Official: Satellite Reign To Be True Syndicate Successor

As predicted, Satellite Reign has appeared on Kickstarter, promising to make the Syndicate-style game we always wanted. Watch these chaps get a million quid in no time. Slick-as-rain pitch video below.


  1. Tomo says:

    Slick as rain indeed. I’m not quite convinced by the art style – the robots look a bit weird to me, but otherwise it sounds great.

    • dontnormally says:

      Why the *HELL* would I want to *TAKE DOWN* the corporations???

      Seriously, playing Syndicate is about playing one of the many badguys, out to out badguy the other badguys, and become the biggest, baddest guy.

      We do *not* need another good-rebellion vs evil-empire shitshow. So Disappoint.

      • grimpunch says:

        I’m pretty sure the ending is going to be that your corporation is just as evil and just wants a monopoly, slowly revealing you’re the big bad.

        Like we want.
        Like Crackdown.

  2. karthink says:

    I thought part of Syndicate’s appeal was that you were one of the nasty corporations? This game looks like it’s on a “bring down the Man” narrative arc.

    Also, did Synd limit you to a pool of four agents? (in total, not on missions)

    Er, my tone is curious, not questioning. This is looking excellent.

    • Harlander says:

      The impression I got: you’re fighting against the Man, but it’s your choice whether or not that’s because you want to be the Man.

      You can be Robin Hood or just some robbin’ hoods (sorry, I had that stuck in my head since I started thinking about this)

    • Iskariot says:

      It looks indeed superb, but I am a bit disappointed that the player is the good guy trying to bring down the corporations. Besides perceiving such a goal as being unrealistic and futile, what I liked about the originals was being part of a singleminded corporation battling for supremacy. I don’t want to play the good guy, the hero who saves the world or childish Hollywood shit like that.

      Nevertheless I want this game, whatever the angle.
      I love the art.
      Great cyberpunk vibe.

    • Tyrmot says:

      Really? The page says: ‘…but what are they trying to achieve? To free the masses from the corporate stranglehold, or to take control for themselves? That, is up to you.’ – so suggesting you can do either?

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      I’d rather bring down the man anyway.
      Perhaps this game isn’t truly cyberpunk but more cyberfunk

    • jellydonut says:

      In the original, you were a tiny upstart attempting to take over the world. In SW, you had already taken over the world, as the original canon’s Eurocorp, and the Church was trying to bring you down.

      So in Syndicate, you were trying to be the man. In SW, you ARE the man. In SR, it’s up to you, because it’s open-ended.

      It isn’t trying to copy syndicate. it is thankfully moving away from the rigid mission structure, for instance.

    • 404953-C says:

      I thought the exact same thing when I saw the trailer.

      Their goals are pretty lofty, even for the money they are trying to raise. Unlike some titles, where I see a screenshot or listen to the designers talk and think, yeah that’s doable and I want to play that…I didn’t get that from this video. Really, the game is outlined in extremely broad strokes. Is it sandbox or open world with quests ala GTA? Is the combat real-time?

      Not being a hater, I want it to succeed. I love Syndicate and enjoyed Syndicate Wars, but all I keep thinking is…I have to play as the punk.

  3. Robslap says:

    Needs moar zealots.

  4. nerial says:

    Amazing, but why oh why, does it sound like any other successful Kickstarter.

    You could define the keywords before they’re even uttered… “what the fans REALLY wanted”, “four talented industry VETERANS”, “spiritual SUCCESSOR”.

    Com’on, be creative.

    • BobbyDylan says:

      Isn;t that what the Devs are doing with Thief (not 4)?

      No, I’ll take the above statements any-day on imagine “Improvements”.

    • Tyrmot says:

      Because isn’t that kind of one of the points of kickstarter? That it does allow small teams of industry veterans the financial freedom from big studios/publishers etc. to do projects like this? That’s probably why you see so many but still.. there’s plenty of other people on kickstarter too. These ones just get more headlines.

    • The Random One says:


      • Xocrates says:

        Of course, since that can be interpreted as DUDES WOT MAY NOT BE ANY GOOD making GAME WOT YOU MAY NOT LIKE, it’s hardly surprisng.

        • Tacroy says:

          Yeah from what I’ve seen, there’s three legs to a successful Kickstarter – prototype, pedigree and vision. If you have two of the three, you’re golden. That’s how Project Eternity can raise $4 million with the magical incantation “infinity engine Avelone”, and how a pair of unknown developers can get a you of money for their spaceship disaster simulator.

    • Zarx says:

      Just look at Massive Chalice for an example of what happens when you are trying to do something new and different from what you are known for. And that was even with a lot of referencing a lot of fan faves like X-COM etc and established developer. Wasn’t even close to what “A new point and click adventure from that guy that made the old ones you liked” raised.

      The way to people’s wallets on Kickstarter is nostalgia not innovation. People already know they like things they are nostalgic for so people feel safer putting money in site unseen, something innovative and new is an unknown quantity so people are far less likely to invest in those ideas.

