Hit The Mechs: Fields Of War

Currently in beta, Fields of War is “a massive multiplayer third-person-shooter focused on large scale battles, territory control, skill and most importantly team play.” When I read that description, I expected the video to contain tiny computer men running around and shooting at one another but the synopsis conceals the game’s trump card. The tiny computer men are concealed within mechs, with up to a hundred player-controlled war machines on each side. AI bots are also available to fill in any gaps. The closed beta has now finished but you can play in the current version by purchasing the game for $15. Now, let’s look at some combat and customisation.

Fields of War is the first game from Thermal Erosion, a small Israeli studio. There certainly do seem to be a lot of mechs shooting one another in the video, but while the landscapes are quite attractive, I wish the scale of the machines was more impressive, or more obvious. I like my robots to be giant and these may be nothing more than large.

Still, I’d rather have large robots than no robots. Here are some robots at a face painting stall.


  1. Brosepholis says:

    western robot is pig disgusting

  2. Jack_Dandy says:

    Hey, cool. Didn’t realize our dudes can make mech games!

  3. soulblur says:

    I personally prefer when mechs have lots of sizes – some people (relatively expendable people, let’s be honest) in powered armour, some people in small, fast mechs with tight turning ratios, and others in absolute behemoths with independently tracking weapon pods.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      A nice little combat triangle right there.

    • Shodex says:

      As a Mechwarrior fan I second this. The only thing cooler than playing as a bunch of little mechs zipping around doing some scouting while they escort a gigantic monster of a mech, is being a gigantic monster of a mech being escorting around by fast little mechs.

  4. fitzroy_doll says:

    Mechs seem to be a big thing now, but only for multiplayer. Will there ever be a single player mech game? Has there ever been one that’s any good?

    • Gurrah says:

      RUN! Run like the wind. Seriously, because the mech-crowd will arrive shortly no doubt and they will focus their high-energy wordsmithery on you, believe you me.

      • pupsikaso says:

        Why do you want a singleplayer mech game? I mean how boring could that be? What do you imagine you’d be doing in a singleplayer mech game anyway? Stomping on buildings and cars?

        • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

          When I am a fifty foot high robot with death instead of hands, I want other people to be there.

        • fitzroy_doll says:

          Sure, why not.

        • Liudeius says:

          I want a single player mech game. Admittedly it might be quite hard to distinguish mechanically from high tech human games, but a mech action RPG where I can swap out and upgrade parts and weapons, slowly building my mech from a tiny MGS Gecko to a massive 30 story death fortress would be awesome.

          • fitzroy_doll says:

            Exactly – the mechanics of it are not hard to imagine. You would start with some kind of scout mech, and later upgrade to a heavy mech as the missions became more intense. Perhaps when Pacific Rim is in general release someone will be inspired to take this on.

    • soulblur says:

      I loved MechCommander, back in the day. MechWarrior 2 was a classic as well.

    • Claidheamh says:

      The entire Mechwarrior frachise excluding Mechwarrior Online.

      • fitzroy_doll says:

        So more than 10 years since the last one. Maybe the guys at Hawken should create a single-player campaign. I’d buy that.

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        Whats wrong with MWO?

        Its changed a lot since release and there is a fairly regular contingent of RPS’ers who play every Wednesday and a fair few other days of the week too.

        Tonight is what we refer to as Patch Tuesday. Because it’s tuesday and one of the bi montly patches is due for release later, we always play post patch and see what’s changed and what the new mechs are like.

        Feel free to come and join the Rock Paper SRM crew.

        We’re all big MechWarrior fans and aware the game isn’t perfect, but what can be not so exciting alone can turn into something special with a whole roost of missle spewing laser death stomp machine friends.

        • darkChozo says:

          I’m highly disappointed that it’s not called Rock Paper LB-X AC.

          • Hunchback says:

            Well it has to start with an S, that’s why it’s SRM. Although i would have called Rock Paper Stomp, cause that’s what’s mostly done in MWO

          • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

            Rock Paper STK-4N Stalker was too long.

          • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

            Let’s face it, Rock Paper STF-3F would be more effective.

            I wish your playtimes weren’t so late in my timezone. I need people to play with, pugging is losing its appeal. :[

        • Hunchback says:

          MWO is perfectly fine, IMHO. It’s the only mech-sporting game nowadays that actually feels like a mech-game, not just an FPS with robots instead of people.

          I suppose a big part of the whole negativity it’s getting is what i call “false memories” – People tend to remember things(games) better than they actually were, because back at the time they were the only thing available and everyone was less experienced/over-exposed to games. In reality most old games are FULL with bugs which mostly never got fixed, especially in the early internet era, but people used to learn to play around/with the bugs. Today everyone just bitches and cries about patches, balance, bugs, whatever. I am pretty sure that mostly any old game, if released today, would get horrible feedback even if graphics are not taken into consideration.

          That’s why people are bashing MWO – it doesn’t “live up to” their memories of things of old.

          • PatrickSwayze says:

            I dunno.

            After some filing I managed to get Mechwarrior 3 working reasonably well on Windows 7… of course its aged pretty badly graphics wise, but gameplay wise its still the best MechWarrior game and a good game to boot.

          • hamburger_cheesedoodle says:

            I don’t think PGI deserves as much dislike as they are getting, but really, they have handled very many of the balance decisions in the game very badly. Anyone who wishes to argue that can do so with my PPC assaults on the field.

          • dsi1 says:

            I know I bash MWO because it doesn’t live up to MWLL.

    • Raiyan 1.0 says:

      Here. Open-world SP mechs vs mechs vs dinos:

      link to youtube.com

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        I hope they get that to PS4 because I have to desire for a Wii U just yet.

      • Liudeius says:

        To me, that game was the highlight of E3. While it does look a bit too anime, and may end up being some boring game stuck somewhere between JRPG and WRPG, IF it’s good, it will be awesome.
        Unfortunately it’s on the Wii U…
        I’m not going to buy a $200 system for one game.

  5. fawker says:

    Lost me at third person.

  6. ZHsquad says:

    While I certainly controlling a Mech….it was a bit silly seeing a bunch of awkwardly controlled mechs on one battlefield. It kinda’ looked liked kids dancing for the first time.

  7. Sian says:

    My browser seems to have decided it doesn’t like embedded videos. Would anyone care to link them in a reply or something? I’d be most grateful.

    Edit: Now that I’ve seen the gameplay, I have to say I’m glad that these mechs aren’t of the oversized infantryman variety, i.e. holding guns in their hands. That has always struck me as a bit odd. But they do feel a bit teensy, and I think that has to do with the third person view. The player automatically looks down onto his mech, which makes it look small. Of course, cockpits are preferable for other reasons (IMMERSION!) too.

  8. PatrickSwayze says:

    I didn’t even have to screech take my money at the screen. I simply placed my face on the pixels and it all happened by Osmosis.

  9. tomeoftom says:

    Oh cool, another of the 99% of mech games that have no relation between the theme of giant robots and the actual game mechanics. What a boring thing to do, to just reskin a third-person shooter with robots instead of fleshdudes.

  10. tormos says:

    did you have to tell me the devs were Israeli? Stupid boycott.

  11. NSGrendel says:

    Thankfully, you cannot catch stupid over the internet, even if it seems to be highly contagious.