Today’s GOG Sale Is Quite The Thing

You have about 20 hours left to take advantage of GOG’s DRM Free sale, put togeether to celebrate today being the longest day of the year. The games are free of the lumpen, ugly additional code that bootstraps their code to your PC. If for some reason you own a million PCs, you would be allowed, nay encouraged, to install them on each and every one. I wouldn’t, because that would involve a lot of work, not least in acquiring an entire planet to source the resources for such a PC collection, but the hypothetical scenario still stands. You really should look over the whole list, but below I’ve gathered a few treats to entice you in.

If you’ve somehow managed to miss the previous 156,344 times space-based roguelike FTL has been on sale, it’s now only $2.50. Worth it for such an adventure-filled space romp. Another top-down treat, the horrendously sick and wonderful Hotline Miami is all the threes, $3.33.

Other indies are available, the tip-top hat Fez is only $4.99, while Robert Florence would be delighted to know you can experience what he experienced in Waking Mars for only $2.49.

While there are plenty of brains to splat, for something more traditionally cerebral there’s the Wadjet Eye selection, which have an 80% discount when bought together (for $8.96), or you can grab any game from the pack for 50% off. If that’s not taxing enough, the Turn-Based Strategy Pack for $12.43 includes Sid Meier’s Alpha Centauri, Master of Magic, Master of Orion 1+2, Sid Meier’s: Colonization, Fragile Allegiance, Galactic Civilizations I: Ultimate Edition, and Space Empires IV: Deluxe.

Oh, and my personal recommendation for something odd, charming, and cheap is Miasamata. It’s only $3.74.

Feel free to recommend games in the comments, because I’ve definitely missed loads.


  1. InternetBatman says:

    I played the Hotline Miami trailer just because I love the music. That game is great.

  2. WHS says:

    Good sale, but a little irritating, because I own at least one or two games in all the bundles I like, and the sale prices requires you to buy the entire bundle.

    • tmw says:

      Actually, I think you get the bundled discount price minus the price of any games you already own. So, you don’t have to buy the games you own again AND you also get the higher bundle discount on the other games.

      • Rikard Peterson says:

        That sounds good. (If you own them on GOG, and not Steam or something else.)

        • FakeAssName says:

          That’ll learn ya to not buy DRM-free from thw get go!

          • belgand says:

            Not so great when you bought them originally and still have the discs around.

          • MadTinkerer says:

            Or if you have the discs, try to install the games, and realize you need to mess around with DOSBox to make them work on your Dystopian Cyber-Future OS, but if you buy them on GoG you get a bunch of extra stuff as well as the game just plain working when installed.

            Or your disks have been exposed to magnets and you don’t have the CD version of the game in question. GoG can relieve some of that pain as well.

        • MadTinkerer says:

          Here is the deal: the bundles in question are the “completion” type bundles. This means that if you own every game in the pack after you check out, whatever you bought is 75% off. Otherwise, they are each 50% off. If you add games to your cart individually, they will auto-correct to be 75% off if what is in the cart and what is in your collection adds up to a completion bundle.

          For example: I owned everything in the Bullfrog Classics bundle except for Syndicate Wars and Magic Carpet 2. I could have checked out with just those two by clicking on the “check-out now” button on the page. Instead, I added Syndicate Wars and Magic Carpet 2 to the cart, because I wanted to get other deals at the same time. Syndicate Wars initially listed at 2.99, but auto-corrected to 1.49 when I added Magic Carpet 2, which listed at 1.49 because the site automagically detected that buying them both at once completed the set in my collection post check-out. And then I got a bunch of other stuff and it all worked the same way.

          The only annoying part is that when they first did a mega-sale like this it wasn’t clear how to do multiple bundles without clicking on “check-out now”, and individual pages will list prices as if they are not in bundles. But once stuff is in your cart, it’s auto-corrected to the bundle price, if you are completing a bundle with the games in your cart. Or you can buy individual bundles one bundle at a time with “check-out now”.

          That is how it works.

      • abremms says:

        I can confirm this. Just bought the D&D pack even though I owned half the games already, still got the full discount on the games I didn’t own already without having to re-buy anything.

        Sale is AMAZING. I just bought nearly EVERY game I enjoyed when I was in high school. It’s going to take me years to get through these again.

