Okay, So Strike Vector Looks Quite Impressive

I was just eating some Hobnobs and thinking that I’d seen enough space games for one week, but I was wrong. Not to eat delicious biscuits, of course, that’s always right, but wrong to think that I’d seen enough of the flying, exploding stuff. I mean maybe they’re not spaceships as such, because it seems like atmospheric combat, but they’re certainly flying flipping things with weapons and zooming about in multiple dimensions. Yes, ignore my intro: Strike Vector looks shit hot, and if their Greenlight trailer (below) doesn’t set off a whirling green alarm in Steam HQ then there is something wrong with the way Valve installed their whirling green alarm system, and they should get that seen to.

Is it fair to say it looks like the Hawken of dogfighting games? Well, there, I said it. Wanna fight about it?

Like I said, it’s for their Greenlight thing.

Also, regarding the use of the word “quite” in the headline. Have you, Native English Speakers, ever had to try to explain the meaning of the word to a non-English speaker? Now there’s a fun afternoon.


  1. Lambchops says:

    Have you, Native English Speakers, ever had to try to explain the meaning of the word to a non-English speaker?

    I tried but I found it quite difficult.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      How would you (native speakers) compare it to a word like ‘rather’?

      • ramirezfm says:

        That’s quite a challenge and I’d rather not compare it to anything. But then I am not a native English speaker…

      • AbyssUK says:

        quite impressive means it is a little bit impressive.
        rather impressive means it is more impressive than not impressive.

        • Caiman says:

          Actually, quite can be used to imply extremely (‘that’s really quite impressive!”), perhaps with an element of “surprisingly so”. I can also be used in a faintly derogatory manner, damning with faint praise (“your writing is quite good, I suppose”). Variations in meaning are usually conveyed through the tone of your voice and body language, things that are difficult to get across in text.

          • soulblur says:

            Hmm. I’d always thought “quite” was more than “a bit” but less than “very”.

            Not full
            A bit full
            Fairly full
            Quite full
            Very full

            So quite is, what, 60% of a thing? More than half, but less than a supermajority. But then sometimes it means more than a default state, such as with “good”, in which case “good” equals 50% of a thing (so fairly is a bit less than default, and quite is a bit more).

            Ermm. Maybe I’m thinking it through too much. But I’ve actually had this conversation with natively English speaking colleagues, and with my wife, who is not an natively English speaker. It does seem a bit variable.

    • colossalstrikepackage says:

      Yes, quite.

    • Zanchito says:

      For spanish speakers, usually “quite” = “bastante”.

    • Kollega says:

      I’m Russian, and i always equated the word “quite” with “весьма” (pronounciation: “vyes’ma”). But as i’ve learned my English from the Internet, that’s probably not the dictionary meaning of the word.

    • catmorbid says:

      Quite; a measure of quantity or volume, e.g. “the bottle is quite full”, generally implying a an amount of the measured unit which is greater than half, or average, but not at the peak of whatever it is is being measured. Now that I actually think about it, quite would be pretty close to “less than” or simply “minus”. I.e. less than full == full minus == quite full . Probably some fancy etymological facts regarding the word if one were to dwell further in, which frankly is far beyond the scope of my interests. Still, an entertaining excercise.

      Also, me not native english tongue person either.

    • Premium User Badge

      Bluerps says:

      My native language is German. I just realized that I cannot really translate “quite” (“ziemlich”, as someone mentioned further down, seems to do the job most of the time, but not always), even though I use “quite” quite a lot.

    • Namey says:

      There’s a word in my language that is almost identical to quite in use. The only exception is that it doesn’t work quite as well when used alone as a reply to a statement.

    • SuicideKing says:

      Hmmm. Quite Interesting.

    • godwin says:

      What counts as a Native Speaker these days, actually? Do you still have to be English? Or British? Or just have it as a first language? Or primary language? Quite the conundrum, eh?

      • nearly says:

        I should think grew up speaking it, even if as only part of a polyglot upbringing.

  2. FurryLippedSquid says:

    Furry dice!

  3. Crane says:

    Well, the game looks impressive, but I’m put off by kill notifications like “xXxJordan dug hellOFDAYmn’s buthole n#2”

    • Shadowcat says:

      Ah… this must be the Bulletstorm of the space shooter genre.

