Rodina’s Combat Is Atmospheric

You can't take my pie from meeeeeeeee
I am still waiting for one space game to come out this year. Just one. I helped fund Elite: Dangerous and Star Citizen, I’ve put an X over every date of my calendar to remind me there’s a new X game coming out, and I mourned the hobbling of 0x10c in an emotional scene that was just like the end of Star Trek 2: The Wrath of Khan, though it did get me banished from the polar bear enclosure at the zoo. I am a patient man, but right now I go to sleep weeping for the galaxies I’ve yet to explore, and wake up each day with a black hole in my heart that is just waiting to be filled. I have hope that Rodina, another adventurous space game that’s already impressed me, might break through the atmosphere, scorch the grass in my front lawn as it lands, and welcome me aboard, but it’s yet to happen. There is, however, a nice trailer showing off the combat.

This looks very blasty. I’m enjoying Rodina’s take on space, and it looks like it understands that go-anywhere, do-anything space game can be arcadey. The fighting feels a bit like Freelancer and Star Fox. If there’s multiplayer, I can see the valleys and mountains being useful if you’re being hunted by colourful space jerks.

What? No release date? Nooooooooooooo…


  1. Iskariot says:

    “and I mourned the passing of 0x10c”

    Did I miss something?

  2. Simbosan says:

    Terminal Velocity for the youngsters

  3. Caiman says:

    The music, I’m in love.

    • Viper50BMG says:

      Thanks, mate! Glad you like it!
      (Says the composer, John Robert Matz)
      Check out some more of it here:

  4. Mo6eB says:

    t/l note: Rodina means homeland.

  5. SuicideKing says:

    Combat looks nice, just what in space are those green things? Look like meteorites that can maneuver…

    And the mandatory:

    Play FreeSpace 2 Open!

    And the many brilliant campaigns that come with it.


  6. Orix says:

    Speaking of space sims, I was checking out Greenlight on Steam. After getting addicted to rating items, three and a half hours later and 300-odd games having been rated, I realised just how many space sims are in production.

    Seriously, Mr. Pearson! We are going to be absolutely inundated with indie space sims over the next few years… apart from Star Citizen (but most likely trader, miner, pirate or bounty hunter), Elite: Dangeresque, and X4: Now Even More Frontier, we have the likes of Eterium, Drifter, Z.O.H.R.N., Wayfarer, Dawnstar, Starmade and Artemis. Sure some of those are more action orientated, but still, that’s a lot of space games…

    Yes, Mr. Pearson, instead of a black hole, your heart shall be a ultra-dense neutron star of possibilities.

    • Velko says:

      “Over the next few years” as in NOT YET is the worst part of this. My spacesimming glands are shivering with frustrated anticipation!

  7. Caiman says:

    Next you’re going to tell us that in space, there are no sounds, right?

  8. frightlever says:

    You’re talking as though inertial dampers didn’t even exist.

  9. derbefrier says:

    Yes more space sims should use the newtonian physics flight model that games like Evochron Mercenary use. I tend to enjoy those more then the “planes in space” type of model. Not that I don’t like thosew types of games I just prefer more realistic physics. Speaking of which I happened to be looking for more space sims like that and stumbled on the independance war series. Anyone here know if they are any good? They are only a few bucks on GOG right now but still. Would like to see some opinions if any of you would like to share

  10. Raiyan 1.0 says:

    My Feisar is in space!

  11. Arglebargle says:

    Someday, we may advance past the Star Warsian ‘biplanes in space’ combat model. But not this day….

  12. cloudnein says:

    Quick, convince them that the graphics are perfect and the gameplay needs expanding.

    I’m afraid they’ll think, “Space has com-a-bat, now we replace temp graphics with high-quality.”

  13. Apocalypse says:

    Strike Suit Zero
    Release Date: 23 Jan 2013

    Star Conflict
    Release Date: 27 Feb 2013

    Strike Suit Infinity
    Release Date: 30 Apr 2013

    In what year do you live Mr Pearson?