Hoth, The DICE Planet: Star Wars – Battlefront

We know very little about Star Wars: Battlefront but it is in development and perhaps that in itself deserves mention? When EA took exclusive control of the well-tilled license, some observers no doubt feared/expected a procession of games in which Jar-Jar Binks must match three ewok faces in order to unlock new catchphrases. Fear not. DICE are taking a Frostbite of the Battlefront cherry, presumably bringing their distinctive brand of Things Blowing Up to Hoth and other such hotspots. As EA Games Label boss Patrick Söderlund told Eurogamer, “There are absolutely things in the previous Battlefront games that you’ll recognise and remember, but DICE wants to put its own flavour on it…but again, it’s going to be very Star Wars and very cool.” I have placed a thirty second trailer below, but is it cool? Is it Star Wars?

The wind howls. The lasers pew. The AT-AT grimaces, aware of its purpose. A foot stamping on an ice planet – forever.

Eurogamer’s interview also brought confirmation that MOH: Warfighter developer Danger Close has closed its doors: “Danger Close as it was doesn’t exist anymore. There are people who left LA, people who work with DICE LA, and there are some who work in other parts of EA, as always when something gets dismantled.”


  1. Dowr says:

    I’ve noticed the comment “Battlefield – Star Wars edition” thrown around the Internets after the reveal.

    I find these comments ironic because that’s essentially what Battlefront has always been.

    • Brun says:

      This. And they say it like that’s a bad thing.

      • Surlywombat says:


        I’m expecting it to take alternate years with Battlefield now, a replacement for Medal Of Honor if you will. Battlefield vs Infinity Ward, SW Battlefront vs Treyarch. Also, if all the media called it Battlefront 3, and all the players called it Battlefront 3 eventually EA would stick a 3 on it too!

        • BobbyDylan says:

          Though, to be honest, Battlefront can do without the heavy BF3 blue filter.

          • Lev Astov says:

            And the lens flare. MY EYES DON’T GET LENS FLARE, STOP SIMULATING IT

          • Brun says:

            If you look a the player models in BF3 almost all of them are wearing either glasses or goggles of some sort (I think recon is the only exception). So that’s where the lens flare comes from, not from your eyes.

          • Flopper says:

            @Brun Military uses glare reducing goggles. At least the US side does. What kinda amateurs would fight a war with half their forces blind?

          • westyfield says:

            Lens flare, as the name suggests, occurs in lenses. Unless your goggles have big zoom lenses on you won’t get flare – if they’re dirty that’ll show up, but not as the big glowy blobs of light we’re used to from Battlefield and Abrams’s Star Trek films.

          • LordMidas says:

            If you squint at the sun, or at street lights at night, you see lots of streaky Abrams glare. Perhaps not the lovely “lens flare” effect, but still. They is some funky eyeball effects.

        • Lev Astov says:

          This would be a very good thing. DICE games are the only EA thing I will tolerate right now, so they would do well to make lots of them. How many people must they be hiring to have DICE do all that work and get a big game out each year, though?

    • WoundedBum says:

      It’s true to an extent, but they do play quite different as well. Battlfield is not realistic, but Battlefront is a far more arcadey shooter and despite their features list being quite similar, the feel of the games is pretty different.

    • Flopper says:

      Unless you can seamlessly go from on foot, to in a ship, to flying in to space like the original canceled Battlefront 3. NOT INTERESTED. That game had such potential. If they dumb this shit down to BF3 with Star Wars shit I’m out.

    • snowgim says:

      The key difference is AI. Battlefront has hundreds of AI troops to fill the battlefield, Battlefield has none. That’s what I’m most worried about.

  2. Clavus says:

    They got the IP just last month. I’m surprised at how fast they made this trailer. It’ll probably take a year or two before the actual game comes around though.

  3. nimzy says:

    If they can pull off something truly amazing–seamless land-air-space battles, for instance, there would be no limit to the amount of money I would be throwing their way.

    • Luringen says:

      The PSP version was almost seamless, too bad every weapon felt like a pea-shooter.

    • mrwout says:

      ‘No limit’ you say?

      link to

      Sorry, couldn’t resist…

      • Kits says:

        Geez, that takes me back. Not heard it since I was a kid. Still, oddly enough it was the first thing that popped into my head before even clicking the link.

  4. Sylver says:

    I hope they bring back something like the Titan mode. It was the only good thing about 2142 IMO, and it would really work well in the SW universe.

    • InternetBatman says:

      They had that in the second one for space fights. You could either board the enemy’s ship and plant thermal detonators or fly around in space and blow up shit on their hull.

    • Nick says:

      That was the worst thing about 2142.

      • cunningmunki says:


        • Reapy says:


          • Nick says:

            Giant mobile team spawn points with easily repairable death cannons and, once on board, easily defendable mass choke points ripe for mine and grenade spamming.

            Why yes, so great.

          • cunningmunki says:

            Oh Nick, you’re getting me all teary with nostalgia.

  5. Koozer says:

    Well that a completely pointless bit of pre-rendered CGI.

    As someone who’s played every Battlefield, and nearly every Star Wars game, could someone explain to me what Battlefront is like?

