Good GOG: More Silly Prices In The Latest Good Old Sale


…is what someone who works at videogame download service might say. I don’t work at one of those, so I don’t really know why I’m saying it. I suppose I’m generally in favour of the buying of videogames, however. I’m also in favour of videogames being affordable, so the last gasp of mad discounting in the current GoG Summer Sale prompts me to raise a grubby thumb in approval. You’ve around 20 hours left to obtain the likes of The Witcher 2, Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, Dungeon Keeper, Retro City Rampage and Syndicate for $cheap.

The full line-up is here, and there s some honestly ludicrous pricing going on.

Hotline Miami for $3.33! Witcher 2 for $6! FTL for $2.49! Every Ultima for $9! Deus Ex + Invisible Bore + All 3 Thiefs + Anachranox + Oh God Why Daikatana for $15.43! [Excellent game] for $[low price]!

Yessir/yes’m, it is a fine, fine time to be a PC gamer.


  1. philbot says:

    Umm. The link directs to the previous article, Mr Meer.

  2. Untitled says:

    I’d like to personally recommend Anachronox from the Fair and Square collection, such a great sci-fi adventure rpg, with each carefully crafted location better than the next

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      I have such fond memories of that game. I daren’t play it again in case I take some of the sheen off my nostalgia.

    • Inglourious Badger says:

      And if we’re all personally recommending things then for f*#k’s sake get Hotline Miami if you haven’t already! I’m on my 4th play through and I’m still loving every blood soaked minute of it

  3. pupsikaso says:

    Have I lost my glasses too, or are these the same games that were on offer before?

    • sincarne says:

      They’re the same games. GOG have just brought back all the deals for the final day, Steam-Sale-style.

    • KingFunk says:

      Nah, check it out – there’s shedloads on offer now…

      EDIT: oh right, yes I see…

  4. Premium User Badge

    distantlurker says:

    Steam sale should start up tomorrow(ish) as well.

    MOAR games to buy all the forever. Or something ^^

    • Arphahat says:

      Based on previous years, Steam sale will likely begin next Thursday.

      • Shuck says:

        Yeah, they start on Thursdays usually, and the 11th makes sense just to avoid overlapping with (and competing with) sales like this one and the earlier Amazon and Origin summer sales.

  5. KingFunk says:

    Picked up Miasmata for about £2.50 – feel slightly guilty about a 2 man team not getting much of my money, but I am looking forward to sh*tting myself as I creep around a weird island trying to cure myself of disease…

  6. baby snot says:

    Switching to linux permanently is saving me a bucketload.

    EDIT: Signal Ops for a fiver. Still no thoughts from RPS on this?

    • Ace Rimmer says:

      So I thought, but playonlinux ruined that notion. I have difficulty installing mods, but other than that they make running GOG games in Wine ridiculously easy.

  7. Gap Gen says:

    I like to think of my GOG collection as something I could pass down to my kids, a bit like a parent forcing their children to listen to prog rock.

    • Faldrath says:

      When I’m burping my newborn daughter, I do it to the rhythm of King Crimson’s “Larks’ Tongues in Aspic Part II”. I know, I’m the best dad ever.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Hunh. You know, I can’t actually see anything in the Terms of Service that says GOG accounts/games purchased via the account aren’t transferable.

      I’m probably just missing it amongst the legalese, though.

    • Leandro says:

      That’s a fantastic idea. “What, you wanna play modern games? Son, once you have mastered 16 colors you can move on to 256 colors. Then I’ll give you that multimedia kit you wanted. Now let’s hear that B-Side of Thick as a Brick, it’s no use if you don’t string the two parts together!”

  8. Skeletor68 says:

    Got Zafehouse Diaries and the Baldurs Gate games… as if I’m ever going to get to a point where I’ll have time to play them! I’m such a fool.

    Is there an easy mode for Baldurs Gate so I can enjoy the story but breeze through like I did with Dragon Age: Origins?