    • Shadowcat says:

      Well I just watched it again, and as best as I can determine, while the game is clearly an action dogfighting game, it also, for reasons I was unable to ascertain, gives you an up-to-the-minute commentary on the kind assistances being provided at a nursing home somewhere (I’m sure the game’s backstory will elaborate), where the unfortunate patients are largely reliant upon the nursing staff even for basic toilet hygiene.

      It’s a brave juxtaposition for the developers to have integrated such a storyline into this game of futuristic explodey combat. How will these seemingly disparate narrative threads intertwine?!

      • chaotic_madness says:

        Perhaps the nursing home is on the ship. The opponent ships are the competitors.

      • The Random One says:

        It’s a nursing home for mentally ill war veterans! The game is about their shared delusions, Sucker Punch style! AT LAST GAMES ARE ART

      • nearly says:

        went back to watch it again and see if I couldn’t confirm this as well and discovered that there seems to be some racing going on at one point. also, yes, there does seem to be some concern for the hygiene of geriatrics and maybe even a relationship abuse subplot, based on that last shot.

  4. AbyssUK says:

    Here in Germany (I moved to munich,Germany btw.. so should I change my name to AbyssDe… hmm anyway). I have great fun asking german people to say “Red Lorry, Yellow Lorry” I find it quite amusing.

    quite auf Deutsch ist bißchen (sort of i think i’ve only been here for 2 months)

    • Jekhar says:

      Ok, german here. I must say i’m quite disturbed by this linguistic revelation. I always thought “quite” means roughly “a lot”. You comparing it to “ein bisschen” would mean it would be closer to “a little”.

      • AbyssUK says:

        perhaps a better way to explain is is comparing it to nearly, as something can be quite large meaning it is nearly large or not fully large and something can be quite small meaning nearly small or not fully small.

        I am now doubting my own English….I now understand why this could take a full evening…

        • Jekhar says:

          Then let’s keep it simple: When an average guy talks to his friends and says something looks quite impressive, what does he mean? That this something is very impressive or that he doesn’t really think it’s impressive?

          • AbyssUK says:

            In this case the friend means it looks a little bit impressive, if they said just impressive it would mean they liked it a little bit more, very impressive means they really liked it.

            I don’t think saying quite of anything means more than in any sense, quite is always a term to make it less so… Saying something is impressive is better than saying something is quite impressive…

            saying something is quite small means it is more than small yes.. but it gives the actual term small less meaning…

            I am a scientist I don’t do English… so I could be very wrong…

          • Pan Vidla says:

            Fortunately, I’m a language nut and I’m here to resolve this problem for you, guys. “Quite” means the same as “ziemlich” in German. You’re welcome.

          • amateurviking says:

            Depending on context, the most probable meaning would be ‘more impressive than I expected it to be, but not enough for me to say that it was AMAZING’


          • Jekhar says:

            Ok, thanks for your replies. It seems this is more complicated than i expected. But i think i got it now.

      • Lambchops says:

        The thing is when it’s used as Jim has used it in the headline he is meaning “a lot.” He’s indulging in the great British tradition of understatement. Quite often English people use “quite” in a sort of surprised manner; if they expect something to be “a little” bit good but it’s actually “very good” they might say “my, that really is quite impressive.” There’s a shift in tone from the normal use of the word (for example my use of “quite often” in the previous sentence) that is somewhat difficult to convey in text.

        English is a silly fucking language, I always feel a bit sorry for (and extremely impressed by) non-native speakers who have to put up with its idiosyncrasies.

        • amateurviking says:

          As I’m thinking about it, it occurs to me that I would rarely use and unqualified ‘impressive’ or ‘good’ etc.

          It’s either ‘really good’, ‘pretty good’, ‘quite good’ etc. each representing a subtle variation in meaning that I’ve never thought about before.


          • Hmm-Hmm. says:

            That doesn’t seem strange to me. When you want to be clear you’re likely to specify how good/strange/impressive something actually is or seems to you.

      • Shadowcat says:

        On its own, “quite” has no quantitative connotation — it doesn’t mean “a little” or “a lot” or “an average amount” or any such thing. You could say “quite a little” and “quite a lot”, though.

        The word is commonly used to slightly reduce the meaning of the rest of the phrase. “Quite a lot” probably isn’t as much as “a lot”, and “quite a little” is probably more than “a little”. Something “quite good” is less good than something “good”. “Quite bad” wouldn’t be as bad as “bad”. etc…

        • LennyLeonardo says:

          While it’s true that the meaning of the word varies with the context, I’m not sure you’ve got it quite right (blerg).