        • The Random One says:

          I bought Rise of the Triad, after having played the shareware demo around ’93, ’94.

          It worked!

      • MattM says:

        I really wish steam would implement something like this. Even better would be if steam/gog/humble worked out a cross store compatibility so you could get credit for the games you own on the other services.
        I know, not bloody likely.

        • MadTinkerer says:

          Well the Steam sales work a little differently. But you can still, for example, get individual DLC for Crusader Kings II in today’s Steam sale for 75% off. Which isn’t as good a deal per dollar as the DLC bundle at 75% off, but if you own most of the currently available DLC via a previous sale, that’s still however many DLC packs at 75% off each, and unlike GoG you don’t need to get the entire bundle to get the discount.

          IMHO, Steam and GoG are about even for value once you know all the details of the sales and features of the services. The main difference is the library of what’s available and the fact that GoG has lots of “extras” unavailable anywhere else but no online features. Some Steam games do require Steam to be running, but many are also actually DRM-free, but it’s just not mentioned anywhere (you have to manually check each game yourself like I did).

    • Schadenfreude says:

      Yeah, I owned everything on the D&D pack bar NWN2 and was able to buy it at the full discount. I’ll probably never play it again, but nice to have a digital copy (And in fact I don’t think I owned Storms of Zehir).

    • Moraven says:

      GoG is good about taking off games you own and still give you the max bundle % discount.

      Only recently Steam added support for this if the publisher so chooses. I get a lot of bundles on their where I own 20% of it. And you don’t get an additional discount nor extra copy.

  3. Tiax says:

    Miasmata is definitely a must-try, good idea recommending it !

  4. Flameberge says:

    Might be worth mentioning that FTL’s devs have price matched the price of FTL on FTL’s website, link to and that way you also get a Steam key. Not that I have any qualms about giving money to GOG, but might help someone. (Don’t think you get a Steam key from GOG? Could be wrong).

    • Llewyn says:

      Oh, that’s absolutely worth mentioning, thank you. Was just about to buy it on GOG but dithering as I’d prefer it on Steam, so I can at least be reminded regularly that I haven’t made time to play it…

    • subedii says:

      Surprised that Yahtzee liked it so much. He even did a poem for it.

    • Noviere says:

      Thank you!

    • Frank says:

      Yes, point that out so everyone can buy it twice!

    • Mo6eB says:

      I have an axe to grind with FTL and wish to express my dissatisfaction with it. If you’ve already purchased the game and like it, please disregard this post.

      For all the things it gets right – the aesthetic, the varied weapons, the battle design, the interface, etc. etc., there is one thing that I think FTL does very very wrong and you should consider before buying (though for this price it probably won’t matter). Randomness. FTL does randomness in the most awful way possible.

      Consider: your ship pilot can learn to dodge better, so you level him/her/it up until you have a pretty respectable 40% dodge chance and feel confident that’s enough to offset the fact the game hasn’t yet given you enough opportunities to strengthen your hull and shields. Then in the next battle your enemy lands 20 consecutive shots and blows you up. Because dodge chance 40% is no guarantee to dodge 4 out of every 10, it’s a guarantee that out of all shots fired at you, 40% will miss. This doesn’t make for a good game and doesn’t give your ship any useful protection.

      Consider: all shops are randomly stocked. Completely randomly, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a series of shops that let you stock up on things to let you win. There’s no way to prepare for the next sector, no way to plan ahead, no way to play any smarter than simply hoping the enemies ahead will be vulnerable to the weapon the game happened to drop you.

      Consider: the above might be mitigated if you could explore sectors, but you can’t. You have to press forward and, oh you have to hope you get enough chances to refuel.

      FTL, to me, most closely resembles Solitaire. The variant where you can only go through the deck precisely once and have to hope the cards come in the right order.

      There are no YASDs in FTL, only Yet Another Random Death. Because there’s nothing you can do against the game’s brokenly random nature.

      If this has made you think twice about buying the game, also check the posts below mine that explain why it’s still fun to play. I’m done.

      • dE says:

        Lesson to learn from this:
        Don’t play roguelikes if you can’t deal with roguelikes.

        It’s fine to not like it, but this criticism strikes me as really odd as it is the defining factor of the genre. It’s equivalent to saying “I really hated all the braking in this racing game” or “so much bloody ballplay in this football game” or “why do I have to command units in this strategy game?”