    • Faldrath says:

      Yeah, there’s an easy mode. There are also plenty of savegame editors that make it trivial to give your party something like 1000HP, which is akin to god mode. Not that I ever did that, no sir.

      • Gap Gen says:

        A millennial father would shake her up twice, down twice, left, right, left, right, press left nipple, press right nipple.

        EDIT: Aaand replied to the wrong comment. Never mind.

    • MrCrun says:

      Google Shadowkeeper for a really thorough editor. There are BG1 editors and Icewind Dale editors by the same author.

    • Zekiel says:

      I seem to recall that the ingame Easy mode makes gameplay easier but also reduced experience by 50%. So I imagine it’s not actually all that effective at making the game easier.

      This is based on 10-year-out-of-date memory so I may talking a load of rubbish.

    • Nick says:

      Once you get through BG1, most of BG2 isn’t that hard really.

  9. Premium User Badge

    Aerothorn says:

    So: having never played a Syndicate game, should I start with the first or skip straight to Syndicate Wars?

    • MajorManiac says:

      I’d recommend the first game. Although Syndicate Wars is in 3D, I think the original is still the better game.

    • Zorn says:

      The first Syndicate has aged very well, from a gameplay point of view and graphics alike.
      Those 2d sprites are fairly timeless. I like both games. But also the first one more.
      I found it rewarding to play Syndicate Wars after the first one. In that way you can
      appreciate it and in the same breath look over it’s flaws, as you’ll be happy that
      there is more Syndicate.

  10. MajorManiac says:

    It would be interesting to see what people have bought encase I’ve missed a gem. Here’s what I’ve bought:

    – Independence War 2: Edge of Chaos
    – Earth 2150 Trilogy
    – Ground Control 2
    – Hostile Waters
    – Magic Carpet 2

    What did you get?

    • spleendamage says:

      I bought the Ultima pack and the Might an Magic Pack … and (at only 50% off) System Shock 2, Blitzkreig Anthology and Star Wolves

      The RPG Open Worlds pack is a complete steal, I’d buy it but I already own them all.
      Maybe I should just buy it again…

  11. Leb says:

    Omerta worth $10? yes/no why?

    • Sparkasaurusmex says:

      It’s not a very good game. That seems like retail price for it, not a sale price.

  12. Liudeius says:

    Some of those are tempting, but no, I spent all my game money for a while on getting in on the “ground floor” of Star Citizen (LTI and the like).

  13. Eschatos says:

    I picked up King of Dragon’s Pass, Imperialism 2, and Space Empires 4 for ~$10.

  14. Drake Sigar says:

    Anyone claiming console’s are cheaper is friggin’ insane!

  15. 123kings says:

    Only if I could buy more time (and on sale)… :””(

  16. Tacroy says:

    Jeezy chreezy every single Ultima for $9? That’s crazy.

    • Koozer says:

      Are any of them worth it for someone who got bored with Grimrock, fed up of Stonesoup’s UI, but loves Dwarf Fortress?

  17. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Never bothered much with 3rd Person RPG.
    Is Witcher 2 at this price a good place to start (i.e. not put me off ’em altogether)?

    • Zekiel says:

      I think so. It’s certainly an amazing deal at this price, and it’s certainly an amazing game. Difficult to say if it’s a good entry point for 3rd person RPGs. Definitely put gameplay on Easy difficulty (since it’s rather tough at the start on Normal mode).

    • colossalstrikepackage says:

      Yes, yes, a thousand times yes. I recently started this game (bought it cheap in a steam sale ages ago). Well worth it. I’d say don’t worry about the combat – play on easy. The story is really where it’s at.

      If you want a more balanced game, the Mass Effect series is great. I’d say miss the first one if you’re not a fan of clunky controls (although the story is first class). ME 2 is a masterpiece and I also enjoyed ME3. The combat is actually quite fun (play as a Vanguard in ME2 and charge stuff with a shotgun). And the story and characters all shine. The ability to affect the galaxy in significant ways is still impressive.

