Hotline Miami 2 Playable At Rezzed

Sorry, sorry – one last announcement for our PC gaming show this weekend: Hotline Miami 2 – which we revealed earlier today – will be playable on the show floor.

Also playable: Total War: Rome II, Space Hulk, Sir, You Are Being Hunted, Splinter Cell: Blacklist, Gone Home, Redshirt, Caribbean!, Democracy 3, Gun Monkeys, and much more. You should come along.


  1. luukdeman111 says:

    Three articles about one game in one day… That must be some sort of record.

  2. Tacroy says:

    I read that as Democracy 3: Gun Monkeys and now I’m disappointed.

  3. ThePCGamerSpy says:

    Looking forward to it =)

  4. jonahcutter says:

    Color me green.

    And red, from the blood spatter.

  5. essentialatom says:


  6. Creeping Death says:

    Awesome! Watch it win game of show again.

    Also, I hate to steal your thunder about the “reveal”, but I consider the reveal to have happened a week ago when the developers tweeted a picture of the title screen :P

  7. Noviere says:

    ‘Rock, Paper, Shotgun?’ Pfft! More like, ‘Rock, Hotline, Miami 2-gun!’

  8. Leb says:

    I wanna gooooooooo but there is an ocean in the way

  9. rawrty says:

    If I had the money to go to a games conference, I think Rezzed would be the one. Out of all the things reported at E3 I think I found maybe one or two things interesting, mostly about how crappy the xbone sounds. Hotline Miami 2, Space Hulk, Sir you are Being hunted, Total War, basically the entire lineup is stuff I would love to get a chance to play.

    I at least look forward to seeing some hands on reports about these others, and someone who is attending please tell cactus to change the title to Hotline Miami: HOTLINE MIAMI