        The recommendation is thus:
        Try out the excellent and free Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup. If the randomness in that pisses you off, stay the hell away from FTL. If it doesn’t… well, you’ll have something to play in about 12 months when you come off your Crawl Addiction.

      • Faxmachinen says:

        If you ever play X-COM you’ll quickly learn that anything below 80% may as well be 0%. Preferably you want 120% and two shots per turn.

      • jalf says:

        So, you’ve discovered that roguelikes are generally *built* around the idea of randomness and unpredictability?

        In other news, I’d like to warn people who considered buying it that the new FIFA is in fact about soccer. So if you don’t like soccer, this surprising fact will completely ruin the game for you!

        And if you were thinking of buying Assassins Creed, the shocking revelation that it’s about killing people might make you think twice.

        your ship pilot can learn to dodge better, so you level him/her/it up until you have a pretty respectable 40% dodge chance and feel confident that’s enough to offset the fact the game hasn’t yet given you enough opportunities to strengthen your hull and shields.


        In order to reach a 40% dodge chance, you’ll have to have levelled up your engines quite a bit. Doing that required quite a bit of scrap. If you’ve had so much scrap to spend, you could have spent it upgrading your shields instead.

        In other words, yes, you were given the perfect opportunity to strengthen other aspects of your ship. You chose to upgrade your dodge chance instead.

        This doesn’t make for a good game and doesn’t give your ship any useful protection.

        Well, the first part is obviously subjective, but I’d say it precisely *does* make for a good game. On the second part, you are just flat out wrong, because, like you said it effectively reduces the number of hits you take by 40%. Which is kind of a big deal, and certainly what I would consider “useful protection”.

        all shops are randomly stocked. Completely randomly, there’s no guarantee you’ll get a series of shops that let you stock up on things to let you win. There’s no way to prepare for the next sector, no way to plan ahead, no way to play any smarter

        How do you explain the fact that most people who play the game actually survive longer more frequently after they’ve played the game a number of times?

        I see two possibilities:
        – Either fate is taking pity on them and granting them luck and better store items, or
        – they get better at the game, learn to prepare for the next sector, learn to plan ahead, and, in fact, play smarter.

        There is a lot you can do to play smarter. You have to adapt your strategy to which items the game gives you, sure, but that doesn’t mean you’re powerless. The ships found in different types of sectors have different characteristics, which you can plan for before entering the sector. If you find yourself in a fight you weren’t prepared for, you can try to flee. You can decide, based on experience and based on your ship’s characterstics, which events to engage with, which dialogue options to pick.
        And almost no matter what the game gives you, you can build on it to create a ship that is able to survive most fights. Maybe you’ll have to rely on boarding, maybe you get shit guns but powerful missiles or drones. But no matter what happens, you have plenty of options for influencing the outcome of the game. Yes, you can play smarter.

        Playing smart doesn’t guarantee you’ll win, but it dramatically improves the odds of surviving.

        the above might be mitigated if you could explore sectors, but you can’t. You have to press forward and, oh you have to hope you get enough chances to refuel.

        What? You’re free to explore a sector. You’ll rarely have time (or fuel) to visit *every* system in a sector, but you certainly don’t have to head straight for the exit. And when leaving a sector, you get a choice of which sector to enter next.

        Of course, you don’t have to like the game, but these criticisms strike me as… weird.

  5. dr.castle says:

    My impression is that they’re putting up all of the daily deals from the entire summer sale all at once today. In other words, most of these deals will be up again for a single day between now and 7/5, except of course those that have already been featured in the last few days.

    Miasmata and the D&D collection are the real highlights that you’re not going to get another shot at. I think also Might & Magic, alan wake, strike suit zero, signal ops….maybe some others.

    • frightlever says:

      I think you’re right.

      I have about twenty tabs open on GoG deals. I do not know what to do but I think I better wire the bank and let them know to crack the vault open a little wider.

    • belgand says:

      Exactly this. They did it during the Winter Sale as well just a day or two before Steam’s sale went live in an attempt to cut them off.

    • bill says:

      Is the D&D deal better than the “all classic D&D games for $7.99′ one that gamersgate seem to do about once a month?

  6. Dayofthedan says:

    thinking of getting the theft bundle. is theft 1 and 2 worth playing?

