Hmm: Ubi Asking Gamers To Sign The Division Petition?

We’re hearing reports that Ubisoft’s reps are encouraging PC gamers to sign a petition, this one, if they want to see Ubi’s spectacular looking post-apocalyptic shooter, Tom Clancy’s The Division, on PC. Frankly, we’d quite like to see the game on PC, because the E3 reveal (see that below) was so strong. This seems a bit of a weird way to go about asking for it, though.

Enough of this dance of justification. Just bring it to PC, Ubi.

Fancy lookin’. But would you put your name down for it?


  1. Yachmenev says:

    Well, fuck them then. This trend of publisher asking us to beg them for the possibility to buy their product is ridiculous.

    • Snids says:

      I think they’re just trying to gauge interest. Seems fairy nuff to me.

      • Clavus says:

        It’s still ridiculous. I’ve yet to hear of a core console game that people didn’t wish was on PC (outside of Nintendo titles that is). In the end we’re all gamers, no matter the platform.

        • Frank says:

          I’m still waiting for Nintendo to go the way of Sega (software only), so we can get the Metroid Primes…

        • Snids says:

          If only there was a way of judging “how” interested PC gamers were in seeing the title?
          I suppose they could always use dark magics or consult tea leaves.

          Or do market research of some kind.
          Which is what this is.
          I like it personally, it’s nicely transparent and shows a willingness to engage with the potential audience.

          • Lev Astov says:

            I think the point is, “why don’t they do this to console gamers, then?” They just assume the console people want this, why not PC players?

          • Snids says:

            We’ve made a game, vote if you would like it on:
            1. Xbox One
            2. PS4
            3. Windows PC
            4. None of the above.

            Why would you choose number 4?

        • The Random One says:

          Yeah, I think we all do wish Nintendo would publish to PC. We just know they won’t.

      • Parge says:

        Exactly. If they are encouraging people to sign, they clearly want to make it on PC (it could be that Massive want to – they made the PC only WiC remember – but Ubi aren’t 100% sure) so just sign the petition and stop being such a bunch of self entitled PC Elitists.

        I’d bet if they don’t, it’ll be the same bunch of you whining about the fact that Ubi haven’t bought the game to PC in a year or so’s time.

        Luckily it looks like there are 47,000 PC gamers who are prepared to put their ‘pride’ aside to enjoy a great game.

        • Yachmenev says:

          Nope, won´t sign. Ubisoft has done so much on the PC recently that already have a pretty good idea what the potential PC audience for this title is. Petitions are a good thing when you want to show the developer/publisher something they doubt, but that isn’t the case here.

        • BobbyDylan says:

          I signed it. The game looks fun. And the petition takes seconds to complete.

          • nearly says:

            oh but the website sucks you in. did you know there’s a senator out there making inflamatory statements that need to be denounced? and there’s this grassroots thing, and exxon is apparently anti-equality.

            I kind of feel like a jerk for not having signed these already.

        • Giuseppe says:

          Yes, signing a petition that basically boils down to “Yes, Ubi, please take my money” is an extremely good idea. It’s not condescending and manipulative towards the PC players in the slightest.

          As far as I’m concerned Ubi and their petition can sod off!

          • Tamath says:

            Dark Souls petition: “Yay where do I sign?”


            Explain the difference to me, please.

          • Liudeius says:

            Until Demon’s Souls, From was a niche developer, so that probably plays some role in it.

            Ubi knows it will make money from PC, Ubi knows a PC port is easy since the next gen architecture is so close to a PC, yet they are saying they need signatures for something which should be obvious (especially with the reaction to the XbOne and the probably small market, if anything they should cancel that version).

            (Not that I’m against the petition, I really don’t care. It will have DRM on PC, Ubisoft DRM, so I probably won’t be buying it.)

          • BobbyDylan says:

            It’s an MMO. DRM on an MMO. It’s that an issue for the department of redunancy department.

          • Giuseppe says:

            Why should I explain such a difference when (a) I didn’t mention Dark Souls and (b) I didn’t mention there is a difference between the two?

            I, for one, have never signed such a petition.

