Company Of Heroes 2 Open Beta Got A Teeny Bit Longer

The Company Of Heroes 2 open beta has been extended an extra weekend. This weekend, to be precise. And during it, they’re unlocking a bunch more stuff to explore before the game goes live on Tuesday. And doubling earned XP. And giving away free bunnies!

I may have imagined the last part.

However, this weekend the game will add in new multiplayer maps, allow access to the full progression tree, and let you reach level 100. Which makes you the best one there is.

But, you cry, what would be the point in unlocking such things moments before the beta ends and the game resets for launch?! And then you add a flurry of insults, which are entirely uncalled for. Calm yourself, seriously – I’m not sure what’s made you so angry, but hear me out. If you buy the game as a pre-order now, all your progress will be maintained for release. Right? See? So maybe hold your horses a little before getting so worked up.

Of course, there’s one disadvantage here. The pre-order price is a remarkable £40. Obviously the game won’t be able to sustain that price for long, being £10 more than the average full price PC game. So to get it early, you’re paying an absolutely premium price. For a series that will inevitably add a bunch of expansions and extras, and then sell the lot for some incredible price in a Steam sale a few months down the line, it’s worth bearing this in mind as you decide whether to opt in early.


  1. Eonfge says:

    Pre-ordered it because I find the game pretty awesome as it is and I would gladly play a lot more of it. If I was not able to play the game 20 hours over the past two weeks, I would have held my wallet more close, but I dare to take a gamble on a game that already works so well.

    • eliza321 says:

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  2. Cei says:

    Or you go on Amazon, buy a physical copy that activates on Steam for £26.99 and spend the £13 you saved on booze and hookers. Or keep it in your bank account and watch it accrue no interest at all.

    • ran93r says:

      For £13 I would assume that all the hooker would do for you is perhaps pop into the offie to buy you booze.

    • Cinek says:

      I love these moments when you-get-nothing is more expensive than you-get-actual-discs-and-the-box.

  3. lowprices says:

    The Company beta have a good reason for all this, otherwise they’ll be heroes to no-one.

  4. fiendling says:

    I live in South Africa and, fortunately, our physical DVD game copies are still remarkably cheap.

    My Company of Heroes 2 pre-order only cost me R 326 (ZAR). That is roughly £ 20.50, which is a hell of a lot cheaper than Steam et al.

  5. Mister_Inveigler says:

    Unless you buy it from, where the price is £26.99 and you have until release date to cancel if you want. I do understand the RPS position on pre-ordering, but I can’t imagine a company taking your money BEFORE the game is released. Pre-ordering on Amazon is like adding a bookmark, it secures you the cheapest price until the game is released and you can cancel before it’s dispatched if you change your mind.

    I’m inexperienced in the stores of other countries, but I don’t know of any company that’d charge me the moment I pre-order. Which doesn’t make sense. I have never pre-ordered from Steam, so I am unaware if they charge immediately.

    Out of curiosity, it’d be interesting to know how many people buy titles like this from Steam directly. I mean, yeah, I wait a few days, for the game to arrive (I live in NZ), but the price is significantly cheaper (even with shipping)

    • Seafort says:

      The only games I buy from steam directly are indie titles with a discount for preordering.

      I never buy full priced games from steam as they are a rip off. Get your steam games from eleswhere like GMG or wait for the steam sales.

  6. Gambit says:

    Can someone please tell me how I can get into this ‘Open’ beta? As I have visited the page on steam and not seen anything. Do you have to pre-order the game? Thanks.

  7. Seafort says:

    I preordered CoH2 but I didn’t pay £40 that’s just ridiculous. I went to GMG and got 25% off so got it for £30 digital download.

    I could have got the boxed copy from amazon for 26.99 + £2 for P&P for 1st class but it would have come to the same price so not too bothered.

    I’m just a bit worried about the optimisation of the game. It was ok in the closed beta but then it went to shit in the open beta so I hope they can solve that for launch or just after.

    Everyone thinks that if games went pure digital then the publishers would lower their prices. Keep dreaming. Publishers are greedy and will squeeze out the every last penny so never pay full price for a PC game, always shop around and wait for the right deals for you.

  8. Banjo-Tuesday says:

    I’m feeling a bit underwhelmed by this beta, at least compstomping. The combination of dismal weapon lethality and AI circle strafing makes the amount of micro management tiresome. The AI cheats ferociously, avoiding thrown explosives, molotovs, grenades, artillery and airstrikes called in from off-map, the moment you choose the spot. However the AI uses all these things itself to perfection. You simply cannot leave any unit alone for more than a few seconds or it will be wiped out.

    The pop cap is also so low, and the AI so good at finding those gaps you cannot cover, I find the only real strategy is building a blob of units and attacking their base.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      You’ll find it’s the same playing against people.

      I had a battle yesterday and the dropped player on the other team got replaced by a hard AI and the battle was still a tense affair.

      Also, unit blobbing will never work online.

      • Hunchback says:

        Unless it’s an IS-2 and ISU blob, then it works just fine… :S

        (here’s to hoping for a balance patch)

    • mangrove says:

      In the old CoH games, you could pause the game and issue commands if things got overwhelming. I don’t know if that is still the case, though.

  9. Hunchback says:

    AFAIK you get to keep your progress from the beta not only if you preorder, but also if you buy the game in the 2 months following the official release date. So hold your horses, don’t preoder shit and buy cheaper later on. Unless you want that theater of war thing + skins + whatever other shit they’ve thrown in the preorder thingy.

    Don’t get me wrong, the game is TOTALLY awesome, prolly the best RTS game since the original COH and WH games. It’s just that i am broke atm, so can’t afford a full priced game just like that for no special occasion. I guess i’ll have it for my b-day in September, when prices have dropped too.

    • Leb says:

      i’ve heard the same

    • Fhaarkas says:

      In the same shoes here. I’m gutted that the Steam version costs somewhere around 30 meals, and while the boxed version is more reasonably priced somewhat, there’s no pre-order bonus when buying from retailers over here.

      I guess in the spirit of the game, I’d probably play it in the winter.