      • b0rsuk says:

        Massive Chalice had very little to show. Everyone knows what to expect from a Tim Schaffer’s point&click adventure. But it took Double Fine many days to produce even concept art.

  5. Nallen says:

    The only thing that made me worried was the ‘four unique agents’ line – the only unique thing I want for my agents is a serial number. But I dare to hope that they can pull this off, despite what happened last time someone touched our beloved Synd.

  6. Cinek says:

    Unity Engine? Thanks, but no thanks.
    Nice concept arts though.

    • Harlander says:

      What’cha got against Unity?

      • Ross Angus says:

        Sir, we are being Trolled.

        • Harlander says:

          Nah, this isn’t the first time I’ve seen people bitching about stuff being made in Unity. That was back in the earlier days, though, when the things you could achieve with it hadn’t been shown.

          Anyway, aren’t trolls meant to make you angry, not bemused and idly curious?

    • merc-ai says:

      Wow, now that’s a knee-jerk nitpicking.

    • Tacroy says:

      That is quite possibly the least sensible complaint I’ve ever heard about a game, ever.

  7. fdisk says:

    Looks great but they lost me at “Real-Time Strategy”; I’m all about turn-based. I wish them the best of luck though, it looks very nice.

    • Werthead says:

      It’s a successor to SYNDICATE, which was not turn-based. So there really was no chance that this would be. If you want a dystopian near-future turn-based game, SHADOWRUN RETURNS is probably a better bet.

      • fdisk says:

        I didn’t know that, I never played the original Syndicate. I did back Shadowrun Returns and can’t wait to play it next month!

  8. Deathmaster says:

    Aaaand… backed.

  9. MuscleHorse says:

    I personally am going to fund it past its first stretch-goal just for the soundtrack. The original Syndicate had such an simple yet effective score.

    Looks genuinely great. I am also pleased to find a cyber-punk game being designed by a brummie.

    link to (yes, I know it’s not strictly speaking brummie, but any excuse)

  10. Joc says:

    I take control of four Asians from this organisation?

  11. Hentzau says:

    The class-based thing is a bit of a turn-off, for me Syndicate’s always been about the agents being faceless tools of your will rather than “Agent Johnson is a stealth specialist with a laconic personality who can backstab for double damage” or whatever.

    • Dog Pants says:

      This was the only thing that concerned me too, but it was a fairly large concern. The agents in the original were literally drones, and that added to the dystopian atmosphere. However, if someone hat told me two years ago that they were putting classes in XCOM I would have been equally dismayed, and yet Firaxis pulled it off beautifully. So despite reservations, I’m not going to let this one factor put me off.

  12. Kollega says:

    I have a question to ask: why is it always cyberpunk? I bloody hate cyberpunk. Why can’t we see some dieselpunk real-time-tactics game for a change? You know, flying around on jetpacks, punching Nazis in the face, that kinda thing.

    • MuscleHorse says:

      Because fat neckbeards with cogs on their fedoras have ruined that for everyone.

      Cyber-punk is very rarely done well, anyway, and is the best when wellness is achieved.

      • The Random One says:

        No, the cynical executives that glued cogs to fedoras and sold it to neckbeards ruined it, just like they ruined goths in the 90’s by gluing skulls to backpacks and selling them to teenagers.

      • Phasma Felis says:

        I’m glad I don’t live in the sad, cynical world where cool people aren’t allowed to like things that too many other people like. I’ll be over here, unironically enjoying cogs and fedoras, because those things are awesome.

    • Cinnamon says:

      Silent Storm.

    • Kollega says:

      I played both instances of Freedom Force, and they were AWESOME. But they were more Raygun Gothic than dieselpunk, if even that.

  13. Cinnamon says:

    Looking forward to the satellite of love pun headline.

  14. toni says:

    I wanna bring down the Man to be the Man. Evil and ruthless, sacrificing civilians and pitting my foes against each other to take the power from their cold dead hands :D

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      The slave begins by demanding justice and ends by wanting to wear a crown.

  15. Matchstick says:

    I just glanced through the kickstarter page and there’s no mention of whether this is Single Player, Multi Player, CoOp or even online only.

    Is that covered in the video ? (don’t have access to that over work network)

    • Werthead says:

      There’s a dynamic single-player campaign with a degree of freeform play involved. Multiplayer is not mentioned at this time. I think there were multiplayer options for SYNDICATE (though only in its SYNDICATE PLUS incarnation) but they were not strong focuses of the games.

  16. Dowr says:

    Fund this you bastards! lovely Syndicate fans.

  17. draglikepull says:

    I never played the original, but reading the description this is basically Shadowrun without magic?

    • Dr_Barnowl says:

      The original wasn’t really Shadowrun ; SR was a role-playing game. Syndicate was more of an RTS with four (hero) units on the board, and strategic elements.

      The thing people had the most fun with was the “Persuadatron” – a device that took over the implants in peoples heads. Civilians came for free, police when you had enough civvies (presumably you start using their collective processing power to crack the Police encryption) – if you capped enough, you could even persuade enemy agents to join up.