          • nearly says:

            condescending and manipulative? they haven’t said they’re officially releasing it for PC, but that they would like to and that fans should be vocal about it if they want it to happen. they’re saying that they’re listening, and if they are, that’s a good thing.

            that they’re not doing PC to start with is a different story entirely.

          • Liudeius says:

            I’m not sure if you mean an MMO doesn’t need DRM, or if an MMO is DRM, but you know Ubi is going to add DRM, and an MMO is not DRM. Simply having an account is not DRM, it’s a way to tie your character to you.

            I would prefer to have to download as few publisher trojans as possible.

        • mouton says:

          It’s not about elitism, it is about Ubi having a bad track record on the platform. Don’t except people to be grateful and eager to engage after you ignored and mistreated them for years.

          • Shooop says:

            And the devs of Dark Souls get a free pass for making a worse port of their game than Ubisoft or anyone else in recent years has?

            Smells like bullshit.

        • Tatourmi says:

          I’m pretty sure you meant the ministerial ministry of repetitive redundancies.

      • HyenaGrin says:

        Oh come now.

        They’re obviously already planning a port. They’re likely already working on it. They wouldn’t be coyly suggesting people sign a petition to do something they weren’t already planning to do. Businesses just don’t work that way. And honestly I’m sure their marketing/analytics department already has a perfectly good idea of how the title will perform on the PC – they don’t need a petition to tell them that. They’ve gotten by making successful games for markets without petitions for all these years, they haven’t suddenly hit a blind spot.

        They’re just spinning up hype. Which is fine. I am acclimated to the hype machine and if this is how they want to do it, I am only slightly insulted and here is my signature representing the fact that your game looks good enough for me to overlook the hype machine.

        Ubisoft had a few years of very poor public relations. This is an opportunity for them to generate hype and show their customers that they are listening to them. It lets their customers feel like they can make a difference in how Ubisoft runs its business. They are cheating back a little goodwill by making their customers believe that it was their idea in the first place;l It so, sooo totally wasn’t. But that’s okay. I’m willing to let them. They’re making incredible games lately and they’ve backed up on their DRM. The DRM thing was my only problem with them, so good enough.

    • mLocke says:

      I have a hard time believing that this game will work on platform. This is basically Guild Wars 2 the third person shooter. This game will have the problems of all other online games. No Chinese servers, no Asia servers, no Sea Southeast Asia servers, and no Australia \ New Zealand servers. This will not stop anyone in any of these regions from playing the game, oh no, they’ll just play on US West servers and introduce a ton of latency issues in the process.

      • Cinek says:

        Not a problem at all.
        *happy to live in EU*

      • SuicideKing says:

        I know, i mean if you’re not in the first world you don’t deserve to live, do you?


        • SkittleDiddler says:

          He has a valid point. You ever try playing a multiplayer game on a U.S. server with a bunch of people from Russia or India?

        • scatterbrainless says:

          Wait, Australia and New Zealand aren’t first world countries (is the first world/third world division still a terminology in circulation)? I’ve been living a lie! A comfortable, well-nourished lie!

      • ScubaMonster says:

        It will still sell craploads. So… EU and North America is a small market? They make up the vast majority of western made game sales.

      • Shooop says:

        So there’s no single player at all?

        What a waste then. Guild Wars 2 proved to me just how anemic and shallow the MMO world is.

    • bstard says:

      Why cant I spend this 82euro on an alpha of this game?!

    • Hazzard65 says:

      You do realize how sprawling and disconnected some of these companies are right? There is probably a large majority of people in Ubisoft that would love to develop a PC version, but find themselves at loggerheads with the moneymen.

      This petition means they can justify their intentions.

      I think it’s great.

    • seniorgato says:

      Yeah, this crossed my mind. The game looks great, but I’m not going to beg. I know it’s innoculous in spirit.
      But I can’t help but feel that this trumped up petition is just an advertising ploy. “Oh, I gotta get people to sign! The game looks great! Hey guys, have you heard about this game?!”

  2. Belsameth says:

    YES! PC! NAO! *cough*

    Edit: Ah, its not a petiton by Ubi. Either way, it is nice to know that they are watching. Makes such a petition not quite as futile as it usually is….

