GI Joe Danger: Hello Games’ Team Fortress 2 Crossover

Ollie some more!

Much like JLS, the cast of Team Fortress 2 will put their faces anywhere. Though unlike JLS, they’ve yet to put them on the front of a box of Johnnies.* This time they’re showing up in the long-awaited, far too long in happening PC versions of lovely Hello Games’ lovely Joe Danger games. Tiny cutesy Heavy on a motorbike! Aww! Hello claim they initially only put the TF2 characters in for fun, but I DON’T BELIEVE THEM ONE BIT.

Also there are Minecraft levels, and the option to make your own ones, just to double up on the whole PC gaming Zeitgeisty thing.

Indeed, the TF2 characters can race within the Minecraft levels. If that’s a thing which Mojang or Valve did within their own games, there would be no money left in the world, for it would all be in their bank accounts.

Hello Games note that this may be the first time that Minecraft has been on Steam, referring to Mojang’s famous reluctance to give Valve a piece of their perpetually profitable pie. Not sure if that’s true, actually – Super Meat Boy had an unlockable Steve, for instance. Anyway, musn’t rain on what seems to be a quite delightful parade. Though it does make me wonder what the next pop-culture-ruling PC game or character will be.

Take a look below, especially if you’re not a Britisher and are totally bamboozled by my opening sentence and this related image:

The sinister, solemn, staring avatars of intercourse. Anyway, Joe Danger/TF2/Minecraft:

Joe Danger and its sequel Joe Danger: The Movie launch on Steam next Monday.

* I wondered if perhaps it was spelt ‘Jonnies’, but Twitter tells me otherwise.


  1. Skull says:

    TF2 condoms would be the best thing ever. I would put so much more effort into picking up chicks if I could whip a picture of Heavy or Scout on a box of johnnys!

  2. Wang Tang says:

    So yeah, JLS faces on condoms. But who is JLS? Too lazy for Google today, too hot outside.

    • MuscleHorse says:

      No talent flavour of the months, produced by the rotten abattoir that is the British music industry.

      • The Magic says:

        Oh come now, I think think they are quite excellent singers. Their accapella is especially lovely to listen and i think it’s a shame that they’ve gone. They were arguably the most soothing boyband i’ve ever heard… that’s not to say that i bought any of their albums or particularly listened to them much since their actual singles were never really my style and i’m not a major fan of boybands in general, but when i did here them just singing some little thing together, I would always be impressed.

      • BooleanBob says:

        U jelly(s)?

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      You mean in the condoms, etched into the latex? That should make for some weird bedside conversations.

      • aldo_14 says:

        Who exactly did they expect to buy the condoms, anyway – aside from the general category of ‘idiot’?

        Is there some subset of men who think a box with boyband pictures will help them get laid?

        Ladies who turn on their boyfriends with ‘look, a barely post-pubescent boy to help us have safe sex’?

        Or is it in fact a sneaky way to encourage ultra safe sex, in the sense that dragging out one of those monstrosities a) indicates you’re considering intercourse with some clearly under 14 and b) those pictures are pure erection retardant?

  3. DrScuttles says:

    Way to kill the mood, JLS.

  4. The Random One says:

    Heavy is quickly becoming the Mario of PC gaming. I welcome this turn of events.


  5. dmoe says:

    TF2 – The 5 dollar whore of the gaming industry.

  6. TheApologist says:

    The soundtrack in Joe Danger is amazing. Have they released it?

  7. Diving Duck says:

    It is great to see a developer making an effort with their port – really refreshing. Good on ya Hello Games.

    Just don’t over price it (I’m getting skint)!