No Voids Were Harmed: Void Destroyer

It’s becoming increasingly tricky to keep track of the smaller projects that are managing to be successful on Kickstarter, but occasionally it’s worth thumbing back through the past year and seeing what’s been going on. I’ve been keeping a close eye on the progress of Limit Theory, but I’d forgotten entirely about Void Destroyer, that is until its developer got in touch this week. Turns out things have been going rather well for Paul Zakrzewski, but now he needs the big push to get the game noticed on Greenlight. With that in mind he’s put out another trailer which shows how his action-heavy RTS is currently looking. Love that wireframe tactical view.


  1. Lawful Evil says:

    Interesting, although I would have liked that not every ship explodes into countless pieces (the larger ships at least), and instead to be torn into several fragments.

    • fiendling says:

      Not the nit I would’ve picked.

    • Simes says:

      I thought that, too, but then I noticed that all the ships that appeared to be exploding into hundreds of chunks of rock are in fact made out of rocks with components bolted onto them. And the larger ones at the end do leave bits of debris; the drifting thing with flame coming out of it is a (non-rock) section of a larger ship.

      • chaosavy says:

        Ships do leave behind debris (at least 1 in almost all cases). Debris can also leave behind debris – though I didn’t split up the debris models (its not procedural, I “physically” split up the models to be debris) further from the one debris level.

        I hope you watch that trailer at least 5 times :) there’s so many things happening that lots of cool stuff is easy to miss.

    • Moraven says:

      Yah the explosion could use more variety and be a bit more dynamic.

      Does it have modular damage? SotS did that nicely where your ships could be slowly picked apart but still be int he fight with no engines for instance. You could make out a crippled ship from the modules showing destroyed. I hope this is not simply 1 big body health bar. But would be expected for something on such a low budget and the programming libraries used not fully developed for the feature.

      Looks to have great potential.

      • chaosavy says:

        Currently there is only one “health bar” – type of a deal. I do intend to add in a kill the crew/disable the ship option to supplement the – capture the enemy ships option. There is also a unique shield mechanic (an actual shield, not an omni directional additional health bar).

        Void Destroyer is a mix of space sim and RTS – you can fly the ships and you can issue commands – so it is already complex enough without adding modular damage. My thinking is that this would lead to too much micromanagement (same reason why ships get unlimited missiles/ammo). The other aspect is like you mentioned limited time to get everything in.


        • Moraven says:

          Fair enough. Looking at it more I get a Hegemonia/SotS vibe also with this that has the X games ability to jump into your other ships. That Privateer mode goal is enticing. Best part of Privateer and Freelancer (played online) is free form exploring and building up wealth at your own pace.

      • PatrickSwayze says:

        I liked the sparkle of the explosions.

        I just think the game needs to be more contrasted.

  2. jasonisme84 says:


    • Rich says:

      It’s like Homeworld without any of the soul.

      • jasonisme84 says:

        Dissapointing. It certainly looks similar, but the cheesy trailer captions didn’t exactly fill me with hope.

        • chaosavy says:

          Hey – Homeworld was made by a team of professionals. Void Destroyer is made by an amateur (me – this is my first project) and some contractors. There are pros and cons to both approaches – the cons are obvious and the pros might not be quite as much so I’ll give you my run down on them:

          I strove to create a unique space sim, one that I always wanted, and it turned out to be a space sim with RTS elements. I spent the last 4 years writing code and not writing stories, so cheesy lines are a unfortunate reality, in the story mode portion of the game I aim to leave much of it to the imagination rather than spelling it out as to counter act as much cheesyness as possible.

          The other benefit is of being an indie is – virtually zero risk – the biggest risk is not taking risks. I can do things that big guys can’t risk.

          Big name titles (eg Homeworld, Freelancer, X-Wing etc) are a big influence in Void Destroyer – but I also wanted to add in elements that I always wanted. That is why you can pilot any ship, quickly switch ships to suit your in game needs/desires, issue orders, build structures. The game is mission based, but not as rigid as Homeworld. The sound direction is muted. You are physically located in a command ship that is upgradable and has unique abilities. Resource collection is automated, but can also be manually done. There is a unique way to pilot larger ships. The game is ridiculously moddable. I could go on for a while, but I think I’d just be repeating myself.

