That’s No Wicket: SWTOR’s Ewok Companion Revealed

Reports have appeared on our Ewok-o-tron that suggests Ewoks will soon be available as companion characters in SWTOR, via the 2.3 patch. To unlock the ‘wok, you need 1 million space cash and a legacy level of 40, apparently. Tweek, for that is her Ewok name, will be a tanky/healer sort of companion. That, I know, will make someone in this world very happy.

You can watch said Ewok in action below. Spoilers of a kind, natch.


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  1. DrScuttles says:

    If Return Of The Jedi taught us anything, it's that Ewoks are superior to any tank / conventional armed force you can throw at them.
  2. USER47 says:

    There already is tanking jawa companion with rocker launcher, so why not?:)
  1. Noodlemonk says:

    Them eyes! Always… Staring!

  2. Crosmando says:

    People still play this?

    Biodrones gonna biodrone I guess

    • c-Row says:

      Uncreative insult aside, yes – my friend and I still play it every other week, but now both our characters have completed their story quests we might concentrate on GW2 again.

      • mynsc says:

        Such a sad thing to see/hear so many people play a Massively Multyplayer Online game for the story. And I’m not blaming the players, I’m just thinking at how short-sighted and dumb MMO developers can be. It seems to me that what most MMO devs aim for is just to make a single-player game that supports multyplayer and has an excuse to keep charging you for more than just the initial purchase. The last thing on their mind is to make a real MMO experience. Anyway, sorry for the rant.

        • MarcP says:

          I spent nothing on SWTOR and got twenty hours or so of entertainment out of it. Although admittedly there was some padding in there, it’s not a bad deal.

          What is the real MMO experience, anyway? Most early MMOs had limited team mechanics. Many had *none* besides a rudimentary group system, if that; and the only risk/reward incentive you had to team up was finding a boss monster too tough to take on your own. The main difference those games had with theme parks of today are the difficulty and having an actual uncharted world to explore.

          Those things were, to me personally (ymmv) the real MMO experience. You were a dude or dudette in an unknown world. You had very limited information, and you didn’t team up looking for one healer and one tank for fat exp and mad loot, you teamed up with two other people so you could trade knowledge and have a better shot exploring this world together.

          That, to me, was what it was all about. Dynamics based in large part on obscurity. I’ve played MMOs in which absolutely everyone believed certain things for facts, based their entire strategies and characters around those facts, and those facts proved to be completely wrong years later when the source code was made accessible or whatever. How cool is that?

          Nowadays, with high-speed Internet, hundreds of thousands of players if not millions on a single game, third-party addons out of the wazzoo, open betas lasting for months, everything is figured out before the game is even released. Even procedural generation is broken down with probabilities or reverse engineering. No matter how you design your game, I don’t think the above MMO experience could be replicated in today’s world.

          • maximiZe says:

            “I spent nothing on SWTOR and got twenty hours or so of entertainment out of it.”

            Same here, and I didn’t even have to play it!

    • Soulstrider says:

      God forbid people enjoying playing games

  3. Anthile says:

    Most punchable face in a Bioware game since Anomen.

  4. unangbangkay says:

    Worth pointing out that unless they’ve started selling a credit cap unlock in the last 2 months (the last time I played), that Ewok companion is going to be exclusive to subscribers, as the free-play tiers have a cap on their wallet that limits them to a maximum spacebucks balance of 350 thousand. Any credits earned beyond that go into escrow until the player’s balance goes below the limit or they subscribe.

    Of course, a free player meeting the other requirements could (presumably) temporarily open a subscription, gather the money, pay the million for the Ewok, then cancel the following month, but that would be effectively be the same as buying the damn thing on the in-game cash store (were it available).

    Of course, the REAL question is if you can romance it, and if yes, whether it’s open to either gender.

    • bleeters says:

      There are purchasable tokens that transfer a fixed amount of credits from your escrow into your active balance for f2p players.

      • Ace McAwesome says:

        You have to buy something to unlock the credits you already earned so you can buy something? Jesus pete.

  5. Runty McTall says:

    Maybe this is an MMO terminology thing but… an Ewok as a *tank*? Srsly?

    • DrScuttles says:

      If Return Of The Jedi taught us anything, it’s that Ewoks are superior to any tank / conventional armed force you can throw at them.

      • Runty McTall says:

        Yup, so basically what you’d expect a tank to be. But how on earth does it make sense for an Ewok to direct attacks towards himself and soak it up? He’s tiny and relatively puny, surely? A Jedi knight letting an Ewok take the blows is just stupid.

        • Kynrael says:

          Tanking can take different forms. Hit based tanking (basically lots of hp and armor, taking hits), dodge based tanking (taunt abilities forces the ennemies to attack you, but you avoid a lot of their hits)…

          This second one would fit well with a small Ewok.

        • liquidsoap89 says:

          It makes perfect sense to me. I can’t think of a better Star Wars character to throw at the enemy as a distraction than an Ewok!

    • USER47 says:

      There already is tanking jawa companion with rocker launcher, so why not?:)
      link to

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      What they don’t mention is that their primary role is to “tank” the outpouring wrath of their own player-owner.

  6. Arglebargle says:

    Yub, yub, Commander!

  7. goettel says:

    This news seems tailor made for an episode of Life’s Too short.

  8. Zekiel says:

    Um, what’s with the “Top comments” that has appeared here? Who decides what is a top comment? Has anyone thought that highlighting “top comments” which are replies to other comments is kind of silly?

    • YogSo says:

      And to add insult to injury, neither of those two top comments is an actual pun! Egads!

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      I’m amazed Lord Custard isn’t top comment in every thread he appears in.

    • DrScuttles says:

      It feels a bit to me like when you were in high school joking around with your friends and Mr. White, the imposingly tall maths teacher, questions exactly what was so funny and invites you to the front of the class to share your little joke to the entire room. And while you’re there suggests maybe you’d like to solve the trigonometry problem on the whiteboard only you neglected your homework and don’t know what to do and suddenly you realise you weren’t funny and you don’t know and you can’t talk.

  9. JD Ogre says:

    So, a companion that is a member of a race who are just barely above the “pointy sticks and fire are useful things” stage that is wandering the space lanes as an assassin a thousand(?) years before anyone knew her race existed. Lovely.

    • Ace McAwesome says:

      This game stopped making sense (if you apply “sense” to the established Star Wars universe) at it’s inception.

  10. wolfinexile says:

    YUB YUB.

  11. maximiZe says:

    So at this point it seems that Bioware is only making updates to this abomination to aimlessly shit over Star Wars lore as long as Lucas lets them get away with it. Not that I’d particularly care.

  12. Tuor says:

    If I still played this, I would:

    1) Find a bunch of enemies I have no way of beating.
    2) Tell Gleep or Tweek or whatever to attack them.
    3) Go make some tea, then drink said tea.
    4) Uninstall the game, because everything else after that would be anti-climatic.

  13. ScubaMonster says:

    Not a playable race? Snore.

  14. Scumbag says:

    Sounds like an unholy crossing between Spanish and Japanese.

  15. Dowr says:

    A fucking mini-space bear is their plan to recoup subs?

  16. Foxygamer says:

    I love how this news spreads all over the internet like it’s some epic and amazing update :)

  17. ColonelClaw says:

    I guess the experiment to use a blind-since-birth Art Director didn’t work out so well.