As With All Games, Company Of Heroes 2 Has An E3 Trailer

In open beta AS WE SPEAK, Company Of Heroes 2 doesn’t miss out on the Having A New Trailer That Doesn’t Show Much That’s New E3 Party. Even though it comes out in only 13 days.

The open beta does in fact require that you pre-order the game, and at a whopping £40 to buy it before it’s finished, that doesn’t seem quite so welcoming. Whoops – I am wrong and stupid – entirely misunderstood how that one works. Hooray, it’s free for another six days! Still, £40 to pre-order remains one heck of a hefty fee. However, if the video below means you cannot help yourself, it’s there for you.

You can find out more about the game from Alec’s hands on a few months back. It’s out on the 25th, after what seems an enormously long development period, and indeed a change of publisher from THQ to Sega.


  1. guus says:

    I dont really like this game, it seems too dense, more focused on micro managing but i think that hasnt even been done really great. Id like to have a larger sense of scale, maybe like being able to zoom out further? Maybe i just want a WW2 version of Wargame: Airland Battle. All these maybe’s. What i do know is that everything is laggy as hell.

    • chris1479 says:

      Logged in just to reply to that. Spot on.

      I want to like CoH2 so badly but there are a couple of subtle but incredibly irritating things wrong with this game and you picked up on one of them. Not being able to zoom out properly and get a proper overview of the battlefield makes me feel like I’m playing the game with my face stuck to the screen.

      There’s something about the pacing of the game that doesn’t feel quite “right” either, it feels… not like wading through treacle but just somehow ‘slow’ and not quite as snappy and quick as CoH1.

      The (maybe this really is just me) rather unintuitive menu system and the fact that I’ve never been 100% sure that I’ve set everything up right has started to irritate me.

      Finally, the mixture of micromanagement and feeling like my face is selotaped to the monitor and the fact that I feel like I am really not controlling much more than a *handful* of units kind of ruins the sense of being in a battle.

      I understand that lower numbers of units and a focus on detail is supposed to put us ‘into’ the battle but it’s just too much.

      The battle interface really doesn’t work for me either, again, CoH1 just had it down. It was intuitive, clean, easy on the eye. CoH2’s feels jumbled.

      All in all I’m annoyed that such a potentially great game has these annoying-as-f**** little foibles that just grate when the hours start stacking up in this game.

      /rant off

      • callmeclean says:

        Really? I am loving CoH2. I like the original but feel it focuses a bit more on base building, so I like the really gritty in the battle nature of CoH2 where you have to be jumping from unit to unit all across the battlefield and managing their defenses and attacks, I found I could do a lot more strategy in it then the original. To each their own, but I have to disagree on the idea that the original has a better UI. In the original you had to expand the unit selection UI element from the side and they were all small tiles. Now in CoH2 your units are constantly displayed across the top of the screen so you always can get an overview of what you have and quickly jump to them. Idk, maybe you can change that in the original, but I couldn’t see an option, and it really crushed any chance of me getting really into the game and managing my units and using strategy, so in CoH1 I usually just do a basic defense with a slow boring offensive push.

    • Umbert says:

      Hm, you might want to check out “R.U.S.E.”.
      Or you’ll have to wait until the “Total War” series gets to the World War II era.
      Or if you are into hard-core macro-management and grand strategy, might I suggest the “Hearts of Iron” series (especially part two, though this one might be a bit dry, you have been warned).

      • Synesthesia says:

        oo, a total war WWII, i would buy that. WWI would be even better. Trench foot, no man’s land and thousand yard stares all around!

    • Rudel says:

      It sounds a little stupid, because I thought the same way then you two guys. Played lots and lots of CPU matches.. then I tried a 3v3 and I actually annihilated two opponents. I was totally surprised by that… so the old CoH skills still matter. After that game I am really looking forward for the game.

      Zoom, Blizzards and the GUI are not good, though.

      • Umbert says:

        Having played since alpha I can reassure you that you need not to worry. They are still working on it. The effects of the blizzard have changed drasticly since alpha, as has the options of countering its effect. They are even adjusting the UI, so this might not be the UI you might get when the game ships. The zoom level might not change as there are technical restrictions I believe that would highten the minimum system requirements and by only allowing it for powerful PCs creating an uneven advantage to the exalted few.

    • Vandelay says:

      I’ve seen the complaint about the game being too zoomed in a few times. Having not played the new one I don’t know whether it is more zoomed than the original or was this a problem for you guys before?

      Personally, it never bothered me and I feel it fitting for the scale of the game, but then I seem to be alone in liking the traditional RTS nowadays. I always felt that CoH was a good balance between the old and new style, so looking forward to this. The multiplayer unlocks worry me though.

  2. nimzy says:

    I feel bad for that poor StuG caught out on the ice. Life is hard for assault guns.

  3. Ignatius J. Smiley says:

    You don’t need to pre-order the game to play the beta! I have been playing it this week and I haven’t bought anything.

  4. Kesmolato says:

    even though i liked COH. it is not acceptable to me anymore that you can’t change your hotkeys.

  5. Doctor_Hellsturm says:

    Oh how I want to love this game! Then I booted up vanilla COH again and that was the nail in the coffin. I really don’t get how they managed to make it worse (the zoom is probably number one).

  6. SuicideKing says:

    Tom Clancy’s The Division

    What is that all about? looks nice, reveal was definitely using a controller.

  7. Maxheadroom says:

    So is it ‘just’ multiplayer? I like my strategy but I tend to play games to get away from people

    • Umbert says:

      No. It has a very strong single player campaign (told from the Russian perspective) and even single player and coop missions (the so called “Theater of War”) if you are into that. The comp-stomp community is very big with CoH.

  8. Captain Joyless says:

    I played it once through Steam, 2 players vs 2 computers.

    The game actually made my Windows 7 Pro. go BSOD within 5 minutes of playing, which I thought was quite an accomplishment.

    So then I deleted that.

    • dmastri says:

      I’ve got 48 hours logged. 2 crashes to desktop. No BSODs. Either your drivers aren’t up to snuff or something is wrong with your computer.

  9. sabasNL says:

    HAHAHA! New trailer you say?

    This is the SAME old trailer, just with different music, sounds, and editing.
    In fact, this trailer is lame. Don’t know why they showed this crap at E3.

  10. dmastri says:

    I don’t get the zoom complaints. It feels exactly the same as COH, except now it starts at max zoom rather than COH which for some reason always started you one notch zoomed in.

    Game is definitely faster paced. I hated it at first because I wanted COH 1.5. This is not that game. It’s really quite grown on me though. However if you are the kind of person who just wants to play AI I would stay away from this – the AI can’t play the game. I’m sure the scripted campaigns will be fun for a bit, but the real meat is the online multiplayer.

    All in all a worthy successor.

    • Jdopus says:

      Relic’s AI has unfortunately always been crap. In every game they’ve made the AI seems to love completely ignoring your units in favour of running around the map with engineer squads uncapping points far from the front lines.

  11. Thurgret says:

    That really is a very poor trailer.

    The game isn’t up to much, either, unfortunately.