    • Crosmando says:

      Of course, the benchmark of first-person sneakers, they recently got patched to use the unofficial “NewDark” patch too

      • MattM says:

        I just installed Thief Gold and the Tfix patch. Is newdark included in that or is it something different?

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      Very worth playing. And if you haven’t played it, Thief 3 is worth playing as well, after the first two, even if it’s not quite as good.

  7. staberas says:


    • MadTinkerer says:

      If it’s like last year, Steam’s huge summer sale will drop during the final hours of GoG’s summer sale, and if it’s like the year before that (or was it three years ago, I’ve lost track) an ARG will start and the Steam forums will go nuts and maybe it won’t just be a DOTA 2 announcement but something significantly more exciting like HL3, L4D3, and A New Experimental Game We Never Heard Of coming out in Orange Box 2.

      Or maybe I’m overexcited for the games I just got, but I’m pretty sure at least the big sale thing will happen. It’s what’s happened a few years in a row, now.

  8. Wedge says:

    System Shock 2 is in there for $5. Thinking of trying to drag my girlfriend through it on the co-op and check out the new properly running engine.

  9. Jimbo says:

    King of Dragon Pass for $1.50. That’s only $1.50 away from being free!

    The Builder’s Boon Bundle is fantastic, if you have a few thousand hours to spare.

    • protorp says:

      King of Dragon pass is amazing; I yearn for someone to take the mechanics and gameplay ideas it explored and run modern miles with them…

      • Snargelfargen says:

        Good news and bad news.

        Good first: The developers are still supporting the game and released a patch with remastered music and 19 new scenes yesterday, as well as some new artwork!

        The bad: iOS only. I didn’t grasp the explanation as it was long and boring, but it had something to do with the 20-year old engine used to create the game no longer existing. Seems like bullshit, when they can obviously update the game.

        The sort-of-good-but-only-if-you-have-an- iThing: It’s basically the the PERFECT cellphone game, since you can pick up and play or stop and pause at any time. Also making the wrong decision can have consequences so disastrous, that sometimes setting the game aside for half a day is necessary.

        • MadTinkerer says:

          ” I didn’t grasp the explanation as it was long and boring, but it had something to do with the 20-year old engine used to create the game no longer existing. Seems like bullshit, when they can obviously update the game.”

          Most GoG games use the compiled versions of the games to run: the exact same version as retail and/or whatever the last patch was released. However, if the source code is gone, the devs need to create a new version from scratch (iOS version). They can update the IOS version, but not the original DOS version. Ever. Maybe they’ll make a new Win32 compatible version, but updating the DOS version with the iOS content will never happen because the DOS source is gone. Making a new DOS version based on the iOS code is actually theoretically possible in an infinite multiverse, but so masochistic and unprofitable a task that no sane person would attempt it and no insane person would be able to finish a playable build.

          Once the source code of any program is gone, that program cannot be patched or updated in any way that affects the executable. If all of the game data is stored in the executable, it’s now in an uneditable format, period. Reverse Engineering is possible, but see the bit I wrote before about “masochistic and unprofitable”.

          tl;dr: The iOS version is a completely different game which happens to resemble the DOS version. The iOS version can be updated because they just made it and they still have the source. The DOS version cannot be updated because the source is gone.

      • kalirion says:

        I’ve heard of Zafehouse Diaries being compared to King of Dragon Pass, but having played neither game I know not how apt this comparison may be.

      • Frank says:

        Also, you know: The Banner Saga is in development.

    • AshEnke says:

      I concur !
      Buy it now ! Here’s the link in case you’re lazy

      • derbefrier says:

        ok after reading some of the reviews on GOG I am buying this as soon as I get home. I have never heard of this game and it sounds fantastic.

        • basilisk says:

          Honestly, it sounds better than it plays. The game makes a spectacularly poor job of explaining its very many and very complicated mechanics. Reading the manual is a must, and even after that, it takes an awful lot of time to start making at least semi-informed decisions rather than taking complete shots in the dark.

          I absolutely adore the idea of it, but it’s this combination of convoluted and unforgiving that really puts me off. Your mileage may vary, obviously.

          • Snargelfargen says:

            It’s supposed to play almost like a roguelike, in that many of your first tribes will fail horribly, either through a poor decision, angry duck people or simply terrible luck.

            Instead of getting more skilled at the game, the player gradually learns more about the game’s mythology, and can use that knowledge to reenact famous events in hero quests.

