Deadpool Is A Videogame With All The Things In It

Something about the phrase 'giant Cable' is a little distressing

My Laugh-o-Tron 3000 calculates that this launch trailer for High Moon’s superhero manthumper Deadpool is 30% funny and 70% slightly annoying. I know, I know, the Laugh-o-Tron 4000 is supposed to be far more accurate, but I still stand by my old 3000 even though it once determined that Call of Duty: Black Ops was surely written by Gilbert & Sullivan.

Deadpool, which stars the titular fourth-wall-breaking, boundlessly trash-talking Marvel anti-hero, is out now in North America but is of course held hostage until Friday in the UK. It’s from the studio who brought us the most recent pair of Transformers games, and it includes flying rainbow tigers, Wolverine, dubstep, tacos, jet-powered bicycles, casual chauvinism and retro platforming.

It’s pretty tiring to watch, if I’m honest/old. In fairness, I can’t think of many mainstream games that include this degree of apparent off-the-walledness, so I’m curious to see how and if this degree of chaos hangs together in practice. I also like the idea of seeing one of Rob ‘Tiny Feet’ Leifield’s most preposterous muscle’n’pouchmen being turned into grumpy fast food. This is quite the frenzied trailer though:

Let’s hope it doesn’t turn out to be Duke Nuke Forever with a Wolverine cameo.


  1. mfcrocker says:

    The old 3000 takes a little time to warm up. Still, it out-performs the 4000 in eight out of nine bench tests. A small wonder, then, that it secured “Laugh-a-tron of the Year, Best Budget Model” three years running.

    • portchd says:

      Off the cuff red dwarf reference? Well played, Sir!

      • Shadowcat says:

        I like to think that Alec was paraphrasing, as it’s exactly what sprang to my mind as well :)

        Classic scene!

  2. Jesus_Phish says:

    High Moon did a pretty good job with both those Transformers games, neither were anything ground breaking or award winning, but they’re probably two of the finest examples of licensed games currently available. The game play was enjoyable but what really made it shine was just how they seemed to get the universe surrounding Transformers.

    If they manage to do as good a job here then I think most people will walk away happy. The voice actor is terrible though. Would’ve also been nice if Daniel Way didn’t get to be involved in the story.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      Agreed the last Transformers game was awesome.

      My only real dislike was the weapons. A bit too gun like and not laser-y enough mostly.

      Isn’t High Moon defunct now?

      A shame because I really wanted to see them crash land on Earth.

      The multiplayer was also surprisingly good. The mobility and variation that the vehicle forms brought to mix was pretty darn fun.

      • Jesus_Phish says:

        I’m not aware that High Moon are defunct? I don’t believe they are, though the performance of this game could put them in trouble.

        Yeah the guns could’ve been a bit better or just not used as much. It’d have been such a great brawler game if they went with it, but there’s no denying how fun it was to play a good Transformer game where transforming was done so perfectly and made you feel bad ass.

        • Sploitz says:

          The studio isn’t defunct. However, as soon as they finished their Deadpool work, Activision laid off 40 people from the team. Who knows how big the team was though.

          link to

          • TsunamiWombat says:

            These stories come up a lot but from what I’ve learned from people in the industry, is most of the post-launch fire-offs are excess workers hired on to pull the title through crunch and get it to launch on time. Symptomatic of the shit backwards way videogames are made, but not of a company necessarily in trouble.

            It’s always a shame when people lose their jobs, but it’s likely most if not all of that 40 were just hired gunslingers anyhow.

            As for the trailer, yes, it’s stupid, but it’s a self aware kind of stupid and i’ll admit the Taco made me chuckle.

    • SomeDuder says:

      Amen on the voice acting. While I’m only vaguely familiar with Deadpool, his voice certainly doesn’t match the image of a walking mercenary tumor who’s job is basically getting chopped up and regenerating. A little more gruff in the voice would be much better (Not grimdark, just a rougher voice) and only help the comedy.

  3. WarderDragon says:

    I don’t know what a Deadpool is, but the trailer has me mildly curious.

  4. Shockeh says:

    Counter argument: If Deadpool were purely funny, rather than mildly annoying, you’d be missing the point of Deadpool. Being slightly lame and failing is almost some kind of meta-reference to Deadpool.

    • frightlever says:

      Probably why I find every other Deadpool comic series unreadable.

      • TsunamiWombat says:

        All purely MY OPINION:

        Deadpool is a great character but he doesn’t hold up well to large doses. He really shouldn’t carry a title by himself. Rather, every ongoing marvel series should be forced to turn over writing duties for one issue in ever 12-24 to whosoever is writing Deadpool, and then Deadpool cameo’s in that issue and injects some fucking levity into the eternal circle-jerking drama that is modern comics. The regular writer can even complain about it next issue if he wants (“Man, that Deadpool sure was dumb as shit”, thought Spiderman, “And this is coming from a guy who sold his marriage to the Devil to buy a 90 year old woman a few more years of quiet desperation hoping for her own death because of his own crippling emotional needs”), and Deadpool is kept where he belongs – juxtaposed against a more serious, grounded universe.

