Firefall (Finally) Entering Open Beta For Real Next Week

Warning: trailer contains excessive use of slow-mo.

If you search the RPS archives for the phrase “Firefall open beta,” you’ll get 17 trillion results. That is not an exaggeration (well OK, maybe slightly). It feels like Firefall’s been running scattered open beta weekends since the dawn of time, but now the real deal is nearly upon us. Soon, any man, woman, or child will be able to strap on a jetpack and lord their airborne superiority over lowly giant ground bugs – bitter acid tears pooling in their subcutaneous emotion sacs as they shudder with quiet jealousy. Also on the docket: expanded story content, which you can see in action after the break.

The new instance is called Blackwater Anomaly, and it’ll kick off Firefall’s (much-needed) “world story”. Red 5 seems to be positioning it as the centerpiece of the open beta, which will start spilling brittle bug guts on July 9th.

Signup is as simple as going to the high-flying MMOFPS’ website and creating an account, so probably do that. Jim, especially, has taken a pretty strong liking to the bits he’s played, and I must admit that my Tribes Gland gets a bit engorged at the sight of all these gruff men and women strutting their stuff in the sky. Color me interested – especially since Firefall has the potential to be Not Just Another MMO.

I suppose we’ll find out soon if it can live up to that. Until then, I guess I should start working on overcoming my crippling phobia of all things with carapaces. Can anybody recommend a good hypnotist? I’m hoping to hand one over to all the world’s spiders on a very tastefully garnished platter as a peace offering.


  1. RedViv says:

    Strap on your jetpacks and tiny stripes and random blobs of armour on your underwear, for it is WAR!

  2. Davidsve says:

    Looks flimsy.

  3. kyrieee says:


  4. Jim Rossignol says:

    I have quite a bit of fun with the closed beta of this, and will definitely be doing an RPS clan / Call To Arms once the open beta is up.

    • Elro says:

      We do have a RPS army already in the closed beta but it’s not exactly what you’d call active.

  5. ran93r says:

    Was in the beta before they even had European nodes to play on but haven’t checked in for a while. Item damage was the last thing people were moaning about and although it’s been noted by the devs (certainly via reddit), I don’t know if a solution has been found yet. I certainly didn’t like the idea.

    That said, I loved playing it, quite a lot.

    • waaaaaaaals says:

      Weapon degradation is still there, they don’t seem to want to change it in any way. Other than removing free repairs once it hits open beta anyway.

      It wasn’t even the degradation that bothered people so much as weapons being destroyed when it hit 0, which seems pretty archaic as those kind of mechanics go these days.

      • Grimlar says:

        Items are intended to be a bit more disposable than most mmo’s and they have clear reasons for doing it this way. So, dont hold your breath on Red 5 getting rid of this.

        To be fair, kit usually lasts a fair while, a couple of weeks or so if you dont die too often. By that time you should have earned plenty of resources to make some new kit with. Or you can use the basic equipment, which doesnt break.

        There are plenty of ways to get resources now too. Most dynamic events give you random resources as a reward, complete items drop occasionally as loot, theres a marketplace and of course there is the old standby of going out and mining (thumping) your own.

        Realistically durability/item breakage shouldnt be that big a deal for most players.

      • Shooop says:

        Weapon degradation?

        Weapon degradation?!

        To hell with this game then.

  6. Scatterbrainpaul says:

    All MMO’s from the last couple of years have apparently had potential to be Not Just Another MMO.

    Turns out that they all end up being just another MMO

  7. Voice of Majority says:

    Fun game. I suppose they will offer ‘insta-repair’ for money. Not a good idea. It will take the fun out of the shooting.

  8. Nevard says:

    There’s some pretty standard floaty/choppy MMO animations there that don’t exactly align with what is going on but I guess I appreciate them showing us that rather than an idealised trailer that they will never be able to achieve

  9. PoulWrist says:

    A completely uninteresting game that should have never been made.

  10. moms says:

    I like to just go to that plaza area, sit in the bar and people watch.

  11. theoriginaled says:

    the games a blast quite frankly and if you dont so much as try it youre really missing out. its got a little bit of something for everyone. thumping for materials, crafting out new armor and skills gives a nice sense of progress without too much investment. Heading off chosen invasions gets intense and its nice to see people flock together to help out like in gw2. Sunken harbor invasions are a blast hundreds of people fighting off Chosen artillery and dropships with resources in the thousands on the line as loot. Ares missions that can from time to time feel like an Alien movie as you run through a busted up bug infested research lab to blow up cocoons. Melding tornados where everyone flocks to take down a pissed off swirl of energy just for a chance to be sucked into a melding pocket at the end and fight for ore crystals as the whole thing collapses around them. I havent tried pvp but theres that if youre into it.

    Its been fun to watch it get better all the time. All of the frames are fun to use in their own way. Even the equipment degradation doesnt feel like that big of a deal as Ive usually moved on to something better by the time anything has worn out and Im not even using the crafting items that boost the durability. Everything you do gives rewards. Thumping is only really necessary if you need something specific. Honestly if you can’t find something to enjoy about the game youre trying too hard to dislike it…

  12. TwwIX says:

    Two and half years of closed beta testing and all they could come up with is more resource grinding. Global Agenda 2.0. That’s what this really is. Not even that since Global Agenda actually contains some PvE content. They’ve got an open world but they’ve done fuck all with it. Red 5’s main focus is balancing arena PvP matches and revamping shit to infuse more convoluted mechanics into the game.

  13. Faxanadu says:

    Comments are making me sad, I really want a good FPS MMORPG. We have NONE right now! Can’t devs see how big a hole there is to fill? :(

    • rps-dk says:

      Planetside 2 for you sir? Also don’t write off Firefall until you’ve tried it. No single game can satisfy everyone.

    • killmachine says:

      give defiance a try. not really a rpg but a mmo shooter.