Masters Of A Pirate World: Caribbean!

Eador devs Snowbird have started talking about their secondary project, Caribbean! which we mentioned all the way back here. That’s Caribbean! in the sense of Pirates! rather than me being particularly excited about it, you understand. Nevertheless it’s an hugely ambitious project, allowing people to tackle that region of the world in the 17th century in a manner similar to the way Mount & Blade tackles medieval Eurasia. They’ve had a bit of a struggle with the game, and explain: “Having started with ‘Mount & Blade with ships’ concept over time we almost switched to making a war and historical colonization simulator.”

The beta, which was previously flagged up on their forums, has bene much delayed, but is now likely to happen soon, and could be worth keeping an eye on. You can also play it at Rezzed(!) So that’s nice.


  1. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    Colons, hyphens, exclamation marks. When will the punctuation assault end?

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      It’s a grim period.

    • Anthile says:

      That’s a pretty overt homage to Pirates!. Something a real PC gamer would have known. A real PC gamer like…the real Lord Smingleigh. Guards! Arrest the impostor and throw him into the oubliette.

      • Brun says:

        Alert the Priests of the Hivemind, have them assemble the entire Inquisition! This chicanery shall not go unpunished! Prepare this pretender for a healthy dose of mind conditioning!

  2. sysdefect says:

    I can only imagine the castle siege like boat battles, but now instead of going single file up a ladder it’s single file across a boarding plank… I miss playing M&B:WB.

  3. bob. says:

    I am really looking foward to this! I hope it will have a bit more of a story compared to M&B, though. I always got a bit bored after a while in M&B (including most mods). With Fire and Sword attempted a kind of story, and I enjoyed the addition of it but it wasn’t enough.

  4. Patches the Hyena says:

    This reminds me of this rather old game: link to

    So excited!

  5. BurningPet says:

    “making a war and historical colonization simulator”

    Sounds better to me for some reason

  6. Bine says:

    This has my attention. If they can pull off mount and blade combat I will be all over it. I love the idea of ship battles, boarding each other,a nd proceeding to stab people! I look forward but must try to be cautious! I hope they dont destroy my enthusiasm!

  7. trooperwally says:

    I’m losing faith. It was originally scheduled for release last autumn and has gone pretty quiet since. The screenshots look like something m&b’s (admittedly awesome) mod community could have knocked up in a day. They haven’t said anything that allows me to understand why this is a big undertaking (not that I know anything about making games). If the mod folks can produce gems like brytenwalda why can’t the devs at least give us multiplayer warband with pirate guns, cutlasses and voices to keep us amused whilst we wait for the colonisation sim (and since when did piracy=colonisation?)?

    • Lanfranc says:

      I suspect that the delay isn’t due to it being a particularly big undertaking, but rather that the developers suddenly got a bit of a breakthrough with Eador: The Broken World and decided to focus resources on that instead.

  8. Andy_Panthro says:

    I hoping this will tide me over until Mount & Blade 2 (which I haven’t heard anything about since that teaser “trailer” ages ago)

  9. biggergun says:

    As far as I know, Snowbird are not really devs – it’s sort of an angel investment fund for Russian indie games. Or at least it was, some time ago.

  10. drinniol says:

    Pirates of the Burning Sea is still kicking along – and newly free of the clutches of Sony.

  11. Harlander says:

    It could be considered a personality flaw, but describing something as “Mount and Blade with x” is the surest way to get my interest in a project.

    • trooperwally says:

      Allow me to test then, which of these gets your interest?

      A) Mount and blade with the requirement to complete in game self assessment tax retuns.

      B) Mount and blade with zombies.

      C) Mount and blade with micro transactions, social interactions and always on DRM.

      (Not trolling, just being curious)

      • Harlander says:

        A) Mount and Brazil? I hope you’ve got a 27B-6 for that. (I doubt Gilliam’s staplepunk opus is the best setting for an open-world game, but I’d certainly pay attention to anyone who tried)

        B) I’m sure that mod already exists.

        C) That’d leave me as conflicted as any “cool-sounding game with terrible DRM”.

        It might be that “Mount and Blade in x” is a better expression. Starfarersector? Mount and Blade in Space. Pirates!? Mount and Blade on sea (even though Mount and Blade is pretty much Pirates! on land) And so on

  12. Canisa says:

    This looks like it could be an interesting concept. Hopefully they won’t forget about Mary Read, Ching Shih, Sayyida Al Hurra or Sadie the Goat and this all white male screenshot won’t be representative of the final game.

  13. scorcher24 says:

    I hope they do it right. I still would prefer a new Sid Meier’s Pirates! without the dancing bullshit and in a more darker, adult theme.

    But if this is done right, it could be the replacement fix we are all waiting for and I could stop playing the C64 Version with Vice. At least for a while. *snickers*