          The word can – perhaps reflecting the English penchant for irony – have opposite meanings depending on the context:

          “fairly but comparatively little” – “I’m quite good at Tekken, but not as good as Steven.”

          “A bit” – “I quite like Tekken, but I’m not that good at it.”

          “Completely/absolutely” – “(somewhat old-fashioned) This Tiramisu is quite exceptional, Steven.”

          “Not exactly” – “(following a negative) there’s something not quite right about this Tiramisu. Are you drugging me Steven? Is that how you beat me at Tekken? I’m quite enraged…”

          The nearest non-English analogue I can think of is the Spanish “Bastante”, but I’m not 100% on that. Anyone?

          • Aedrill says:

            Polish “całkiem”(“tzaukiem” with’e’ pronounced like in “sex”)means basically the same thing. The main difference is that it rather means more, not less but it’s also context sensitive.

      • mike2R says:

        You might enjoy this:
        link to economist.com

        They did one for Brazil as well:
        link to economist.com

    • Ein0r says:

      you might try it with “ziemlich”

      It is the most straight translation. And it behaves something like the little brother of “very”. (depending of the person who uses it). Including a personal evaluation of the situation.

      It is very hot in America = Es ist sehr heiß in Amerika (matter of fact, could be written in a book)
      It is quite hot in America = ziemlich heiß = Es ist ziemlich heiß in Amerika (personal evaluation of the one who said it.

      I am so hyped for Strike Vector. The teaser they made some months ago was already awesome. And yay for fluffy dice! I am curious if they added the concept of a “Sniper” in this game. I dont hope so.

    • Bork Titflopsen says:

      I think it’s one of those language specific things that you’ll just have to learn as a non-native speaker. Speaking as a Dutch person there are things that come close, but as far as I know there isn’t anything that could accurately be used in the same way as ‘quite’ just because of how the languages differ.

      Not only that, it’s also a word that changes meaning depending on the context of the sentence it’s in. If for example you’d say “I quite like this game.”, that would translate into “Ik vind deze game best wel leuk.” But if you were to say “It’s not quite finished.”, you’d say “Het is nog niet helemaal af.” in Dutch.

      Also, while the Dutch are fairly well known for their good English skills, we sure do mess up sometimes.“I fok horses.” “Pardon?” “Yes, paarden!”

  5. Jekhar says:

    Someone poured a few games in the blendotron and switched it on. Seems like Yager got Hawkens visuals and Descents crazy environments. Looks impressive, although if this is only another arena multiplayer shooty bang bang then count me out. I’m utterly bored with these kind of games.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      I’m not bored of GOOD arena shooters.

      There just don’t seem to be many these days.

      This on the other hand looks awesome.

  6. Premium User Badge

    Ninja Dodo says:

    Could it be argued that “quite” is the same as the more American “pretty” in that simply “good” is better than “pretty good”? Both can be used as meaning “fairly close to” a thing, whether positive or negative.

    Quite (is) a bit more versatile though.

    [edit: reply fail]

  7. Roboito says:

    I’ve never seen/heard a trailer before where the music was so obviously recorded in someone’s bedroom.

    • PatrickSwayze says:

      The music is so wrong for this its untrue.

      If they give it a TopGun spin however…

  8. amateurviking says:

    Fascinating linguistic conversation aside. This looks quite brilliant. Like a heady mix of Rogue Squadron, Forsaken and [insert arena shooter here].


  9. derbefrier says:

    Stumbled accross thisast night during one of my rare trips to greenlight and upvoted it immediately. This game does imdeed look quite awesome.

  10. Apocalypse says:

    So its kind of a strike suit zero clone for multiplayer without the strike suit and without support for any advanced input and output devices besides mouse and keyboard?

    Not impressed. Give me joystick support and not those awkward mouse controls.

    • waaaaaaaals says:

      Strike Suit Zero didn’t invent the concept of low-speed “hovering” assault modes. They’ve been kicking around for yonks.

      Besides which, the strike mode was about charging it up and then using it’s special weapons to wreck large ships. While this seems to lack a charge mechanic and have more of a focus on objective guarding and maneuvers, sharing the weapons from the flight mode.

      • Apocalypse says:

        While I have to admit that the concept of hovering modes is was not new even years ago,
        I still have to correct you on the charge mechanic.

