Player Power: Planetside 2’s Player Missions

The mission: come get some
Planetside 2’s missions are pretty general. They’re mostly focused around the push and pull of attack and defense at specific spots on the map. That’s fine for just getting teams to fight each other, but it doesn’t take advantage of Auraxis. All those valleys and mountains, all the connecting roads, all that space can feel unused. While there’s probably an argument to be made for letting the game generate smaller missions for people to take part in away from the larger territory control meta-game, SOE are doing it differently: soon they’ll allowing players to request support via player-generated missions, mini-alerts that will create hotspots on the map for players to drop into.

Not everyone will be able to set-up missions, as it requires the proper certs in the Squad Leader section. Here’s how SOE envisions how they’ll make it worthwhile for the player.

Air Strikes at location
XP bonus to ground kills/assists while in aircraft at this location.
Greatly increased gunner XP bonus (for Lib Pilots)
Greatly increased XP bonus for Sunderer kills.

Deployment to location
Large XP increase to deploy-bonuses.
Large XP increase to AMS spawn bonuses.
XP bonus for repairs to any deployment vehicle (Galaxy & Sunderer)
XP bonus to squad-deploy bonuses
Increased weight on Instant-action values

This is the sort of micro-strategy that usually happens on Teamspeak between friends. The sort of call for help that comes in a panicked burst of chat over the mic, but in this case it comes with a reward. Alongside general requests for more infantry, players will also be able to call for air-strikes, air superiority, tank support and anti-tank counter-measures.

I’m only a dirty casual, so I can’t see the full scope of the changes. If there are any objections that make sense let me know. I would imagine it would need some form of cooldown, so you can’t spam, but it does seem like a really smart way to capture the minute-to-minute changes of the battle. There’s no footage of a mission running, so instead I’ve dropped in a video of a chap talking about his game’s ini settings. Why? Because I love the PC, that’s why.

Player missions should arrive in PS2 in August.


  1. DeFrank says:

    I hate this game because bottle-necking

    • Liudeius says:

      That’s the shortest yet most accurate complaint of the game’s core mechanics I’ve seen.
      Too often you just have to sit around doing nothing for seven minutes after you have won the battle.
      Or did you meant computer bottle-necking? That would probably make sense too.

    • chris1479 says:

      I want to like this game so badly but just can’t bring myself to re-install it. The endless washing machine spin-cycle of gaining and losing territory around the map for no appreciable gains or losses is too.. too irritating to carry on with. Also wtf is up with all the idiots in this game.

      • Nate says:

        The lattice on Indar solves the back capping problem. The other continents don’t have a lattice added to the map yet.

        On Indar at least, you run into much bigger battles more frequently. No silly, one person capping a base in your backfield.

    • samsharp99 says:

      I presumed he was talking about CPU bottle-necking to be honest!

  2. mickygor says:

    Is the roadmap telling you August? ‘Cos i probably means 2014 since this feature’s actually really awesome and would bring wide sweeping gameplay changes which you don’t get now except on rare occasions (and those occasions really stick in your mind!)

  3. Tiller says:

    They’re really dragging their heels with important stuff that needs added or changed in the game while making a lot of boneheaded moves with the game balance.

    Faction overpopulation is massive problem on multiple servers. It’s no fun when one side can just steamroll all the continents when you don’t even have half their numbers. People switch characters during alerts and I still don’t know why they allow multiple characters of different factions on the same server.

    MLG seems to be a priority when no one cares about it. Seriously. We need more optimization as the game runs like shit on most hardware.

    The recent patch only did good for the Jackhammer heavy weapon. The other two factions had their heavy weapons rebalanced and are mostly worse off for it. NC Max’s got their scatterguns nerfed even more and makes them worse in their limited range.

    They increased resource costs for nearly everything without revamping the resource system. Changes to the lattice to make smaller squads viable for attack and defence. Also basic base design needs a serious look at along with the back and forth state of vehicles and lock on launchers.

    • P4p3Rc1iP says:

      Agreed! The game has a lot of serious issues, but I’m still really enjoying it!

      I guess every game has issues like this though, and it’s good to see the devs are trying to fix things and come with updates every other week or so (Unlike **ahumDICEahum** some other developers).

    • empty_other says:

      There is always balance issues in every game. Good to see a game that experiments with new features instead of only adjusting the same percenteges up and down.