  3. John Connor says:

    We listened to your petition, The Division is coming to PC!


    Exclusive to uPlay!


    (the above comment is hypothetical, no animals were harmed in its production.)

    • MeestaNob says:

      Yet it is exactly how this will play out.

    • Bilateralrope says:

      Which Ubisoft titles have been exclusive to uPlay in the past ?

      What’s so bad about uPlay ?

      • MeestaNob says:

        I don’t think any of them have been ‘exclusive’ in the sense that it is the only place on PC to buy them, however it’s the client which must be used to execute the game which drives most of us insane.

        UPlay doesn’t have controller support, so if you’re running one of their games on a HTPC/console-likePC then you have to switch over to a mouse to get the game going – it’s a massive hassle for people who boot directly into Steam’s BPM.

        • nearly says:

          is that really such an issue though? how many times are you going to open the game in any one playing? besides, hasn’t BPM barely been around for a year now? seems a bit silly to complain about: inconvenient, sure, but silly to get worked up over

      • JiminyJickers says:

        I have no problems with Uplay, I have had less problems with Uplay than I have had with Steam. In the end, I prefer Steam since it isn’t so tied with a single publisher’s games.

        Will happily sign this petition because this game looks great, and it doesn’t have Zombies.

      • basilisk says:

        Nothing, really. Ubi currently uses it as a one-time online DRM check at installation; it’s got a perfectly serviceable offline mode after that. Ultimately, it’s a rather pointless piece of software, but also mostly harmless.

  4. MeestaNob says:

    Yet another chapter in the increasingly bewildering story of advertising and PR people vs PC Gamers.

    On PC/Not on PC: just pick one Ubi, it’s not difficult.

  5. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Now dance. Dance like monkeys. Come on, PC gamers! Dance! You call that dancing? Your pitiful dance disgusts me. Memo to Corporate: Double the DRM and release a statement saying that PC gamers are all pirates who smell of poo.

    • Shockeh says:

      Took the post right out of my mouth. Jig, you filthy pirates, jig for our amusement so we’re encouraged to ‘allow’ you to buy something from us, which will then be late anyway and implemented by a third party pack of interns we found previously making flash games for Newgrounds. Then, when it fails, we shall blame you for it, and proclaim your format is ‘dead’.

      It’s so bizarrely backwards it’s surreal.

    • Smion says:

      “B-but-but Mr. Ubisoft, my feet are bleeding!”

    • Gap Gen says:

      I’ll have you know that I am a privateer in the service of Her Majesty, and that smell is due to my predilection for durian fruits.

    • Capt. Eduardo del Mango says:

      Alternatively, some people within Ubisoft want to bring The Division out on PC, and could do with some evidence to convince others in the company who aren’t sure.

      I don’t like Ubisoft, I don’t intend to install UPlay and I probably won’t play this game, but the above scenario seems more likely to me than “Evil MegaCorp actually makes potential customers dance for no reason other than their own amusement.” I don’t like Ubisoft’s business practices but I’ll stop short of believing that they are actually out of a children’s film where they’re planning to close the orphanage and bulldoze the donkey sanctuary.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        I’m more inclined to ascribe actions that seem to fly in the face of common sense to power struggles within an organisation. I’ve seen department heads that would happily douse the entire university in petrol and cackle while they watch the whole place burn rather than see a perceived rival get funding.

  6. Wetworks says:

    Unbisoft normally publishes their titles on PC so I don’t see why they wouldn’t do it for The Division.

  7. Text_Fish says:

    I’m on my knees, begging Ubi please.

  8. kalinichenko says:

    they can keep it

  9. Morlock says:

    One thing I don’t understand about the trailer: the voices we hear…is that in game dialogue or players semi-roleplaying in a multiplayer session? The lines have blurred.

    EDIT: Ah, okay, these are players.

    • Harlander says:

      It’s the latter.

      Unless it’s getting into some really weird meta stuff, the “get ready for some PVP” one of ’em said doesn’t seem like in-setting dialogue

      EDIT: argh, too slow

    • Text_Fish says:

      Very badly scripted “players”. Not one of them tried to crouch on that policeman NPC’s head.