    I remember back in the days of BF1942 I spent more time in the Star Wars themed Galactic Conquest mod than with vanilla, and the chat was oftentimes filled with people sneering at Battlefront for reasons I don’t remember.

    • Surlywombat says:

      It was a very polished version of Battlefield with star wars units.

      • Magnusm1 says:

        I would actually say it’s less polished.

        But often more fun.

    • Brun says:

      Battlefront was basically BF2 with a Star Wars skin and gameplay revamp. The mechanics were almost identical, but instead of modern armies you had the Rebels vs. the Empire.

    • darkChozo says:

      Mostly just Battlefield but with a number of appropriately flavorful Star Wars-y additions. Stuff like faction units with unique abilities, Jedi hero units, fancy vehicles (including big walkers that served as mobile spawn points), and space battles of arguable quality.

    • Misnomer says:

      There were some specifically Battlefront things, especially in Battlefront 2.

      The series was known for ship to ship battles where you would get two large cruisers (like a Mon Calamari Crusier and a Star Destroyer) and the team would have to play a space flight battle to take down the shields (with Tie Fighters and Xwings, etc) then there would be landing parties sent to each ship and you would play an FPS on those ships.

      Similar to Titan mode in 2142, but without a ground battle below.

      Battlefront 2 also introduced heroes. If you played well enough on your team you would get access to elite units (like a heavily armed storm trooper) and if you did well enough with those you would would get access to heroes like Han Solo or Darth Vader, with all their force powers or special equipment.

      There were even hero only maps where you would have 20 Vaders chasing around Chewbaccas and Emperor Palpatines. It was pretty crazy and fun.

    • Correa says:

      Ahh Galactic Conquest mod that was miles ahead of what paid for development team did with the Battlefront games.

      Irony being that the dev’s once said if they couldn’t do better than the modders then they didn’t deserve to be making games :P

      • cunningmunki says:

        Sorry, but the Battlefront games were terrible, console-friendly, casual-gamer, rubbish, compared to the Battlefield games. After years spent playing Galactic Conquest I thought Battlefront was the answer to my prayers: a professional Star Wars Battlefield game. But it wasn’t, it was awful. Not only was it a second-rate battlefield rip-off, it was a lazy use of the Star Wars universe. It had Stormtrooper blasters with a shotgun setting ffs. A SHOTGUN setting! At least the Galactic Conquest modders used an established weapon in place of shotgun, a weapon from the Dark Forces series. Battlefront was clumsy, unimaginative, cartoony, and designed to be played on consoles in third-person.
        With DICE at the helm I might finally get the Star Wars Battlefield game I always wanted.

        • Michael Anson says:

          Wait. Your primary complaint about Battlefront was that it replaced a weapon invented for one game with a weapon invented for another?

          • cunningmunki says:

            You see the key word you used there was ‘invented’, because that’s precisely what they didn’t do. They just grafted a shotgun setting on to an already established weapon. If you’ve played SW games through the years you’ll know that they’ve made good use of weapons, ships, races and planets that were already established in the Star Wars EU, from the films, books, comics, earlier games, etc. Sure some have done it better than others, and there were some gross liberties, but Battlefront just couldn’t be bothered. Hence the E11 shotgun setting, which I use as a single example among many lazy choices. But ultimately it was the shit gameplay and awful, second-rate arcade-like mechanics that disappointed me the most.
            I gave BF2 more of a chance, but it still felt like a game 10 years behind. The fact it is lauded by so many utterly mystifies me.

        • Koozer says:

          Greetings fellow GC players! May I take this opportunity to reminisce about all those elevator and bridge battles aboard the ISS Adjudicator, boarding Imperial cruisers by landing escape pods on the roof and finding the secret entrance, and stealing the Millennium Falcon from the Rebel hangar on Hoth.

          Good times.

          • cunningmunki says:

            Good times indeed, and a real shame that First Strike never came close to the real sense of FUN you had with GC.

  6. theirongiant says:

    Ironically I’ve always felt that Battlefield would be much improved with a galactic conquest style mode. It would make an extended BF session something more than a meaningless series of unconnected games.

  7. BobbyFizz says:

    This was actually in production quite some time ago, and got shut down for whatever reason. I’m hoping but not holding my breath that this new one will not be a shitfest. Both battlefront 1 and 2 played brilliantly on Playstation 2 with bots, but doesn’t play so well as a multiplayer game.

    Anyways, old “leaked” footage of Battlefront 3 here link to

  8. SuicideKing says:

    I really, really hope i don’t have to jump through multiple hoops just to launch the damned game, and i really hope it’s not on Battlelog.


    Edit: Day one DLC will unlock snowshoes, without which you’ll get Frostbite.

    I’m happy it’s set in the original trilogy, though.

  9. shagohad says:

    Now we need: Heroes of Star Wars, Rebel Orchestra

    (been playing way too much Rising Storm)

    • Leb says:

      should be the reverse (Rebel Orchestra: Heroes of Star Wars)

      But… YES.

      A pseudo-realistic star wars game done by tripwire with proper weapon lethality, suppression etc.

