Garry On Crafting: Rust Open Alpha

everyone in this world is born with a gun and 3 medkits!

PCGamesN report that Garry Newman, creator of Garry’s Mod, has opened his open world zombie sandbox, Rust, for registrations. Garry’s Game is currently in alpha and while it would be easy to describe it as ZombieCraft, I’m better than that. I’m not even going to call it MineZ, despite its focus on hitting trees with axes, running away from zombies and collecting resources. It’s an attractive game and it contains shiny red cars. It’s early days and the eventual goal is to have a world built by players. Even the zombies are a temporary measure. “We also hate zombies and are going to replace them with other NPCs at some point.” You can see a video made by Youtuber MriPope below, in which we discover that night time is very dark.

No professional lumberperson would hold an axe in that fashion.


  1. misterT0AST says:

    At least it doesn’t contain the word “zombie” or “z” in the title, as if it was ashamed of being about that.
    Which it should.

  2. Echo says:

    Looks like the servers have melted under the pressure of media attention. Ah well, I’ll try it another day.

    • Ravenholme says:

      Explains why Facepunch has been running so slow all day. I wondered what had been happening

  3. Clavus says:

    Garry started hiring actual employees for Facepunch Studios since they moved to a new office (about half a year ago?). It was mostly a one man show before that. Guess he’s now finally putting all that GMod money to use.

    • DrScuttles says:

      Personally I would have spent it all on plastic surgery to make me look like the gurning Gman so emblematic to Garry’s Mod. And hard drugs. And then I’d barge in on children’s parties all throughout the Midlands and traumatise the wee devils for life.
      That behaviour could land one in prison though, so I think Garry made the right choice to invest back into Facepunch.

  4. tobascodagama says:

    “We also hate zombies and are going to replace them with other NPCs at some point.”

    Oh, ok. NOW, I’m actually paying attention.

  5. Rollin says:

    I love the concept of survival sandbox games but this was just a man hitting trees for twenty five minutes.

    • Stevostin says:

      That’s roughly how I spend my 45h in Terraria.

      I am not arguing, thus. It was dumb. I would have killed myself watching me doing it. But apparently I was happy enough to do it. *sigh*

  6. Tei says:

    Thats not how you cut down a tree!.

    I could be interested in a game like this, if more machiney is deployed.

  7. Wounder says:

    I think I learned all I needed to know about this game by watching the first five minutes of the chat channel.

    • Bashmet says:

      Yeah, someone saying that somebody had barricaded the doorways to all the buildings reminded me of how much other players can be pure hell. Can take anything good, add other players, and immediately turn it to shit.

  8. SkittleDiddler says:

    Registration is closed. No more registerization. You peoples can’t registers.

  9. Grey Ganado says:

    This changed a lot since I last played.

  10. mollemannen says:

    this looks a lot like stranded mod for garrys mod, and thats not a bad thing.

  11. nearly says:

    has the player character got a limp? seems to be dragging the right leg a bit

  12. frightlever says:

    Oh dear.

    Yet again, why not just play Wurm Online?

    • Harlander says:

      Because it’s the purest form of crystallized tedium?

      Oh, wait, you meant “instead of this new thing”

  13. Chris says:

    It’s seems rather similar to Planet Explorers.

  14. aguamoose says:

    They have now stopped people from joining. Ahh well.