Mars Attracts Me: The Red Solstice

Survivalist squad shooter The Red Solstice looks pretty tasty, at least in concept. Based on a Warcraft 3 mod called Night of the Dead, it’s now a monsters on Mars affair but with a distinct zombie feel. Scarce resources, buildings with dodgy lights, horrifying injuries, that sort of thing.
There’s an alpha doing the rounds, though the entrance requirements are a little insulting, so for now I’d advise just watching these videos and seeing if top-down Red Planetting is your cup of Inevitable Death-Tea.
Update – ah, there’s now a more freely-available alpha/demo too.

More details on the various features and how they all come together here. Sounds, and even looks, a bit like a much more involved Alien Swarm to me, and that’s something I rather suspect I’d enjoy.

If you fancy a bit of that right now-ish, you can apply to the ‘open alpha‘. All you need to do is

Like our facebook page
Support us on Greenlight
Join the newsletter
Register at our forums

Oh, get lost. To my mind at least, turning interested folk into walking billboards is not the best way to create buzz for your videogame.

UPDATE: Oh. Either I found my way to completely the wrong place or this wasn’t well-presented on their site, but apparently they’ve moved on from Like-tyranny to supplying a new key in this thread every weekend, and there’s also a prologue/demo available for anyone to play right away. You should do that!


  1. Arkh says:

    Oh, get lost. To my mind at least, turning interested folk into walking billboards is not the best way to create buzz for your videogame.

    Yeah, exactly. I don’t even have a Facebook page.

    Anyway, the game look a little interesting though I feel it may be a little bland. It’s just an alpha, so I will hold judgment until it is released.

    • squareking says:

      “I don’t even have a Facebook page” is the new “I don’t even have a TV.”

      It’s funny because I fall into both camps now.

      • The Random One says:

        Except that your TV set never reported everything that you’ve ever watched to advertisers.

        …as far as we know.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      And it’s silly, because they’re pretty much banking on the fact that people will want to know more/are interested in playing the game to the extent that they’re willing to go to these lengths.

  2. BobbyDylan says:

    My thoughts exactly. Want me to like it? Let me play it.

  3. Teovald says:

    I am sick of seeing companies bargaining against our social network presence. Am I the only one thinking that it is really rude to spam all your friends to get a 1€ coupon ?

    As for this game, looks like that between this and DOTA there is a world of opportunities missed by Blizzard. There is a wealth of great games built on top of W3, but Blizzard seems to have chosen to totally ignore them.

  4. GeminiathXL says:

    Throughout the videos I kept yelling at the marine to just pummel the zombies with his gun, rather than shoot at them. Seemed to just….piss them off.

    And I guess I won’t be playing the “open alpha” either :).

  5. Znack says:

    I’m guessing they just want people who actually take the time to do those things.
    Not some people who are to lazy to do anything. Well it is “team” based.

  6. xRockx says:

    The game is in alpha stage and still needs a little bit work done. On one hand this is exactly why people who want to play the game should show some commitment, because a person willing to show some gratitude will be able to overlook a few flaws and bugs and won’t bash the game on forums.
    On the other hand this is Ironwards first project and they do not have a marketing devision like the Global players(e.g.Blizzard E.A.).So they might have thought if the Big Guys are doing it this way “Bargaining social network presence” why shouldn’t we do it the same way.
    However these steps were only necessary for the first 50 Testers
    If you don’t know how to get the game just
    go to link to download the newest version look up the key on the forum and get started :)

    Almost no games are open to public testing before at least beta phase. However if you join the TRS alpha you will be part of the games creation and may influence how the game will look on release date in terms of actually bringing your ideas to the developers. In this stage you’re able to play and talk to devs allmost all day if you want to.. which in my opinion is a big plus.

    As i mentioned i first entered alpha about 3 weeks ago and i actually see how development progresses everyday. So Anybody willing to have some fun… join TRS on its Forums. :)

    I can understand that reviewers from RPS get sick of registering on websites and so on just to play a game cause they might have to do that pretty often. Or maybe they’re just past the point where they have to review indie games from a no name Dev-Team like this. ^^

    • The Random One says:

      Two of those things consist of clicking a button and one of the others consists of typing an email address and then clicking a button.

      That’s not what I’d call committed. That’s what I’d call bored.

  7. Lemming says:

    Was/is this made in Unity per chance? Because it has an alarming similarity to the free demo game that comes with it: Angrybots:

    • xRockx says:

      Nope it took them almost 2 years to develop their own engine.

  8. Caiman says:

    Move it, marine!
    Move it, marine!
    Move it, marine!

  9. mrtoad says:

    First off, this looks like it has the makings of an awesome game. I love sci-fi survival horror and would likely be all over this in a heart-beat if the finished product was halfways decent.

    Obviously the Red Sol. devs have the right to have whatever requirements they want of alpha testers. And potential testers have the right to say what are reasonable requirements or not. I for one am not nor will I every be on F-book. I would be willing to pre-purchase this game in exchange for being an alpha/beta tester. The Red Sol. devs can make of that what they want to.

  10. Crab-Sticks says:

    Just to set the record straight

    The red solstice does not require any kind of requirements to participate in the alpha. just goto their forums and the public key is up there.

    The author of the article is posting false info about ironward

    • mrtoad says:

      First of all, I was able to download the alpha/beta version of TRS and play the single player prologue. Even in beta it was quite fun to play, has great atmosphere, and a very deep, skill-based control system. Granted it still needs a lot of work and polish, but the fundamentals are there for this to be a very fun pc game.

      When I first went on the TRS website when I red the RPS article, I could swear I did read some requirements about liking them on facebook, etc. But a few hours later, I could no longer find those social media requirements. SO perhaps TRS developers took them down? I’m not sure. Either way it’s not a big deal to me. I understand they’re a very small studio, this is their first game, and they want publicity. After playing the prologue for an hour, I’d definitely preorder this game to help fund it.