      They can change up the buildings on some of their Stalingrad maps and call it Hoth xD

      • shagohad says:

        haha thanks for the fix :)

        yeah! wouldnt that be amazing, bunkered down scared shitless from the laser fire, when all of a sudden a jedi drops into your trench and slices up all your comrades while you scream and pew pew wildly in thier general direction.

        could be awsome, lethality in RS leads to this sense of desperate struggle that is absent in 99% of BF matches

    • Koozer says:

      Star Wars: Rebel Orchestra: Cantina Hero?

    • Scumbag says:

      Would it have blaster drop though where you have to dial in the sites?
      Would Lightsabers overheat?

  10. stoopiduk says:

    Forget empire vs. rebel scum, the real battle will be between my love of Battlefront and hatred of origin.

    *twitch… twitch*

    • philbot says:

      Battlefront wants you. Origin is fine.

    • InternetBatman says:

      I’ll just wait for the complete edition on Steam.

    • Nick says:

      when used with only a game or two, origin is a bit shit but not overly annoying. I would never use it except when forced to however.

  11. Njordsk says:

    Isn’t star wars becoming somehow “old” as a franchise, and unattractive to new players? I mean sure we’ve had the jar jar addition, but does SW still sells?

    • shagohad says:

      well consider here that you are talking about the FPS Genre, which has been flogging several horses to death for a very, very long time. SW actually mixes it up a bit.

      I think game design allows now for more complex mechanics that suit the SW environment, it could be really interesting, with frostbite it may be

    • cunningmunki says:

      HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAhehehehehehehehehehohoho, heh heh heh heh heh, ha ha heeeeeeeh. Very good. I get it.

  12. Leb says:

    Does anyone still play PC battlefront 2? Any RPS groups for said game?

  13. Shooop says:

    At least now when you suffer Battlefield’s infamous crappy hit detection as this most assuredly will you can write it off as people in the Star Wars universe all being terrible shots.

  14. cunningmunki says:

    Anyone use to play Galactic Conquest? Oh sorry, I’m a bit behind.

  15. Zombat says:

    I’d rather have an up-to-date remake of BF2142 (that is a game engine upgrade only, no messing with the core mechancis like BC and BF3 did)

  16. Nick says:

    I hope they have bots, because I don’t think I ever played Battlefront without them very often and enjoyed the giant star wars toybox that the games basically were.

  17. psyman says:

    DICE are the best game vehicle designers in the world, hands down, so having them develop SW BF3 is my dream come true. I don’t believe any other dev could do it justice; DICE are just so good at art design, graphics, audio and feel.

    I can’t wait to fly around in a fully-modeled Republic Gunship, with co-pilot, bubble turret gunners and a squad of commandos, while being able to experience the immersiveness of an interior view.

    Any other developer would probably neglect a cockpit/interior camera view, which is critical to my enjoyment of vehicles in a game. In BF3, I frequently switch between 1st/3rd person, and would be frustrated if a game locked me into either view (Hardcore mode locks into 1st-person), yet so many devs make the mistake of only providing the detached exterior camera.

    I wanted to love the original Battlefront 1/2, as I was a huge BF1942 fan at the time, but even as a young teen the gameplay felt very unpolished and clunky. The feel of movement and weapon handling in particular was very crude.

    The art design was often completely off too, like the inaccurate and poorly drawn textures on the Republic Gunship. I gave the PC version a go last year and was appalled that a game from late 2005 could look so bad, given that Battlefield 2 released in the same year.

    One thing people get wrong is the 3rd-person only perspective. Battlefront had a toggle for 1st/3rd person, but it was in the menus, and I think it defaulted to 3rd.

    • Brun says:

      I can’t wait to fly around in a fully-modeled Republic Gunship, with co-pilot, bubble turret gunners and a squad of commandos, while being able to experience the immersiveness of an interior view.

      Fortunately this Battlefront appears to be an Original Trilogy game, thus we will be free of such Prequel Trilogy abominations.

      • darkChozo says:

        I’m pretty sure that from what we’ve seen, this Battlefront consists entirely of getting stepped on by AT-ATs.

        Regardless, it would be a shame if they restricted themselves to OT only. The prequels may have been of questionable quality, but they did have some interesting designs when it comes to things in a Battlefront game (<3 Hailfire Droid).

      • psyman says:

        Well both Battlefront 1 & 2 were split into the original trilogy and prequel trilogy eras. The prequel trilogy has some great environments and vehicles, so I think it’s far-fetched to assume that era would be excluded.

        Maybe the campaign in BF3 will be the long-awaited sequel to Republic Commando, or the scrapped Imperial Commando?. I’ve yet to play a game since 2005 with that kind of squad command and mission design. It’s one of the reasons I have no interest in all of these “lone protagonist” action games these days. Give me a squad or a team or something.

  18. Brun says:

    Reply fail.

  19. muther22 says:

    I appreciate the 1984 reference.

  20. TheGoddamn says:

    Amazing article title. I don’t usually log into RPS, but that sweet Hothness deserves recognition.

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  22. aircool says:

    As long as there is teddy bears crushing the ’emperors finest’ stormtroopers with pebbles, then it probably would be Star Wars.