      Both the Witcher 2 and Mass Effect 2 are good entry points.

      • Sparkasaurusmex says:

        Mass Effect seems more to have more polarized opinions about it. Witcher 2 probably won’t turn you off altogether, but there’s potential for ME to do just that.

      • Koozer says:

        How dare you good sir. ME1 is the best RPG of the series. It has a better story than ME2, better exploration, better environments, and better level design.

        Lots of people say ME2 has better combat, and it has better character development of your squadmates, but it completely strips out the exploration, is filled with corridors littered with chest-high walls, and removes all gear choice. They even managed to make the loading screens worse.

        ME3 is in my opinion is just flat out better than ME2: bigger, nicer levels, better gear customisation, better plot. It’s still nothing compared to the first though to me.

  18. abandonhope says:

    I’m at least a little bit sad that Original War ended up on sale but was later inexplicably changed back to full price. I mean, hello? I was thinking of buying it.

    (I had no idea what it was until someone mentioned that it had a few commonalities with the forthcoming Unclaimed World.)

  19. Monkeyshines says:

    I like turn-based strategy games, the one I spent the most time on so far is Civ IV, and have been curious about the Heroes of Might and Magic series. Is there one that I should get above the others? As much as splitting the bundles hurts on the prices, I don’t want a load of games I’ll never get around to playing. It seems to be a series that divides fans.

    For the bullfrog games, if I pick up only Theme Hospital and Syndicate, am I doing it right?

    I want Don’t Starve, but think I might wait on it for a lower price point in the future.

    • froz says:

      Get HOMM III. This is definitely the best one in the series. 1 and 2 could be nice for nostalgia feeling, but since it’s your first contact with the series, buy just 3 and you will be ok.

      • Nick says:

        2 is a really solid game, nostalgia notwithstanding. Also has the best music of the series. That said, I agree 3 is probably the best overall, especially with all the expansions.

        4 was a balance mess but I quite liked it anyway, I think mainly for the hero change novelty.

    • Jimbo says:

      Theme Hospital and Syndicate for sure. I’d consider picking up Dungeon Keeper 2 as well.

      If you enjoy Total War, I’d recommend Lords of the Realm (Royal Edition, which includes 1 & 2). Those games definitely do not get the respect they deserve.

    • Monkeyshines says:

      Good to know, guys, thanks. I’ll check out the other recommendations and nab the HOMM III as a foray into the series.

      • Graerth says:

        While you said you’d pick certain ones, i’d go (and went) for the full bullfrog bundle, all great games in it really.

  20. Graerth says:

    Witcher 2
    Alpha Centauri
    Bullfrog bundle

    Was my cart this year, tempted on FEZ, Fair and square bundle and hotline miami, but got to draw the line somewhere when pretty tight on money just now :(

  21. Memph says:

    Defender’s Quest: Valley of the Forgotten is well worth picking up. I’ve gotten a stonking 70+ hours out of it (according to steam) – and i’m still not finished with hero moding new game+
    It is all-in-all bloody fantastic and wholly addictive. I’m also rather partial to its early Final Fantasy inspired battle music.

    • luckystriker says:

      I was just about to recommend this game but I see you’ve done it for me. Super game.

  22. neolith says:

    Alpha Centauri and the Ultima bundle for me. Yay! :)

  23. TheApologist says:

    Bought Defender’s Quest for about £2, and it’s now ruining my thesis. Can’t stop…

  24. Sucram says:

    Bought Fragile Allegiance, playing it again I think I had a lot more patience when I was younger.

  25. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Wadget Eye’s point and clickers are some of the best I’ve ever played. Up there (or better) than Sierra’s best. That bundle’s a steal, if not just for Resonance.

  26. soco says:

    The Dungeons & Dragons pack for $20 is probably the best number of hours of gameplay per dollar ratio ever.

    If D&D RPGs are a thing you enjoy that is a tough offer to pass up.