Welcome To The Dollhouse: Daylight

hello. I have no eyes but I will stare at you from the top of the page for the next hour anyway. Hope you don't mind!

When Billy Shakespeare and Alanis Morissette put their heads together at a student poetry workshop and invited irony, I think they had higher purposes in mind than horror game titles that are almost certainly entirely misleading. Daylight will be a very dark game and most of the interiors will be illuminated by little more than the flickering screen of a cleverphone. Perhaps levitating spectral dolls are suitable light sources as well but I wouldn’t want to use one as a bedside lamp. The E3 trailer for the procedully generated frightener does contain a scary doll but, as you can verify below, it doesn’t contain any daylight.

Looks like a walk through a museum full of spooky exhibits.


  1. Shooop says:

    Oh good, another trailer that tells you next to nothing about the game.

    • elfbarf says:

      It’s clearly a “walking through museums full of spooky exhibits” simulator.

      • Rollin says:

        No you are a super-handyman who searches for broken lights and furniture, leaky pipes and repair abandoned buildings, after you’re done lots of happy people with ^____^ emoticons above their heads pour inside.

        • Captain Joyless says:

          Except in the Brazil level, where fixing things causes government anti-terror squads to try and hunt you down.

          • Michael Anson says:

            Actually, I think a “rogue repairman” game would do really well. A stealth-action, cover-based fix-’em-up.

    • RedViv says:

      At least it gets the atmosphere and general feel across. Better than most, I’d say.

    • SirKicksalot says:

      It’s an exploration game. You just try to find a way out of a spooky asylum. The trailer tells pretty much everything.

  2. Scumbag says:

    Daylight, Blacklight… what next? LIGHTFACE?

  3. King_Rocket says:

    Aww I’m sad this is not a game based on Joss Whedon’s Dollhouse

    • FunnyB says:

      Or the Sylvester Stallone movie, “Daylight”. Trapped in a tunnel, leading idiotic survivors to safety anyone?

  4. edwardh says:

    Did you really just use Alanis Morisette and irony in any other way than to ridicule people who don’t know the meaning of it? Because: link to youtube.com