      • staberas says:

        I think the whole thing is a ubi fantasy of how gamers supposed to be . I dont even talk to my friend when i play i use the chat and RLLY A WOMAN GAMER TRULY THEY MUST BE A FANTASY WORLD.

        • Leb says:

          you got some lousy friends

        • scatterbrainless says:

          Look! A Game Feature! Let us all turn and stare at it! Then let us comment loudly to one another “oh boy, look at that Game Feature. It sure was featurey! High five!” – Ubisoft, respecting the critical intelligence of its market since… well, coming soon. If you sign this respect petition.

    • Taidan says:

      Either way, they’re terrible actors of some sort.

    • abandonhope says:

      It sounds like actors pretending to be players RPing as if The Division™ was super realistic and totally amazeballs.

    • Bhazor says:

      The only thing I liked about the trailer was how bored everyone sounded. Thats a ringing endorsement when even actors sound unimpressed by the game.

      Also the woman sounded like the folksy police woman from Fargo. Aww jeeze, now thats a game I’d play,

    • Focksbot says:

      This really baffled me as well.

      Way too stagey to be players.
      Way too surreally casual to be in-game voice actors.

      I see from the other responses it’s the former, and a case of rubbish scripting/acting.

    • Stuart Walton says:

      Sounds like how I chat in a team game. Brief chunks of accurate info, delivered frequently. Talk too little, you deprive your team-mates of awareness; talk too much so they can’t get a word in, your awareness suffers.

      And yes, you can be that calm. You *should* be that calm. Getting too excited is counter-productive, it can get you focused on one thing, awareness suffers once more. It suffers doubly so when you start yelling on the chat.

      That’s not to say you shouldn’t get excited at all, because when you say something in a tone that evokes a sense of urgency, people act quicker.

      My only issue with the chat in the above walkthrough is that it is scripted and some of the lines don’t match up with the action believably. Case in point: The woman’s call for the molotov comes too late to act upon, but the dude reacts with just enough time and then thanks her for the warning. maybe he has spider-sense.

      • scatterbrainless says:

        Don’t forget the unrealistic lack of comparing everything to Nazis.

    • Chiller says:

      As a person who’s played online RPGs using voice chat before: I found it more than reasonably realistic; if anything, they were acting a bit too much in-character, especially after the fighting had ended.

  10. apocraphyn says:

    It’s like they want my money, but first they want me to beg to give them my money!

    …wait, what? It’s like the typical begging dynamic has undergone a full reversal. Guess we’ll be seeing one of these for Destiny before long, too.

  11. cocoleche says:

    They’re just trying to gauge interest, see if the potential buyers are a large enough group to warrant a port. It’s still cheap and condescending.

  12. Shockeh says:

    Perhaps it’s a huge meta-troll to engender Stockholm syndrome into the PC gaming demographic.

    • Lanfranc says:

      “I signed a petition for it, so it must be good!” Yeah, I could see that.

      • mouton says:

        Actually, I did read that – psychologically – penning and signing a declaration does give us a compulsion to follow it through.

        Thankfully, clicking an online petition is hardly comparable.

  13. HeadlessDevil says:

    I find it amusing that the petition organizer posted a link to a different petition asking Naughty Dog to port Last of Us to PC, cause ND isn’t a Sony developer and the Uncharted series has such great PC ports…

  14. DrScuttles says:

    Dear Ubisoft,
    Suck us baws.
    Yours, the internet.

    edited for this morning’s reading comprehension fail. I think I got away with it.
    Really though, I haven’t been following E3 much so I know nothing about this game. Yeah there’s a trailer / gameplay promo thinger up there that would love to tell me more, but.

  15. Gap Gen says:

    I wasn’t even that impressed by the trailer for The Division at E3. It was an overly long snorefest of badly written exposition. Perhaps the game itself will be fun enough. Also, I guess Massive are making third person shooters now?

    • cocoleche says:

      tbh most of the next-gen games looked like the same old shit, but with improved graphics. but maybe it was always like this, and I’m just getting tired, eh

      • Gap Gen says:

        I just found it funny that the apt response to any world problem appears to be shooting it.