        It is more like an energy management thing, you should use it on fighters as well, because you need less energy to destroy fighters than you will gain from destroying them. In other words, you can charge up on them, and release some of that gathered energy on capitals, than recharge with the remaining energy from enemy fighters to unload again against capital turrets. If you do not waste to much damage on those turrets, you can keep up your flux at a decent level as well.

        In other words, as long as you do not overkill to much, you are able to fight constantly in strike mode and limit your time in pursuit mode when you really pursuit. You are to slow in strike mode to travel any larger distances and would waste a lot of flux that is better spend to shoot more.

        But yeah, it is different from strike suit in this regard. As I said, strike suit clone without the strike suit.

  11. gunny1993 says:

    I prefer my piloting games to have a little less …… atmosphere

  12. WJonathan says:

    The, uh, vehicle appears to have no mass. Being able to stop and turn in any direction immediately ruins the “feel” of piloting a ship/plane. It goes from being a flight game/vehicular shooter to a floating FPS. Which can be fun too, I guess.

  13. Snids says:

    You’re on tip-top funny form today Jimothy.
    *marks chart*

  14. SuicideKing says:

    As long as this doesn’t play like Strike Suite Zero, I’m in.

    • Apocalypse says:

      What did you not like about strike suit? I am just curious, not judging you.

      • SuicideKing says:

        Um. See…have you played FreeSpace 2?

        For me that’s the gold standard in space sims/shooters…Strike Suite, for me, tries to constantly imitate FS2 without doing it very well, and in the end manages to be quite arcadey.

        Not a fan of the controls and HUD either, or even the weapon model. A lot of stuff. It’s fine i guess, if you haven’t played any of the FreeSpace games.

        But what the open source community has done with FreeSpace 2…my god, it’s brilliant. They just need to make the engine multi-threaded, now.

        • Apocalypse says:

          Au contraire, I think they intentional make the game much, much faster than FS. It helps the give the strike suit some real purpose in the game with the massive missile barrages it can dish out.

          As well the decision to make capship battles very reliant on your ability to cripple the enemy turrets helps again to give the strike suit purpose in the missions. This gives the fleet battles are very different vibe than freespace had. I am fine with it. Different games. Different pacing.

          And I have to agree, strike suit zero is not freepace, but I don´t think it was ever intend to be like freespace.

          Anyway both games are not TIE-Fighter :p

          • SuicideKing says:

            Well, to be fair i haven’t reached the strike suite part, still on the fighter part, so maybe the best bits are still there.

            Faster, it is but then at the expense of…i don’t know, it just doesn’t feel as controlled, or accurate. Maybe I’m just severely biased towards FS2!…btw destroying turrets was a significant part of FS…

            Have you played any of the FS2 Open campaigns? Highly recommended.

            True, played a lot of X-Wing vs TIE Fighter when i was a kid, before FreeSpace 2. Still have the disc, i remember it didn’t work/install properly anymore.

          • Apocalypse says:

            The capital ships turrets deal is a little bit different in ssz than in fs. The basic idea is the same, flag that tries to keep you at distance and are very bad for your aim, beam turrets that rip apart other capital ships (and you if you are in the way)

            But the pacing is completely different imho. Instead of slowly and steady reducing the enemy capital ships ability to hurt your fleet you are very often forced to act quickly, as you have very, very limited time to safe your capitals. For that purpose the strike suit overs you its massive missiles barrages to get rid of a large amount of turrets in a single volley, and open a whole in the defense for you to cherry pick afterwards fast any remaining beam and heavy turrets.

            FS had a more strategic approach to this, still strike suit offers you very much control, you strike very precise if you master the strike mode. Constant switching between the modes is needed for energy management, not only for your flux, but for weapon energy as well. And you do not want to over do it either, as in strike mode your fire drains your flux energy, if you strike to hard you will not gain as much flux as you spend for destroying your targets, etc

            And yeah, I prefer the original TIE-Fighter over X-Wing vs TIE, but the multiplayer of x-wing vs tie was super fun. Good times. Not like the coop of fs, but super great in competitive mode.

  15. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Is this a Descent remake? Certainly has that vibe. Quite interesting either way!

  16. TODD says:

    Actually, this reminds me more of Shattered Horizon than Hawken. Maybe I’m just weird.

  17. Gabbo says:

    That it’s multiplayer focused is a bit of a let down (as is the terrible choice of music in the trailer), but I’ll keep an eye out for it, see if later details pique my interest. It certainly looks good/fun as is.

  18. Foxygamer says:

    Looks fantastic :O