          • Rich says:

            Your last paragraph sounds very interesting. Your trailer really didn’t show off, or even hint at, what sounds like some of the unique bits of your game. All we could see and judge your work on was a constant and rather repetitive battle.

            To be honest the early trailers for Homeworld weren’t much different, but the art style and music blew us away. Plus, it was pretty ground breaking at the time.

          • Armitage says:

            What you have done is a staggering accomplishment ! Well done! If there is any justice in this world, you will be rewarded with buckets of money. I cannot wait to play the crap out of this.

          • chaosavy says:

            Showing base building and base management would really mess with the music :) Seriously there “Kickstarter pitch” trailer shows a bit of this and there’s this peaceful interlude where I’m placing stations.

            This trailer was meant to grab attention via explosions and dynamics of the combat. Its almost unclear in it that you can pilot the ships, I thought about this, but decided to keep it short. I don’t know how much the art style in Homeworld cost, here it cost an incredible generosity of talented artists and a reletively sizable chunk of my savings (I should say – meager savings) – put it this way they were extremely generous. The original artists passed away about 8 months into working on the project with me and another helped pick up the pieces. Me as a coder – I’ve textured mapped and tweaked a bunch of the ships you see to get it to this state – which is just blasphemy. Its incredible when you think about what indie projects have to do, there’s no other choice, just have to more forward.

            So getting back to the trailer: whoever’s attention was grabbed would hopefully check out the rest and say – oooh cool explosions and these other features!

      • Tei says:

        The scale is wrong. The scale is the one of arcade space sim.

      • Armitage says:

        That’s harsh. The game is not even finished.

        • chaosavy says:

          The criticism is understandable and in reality a huge compliment – to be compared to AAA projects – and a classic like Homeworld.

          The graphics sort of straddle the line and I think this gets people to upgrade them for the comparison. Though there are some pretty big gaps to fill with the HUD and GUI/UI.

  3. Sarissofoi says:

    It looks like SotS tactical battles but running x10 more smooth and dynamic and with x100 better UI.
    Which is a good thing.

    • chaosavy says:

      Thanks! Void Destroyer is actually a combo of space sim (you can fly all of the ships) and RTS. In the trailer – where you see the “cockpit” view – I’m actually flying around with a joystick. I just turned off the HUD since it is my own programmer art (one of the goals of the Kickstarter campaign is to overhaul it).

      It started off as a space sim, but morphed into a RTS when I upgraded the 2D map into a 3D map and then it became obvious and felt natural to add in Homeworld like UI elements.

  4. Rich says:


  5. PatrickSwayze says:

    Looks like I-War.

    I am down for this.

  6. chaosavy says:

    Hey guys – I’m the developer behind Void Destroyer – a big thanks to RPS for featuring the project. Its not easy fighting for attention and its extremely awesome when mentions like these happen.

    • vecordae says:

      It looks like the sort of thing I will enjoy playing. Is there still some way to throw money at you or should I just wait for the eventual release and buy it?

      • chaosavy says:

        There’s a way to find out if you’ll enjoy the final product, there’s a playable (late alpha) demo the main site – – so if you like it you should love the final product – though not everyone likes playing alphas.

        The Kickstarter reached its goal – its now in the stretch goal category (5 more days to go) – it also has a bunch more info and a development diary if you go further back into the updates. Here is a link: link to

        • Armitage says:

          I’m a sucker for early betas, so I’ve become a backer. Can’t wait to play it.

  7. Jimbo says:

    Kinda like Battlestations: Midway but in the space?

    Is it set missions or…?

    • chaosavy says:

      The game is a mix of sandbox and mission based. So for example you have a mission to take over an enemy base, but you could travel to another sector to re-establish contact with a heavy cruiser. For example Homeworld had a very rigid mission structure, you’d be teleported from one “map” to another. Void Destroyer is more fluid, ending a mission leads to another and doesn’t change the map, the player would then travel via a gate to another area of space to continue the overall goal.

  8. LazyAssMF says:

    Oh hell yeah!!! :)

    I LOVE Homeworld and really miss games like it and this game totaly reminds me of it.
    This looks really cool, dude. :)

    Great job and best of luck with GL. ;)

  9. SuicideKing says:

    Nice, engage greenlights, captain!

  10. chaosavy says:

    Want to add: thanks for all the great comments and encouragement guys! This type of a project lives a lot behind the scenes (and in the mind(s) of the devs/artists) so criticism/feedback is appreciated as well.