Getting Heavy In Skyrim

Ees Beautiool. Time to keel dragon.
I rarely role-play in games. I’d like to believe it’s because I have such a well-defined personality that I simply can’t accept not being myself, but the real reason is that I’m rubbish. I only ever have one well-defined notion of what I want to be: Garrett. Every opportunity to create a character in a game for me means loading up on stealth options, and when I do I don’t really feel the character. I’m just a dude in the dark. But my last Skyrim character was lost to the great platter splatter* of October 2012, and I’m keen to go back the Fus Ro Dah. The question of whether or not I replay as a Garrett lookalike or roll something more adventurous has been answered with this mod that puts Team Fortress 2’s heavy into the dragon’s lair. I can tell I’m not going to be loading up on stealth options with this one.

Lore schmore! I am Heavy Weapons Guy! He’s been added as a selectable race, so you’ll need to start a new game. And while the current model isn’t perfect, he has the correct stance for unarmed combat. And he’s deadly with those fists. My suggestion for the modder is that there’s needs to be more hats, and if you haven’t already added it then there’s scope for the dragon shouts to be replaced with a few game taunts. Anyway, I did some terrible video-capture below, to prove I’ve not just mocked this up. It really is bad, but I needed to quickly upload it. I am sorry.

Modder [FP] Dafini has also added the Engineer as a race, as well as including the Heavy as a follower.

*Now please observe a silence in memory of my hard-drive. It went too soon.


  1. mondomau says:

    “He’s been added as a selectable race, so you’ll need to start a new game.”

    Could you not just hit the tilde key to bring up the console and type showracemenu ?

  2. 1Life0Continues says:

    This is why modding is both great and insufferable.

    I cannot see the point of this (or 90% of the mods for Skyrim for that matter) but I am so happy that it’s even an option. Pity that lore tends to take a backseat to tehlulz or tehsexy. Modding should be applauded and encouraged.

    • mondomau says:

      To be fair (and going on the Nexus database), I’d say it’s maybe 20% Lore-compatible, 30-40% other (ranging from a little bit out of place to downright silly, but often very good) and the remainder is juvenile breast enhancement and creepy doll faces for the female characters.

  3. Jams O'Donnell says:

    Go home modders, you are drunk.

    Actually, even though I generally frown on mods that don’t fit the setting of a game this does sound like a pretty great idea, especially if it had the few bits of polish Mr Pearson suggests.

  4. randomgamer342 says:

    Replace all the shouts with voicelines from the game and i’d install skyrim again

  5. Frisky Dingo says:

    Daagh, too many little men on this team!

  6. Dafini says:

    A definite Thankyou to Craig for showing my mod around!
    Gave me the boost to finish the additions suggested too.

  7. Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

    They send leetle baby dragons to fight MEN!

  8. The Random One says:

    He ain’t heavy, he’s my dovahkin.

    You know, my HD also exploded around that time, on March 2012. It hadn’t been a year since I’d bought it. And three friends of mine got computerless that year for that same reason. Maybe… maybe the machines are starting to scoop us out?

  9. NimbusTLD says:

    You lost your save games due to a hard drive failure? Are you sure they’re not still in the Steam Cloud?