          • basilisk says:

            Snargel: It’s a bit too slow paced for a roguelike, though, isn’t it? But yeah, others may experience it quite differently. I just really wanted to like the game, but ultimately couldn’t. Then again, I’ve got the same complicated relationship with Agricola, which shares a lot of similarities with KoDP.

    • Blackseraph says:

      I’ve really loved this game forever, it is very very good.

      I even wrote email to creators years ago asking if they intended to make a sequel.

      Sadly game never sold that well at the time for them to consider it. But the game is really bit like Planescape: Torment it gets more and more adoration as time goes by. It certainly seems like people are aware of it by now.

      • Blackseraph says:

        Btw rps if you ever consider doing retrospectives again, this is definitely one of the rare games that deserves it, especially if you rps guys haven’t ever played it.

        I do think some of you have mentioned it occasionally.

  10. Rikard Peterson says:

    I picked up the Wadjet Eye bundle. I’ve been meaning to play those games forever, but for some reason hadn’t got round to it, so this finally pushed me over the edge. Now I just need to find the time to play them!

    I also made a gamble with a bundle of games that were completely unknown to me, but after looking around the net, I saw that the games generally had good reviews: The “Kain and Raziel Saga” bundle. Hope they’re good, but at that price the main investment to play the games will be time. (Looks at list of unplayed games.) Hmm. I shouldn’t buy any more games this summer. Any future sales will have to be really irresistible if they want my money.

    • Noviere says:

      The Wadjet Eye pack is great. Resonance is by far my favorite of the bunch. Blackwell is alright, though I’m only on the second one. Gemini Rue was the only one that I didn’t enjoy, and that was mainly because of the silly combat/timing/death stuff… which is a shame, because it seems like a great story.

      • Noise says:

        Gemini Rue is my favorite and easily one of the best adventure games ever made. I can see why you didn’t like the shooting thing, but it’s pretty well done and doesn’t come up all too much.

    • kud13 says:

      Legacy of Kain is a series with a superb storyline and voiceacting, but it’s never been sure what it wants to PLAY like.

      TH every first game (sadly, not on GOG. or basically anywhere, except the PSN store), was a gothic Zelda-like, and it was superb.

      Soul Reaver went full 3-D, and was a lot more Tomb Raider-y (int he good days of TR). You have 1 world, you progress through it, portions of it are unavailable to you till you get certain powers. The game also featured a ton of content that was unrelated to the actual storyline, because the original story was gutted halfway through development, to make place for an open-ended ending. A lot of the stuff was kept in the world, and it’s fun to explore, but it bears no actual weight on the plot.

      Soul Reaver 2 was the game that’s probably still a landmark in game storytelling. it is its main and overwhelming strength. But the combat is lacklustre, unlike SR1, the “adventure” element is reduced to “here’s an area where you solve puzzles”, and the entire game is painfully linear. But the story’s amazing. Like, absolutely amazing.

      Blood Omen 2 was made by a different team and is considered the red-headed stepchild of the series. its plot is a derivative of stuff that happens elsewhere (it’s hard to explain better w/o some major spoilers), and it’s only tangentially related to the main Kain+Raziel arc. That being said, the game has a solid (if somewhat simplistic combat model, and the setting is well-realized /(even if doesn’t mesh all that well with the rest of the series). The puzzles can be simplistic, but some are quite fun. Overall, BO2 gets a lot of flack, but if it wasn’t an LoK game, it’d be a great game in tis own right.

      and Defiance…. well. Defiance wants to be DMC. it REALLY wants to be DMC. Combat model is taken from DMC, and it shows. The story is back to SR2 level of quality, and the game’s fun, although replayability isn’t that high. And if you play this through, you’ll see why fans have been clamoring for LoK 6 for ages. No, there’s no cliffhanger. But the story’s not over by a longshot.

  11. sillythings says:

    At this point, I think it’s safe to assume the next major Humble Indie Bundle will feature FTL and Mark of the Ninja as BTA headliners. Both had massive discounts this past week, the MotN dev’s previous games were featured in previous bundles whereas FTL uses the Humble store widget. Both are also very high profile and critically praised.

    Anyway, this sale looks pretty tempting. Might grab some stuff that’s not available on Steam. Amazing discounts and no DRM are cool and all, but it’s less easy to forget I own games I should maybe play one day on there. Also, I like being able to see how much time I spent playing my games.