      There was nothing like commanding your vast army of cannon fodder newly loyal converts to charge the enemy position in a fountain of long pig mince glorious battle for profitable markets freedom and choice of a range of handy snacks.

      Not a hint of the nods to the dehumanizing effects of implants in Shadowrun though (I think it was Cyberrun that introduced Cyberpsychosis though) – your agents were always dolled up to the nines in the latest gear.

    • Vexing Vision says:

      I apologize in advance, but this made me wince.

      It’s more like proper Cyberpunk without the silly trolls and elves, yes. :)

  18. Danny says:

    Now that’s a beard.

  19. Bloodoflamb says:

    “Imagine a world that doesn’t sound that original, and you’ve probably seen many, many times before. Have you done it, yet? Great. Now give us money!”

    Looking at that after I posted it, it’s a bit harsher than I meant it to be, but I still stand by the sentiment.

    • merc-ai says:

      You see, the important bit is – this particular niche has been unoccupied ever since Syndicate Wars.
      If there were contenders, they were either different in gameplay, mood, or both.

      So this is the case when “not trying to be original” seems perfectly acceptable as long as the game is good and can become a modern version of S/SW.

  20. diebroken says:

    “Plasma Lance”

  21. hjd_uk says:


    A proper Syndacate Sequel? I couldn’t jam my money into the interwebs fast enough.

    Persistant agents? Hmm, ok, but as long as the repair and re-use is like something out of “Hard Boiled”

    • pabraw says:

      My understanding/guess is that the Agents of the mysterious organisation are not as modded/upgraded and faceless tools as these in the original game and SW and this is also why it is class-based.

      Can turn out to work OK as this game is not named Syndicate. For me the worst mistake of the FPS reboot of Syndicate that cut any ties of the reboot with the original games was the decision to give the agents personalities and remove them being controlled by the master from the distance.

      And as they are not naming it Syndicate I also find it acceptable not necessarily being the cold and distanced master of puppets of the evil corporation (especially if the game lets you have your own agenda and be the evil mastermind as I understand it will).

      Not very much information currently about the game to be I would say but I am hopeful. And backed it.

  22. rebb says:

    I prefer Chocolate Reign myself.

  23. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    I’m apt to back anything with a beard like that in the pitch

  24. Commissar Choy says:

    Sold. Alpha access baby!
    (also a neat extra copy :D)

  25. Noviere says:

    “Fucking Kickstarter…”
    — My credit card

  26. BurningPet says:

    I love the description, especially that “living” simulated city approach. kind of throw me to introversion’s subversion dead project. love it!

    However, and i can’t believe i say it because the art is technically superb, the visualization of the cyber punk city is just like any other cyber punk city in popular culture, as opposed to the original syndicate which had a distinct vibe to it. it wasn’t just a cyber-punk world, it was syndicate’s cyber punk world.

    they still have a lot of freedom to come up with a distinct atmosphere and unique stuff in that world, but so far, as beautiful as it is, and again, its superbly done, its just not interesting enough.

    But the game concept itself sounds great and their track record does bring me to trust them they will do it right.

  27. Ross Angus says:

    I never asked for this.

  28. Trinnet says:

    Syndicate is a game about using a persuadatron to make a horde of innocent civilians/cops follow you around to do your bidding/act as cannon fodder.

    There’s been no mention of such a mechanic in Satellite Reign, which makes me worry that this won’t be the spiritual successor to Syndicate that we’re all hoping for.

    • The Random One says:

      Even the FPS reboot had (a barely related mechanic that was cynically named) the Persuadertron!

    • merc-ai says:

      They mentioned “hacking” civilian chips, which is what Persuadetron did.

  29. coldvvvave says:

    Looks like they are about to ditch the “metagame” and concentrate on tactical gameplay. Could be a good thing as original Syndicate( the 1993-1994 one) had IMO two problems

    1. It was an action game. Yes. It was all about a minigun-train of unkillable cyborgs blowing things up. I don’t remember any tactics involved, other than finding a spot where enemy agents appeared in pairs max. Sure, some people had other experiences, I guess.

    2. Metagame was forgettable. Was there anything other than research? I don’t even remember.

    • merc-ai says:

      Hmm, very different experience here.
      While the core of game was action / reaction based, tactics still played important role for me. That included positioning, picking right weapons for mission, ammunition management and timing the persuadetron runs / orders. In late missions, managing combat drugs (defines agent’s auto-attack, precision, speed etc) became a necessity. Syndicate Wars was much more action-oriented, though.

      The meta layer in both Syndicate games was a fun addition, though I personally prefer more discrete systems of upgrade unlocks instead of R&D / territory control simulation.
      But in case of Satellite Reign, meta layer’s functions will likely be moved into tactical layer, and because it’s quite “lite”, this merge should work out fine.

  30. iucounu says:

    Backed it, then noticed delivery date is December 2014. I mean, I know good stuff takes a long time to make, but damn that’s a long way away. Oh well.

  31. Lawful Evil says:

    What a beard!

  32. Didden says:

    Muddy Foot!

  33. LionsPhil says:

    Those corporations, sitting there in their corporation buildings, being all corporation-y!