Heaviest Rain: CastleStorm Incoming

Zen Studios send word that their fairly fancy side-scrolling tower defence game, CastleStorm, which has already amused some of the TV-box people, is coming to PC on July 29th. It shall be known as Castlestorm day, or something! It should be explained that this is a game of constructing castles from various elements (in a pre-battle editor) and then withstanding a siege. There is also some lukewarm comedy involved.

Find out how to build a castle to be stormed, below.

Doesn’t look half bad, eh?


  1. Belsameth says:

    I have it on the Cross shaped box and find it fairly enjoyable.

  2. MasterBoo says:

    Is it only me or does it sound like some of the SFX are ripped from WarCraft III?

    • RedViv says:

      Only in the manner of using the same stock sounds that Blizzard still uses occasionally. Most prominent possibly being the “Gut Wrenching With Fall” stock scream .

    • Captain Joyless says:

      Actually some of the architecture reminds of Orgrimmar from WoW. The gratuitous spikes, the red tile roof over the tower…

      • trjp says:

        Calling out anything for copying Warcraft is ironic in extremis

        • RedViv says:

          It only stirs the entities that manifest in the shells that shall not be named entirely, for using their whole title is enough to get their attention, possibly risking your sanity at calling out the dreaded Games Wo̪͈̘̺͈͇̳͈̩ͩ̓ͩ̌ͥͮ̿͝ȓ̨͖͓͛ͣͮ̃̈́ͧ̀̕k̡̻̗͆̓̉ͧ̓̅͝s̨̰̠̩ͬ̋̄ͩ͡h̵̥͖͙̫͈̜͌ͭ̂ͮ͟ȏ̴̙ͦͩͪ͋͊̈́̕pͤ͂̓҉̟͖͉͍̕ ̷̡̫̘̮̼́ͦͯͤ̒͒̕ͅċ̶̙̙̬̞̒͟ơͦ̍̽̓̍̒̏̏͗͏̹͎̠̥̲̘̱p̠̻̖̤̪͋̓͒̋ͦ́̕͠y̋͆͏̟̻̣͚͓r̻͍̙̗̻̩͆ͣ͌̀́i̴̡̨̙̼̲̾ͥ̀ͯ͊̀̆̚g̸̨̦̣̖̔̈͊͒̽ͦ̂͌ͨ́h͍̹͍͎̫̙̥͒̃̌̌͛͒ͦͮ̎t͍̞̞͓͎ͫͯͥ̒̓͋͗̇̌͘ ̡̭͚ͨ͆̔̚͞l̖͕̫̬̙̗̠͌͐͐̚͟͞a̶͖̥̲ͮ͞

          • jpupu says:

            I hereby present you the Ancient and Prestigious Award for the Most Ingenious Use of Unicode 2013.

  3. Captain Joyless says:

    For some reason it reminds me of that King Arthur game on SNES. Maybe because of the sidescrolling.

    • darkChozo says:

      I’m reminded of a game on the GBA where you built castles out of Tetris blocks and tried to destroy your opponent’s castle with cannons and such. Can’t seem to remember what it’s called, though.

  4. trjp says:

    Played the XBOX demo and it was OK-ish – it’s Angry Birds meets Swords and Soldiers and is MUCH more fun against real people.

  5. aldo_14 says:

    Are there any good, relatively recent, castle building games?

    I can only think of Stronghold 3, but AFAIK that’s gash.

    This thing looks interesting, anyway. Hope they release a demo.

  6. Gonefornow says:

    Reminds me quite a bit of this:
    link to lostvectors.com
    Except with some castle building.

  7. loquee says:

    reminds me quite a bit of the exact same game, only as a secret game design document in my game ideas treasure chest on “when I get 10 people to work on it for me”-island.
    But I have to say this angry birds rip off inspired gameplay/perspective probably works way better than my top down concept. Could be fun.

  8. Harlander says:

    For some reason this really reminds me of the Clonk series

  9. Velko says:

    Reminds me of Angry Birds.

  10. Shiny says:

    The artillery mechanic certainly didn’t originate with Angry Birds, and neither did side-view structure destruction. If you truly want to impress your peers while dismissing this game as unoriginal, and you had to pick a Flash game to do it, you’d use Crush the Castle rather than Angry Birds.

    But since both are puzzle games rather than action rts tower defense whatever, this would probably backfire and shame you, and whoever said Bowmaster Prelude would be covered in glory.

  11. froz says:

    It looks very similar to flash game Age of War, altough quite upgraded. Ofcourse there are many similar flash and not flash games like this (can’t remember the one that started it, it was so long time ago and it definitelly wasn’t flash game), most notably Epic War series, but the music in the trailer is the same as in Age of War, just slightly modified.

    link to kongregate.com

    On the other hand, as far as I know this music is either free to use or was sold without exclusivity rights.

    By the way I would love to see an RPS article about that – ripping music and sound in games industry, especially in flash games, where the budget is obviously limited. For example literally every game about pirates has music ripped off from Pirates of the Caribbean movie – similar tune, rythm, orchestration, harmony.

    • Shiny says:

      The music wasn’t ripped. The composer was hired to do the entire game’s soundtrack. They talk about it in the dev diary video on YouTube.

      • froz says:

        I didn’t say it was ripped. As I wrote, I thought the music of Age of War was either free to use or sold without exclusivity rights. Usually ripped music is not so close to original. In this case it’s just different orchestration, so I’m not surprised the same guy created it (although he could make something new…). Anyway, my comment on ripping was a little bit off-topic.