    • Kobest says:

      Good call, I noticed that too. Can’t wait for those to be on the Humble Bundle. (Not to mention, I’d buy non-Steam MotN in a New York minute.)

    • Colonel J says:

      It would be nice yes, however MotN is published by Microsoft Studio, have any of their games even been in a Humble Bundle?

      • sillythings says:

        Not sure, but the two Shank games were published by EA. Plus, there was that whole THQ bundle a while back. It may not seem all that plausible on paper but I think it’s possible.

  12. derbefrier says:

    Great deals but I already spent my video game money on the CK2 expansions cause of stupid steam sales…

    • Andy_Panthro says:

      I also just bought CK2 (all of it, since it was so cheap I figured I may as well get all the DLC too). Crazy discount for a relatively recent game.

    • Bent Wooden Spoon says:

      Thanks for letting me know – I’ve been waiting ages to get all the DLCs as a cheap bundle.

  13. mwoody says:

    Zafehouse Diaries has an interesting look to it; almost looks like a Cryptic Comet game, just based on screenshots.

  14. Daryl says:

    I bought a few games, but I don’t plan on going overboard. I still have stuff from previous Steam sales to play, including some really lengthy games like Kotor and the Thief series. I might even skip the Steam summer sale this year. There really is no point in buying games I can’t play.

    • bill says:

      I skipped it at new year. I may skip this one too.
      Previous steam sales and humble bundles have given me a big list of games to play, so i decided it was dumb to keep adding to it (especially as those games often came up cheaper again before I got round to playing them.
      I might make a list with a couple of games I really want, and pick those up if they come in at a low price. But other than that I think I’ll probably skip it.

  15. Hairball says:

    What’s the general consensus on Signal Ops? I’ve been curious about it.

    • Javier says:

      Good idea, very poor execution, I’d say.

    • AlienMind says:

      Played the first real mission Coop with a friend just now, was a blast. Game is not easy or will spoon-feed you though.

  16. greywolf00 says:

    Zafehouse isn’t the type of game I normally play but I’ve been enjoying it immensely today. Yes, it’s a zombie game but not a shoot em up type. It’s all about analyzing, planning, and hoping to get a bit lucky.

    Also, Don’t Starve is amazing and absolutely worth trying if base building/Minecraft type games are your thing. Simple to pick up the concepts but I’ve been unable to last more than a week in a pair of tries today.

  17. Snargelfargen says:

    The Fair and square pack is funny. Thief 1-3, Anachronox and Deus Ex are all legendary. Daikatana and Invisible War…. not so much.

  18. Noviere says:

    Also worth noting, there is a 1-day sale on the Crusader Kings II + all DLC for $19.99 on Steam. I’ve always been kinda interested in giving this game a try… is it worth $20?

    • soco says:

      The $20 CK2 pack is very worth it if you think you would enjoy a slow burn strategy turn based game. I love it, there is little out there that is as deep and complex.


      The pack does not include the newly released expansion Old Gods. Just an fyi. If you are thinking about getting into CK2 and want to take the plunge the $20 pack is a great value, you could always pick up Old Gods if you like the game when it goes on sale later.

  19. Werthead says:

    CRUSADER KINGS II is 75% off on Steam. That’s £8.74 in monies.

    link to

  20. strangeloup says:

    My personal recommendations would be the audio-visually lovely Dyad, which is a bit like Tempest meets Wipeout, and was until recently a PS3 exclusive; King of Dragon Pass, a game really unlike any other, which seems to divide opinions somewhat but is worth $1.49 of anyone’s money to try out; and the RPG Open Worlds bundle, which compiles a bunch of Spiderweb Software’s releases with both currently-released parts of Basilik’s Eschalon, for a huge amount of old-school-flavoured roleplaying goodness.

  21. Leb says:

    Omerta and expos for 10 bucks on GOG

    Quick RPS hivemind: Worth it?

    • abandonhope says:

      While the game seems universally hated on GOG, TB found that the turn-based combat was rather good even if the gangster sim aspects were shallow/nonexistent/streamlined/dull, a shame coming from the Tropico people. I wouldn’t buy it, but I don’t think it’s a total abortion.

    • Frank says:

      There’s a demo. I liked it quite a lot, but not $10 liked it.

