Would You Like To See The Evil Within?

WE KEEP IT IN THIS BRAIN. But you can also see some The Evil Within footage from E3, in the dungeon of this post. Be warned: it’s a bit grim. Furthermore I don’t know who that American guy is, or why, but the other one is Pete Hines. They both seem quite nice.

Good morning!


  1. Grargh says:

    So far, so good. Let’s just hope they don’t leave us hanging there.

  2. gwathdring says:

    Exactly not my kind of horror. Oh well … it sounds like it might be pretty awesome for people who don’t mind a little chop-shop blood-n-guts in their horror.

    • UmmonTL says:

      Yeah, I was bored pretty much from the very start. I love how little the footage matches what they are talking about, taking survival horror back to it’s roots and away from mindless monsterkilling action. But the guy wakes up in a sea of gratuitous gore and the first thing that happens once he gets through the door is an unavoidable alarm going off and a scripted chase sequence in a completely empty straight hallway.

  3. Don Reba says:

    There is gameplay, but within it lurks an ancient evil — The Evil Within Gameplay.

  4. aguamoose says:

    Looks like Tomb Raider with a new skin.

  5. KeeperKrux says:

    I can’t believe folks give Bethesda a free pass after how they’ve treated Obsidian, Splash Damage, Inxile, and especially Human Head Studios. Their a wretched company who deserve to be boycotted. I hope people don’t forget those nasty Prey 2 rumours that surfaced shortly before E3 just because something new and shiny comes along.

    • frightlever says:

      All companies are wretched from someone’s point of view. The trick is to go through life with your eyes closed except to squint when you need to cross the road. Works a treat. On the plus side Bethesda are only a games developer/publisher – it’s not like they’re strip-mining Africa or causing an obesity epidemic.

      • KeeperKrux says:

        I should clarify. I’m talking about wretched game publishers which are obviously not very bad in the scheme of things.

        Bethesda is a really nasty publisher. Much worse than a company like Activision, which has a terrible reputation on message boards but because they put out uninspiring games their excellent treatment of developers, even one’s their shutting down, is ignored. Bethesda wrestles control from independent developers by moving forward release dates and rejecting milestone payments while offering loans to developers. That’s petty behaviour. All is forgiven because they release mostly excellent games. They’ve thrown away years of developers work, irrevocably tarnished reputations resulting in great studios have a hard time finding work. Not comparable to strip mining, but certainly no reason to celebrate.

        • SkittleDiddler says:

          Excellent synopsis there, KeeperKrux. Bethesda has a well-documented history of treating their developers like shit, but everyone ignores it because they fund “good” games. Screw that.

        • buzzmong says:

          Sorry, Activision treat developers nicely? News to me, must also be news to the folks at Infinity Ward, when they forced the studio head and lead designer out after MW2, screwed them and the staff at IW out of a massive bonus due to the game selling well and then gutted the studio.

          Mmmhmm, sounds like a caring publisher to me.

          • KeeperKrux says:

            Obviously there are exceptions. There’s no excusing what Acivision did to Infinity Ward. That was despicable. But they treated Bizarre Creations in a very up front, honest fashion. They let the team know they had a few months to get their portfolios ready and gave them full-pay while they made arrangements. When they decided True Crime Honk Kong wasn’t an appropriate title for their product line-up, instead of scrapping the game they devoted serious resources to finding a new publishing partner for United Front Games.

            Bethesda on the other hand, desperate for ID-Tech 4 developers tried to squeeze Splash Damage and Human Head into selling their companies because Bethesda has to justify their id acquisition. When both refused, suddenly “quality issues” arose and Brinks release date was moved forward, and Human Head were put in an untenable position – they didn’t know the fate of their excellent work for a year and were contractually unable to start work on a new title until 2013! It’s absurd either of those companies managed to survive.

  6. FunnyB says:

    The title of this game makes me think of the old “Devil Inside” game. Anyone played that? It was kinda bad to say the least, but I liked the fact that you had a cameraman running after you all the time, and you could have the camera’s view in the upper corner of the screen. You also had a cheering crowd whenever you killed monsters…

    • Saarlaender39 says:

      Yepp, standing here on my shelf. Right beside some other oddities like “Nocturne” and “Phantasmagoria 1+2”.

  7. Kefren says:

    I have a real problem with immersion in third person games. It feels like I’m watching a film, not participating, and the inability to look at things up close further removes me. I often give up on them. Whereas a first person perspective really grips me.

    • Bart Stewart says:

      I also prefer first-person for immersion.

      Of course, I also also prefer to be able to save the game when I want so that I don’t have to keep wasting my time replaying the game from some developer-dictated checkpoint. I don’t find that very immersive, either.

  8. Freud says:

    I don’t know if the video was on a loop or if they had to replay a segment because of chainsaw dude catching up with him.

    Replaying chunks in checkpoint heavy games, that’s the true nature of horror.

  9. faelnor says:

    Yep, the best way to demonstrate the tense and scary game which is supposed to be going back to the roots of survival horror is definitely to put half a dozen spasmodic minutes of gameplay in a tiny window with no sound, people talking over it and always switching back and forth between the Q&A camera and the gameplay demo. Natch’

    • Senior Super Couch says:

      Agreed. I’m so sick of the “we got it here, scoop scoop scoop now let us tell you about the game while we show you the game” style of presentation. I know the journalists want to come back with as much information as possible, but I really wish they didn’t have to get that information over the top of every damn gameplay video, and that doesn’t make it any less irritating when all the footage I can find of a game has two press guys chatting over it, and a quiet, enjoyable clip or snippet or anything of the same footage is nowhere to be found. ARGH. Sorry I needed a good cry.

  10. WJonathan says:

    Other Guy appears to be trying to reverse-deliver a baby.

  11. Jake says:

    If your character is supposed to be stuck in some perpetually looping nightmare of being cut in half and then waking up hanged from the ceiling over and over in some sort of metaphor for (say) his inability to cope with his terminal illness and his struggle to escape the inevitable, then I might be interested. But I think this is just a crappy repeating demo. And he should probably have locked the door behind him or something.

    The game is fundamentally flawed already I’d say, survival horror with a competent protagonist (in this case a cop I think) is far less frightening than when you control a fragile young girl or elderly professor. Third person is the perfect viewpoint for survival horror as long as you are able to empathise with the person you are controlling, already this guy looks like some generic action-hero jerk. Who is pretty well suited for generic chainsaw butcher guy to deal with.

    Mind you the graphics are nice and all games immediately appear terrible when two guys yammer away over the top. I’m probably being too judgemental considering how little there is to see here and it might turn out much better than I expect, but oh god I love Silent Hill 2 so much.