Bogart Game: Face Noir

I was half way through my first cup of coffee when she walked in. Face Noir. The kind of dame who makes you want to drop everything, starting with that photo of the little lady back home that leans, nicotine-stained, at a corner of the desk. A sweep of the arm clatters it into the drawer, her face scarred by splintered glass. Face Noir points in my direction, clicks her fingers and begins to speak. For some reason I’d expected a German accent but the lady is Italian. I expect a tale of woe – the souse of a husband with no brains at all, or too many brains in all the wrong places – but she loses me. “Few years had been enough for people to show their real side: false, mean and, above all, open to bribery. But the one thing I would have never imagined is how far corruption had gone; so far that somebody would actually try to bribe God.” Oh.

There’s so much to say but time is short, so let’s cut straight to this:

“God Created Man. Man Has Corrupted God. The great depression has affected everybody.”

I tend to think of noir as essentially godless but Face Noir casually suggests in a headline that God is not only definitely the creator of man in this world, but also that He is struggling a little with the depression. Can the banks foreclose on Heaven?

The headlines are all good value and thankfully they don’t spin so fast that they can’t be seen. I’m a big fan of “CRIME IS INCREASING – The murder rate is going up”. Just in case anyone thought the noirface crimes may in fact be low-level corporate fraud or people shoplifting cans of Tizer.

It’s a point and click adventure, as you’ve probably guessed, and it has been available in German and Italian for some time now. Phoenix Online (The Silver Lining, Cognition) are publishing the English translation and it will be out on July 18th.

The logo rings a bell. A diving bell.


  1. F3ck says:

    That title font and logo seem…familiar.

    • phelix says:

      SHOCKING BIO NOIRFACE. Sorry, sorry, please don’t hit me!

    • riverman says:

      spent five minutes looking up boishock signs, but lead was a dead end. can you think of any other modern deco logos? I swear this looks so familiar I’ve seen it before

      • MeatMan says:

        Do a google image search for “bioshock rapture logo”.

      • The Random One says:

        Aw man, I was sure you were going to continue the post’s noir theme. “Spent five minutes looking up boishock signs, but lead was a dead end. Google Images is always the place to be when you need to find the logo for a five-year-old game, but it’s a tough town, tougher than it looks, and especially tough when you’re lost. The vague memory of an art deco logo was the only think that kept my will to keep going, and now that it had turned up dust both were slipping from me.”

  2. apa says:

    I just had to read the intro in Max Payne voice…

    • Canadave says:

      The comment slipped from my fingers with practiced bravado. Pithy and elegant, like a bullet that ends a gunfight.

  3. Calabi says:

    I’m more interested in the Baby Hazel Hair Care game, it looks terrifying.

  4. Shadowcat says:

    All dames are alike: they reach down your throat so they can grab your heart, pull it out and they throw it on the floor, and they step on ’em with their high heels, they spit on it, shove it in the oven and they cook the shit out of it. Then they slice it into little pieces, slam it on a hunk of toast, and they serve it to you. And they expect you to say, “Thanks, honey, it’s delicious.”

  5. spacedyemeerkat says:

    Um, not really important, but why does the word ‘murder’ have a capital M in the opening segment of the video?

    • Harlander says:

      Because it’s talking about the Murder rate, a generalised index of social dissolution first codified by Heiselburg University criminologist Emmerich Murder.

      Either that or they just forgot that, unlike German, English doesn’t capitalise all nouns any more.

  6. Simplex says:

    Am I the only one who noticed “Lorem ipsum” in the newspapers? They could have at least blurred it a little.

    I remember when Mirror’s Edge finally came out on PC and I was excited to be finally able to read all the blurred text and then I was very disappointed when for the most part it turned out to be “Lorem ipsum”.

  7. Hunchback says:

    Is that all the attention that a new Noir point-and-click game gets nowadays?

    Shame on you fellow gamers, shame on you!

  8. G_Man_007 says:

    First thing I thought when I saw the pic, let alone watched the video; Blade Runner. It’s very evocative of that awesome Westwood classic (which I really should fish out again and cajole into working on Win7, or invoke the GoG Gods into selling).

    I’m sold on this anyway, I love noir/40s games/films/etc, so this will be a no brainer.

  9. LuciusAxelrod says:

    They called the game Black Face?