascend for me.