Monkey See, Monkey Post: Gun Monkeys Out Now

Oh, he just had to release this just as the RPS Hivemind was about to slump into its weekend-long coma, didn’t he? The punishment for that is a shorter post free from our usual witticisms. Actually, no, I’m going to twist the knife and say ‘bum monkeys more like’.

I don’t know if Gun Monkeys is fun or bum in fact, as I haven’t yet had the opportunity to play it – it was at Rezzed, but I was dashing about like a monkey with its bum on fire so I didn’t get the chance. The people who did seemed to be having a good time however, but maybe that’s just because they enjoying harming monkeys. Anyway, this “procedurally–Generated, physics-based, online deathmatch platform game”, starring murderous simians and the voice of the actor Kevin Eldon, comes from the studio behind Time Gentlemen, Please, Privates and the upcoming The Swindle, so it bears investigation, I’d say.

Here’s a video of some random dudes who won’t be expecting to find themselves here playing it. Future monkeys, attack!

It’s out on Steam now, with a discount if you buy a twin-pack for you and a friend.


  1. grundus says:

    I must admit, I saw “Genre: Indie, action, platformer, casual” on Steam and groaned quietly, I have far too many of those already, the market is flooded with them. This will have to be really special to get me to pay any attention to it specifically.

    • Dharoum says:

      Genre: Indie, action, platformer, casual. Normally I wouldn’t play such a game at all, cause I don’t enjoy these. But this has been loads of fun so far and I think it’s pretty unique and original in what it does.
      Definitely give this game a shot!

      As to the saws, those are only in some randomly generated levels and really aren’t that annoying when you are playing.

  2. profaniti says:

    I played it at Rezzed, and it is a fun coop game. Think it might be more fun playing together than over the internet – but still worth a go I think. : )

    Also: SO MUCH BLOOM.

  3. Wisq says:

    That sound design. Urgh.

    I know there’s spinning saw blades everywhere, but making the whole game sound like I’m in the world’s largest lumber processing facility is going to make me mute everything really, really fast.

  4. Pamplemousse says:

    “because they enjoying harming monkeys”

    Sentences are tricky :/

  5. realfunfuneral says:

    Hah, definitely didn’t expect to see this here. Way to pick the video of me getting mercilessly torn apart by saws too!

    The beta was really fun, fun enough that I bought a double pack when it was over, and this video is from a fairly early build, so it’s even better now. Online is decent but I reckon it will really shine in a room full of drunken people, old fashioned style.

    The saw noise is pretty intense, but they’re not in every level, and the rest of the sound design is really good, especially Kevin Eldon’s voice over and David Burrow’s music. There’s a more peaceful video here if you’re interested. Also, the game looks way nicer in real life than it does after youtube’s brutal compression.

    Definitely worth checking out.

  6. Shieldmaiden says:

    More Fist of Fun tags, please!

  7. Nickenstein says:

    I also did not expect to see myself here.
    Thankfully it’s one of those incredibly rare videos in which I actually win for once!

    This game is so much fun. It’s been a blast beta testing it. I recommend it to all.
    Also, like realfunfuneral says, YouTube doesn’t do it full justice. It looks much lovelier in person.

  8. FullMetalMonkey says:

    Full Metal Monkey likes this alot.