        • frightlever says:

          Sounds reasonable.

          “The Answer” and “Archer and Armstrong” don’t take themselves too seriously, if you’re looking for lighter comics. Really recommend A&A.

        • Slaadfax says:

          It’s quite challenging for a loose-cannon sort of character to carry the types of dramatic weight and character development that are (somewhat?) necessary for a standard through-line of action. Generally speaking, they work better as a type of foil character, bouncing off of things in the background and adding levity to the situation that is usually more concretely developed by the main protagonist.

          Nothing in absolutes, however. Sometimes you don’t need development or a through-line, but the lolrandom type of levity can get grating after too much of it.

          • frightlever says:

            (a) I find your use of acting terms unsettling.

            (b) Comics characters do not develop, they steadily accumulate emotional and physical baggage until nothing but a good retcon will sort them out.

          • Slaadfax says:

            Well, I paid a lot of money for my theater degree. At least this way I can say that I use it, if only on the rarest of occasions.

          • The Random One says:

            Well, Doc McNinja begs to differ. And don’t tell me the fact that it’s a webcomic matters – it’s clearly drawn with the print version in mind, even if the gag-a-day format forces a strange beat upon it.

  5. 1Life0Continues says:

    Okay, I have to admit (more to myself than anyone else) that the wubnoise in this trailer was actually pretty fitting, although this caveat only applies because this is Deadpool, about the only good thing Liefeld ever created, even if he is a Wolverine/Spiderman/Punisher rip-off.

    Colour me intrigued.

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      He can’t even claim to have made Deadpool, because the ORIGINAL Deadpool was a 100% played straight shooty mcbangbang macho gunslinger. The 4th wall breaking Bugs Bunny Deadpool we know and (love/tolerate/abhor) *CIRCLE* came much later as a reinventing after he left the company. Liefield HAATTTEESSS modern Deadpool.

      Also, Deadpool isn’t Wolverine/Spiderman ripoff, he’s a ripoff of Deathstroke (better known as SLADE to Teen Titans fans) from DC comics, literally made to be an expy of him in that constant game of dickmanship the big two play with each other. Deadpools deviation from that would, as discussed above, come later.

    • phlebas says:

      Mostly a Deathstroke ripoff really. He didn’t even bother changing the name much.
      edit: ninja’d

  6. Belsameth says:

    Also Cable \o/

  7. Pork Pie says:

    It’s been released on Steam today for UK peeps. I pre-loaded it last night and managed a quick 5 minutes of it this morning before work.

    Perhaps its just the console editions that have to wait until Friday?

    • Drakhoran says:

      It’s also out in my part of Europe, however informs me the yanks have to wait another 5 hours for Deadpool. A bit of a miss with the release dates there Alec.

  8. lowprices says:

    The picture made me hopeful it had become a co-op Cable and Deadpool game, which is what I really want to play, even though it would probably difficult to balance from a gameplay perspective, given that Cable is basically Mutant Jesus.

  9. thesundaybest says:

    I’m not going to lie – I am going to play this.

  10. RProxyOnly says:

    Plenty of people have already weighed in on this and there are youtube vids too.

    The game may have a very desirable subject, for some, but it has generic, seen it before and didn’t like it first time, gameplay.

    So it looks like a missed opportunity.

    • Milky1985 says:

      People its a fun game story and comedy wise, but the gameplay is a bit iffy with combat a bit off etc. Odd that this is getting complaints where games like the Last Of US have similar issues (bigger budgets admittedly) but its OK in that. I have it ready for me to play tho, i saw it was a game that was making people laugh and I’m a sucker for that, will juxtapose the last of us anyway!

  11. Soulstrider says:

    I guess the only real complain is the voice actor, dunno I never imagined Deadpool sounds like that,

    • TsunamiWombat says:

      If we go by the source material he doesn’t, Deadpools voice has been described as “black coffee strained through gravel”, partly because (spoiler alert) every inch of him underneath that costume is covered in horrific scar tissue inside and out. Part of the juxtaposition is supposed to be his ULTRA GRITTY VOICE with his completely batshit behavior, but no one ever remembers this.

  12. BobbleHat says:

    I was mildly interested in playing this, but then I noticed it’s not a budget title and they’re wanting £30 for it. Also I’ve never read Deadpool, soon going to start with the Joe Kelly run, but he seems kind of annoying in this.

    • Jesus_Phish says:

      The Deadpool in the game is more modelled after and is written by the previous writer of the comics, Daniel Way. His run wasn’t great to be honest, but it sold by the bucket load because of the character. His run is a lot more purple monkey dishwasher than other writers takes on the character.

