The Old Republic’s “Operation Nightmare”

Operation Nightmare is currently available with the latest update of Star Wars: The Old Republic, and this means unpleasant-sounding “Nightmare Mode” in Terror From Beyond. That’s pretty much as it sounds: a tricky level 55 challenge: “The fight to seize control of the Gree Hypergate will leave you gasping for breath as you battle the five main bosses, now amped up to challenge even the most skilled group of players!” There’s also a bunch of guild features and similar things included in this update. Later on Nightmare Mode will also be applied to Legion Of Scum & Villainy, for extra scummy and villainous difficulties.

The trailer for all this is far, far away, and a long time ago, etc.


  1. Novack says:

    Only thing that reminds or resembles of Star Wars on that video is the audio.

  2. Discopanda says:

    I can’t yawn deeply enough to properly express the utter apathy I feel for SWTOR.

  3. SuicideKing says:

    Halo Spartan assault. For the PC and…wait for it…WINDOWS PHONE!

    Because that’s what we wanted, M$!

    link to

  4. aliksy says:

    Things like “Earn new gear” pretty much unsell me.
    (I am beating the crap out of this horse and I don’t care)

  5. maximiZe says:

    Isn’t pretty much the entire game an “Operation Nightmare”?

    • Nova says:

      If you want to play it “F2P” definitely.

      • Wulfram says:

        It’s really not so bad in F2P. And it’s certainly fine once you pay £3 and get preferred status.

        • Nova says:

          Not so bad? The fact that you can’t even sprint sums up the games approach to f2p pretty well. Combine that with the 2 hour cooldown for the fast travel system.
          I mean, you can’t even chat properly. In an MMO.
          Every step of the way they rub it in your face that you are a second class citizen (or third if you want to count Preferred Status). Even in half of the tutorial screens the games tells you to subscribe if you want to play properly.

          • Wulfram says:

            You can sprint at level 15, and quick travel isn’t all that necessary.

            You’re right that the game does it’s best to seem stingy, but it’s still very playable (for me at least) and there’s a lot of it.

          • Captain Kirk says:

            It has a very generous f2p system in which you can play the entire story of all 8 classes from start to finish with no restriction.

            Ironically, the sprint issue that you are complaining about was in the game from the start. When the game first launched no one could sprint until 15. The later relented and allowed all subscribers to sprint but made it so that f2p still have the original set up. As suggested above, buying ANY amount of cartel coins or spending the $5 on the deluxe edition upgrade removes all those issues. It also gives you speeder which gets faster as you level up.

            The only legitimate complaint I can see from the f2p’ers is that they put money that you earn in an escrow if over a certain amount. The amount is pretty generous while leveling, but not enormous once you hit the level cap. But if you are still trying to play (i.e. pvp/raid/etc) at 55, you are paying more through cartel coins to access endgame content than subscribing.

          • Nova says:

            You can sprint at level 15, yes, and from level 10 on you get reduced exp.

            No restrictions, Kirk??? Generous? What are you talking about? I listed a number of restrictions above already, and they are no small things either. You also don’t get all rewards from quests, to name another restriction.
            Are you a subscriber?

          • orren77 says:

            “You can sprint at level 15, yes, and from level 10 on you get reduced exp.”
            No you don’t. You get the normal exp all subs had before the game went f2p. Subs do get an exp bonus.
            The only real restriction is credit cap limit. Everything else can be bought in the game’s GTN(auction house) for in-game credits.
            “You also don’t get all rewards from quests”
            Lets put this straight: You get the choice of planetary comm, an item, or a credit box with a pitiful amount of credits in it(about 3 mob kills worth). You absolutely want to take the planet comm. Very rarely you want to take the item(usually for companion). And you absolutely do not want to take the credits.
            Credits is the reward from quest f2p’rs cannot choose. Completely irrelevant, as noone chooses it anyway.

  6. Bhazor says:

    So what are people’s guesses for when EA are gonna “Old Yella” it?

    • db1331 says:

      I can’t believe it’s not shut down already. I called the F2P thing way before it came out, but even I was shocked at how quickly they went F2P. I figured they would at least make it a year. If there’s even a single server up in 2015 I will be astonished.

      • orren77 says:

        “I can’t believe it’s not shut down already”
        They have half a million subs and three times that many f2p’ers, why on earth would they want to shut it down?

    • Captain Kirk says:

      That’s a good question. They are making a lot more money now that they went f2p and also released the gambling boxes. Those other f2p mmo’s who said they bring in 2-4x more revenue that way – it seems like SWTOR is having that effect as well. They also recently released it’s first paid for expansion. So their financials probably are looking really good right now. As the gambling box addiction wears off and the content gets old, you might see some slip. But from what I gather that is pretty regular for mmo’s – people come back when new content is released.

      I don’t think it is a question anymore of if they broke even or if they are making money (yes to both it seems), it’s whether continuing to keep resources (an entire studio) tied up in SWTOR is worth it. Could they make more money by investing that studio’s time in a new game or keep with the steady TOR revenue? That’s hard to predict when the company at the helm is E.A. Their business decisions don’t ever seem based in reality. They may kill it next month or it might be around for half a decade. Hard to say.

    • Thoric says:

      Considering WAR is still around and even UO is kicking, I doubt it’ll be any time soon.

      EA is sentimental like that I guess.

  7. Barberetti says:

    Call me when they release an update that allows Sith players to murder their companions and laugh like a pirate while doing so.

  8. Iskariot says:

    This is so….so… I’m looking for words……. this is such incredible rubbish.
    I have been a Star Wars fan for several decades and shit like this is running one of the most beautiful scifi franchises into the ground.
    Why does George Lucas let this happen?
    And how come that the guys from Bioware just shit all over Star Wars?
    What is wrong with these people?

    • Blackseraph says:

      Lucas ran the franchise to the ground himself perfectly fine starting from when he decided that Han didn’t shoot first after all.

      So while swtor wasn’t exactly stellar game, blaming just bioware about this is bit unfair.

      • Iskariot says:

        I agree Lucas played a role, but Bioware is responsible for their own shit, I think. And this is some of the worst I ever saw.

    • orren77 says:

      Nevermind, not worth it.

    • bstard says:

      Maybe you guys grown up and see now it’s all a lot of bollocks.

      I never was into starwars, that might help I liked this MMO a lot. Liked, since now that it’s f2p I’m not allowed to be involved anymore. Religious grounds.

  9. TwwIX says:

    Disney needs to take away the Star Wars license from EA. Star Wars Galaxies had its flaws but it’s a master piece compared to this regurgitated and uninspired shit from EA. I can’t believe that they’re working on a new Battlefront game too. DICE, like BioWare, has become nothing more than an hollow shell of its former self. I really hope that the gaming market crashes in the near future. More of these publishing assholes need to disappear.

  10. Rumpel says:

    “now amped up to challenge even the most skilled group of players”
    i loled. maybe the most skilled groups of players still playing a game that is so easy it makes assassins creed look like dark souls…

    • Tuskin38 says:

      This game is hard at the endgame levels if you don’t want to invest into it.