  22. Moraven says:

    Heroes of Might and Magic Bundle
    Might and Magic Bundle
    Bullfrog Classic
    Builder’s Boon (classic Impressions builder/eco games)
    Spiderweb (Open World RPG)

    My top, but really, there is something for everyone in there.

  23. Captainwinters says:

    Stupid question maybe but is the whole fair and square bundle worth it, mainly interested in Deus Ex GOTY, or would I be missing out?

  24. Flea says:

    I know my comment is not related to the article or the sale, but there is no Bargain Bucket this week so I have to ask here: has anyone ever bought anything from How reliable are they and how long does it take to get the Steam key?

    Civilization V Gold Edition (Steam key) is on sale there for only 7,50 pounds which is 80% discount: link to

    I’d like to get it, but I’ve never bought anything from them and as a matter of fact I only heard of them today for the first time.

    • fish99 says:

      GAME is the UKs biggest brick and mortar games retailer, so they should be reliable. No idea how quick they get you the key though, probably instantly.

      It’s worth noting in their FAQ they point out keys and downloads are intended for UK residents. I have no idea whether CIv5 gold steam keys are region locked.

      Here’s what they say-

      Are the codes for use only in the UK?
      Any download games, subscriptions or add-ons on Xbox LIVE or PC at are for use in the United Kingdom. While they may work in other countries we cannot guarantee that all will. PlayStation Network download games, subscriptions and add-ons will only work in the UK. Please note regional compatibility will not be accepted as a reason to refund the item.

      • Flea says:

        Thank you for pointing that out because I’m not from the UK, you probably saved me some money. Earlier I was one step away from clicking on “place order” and I cancelled it cause I wasn’t sure the key would work in my country and I wasn’t sure how reliable they were. Good thing I decided to ask here.

        I guess I’ll wait for the Steam Summer Sale, should be any day now and Civilization V will probably be a part of it.

  25. Commander Gun says:

    Anyone an idea why the Bullfrog classic bundle doesn’t have Theme Park (but does have the less popular Theme Hospital)? Licensing issues i guess?

  26. Hmm-Hmm. says:

    Thanks, Craig! I picked up FTL and Waking Mars for a whole load of.. very little.

  27. equatorian says:

    I bought quite a few of those earlier in the summer sale. Now I’m feeling a bit bummed.

    Oh well. I knew when I bought them that it would’ve been wiser to wait until all the bundles are known, and I DID get a pretty good deal out of them so it’s not a gigantic loss. And now the Thief Bundle is looking tempting……

  28. MattM says:

    You know whats nice about gog? They don’t yet have a mandatory binding arbitration /no class action clause in their terms of service. In the US those (absolutely bullshit) clauses are enforceable. I like steam but they have that ugly provision.

  29. Ernesto25 says:

    Plane-scape torment and fallout 1 and 2. Giving baulders gate a go now. Oh yes FTL is great

  30. AlienMind says:

    A warning about Miasmata: I couldn’t find out how to sleep until sunrise, which is a big deal for such a game. Also backing my observation: link to . To backup my claim for this being shitty: In reality I would wake up when it’s getting light. I would not need an alarm clock. I was camping and if the sun hits you, it’s getting warm and you wake up. Is just it.
    Also: after swimming a few feet my character decided that he’s drowning and a successing that, his visual cortex had blurring issues during 3 minutes (on land again!), after which he decided to “lie down” and the game started anew. WTF!?

  31. bill says:

    Is FTL available on Tablets? Will it be? Would it work?
    It looks to me to be the sort of game that’d work great on a tablet – and recently I tend to get more chance to game on my nexus 7 than on my PC.

    I don’t want to end up in the same situation as I’m in with Frozen Synapse, where I have the PC version and I’m probably going to have to buy it again on android to actually play it.
    (PS/ Anyone played it on android? Does it work?)

  32. Ragnar says:

    Don’t forget Defenders Quest, it’s fun for the whole family. Literally, I think my wife and daughter played it as much as I did. A fantastic game from fantastic people.

  33. Mike says:

    Argh, I think some of those offers are down already. Fez seems to be $10, and the Wadjet Eye link 404’s.

  34. Robmonster says:

    Rats! I missed a super-cheap Fez.

  35. Bing says:

    Damnit, I missed it.