      They have already done a lot for performance in a few months, and im even able to play with the horrible fog enabled at 50 fps now, if i wanted (which i dont).

      Though i agree on allowing players to have multiple factions on the same server was a mistake. But this is too late to fix as the cat is out of the bag.

      • mondomau says:

        Not really – I agree they can’t delete people’s alt characters, but they could (very) easily initiate some sort of lock-out mechanism that stopped you from switching characters on the same server mover than once every 8+ hours, initiated upon exiting a warpgate (to allow people to gather certs or ascertain how many of their friends are around). This is not a radical new idea, it was in Planetside 1, but SOE won’t even discuss the issue.

    • mejoff says:

      Yeah, dreadful of them to give us this game for free and not keep it up to your spec!

      • mondomau says:

        Don’t be so asinine. Firstly, it’s not a ‘free’ game (though it can be played as such) , SOE are making a lot of money from the subs and microtransactions and this is one of the causes for complaint – they are ignoring key pop and performance issues while implementing endless balance changes and new shop items, the former often affecting the latter (no refunds either).

        Secondly, it’s not a matter of living up to Tiller’s (or anyone’s) standards, it’s a matter of driving players away (which is happening, log into the PS2 forums and have a look for the posts about server pops) through poorly thought out design choices and frustrating performance issues. Many of the people ‘moaning’ about these things are doing so because they enjoy playing the game and are worried it will fail.

  4. Dog Pants says:

    This is an interesting idea, but unless it’s properly managed I could see them just being dropped on top of zergs for XP boosts if they’re difficult to get as a squad leader, or if they’re easy to get either dispersing everyone all over the map, or just being ignored. Still, top marks for trying to think about encouraging different styles of play.

  5. Duke of Chutney says:

    I like the idea of the bombing missions in particular. I expect they will have the develop the idea with time. Ideally it should work out that bombing aircraft focus on these missions rather than just random farming.

  6. Rindan says:

    Anything they can do to spread stuff out a little would make me a happy guy. I really like Planetside 2 when a couple dozen or so folks clash with another dozen folks, especially when it isn’t at a base with folks spawning in every 10 seconds. I really HATE the game when there are a hundred people in the area and my beefy computer that works perfectly fine with all the other games gets all jerky and crapped.

  7. obstruction says:

    1. get your friends together with 11 various AA devices
    2. change to other factions and place air strike missions at your friends locations
    3. ???
    4. profits and lols


    1. spot sunderer and infantry from lib
    2. place air strike on map
    3. ???
    4. hilarious xp


    I have reservations. Essentially there are numerous xp farming activities going on already and all this would to is amplify the results for the farmers.

    For example; I noticed that air strike one and physically cringed.

    Already it works like this.
    1. You get a bunch of liberator bombers and maybe a fighter or two
    2. You bomb the hell out of someones spawn
    3. IF they get their act together to form a proper AA defence then you laugh and clap. Because the xp rewards work like this: if you hit an aircraft with AA you get xp even for a no-kill (where they fly away and repair) – and if you kill a target that’s gained a lot of xp recently you get a bonus. THAT means all the AA unit is doing is loading themselves up (as a ‘high threat kill’ – either via AA damage bonus or [liberator] high threat kills) to be an xp pinata for when the liberator eventually gets them.
    IF they dont you just continue farming them, as they cant effectively retaliate.
    IF their AA is very effective you just all fly off to farm the next spot.

    So, yeah, sure, let’s give those dirty farmers an XP boost. SO MUCH FUN.

    Actually, now I think of it they should do this and I should learn how to fly a fighter with some friends so I can farm the farmers. (except I dont want to do that)

  9. Tei says:

    I think it will be better to allow people with leadership ranks to put “bounties” on enemies or areas.
    Then the game itself to decide to create missions based on these bounties.

    A leader would put a “hunt sunders” in a air turret under attack. Then the game will maybe create a mission for a pilot, or maybe a light assault guy.

    I would also make the missions show wen you enter a area. Making missions just “task that are more cert worthy in this hex than others”.

    Also remove the biolabs alert. Its dumb.

  10. Svant says:

    I hope they will reward the one doing the commanding as well, that is also needed for the current platoon/squad mechanics. Give the platoon leader a tiny bit of exp for every kill etc done at the current waypoint etc.