Steely Skies: The Maker’s Eden Demo

This morning I woke up in a bed that does not know me, reached for a familiar nightstand only to flinch as my fingers curled around the cold metal of a lighting fixture. It was a lot like the philosomnulent beginning of that one story by Proust. A couple of hours later, I found myself waking in another strange and unexpected environment – a pod inside a ruined building, which was also inside The Maker’s Eden, a handsome sci-fi point and click adventure that is seeking funds on Indiegogo. It’s a flexible funding campaign, which disqualifies it from Katchup consideration, but the first act will be completed even if the devs fail to reach their goal. And there’s a fine sense of bleak mystery in this short introductory demo.

The writing and artwork are apparently scheduled for maintenance and a final polish, but both appear sufficiently shiny to my inquisitive eyes. While it could certainly be argued that these early stages of the plot are too reliant on the much-ploughed amnesiac opening, the identity crisis at the heart of things is portrayed in a compelling fashion. It’s an elegant take on the device, at the very least, and left me hungry for more.

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  1. Cryptoshrimp says:

    My, it really handsome. I played this earlier and I’m hooked. It’s fairly rough around the edges and really quite short to get a good impression of the game but it left me eagerly awaiting more. (and donating money, which I can because Indiegogo isn’t silly and does accept Payal).

    The amnesia beginning isn’t great, but what was shown of the world-building was fascinating. What intrigued me most was the fact that they apparently don’t have electricity but some other thing which is based on colour? I dunno, but it stood out for me. Take the word of a random shrimp and play this.

  2. Premium User Badge

    Skabooga says:

    Someone should make a game where you alone retain your memory but everyone else has amnesia.