Lifeless Planet Showing More Signs Of Life

Lifeless Planet had a bit of a slip earlier this year, but there are finally signs that things are moving forward. A new trailer shows features a frustrating amount of the same footage we’ve already seen of the third-person action/puzzler, but there’s also some narration offering some decent voice acting too.

The one-man project from David Board was Kickstarted way back in September/October 2011 (then touting a July 2012 release!). Since it’s signed up with Lace Mamba – the publisher a number of other indies have claimed serious issues with. There’s still no word on a release date, but apparently the desire is to get it finished by the end of the Summer.

Let’s hope it all goes smoothly from here, because the game is unquestionably intriguing.


  1. Synesthesia says:

    It was earth all along? They finally made a monkey out of me?

  2. Stevostin says:

    They show too much. I still wants it.

  3. Teovald says:

    This is a one-man project ? wow, that makes it extremely impressive and definitely intriguing.
    I guess he must have been working on this for several years ; I just hope that he targeted the right scale for this project, it would be a shame if we ended with a low quality game.

  4. oskutin says:

    Rust sky?

  5. oldasadlo says:

    the book title reads “aelita” which is, apart from a book, an old soviet sci-fi movie from 1924, it is one of the oldest movies from this genre. it would be so cool if the game had something to do with it – it is really charming and influential picture. here, have a taste: link to

  6. DXN says:


    See, when I go all crazy and rant about wanting games that are not built around violence and don’t wallow in prejudiced tropes and instead use imagination and intelligence to make the most of this medium, I’m not talking about some crazy impossible pipe dream or neutered politically-correct nothingness or whatever it is people imagine.

    I’m just talking about stuff like this. You know, good stuff. And Gone Home and that Burroughs game and Kentucky Route Zero and Fez and Journey and all this other nice, clever stuff that’s starting to emerge now that the capability to produce beautiful and complex things is starting to spread beyond the chart-chasers and the boring ol’ mean ol’ Standard Demographic and the marketers who suck from them.

  7. The Random One says:

    Please, please, o God of Videogames, whoever you are (Bryan Henderson, I suppose?) let this Soviet city in a distant star not turn out to be a dream/hallucination/metaphor/thing wot is not real, amen.

  8. Darkwings says:

    There’s jump puzzles with a jetpack. Sold.