        “In 2033, you forget your wedding anniversary. in response, the world’s governments unleash secret Project Zulu Foxtrot. A highly armed team of elite special forces is inserted into your house to deal with the crisis.” (Except longer and clunkier, of course)

        • sockdemon says:

          It IS a Tom Clancy game….

          (Not wholly representitive of anything other than one gun nut’s nation-isolationist fantasies)

    • Bhazor says:

      Clearly the word “spectacular” has undergone massive depreciation recently. That was shockingly generic. Like someone just dipped a hand into a bag of focus group approved words.
      “Third person shooter” “co-op ” “set in a post apocalyptic world” “where you shoot terrorists/Russians”

      Truly such a daring and challenging game is worth begging for.

    • philbot says:

      I’m pretty sure this “Exposition” you speak of was meant to be players speaking over VOIP.

      • Gap Gen says:

        I mean the wordy monologue at E3 before the in-game footage was shown.

        (And yeah, sure, monologues are supposed to be wordy.)

  16. SanguineAngel says:

    Seems good to me to have Ubi acknowledging the community and legitimacy of such a petition. I do get the feeling they will still pick and choose what they listen to though

  17. lofaszjoska says:

    Well they’re the ones who thought this game wasn’t good enough for my PC in the first place. I’m going to have to believe them.

  18. razgon says:

    Man, RPS’s comments are getting just as bad as anywhere else on the net these days.

    Come on people – Be happy! Smile! Its going to be alright!

    Anyways, I signed the thing in blood, since I want the damn game for the PC!

    • roryok says:

      Yeah I signed it and then read the comments, where you all make me feel like a moron. Can we just assume that they want to gauge how much interest there is in a PC port?

    • Gap Gen says:

      Yeah, it’ll be alright. No matter the problem, the government will send a secret special forces team to shoot at it.

    • Parge says:

      Thank god I found this comment amongst the legions of miserable, whining, self entitled people ones that seem to inhabit this site.

      Well said Sir, luckily it looks like there are 47,000 others who think the same way.

      • roryok says:

        Yes. I can’t tell if there’s more vitriol than usual lately or if I’m just noticing it more. Either way, there are a lot of negative people around on these comment threads.

        • Gap Gen says:

          Perhaps you are engaging in a little Hunting of the Snark?

          • roryok says:

            I’m honestly not sure what that’s slang for. I do like the poem though

          • Gap Gen says:

            Eh, it wasn’t really anything clever. You were chastising snarky people and I wanted to reference the thing.

      • BAshment says:

        I’m not sure what is self entitled about not wanting to have to beg for publishers to release games on pc.
        Ubi are not doing you a favor. The whole thing lies on the implication that they will make no money with a big franchise on a machine that’s in hundreds of thousands of homes. The whole thing is very pompous.

        • razgon says:

          And what evil nefarious scheme do you think the petition then serve? And what harm will it do by signing it?

          • BAshment says:

            i never said there was a nefarious plan. There is no harm in signing but i think there is defiantly a lack of respect for consumers. I don’t know about you but i don’t like being treated like a third third wheel or an after thought.

        • roryok says:

          I’m not sure what is self entitled about not wanting to have to beg for publishers to release games on pc.

          It’s probably the introduction of the word ‘beg’ for starters. They just set up a petition to assess interest in a port. Everyone here seems to be reacting like they’re asking for money up front

          Ubi are not doing you a favor.

          Of course not. They’re a greedy business. They’ll only do stuff that will make money, so why spend money on a PC port if nobody wants it? A petition seems like a good way to find out

          The whole thing lies on the implication that they will make no money with a big franchise on a machine that’s in hundreds of thousands of homes. The whole thing is very pompous.

          If I start selling microwave dinners tomorrow, it doesn’t mean everyone who owns a microwave is going to buy some. Market research would be useful there.

          • BAshment says:

            How about ubisoft use some actual market research instead of using a meaningless petition?

            If they are it makes this whole endeavor even more pointless.

          • roryok says:

            From what I’ve read, they didn’t actually start this petition, they’re just encouraging people to sign it. I guess someone in their PR dept thought it would be a good thing to get behind. Would it make more sense to ignore the petition and set up an online poll? Maybe. But there’s already 50k signatures on this so why make everyone do it all over?

