‘Every Decision You Make Is An Abomination’

Don't listen!

I’m in one of those moods. You know the sort, when anything other than expressions of total contempt for existence will appeal. No, I don’t want to play a jolly platform game with its jolly jumping puzzles. No, I don’t want dreamy music and pastel shades. No, I don’t want a noisy trailer noisily promising noisy viscerality. I just want something that says ‘hey, all of this is totally ridiculous and it’s OK to laugh/sneer at it.’ Button Roulette is very much the ticket.

Don’t push the button. But push it, obviously.

Go on, push it. Stop reading this and go and do something self-destructive instead.

Did you push it? Did you? Well done. Now you understand.

I’ve spent an unhealthy amount of time pushing the button and enjoying the random dark fate which results. Boy, will I look like a putz if it turns out it’s actually wired to some death-machine on the other side of the world! Sorry, all those people I accidentally killed/gassed/sentenced to a lifetime of unending jury duty, but if it’s any consolation you have helped me achieve some small measure of existential catharsis today.

Button Roulette, by Lana Polansky, via FreeIndieGam.es.


  1. int says:

    The button hacks our Ubisoft accounts.

  2. Koozer says:

    I killed the world with Blondie. Doesn’t sound too bad.

  3. aliksy says:

    I didn’t push the button and I got a puppy. Neat.

  4. pupsikaso says:

    Too much traffic

  5. GameCat says:

    Hah, Error (509)
    This account’s public links are generating too much traffic and have been temporarily disabled!

    It worked just seconds ago. Now don’t. Did you pushed the button, RPS? DID YOU?

  6. Elementlmage says:

    Alec! You killed poor Lana’s Dropbox account!

  7. S Jay says:

    Dropbox link went all crazy…

  8. DrScuttles says:

    Alec, I fear you went too far and destroyed something beautiful.

  9. nindustrial says:

    Apparently pushing the button destroyed the button

  10. realitysconcierge says:

    I dislike dropbox sometimes >:(

  11. Dowr says:

    “Error (509)”

    Alec, you caused an Error 509.

  12. Frisky Dingo says:

    That was neat. Now destroy something else for us, Alec.

  13. Clement says:

    I have no words to express how much I love RPS comments.

    Well I guess I did just express it in some way with some words, but it wasn’t enough.

  14. Lucid says:


  15. TsunamiWombat says:

    RPS traffic destroyed it.

  16. Leandro says:

    Now the link is dead and I’m curious. Any alternate link to download?

  17. jonahcutter says:

    Is it meta or is it irony that a link saying “don’t push the button” killed the button?

  18. JarinArenos says:

    Apparently the self-destructive button self-destructed.

  19. Dachannien says:

    That’s the history eraser button, you fool!

  20. Screamer says:

    It dropped the box!

  21. Nixitur says:

    After a while, the button just stops showing up. It just says “Don’t push the button”, but there is no button.
    If that’s intentional, it’s pretty brilliant.