  13. Stevostin says:

    “I can’t think of many mainstream games that include this degree of apparent off-the-walledness”

    erh…. Saint Rows ? Actuall this trailer strikes me as trying to be as fun as Saint Row’s ones and failing. It’s a good exemple for people thinking that video game are lagging behind more mature medias on the story telling : here comic books are lagging behind Saint Row. You’ll actually find no equivalent for Saint Row or Borderlands 2 writing in recent movie, tv shows or book.

    • Ralphomon says:

      That was the impression I was getting, too. It’s trying to match up to the sheer audacity of the Saints Row series and not quite hitting the mark.

      • The_Lord_Sponge says:

        Yea, I see what you are saying. Even though I am a massive Deadpool fan.

    • Alec Meer says:

      Useful knowledge – ‘many’ and ‘any’ are not the same word!

  14. BooleanBob says:

    Cable vs Cable. My money’s on Vince.

  15. ix says:

    Looks like Duke Nukem Forever with a Wolverine cameo. Oh you said that already.

  16. FurryLippedSquid says:

    I sniggered a couple of times.


  17. Moni says:

    Thornton, Thornton, Mister Agent Michael Thornton.

  18. maximiZe says:

    I’m not familiar with the comics, is this considered Waypool?

  19. strangeloup says:

    I think a small part of me died after watching this trailer.

    Gonna go sit in the Old Man Corner now.

  20. tellrov says:

    So it’s Waypool. Fuck that guy for completely ruining the character.

    • InternetBatman says:

      I stopped reading after the shameful last trade of cable v. deadpool. Is it really that bad?

  21. demicanadian says:

    Looking at this made me remember… Volition should make a new Punisher game.

  22. DonJefe says:

    Oh god, that was terrible.

  23. povu says:

    Looks kinda interesting, but it’s Activision so you never know.

    I’m perfectly happy with my last played Activision published title being Vampire Bloodlines.

  24. Dariune says:

    This looks like complete and utter shite!

  25. Riaktion says:

    The gameplay looks like the same game we’ve played a million times before to me, and I always cringe a little when the character is all about the babes, however I reckon it would still be fun as a game to disengage brain and just play, we all have games that are palette cleansers before the next one we want to sit down and really get into.. for me… looks like Deadpool is one of those.

    The end bit with the gun juggling was funny … heheeee

  26. PopeRatzo says:


    There, I said it.

  27. kud13 says:

    I am not at all a comics person, but i’m mildly interested, because of “flying rainbow tigers”.

    I mean, anything that absurd must spark some curiosity, no?

  28. mrmistermeakin says:

    Honnestly, what the hell do people want from video games?

    What DID you want Duke Nukem’ to be exactly? Open world sand-box, crafting your own gear, cover based, turn based, epic loot….

    WHAT? It’s a perfecly decent corridor shooter al-la Serious Sam… which seams to get off fine with it, and DN gets all the shit.

    Really, get over it. If you actually play it for what it is, it’s fine – not amazing, but not utter trash.

    • minic78 says:

      We want (from IPs like Duke Nukem anyway) games that are fun to play. Duke Nukem Forever thought a full-price game could be carried by the fan service, and judging by previous examples, that just isn’t the case. Unless the gameplay is responsive and satisfying (which a dumbed down game can still achieve) or at the very least doesn’t get in the way (which it definitely did in DNF, and probably does at least somewhat in Deadpool) of enjoying the part of the game that was actually given the proper attention and work, games like these scare off a large demographic of people who are used to and thus skeptical of everything and anything flopping (or at least not living up to the hype) disastrously.

    • Deviija says:

      I thought the DNF reference was made in light of all the ‘BABES’ and overt male gaze and skimpy ladies bs in the trailer. DNF being a really sexist and sexploitational game, with shooting and explosions on the side.

    • The Random One says:

      I wanted a perfectly made corridor shooter in which you could carry at the very least eight weapons, at least three (3) of them completely ludicrous.

    • RProxyOnly says:

      Really? You seem to be moaning that Serious Sam get’s away with things that DN doesn’t.. REALLY? SS is unabashedly a frantic run and gun.. that’s all it is, and frankly that’s all I would want from that franchise AND it stayed that way, but DN started out as a run and gun with humour and was turned into Halo in the toilet.. the end results aren’t even partially comparable.

      DN got the kicking it deserved, SS stayed true to it’s roots.

  29. Crosmando says:

    So dubstep in game trailers is now a running joke, does that mean they’ll actually stop using it?

    • killer1one says:

      They will stop using it when it stops being funny…. aaaaaand they stopped.

  30. Anabasis says:

    I’m glad to see that the only thing more annoying and unfunny than the Deadpool comic is the Deadpool video game.

  31. Sardukar says:

    I have this game.

    It is both fun and funny.

    If you like Deadpool humour, you will like this game. Probably. Or not. I sure do! Now back to killing, insulting and degrading, and the enemy. Yes.

  32. Urthman says:

    Wait, you get to punch Mister Sinister in the crotch? I need to seriously reconsider my lukewarm stance on this game.