            Honestly I don’t know why everyone’s getting so fucking uppity about this.

          • BAshment says:

            Personally i feel it’s publishers making it the consumers responsibility to speak out before a game is even released to consider a pc version. I’m of the opinion that you either release the product or you don’t. This is not kick-starter ubisoft have the means and it’s fully in there power to do so. if they don’t think it’s economically viable that’s their choice.
            If the petition was started by fans that’s fine but as soon as ubi endorse it i feel they are shifting responsibility to consumers and i find that frustrating.

      • mondomau says:

        Throwing around abusive generalisations is not the best tactic to win an argument. Or in fact come across as anything other than a bit of an angry loon.

  19. -Spooky- says:

    Wat Massive? Yet another [insert random shizness topic with dubstep here] FPS? Rly? Bring a new RTS, can´t see World in Conflict anymore. ;)

  20. Didden says:

    Apparently when you’re in a fire fight, its just another surgical, boring job for these guys. And Ubisoft… its made on PC’s – for PC’s, you know what, keep it. We don’t want to give you money.

  21. aurious says:

    I think it is ill-advised to consider Ubisoft as a single entity in this regard.

    It could well be one division/department/company/faction/clan/sect/desperate indivual with an interest in the game but little direct power, is trying to petition a higher authority.

  22. Noviere says:

    It’s strange that they need petitions to figure this stuff out. Can’t they use their own past PC sales figures to gauge whether it’s worth porting or not?

    • Wut The Melon says:

      I think that that’s the problem. I remember Ubisoft saying that their PC sales of console releases were disappointing (they were talking a 95% decrease at one point), so I wouldn’t be surprised if there are some important people there currently in doubt as to whether PC ports are still worth it (don’t forget that most of Ubi’s PC ports have been pretty sloppy, either).

      So I’m going to back Ubisoft here and say that it’s perfectly alright for them to gauge interest in this way. Though I won’t sign the petition myself, I have no interest in another shooter which is probably going to get such a bad port to PC that it’ll be borderline unplayable.

      • HisMastersVoice says:

        Someone (not Ubisfot itself) claimed that their DRM scheme caused a 90% loss on PC sales without a corresponding increase in console sales. That was two years ago.

        In more recent news, FC3 on PC sold over half a million copies through retail. Digital distribution easily triples that number, which fits with the news that the game sold over 6 million copies to date across all platforms.

        Ubisoft knows they can sell games on PC.

  23. Christo4 says:

    Screw this game i want Red Dead Redemption on PC!!!!


  24. Misha says:

    Dang… I wanted this SO bad until… What? MMO only?

    Oh well…

    • Yargh says:

      I’m trying to figure out what you expected after watching that video? Tom Clancy’s Borderlands maybe?

  25. Caiman says:

    The Division looks great, and it seems astounding to think it wouldn’t come to PC when it was very likely developed on a PC-based devkit and that the footage is likely running on PC of equivalent spec to the PS4. Why do we have to beg for this again? Come on Ubisoft, don’t insult us.

    • Torn says:

      Yeah it seems a little odd. MMOs on PC? That’s bread and butter for PC gaming these days. It’s much less common to find these sort of games on consoles, although that’ll get more popular with the next generation.

  26. Freud says:

    I would love a game like this, but single player. I know we’re all supposed to be into co-op massive multiplayer but I’ve done that for years. I just want to play at my own pace in my own time.

    It would be typical if they brought this one to PC but not The Last of Us.

    • Torn says:

      There’s no way The Last of Us is coming to PC – it’s a PS3 exclusive developed by Naughty Dog, and built entirely for the PS3 (cell) architecture – same as the Uncharted games.

  27. Tamath says:

    I appreciate the angle that, given the x64-based architecture of the Xbone and PS4, it’s never been easier or cheaper to make a PC version of a AAA.

    But I signed anyway, because taking the moral high ground and not signing in this instance just means you won’t get The Division on PC. Ubisoft will not take a lack of signatures as a statement, just as a lack of interest. Frankly, a lot of the attitudes on show here are just irritatingly snobby.

