Give Me: Shelter Looks (Might And) Delightful

In which the badger family must learn to cope with a RAIN OF BLOOD. Or a light dusk drizzle, I guess.

I kind of wish that all games were Shelter. Instead of starring bald space marines toting guns the size of mountain lions, they should exclusively be about mother badgers dutifully marching their squalling, squeaking babies to a new home. Not-lucrative-enough-anymore 18-34-year-old straight male demographic be damned, that’s the next generation of our medium. Not convinced? Then burrow beneath the break for a video of two Might and Delight devs discussing and showing off the game. Sadly, they never really badger one another, or else my headline would’ve been a lot better.

Shelter really does look fascinating. It’s all at once intriguingly different and worthy of at least 35 high-pitched adora-squeals. Here’s the basic premise for those who are just now tuning in:

“Shelter is a third-person, single-player adventure game for PC and Mac and that is developed in Unity. It tells the story of a badger family facing the dangers of the wild, while the cubs are too young to survive without their mother. As most of a parental animals life, especially badgers, revolves around their cubs, we wanted to create a game where most, if not all of the gameplay aspects revolves around them as well. Whether it be finding, collecting, hunting, gathering and distributing food, or protecting, hiding andsheltering them from harm. We want it to be your job as the mama badger to make them strong, so they can survive and eventually one day take care of themselves.”

Granted, I do have a couple concerns. For one, that sounds like it could be a giant escort mission in badger’s clothing, and – fluffy hugsqueaks or not – that idea has frustration written all over it. Also, Might and Delight are openly billing this one as fairly linear, and there’s always the worry that it could end up too much so.

But goodness do I ever want Shelter to be great. The potential’s there, certainly, and also badgers. The game’s on Steam Greenlight right now if you’d like to help guide it through Valve’s increasingly nebulous forest maze.

Shelter will be out later this summer.


  1. GernauMorat says:

    Surely Brian Mays must be involved in this

  2. RakeShark says:

    Could be an interesting experiment. Art for art’s sake isn’t a bad thing.

    • baby snot says:

      You don’t consider this a game?

    • GameCat says:

      Nothing is more game-y than escort mission.

      • Tusque D'Ivoire says:

        I’ve just had the best idea: A reverse escort mission game.

        You walk through a war-torn cityscape/alien landscape and admire the view, while hordes of enemies rush at you and are vanquished by an AI escort.

        wait, dangit, that’s how Activision’s already made millions.

        • Gap Gen says:

          Bonus points if you wander slowly through heavily guarded chokepoints or get stuck on scenery.

        • gwathdring says:

          A well designed version of this could actually be really cool. Your “escort” is programmed to try to protect you as well as to lead you to the destination. The destination changes so you don’t always know where it is. The computer knows where the enemies are and gives your guide a bit of an ability to cheat so they can act all experienced “Smells like orcs … we’ll take the other path!”

          Sometimes they get it wrong, though, and you have your own support abilities as well as the ability to run into danger and have your guardian swear before following to save you. You have no offensive capability, limited defensives, and the ability to support your guide in various ways. There would be some sort of magical/technological overgame where you’re important because of your HxOr skills or your magic macguffin or whatever and you’re trying to accomplish side goals with that while being protected. You have to learn what your guide is capable of and what they are not in order to stay safe. You will both have to run and hide rather than stand and fight sometimes.

          Obviously there would also be a co-op mode.

          • Morlock says:

            What about this: You are actually suicidal. Your goal is to outsmart the escort and get killed.

          • gwathdring says:

            That seems like it wouldn’t be easy to make compelling. But it might make a fun tongue-in-cheek flash game.

  3. WingNutZA says:

    Only want if I can do all THIS in the game…

  4. Thule says:


  5. colossalstrikepackage says:

    ‘that sounds like it could be a giant escort mission in badger’s clothing’

    Wet myself laughing. Thanks RPS!

  6. zachdidit says:

    Never did I think I’d find a game that’d get me excited about experiencing Sophie’s Choice.

  7. Drakedude says:

    Best game I’ve seen today.

    • bstard says:

      Yeh looks very interesting. Somehow had to think bout Dont Starve when I saw this ;) And thats about the best compliment I can come up with.

  8. Bassem says:

    That looked really boring. If all you do is walk and walk and escort the cubs…

  9. Alabaster Crippens says:

    This looks absolutely gorgeous.

    But something doesn’t quite sit right with me. It took me a while to figure it out, and now that I have, I’m slightly sad about it.

    Badgers are nocturnal.

    I don’t know how this dissonance will impact the verisimilitude of the game word for me.