Hook, Line And Sprinter: SpeedRunners

SpeedRunners is not a Flash game, even though it contains incredibly fast men wearing daft costumes and is due to emerge from the publishing desk of TinyBuild Games, who were responsible for No Time To Explain, which actually was a Flash game. Although TinyBuild have accepted publishing duties, SpeedRunners is the creation of DoubleDutch Games and was originally a free web game, before becoming an XBLA release, with added multiplayer. An updated version is now coming to Steam, with extra singleplayer content, a focus on multiple characters, and online as well as local multiplayer. Race your friends, swing from grappling hooks. Crash into plantpots and fall flat on your face. Video below.

As the trailer says, SpeedRunners is ‘coming soon’.


  1. Nixitur says:

    Wow, this looks… kind of amazing, actually. Having people race against each other in a platformer isn’t an entirely new idea, but having them interact instead of basically racing solo and comparing the times is something that we see very rarely.
    In fact, I can’t recall ever seeing that.

  2. LIVELIKE21 says:

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  3. Focksbot says:

    This looks an absolute tonne of fun.

  4. dmauro says:

    I’ve been playing this game with my roommates since we found it on XBL Indie (I don’t think it ever saw an actual XBLA release). It is a really fantastic game I couldn’t possibly recommend enough, though I imagine this is one of those games that benefits greatly from local rather than internet multiplayer.