    • Nickypoos says:

      I’m afraid this is a typical response from the PC crowd these days, the sane few are being drowned out by the cretinous masses. I’d love to see this come out on PC, if only to see an interesting game rewarded with more sales. I’m personally going to get it on PS4 but the more the merrier.

    • philbot says:

      Yes, I too have noticed the number of whiners increasing. Nothing seems to be good news to most of them.

      • Prime says:

        The number of second-tier whiners – whiners complaining about whiners – seems to have increased as well…

    • derbefrier says:

      lol what moral high ground ,you guys are ridiculous. All this boils down to is a question. “Are you interested in a PC version of this game? If yes please sign here.” What exactly is immoral about this? nothing at all of course.
      this reaction is nothing more than a bunch of silly posturing by a few loud mouthed idiots who want to read more into this than is actually there and naturally being on the internet there’s no shortage of fools who will parrot this asinine crap.You know the internet just doing its thing….

    • HisMastersVoice says:

      A 50k petition won’t make Ubisoft release the game on PC if they didn’t plan to do it anyway. It serves no purpose other than generating some free publicity.

      I don’t like being used as a viral marketing host. That’s my fucking moral high ground.

  28. PopeRatzo says:

    Third person? Keep it, consoles. Don’t want.

  29. neofit says:

    If you want to gauge interest put it on Greenlight :D.

  30. Henke says:

    PC Gamers: Why won’t developers port their games to our platform? Why must we watch from the sidelines as the consolekids get all the fun toys? Why oh why won’t they LISTEN to us? :(
    Dev: Hey guys we’re considering making a PC version of this thing. Interested?

  31. Metalhead9806 says:

    I don’t understand what makes the Division different from Assassin’s Creed 4, Watch Dogs, The Crew, Splinter Cell Black List or any other upcoming Ubi title… Why was Division singled out as Console only? its weird and obviously with the petition having over 50k sigs Ubi will port it over.

  32. Kinth says:

    Ahhh the old Rockstar trick.

    This basically translates to “Yes the game is already in development for the PC and in fact we even showed you the PC version, but we also signed a contract to push console sales by leaving doubt as to whether there will be a PC version. We would also quite like all the free publicity, thanks.”

    Every other Ubi multi plat game is coming to PC and every other major Tom Clancy game has come to PC. What a massive coincidence they leave the one game they know PC gamers will want, out.

    It’s a ploy to try and get PC gamers to buy a console, same goes for Destiny(Bungie are already stating they want to bring it to PC, and the version that was demo’d was likely the PC version) MGSV (Konami have confirmed all footage so far is the PC version yet wont announce the PC version) and the king of this trick GTA (If GTA V wasn’t coming to PC they would do what they did with RDR and out right deny that it will ever come to PC, instead of t his “If there is enough interest” crap that leaves hope)

  33. Kiytan says:

    Given that I’d imagine it’s a hell of a lot more expensive to both port and support an MMO on PC than a single player game, I can understand them needing some sort of show of interest. Also their support of Anno 2070 has been really good, with a nice number of updates and a kickass expansion pack, which gives me hope that if it does get ported, it won’t end up a buggy crappy mess.

  34. Somerled says:

    If someone asks if you want their game on PC … you say YES!

  35. MaXimillion says:

    Tom Clancy’s The Division should be released for PC for many reasons but the most important one is that the release of this amazing game will only be for consoles.
    If the petition was actually intelligently written and had some well constructed arguments I might sign it, but as it is it’s quite terrible.

    • razgon says:

      It would please me if you would qoute the entire thing, instead of just posting the parts you post to make it look silly.

      This reminds me, what do you mean by: “constructed arguments I might sign it,” ? That makes absolutely no sense.

  36. Jimbo says:

    It seems this is causing quite… The Division. Ah ha ha.

  37. golem09 says:

    I’m a bit disappointed that rps simply copy pasted this news and made the same mistake as everyone else.
    It is NOT ubisoft that is asking you for petitions, and it’s not ONE petition.

    The devs want to make the game for the PC (no surprise). Seems like Ubi doesn’t.
    So the devs told everyone to beg ubisoft for one. End of story.

  38. Vraptor117 says:

    Cynical me is finding it really hard to maintain the initial excitement I had when I first saw this. E3 “gameplay” demos are always scripted to hell and gone, the mmo aspect concerns me with regards to story and the reactivity of the world to my player/my team, as well as the longevity of the game (ie. “10 hours of actual game, but 50 hours of pvp!”).

    Why, oh why Massive can’t you do another WiC. I would do horrible things to have that.

  39. Kevin says:

    A bit odd they had to do this when considering to put this on the PC. They’ve put out every single AAA game they’ve made recently on the PC (and seemed to do okay when they got rid of always-on DRM). And furthermore, games of this form have piracy figures of virtually zero (okay, there may be some who will use a hacked server ie Hamachi, but that is such a minuscule population that they’re not nearly worth the effort of going after).

  40. Lev Astov says:

    That looked gorgeous and the chatter was amazing, but they took cover behind bullet-proof cars. When will that madness stop?

    • golem09 says:

      The chatter was not ingame, it was the scripted voice chat conversations of the players.

  41. EvilSpaceOrc says:

    Great, as long as it doesn’t require Uplay…

  42. Wisq says:

    I was going to sign the petition, but it was asking for a huge amount of detail — address, etc.

    While I realise they want to act like a real-world petition and also prevent duplicate signatures and all that, I still wanted to read their privacy policy and look up their “internet cred” as it were. Because “free site asking for tons of personal details” = automatic phishy alarm bells going off.

    Got bored of that, decided that one fewer “signature” wouldn’t change things, walked away. *shrug*

  43. zin33 says:

    numbers showing my “damage” while shooting? no thanks wont play it

  44. Primus Palus says:

    I’m not a fan of making people beg for it. Clearly they want people to squirm. Otherwise they would have acknowledged the overwhelming numbers of people wanting it (the petition when I signed it had something like 36,000 signatures).

    Clearly PC gaming isn’t going anywhere and developers need to stop back dooring those gamers. Announce the PC release, and let’s move on.

  45. Shooop says:

    …And yet I’d bet money over half you complaining about this were part of the petition to bring Dark Souls to PC and lapped it up even though it was easily the worst port made in the past two decades.

    This is why no one takes “The Glorious PC Gaming Master Race” seriously.

    The only reason not to sign this would be if you don’t actually care for the game you saw. I personally didn’t because it’s being said it’s basically Guild Wars 2 as a PvP third person shooter.

    • UncleLou says:

      I don’t believe you that you don’t see how these two petitions are so completely different in every respect that your comment makes no sense other than trying to antagonise people. I just don’t.

  46. captain nemo says:

    It’s Ubisoft we’re talking about here, so it pays to be skeptical. Don’t complain later that you have not been warned

  47. kud13 says:

    I’d sign this, if I could play single-player. I really like the premise, and the way a bunch of Ubisoft’s games have been taking cracks at social commentary.

    but an MMO? no, thanks. Even though I think the idea of the setting is a nifty one.

  48. Etherealsteel says:

    When was the last time a Tom Clancy game not been on PC. I can’t remember and when has Ubisoft on the regular made a game exclusive to just console. To my knowledge it’s been some time. There is really no excuse to not put this game on PC, they no long have that excuse that there is to much difference in hardware or that it was specifically made for that console. I’m not against doing the Poll, but I call BS on this one. It’s a f’n MMO, when has an MMo not been on a PC too. yeah… BS Ubisoft.. “Oh we might make this on PC if there is an interest” – BS I say.

  49. tims says:

    At least they’re not asking us to kickstart it.

  50. jonahcutter says:

    A company as powerful and financially successful as Ubi is not bringing this to PC without doing tons of market research first, regardless of any petition. And 50000 people doesn’t seem like very much for them likely intending to sell in the millions.

    Seems like a marketing ploy. Instead of just one post about the game release, now there’s drama. Will they or won’t they? OMG pc gamers think it’s going to be brilliant because a whole 50,000 signed an e-petition in the first week! The game is going to be a blockbuster! The fans have spoken and Ubi loves their fans! Don’t miss out! Pre-order now!