Kwama Shawarma: Elder Scrolls Online First-Person Cam

It’s thanks to the heightened perception stat of PCGamesN that I’m able to point you toward footage of the first-person combat in The Elder Scrolls Online. Previous videos favoured a third-person approach to swordplay and spell-lobbing, which caused much disgruntlement, so perhaps this short clip will manage a degree of regruntling? I actually saw the short clip twice and didn’t notice the first-person sections at all because they’re the same muddy-brown brawl as the rest, except with some swords occasionally swinging at the fore of the screen. The target of those swords are a clan of kwama, as the dev post accompanying the video explains: “The kwama, which you’ll recognize if you played Morrowind, are insectoid creatures you’ll encounter in three forms in ESO: the scrib, the worker, and the warrior.” Scribblenauts!

Thirty seconds of such a hectic melee is enough to make me reach for a nerve-steadying cup of brewed leaves.


  1. TheIronSky says:

    “Why are they doing this to my beloved franchise?!”

    I’ll bet they won’t even include a fishy-stick joke.

    • dE says:

      People will probably torch me alive, but that looks just like the combat of Skyrim/Oblivion/Morrowind. The combat has always been an uninspired flail-a-thon until one side dropped to zero hitpoints and had it’s ragdolls enabled for the final blow.

      • lowprices says:


      • solidsquid says:

        It’s a pretty short clip, but I’ve got to say that it does seem pretty similar to the sword fighting of the previous Elder Scrolls games. Personally I usually went the mage route with these things, so don’t know how it compares with what I’ve played most of, but it doesn’t seem to have diverged too much from the old formula. Being fair to them, the devs do deserve some credit for making an effort at fixing some of the things the community was complaining about rather than just saying “this is how we imagined an Elder Scrolls game”

      • Peter says:

        It would make me very happy if melee combat games took a leaf out of M&B Warband’s big gore covered tomb on combat.

      • Triplanetary says:

        No, people probably won’t torch you alive, because the RPS community doesn’t overwhelmingly subscribe to the general Elder Scrolls adulation you see on many gaming sites. (I mean, there are RPS readers who like the ES games, and that’s just fine.) I’ve seen plenty of criticism of Skyrim’s combat on RPS. And I agree with most of it.

      • Jupiah says:

        Yeah but in Oblivion and Skyrim at least there were plenty of mods available to make the combat decent and occasionally actually good, while I highly doubt that Elder Scrolls Online combat will be fixable at all.

  2. pakoito says:

    It’s even worse than Skyrim’s combat, and here was I thinking that couldn’t be possible.

    • FurryLippedSquid says:

      Depends. Archery and spell casting are decent.

    • analydilatedcorporatestyle says:

      Don’t be silly! Every sensible person knows there is a correct and proper way to mash buttons

    • Alliance says:

      Have you actually ever gone down the warrior line? Sword combat is actually pretty good for a TES game, and requires timing and tactic in order to succeed. I didn’t know this until I just recently started playing a warrior class, rather than the regular Garret or Wincewind characters.

      • Sunny Boy says:

        “Sword combat is actually pretty good for a TES game”
        I guess this plays in a similar league as “the graphics are pretty good for a Wii game”.

  3. mikmanner says:

    MMOs: Madly dressed characters flailing about spectacularly in one position, cycling through a handful of animations.

    • neonordnance says:

      This x 100

      Well maybe not ALL MMO’s but TES:O certainly hasn’t done enough to prove it won’t be just like that.

      • Caiman says:

        Not all MMOs, indeed. Just got back into Guild Wars 2 and forgot how much fun the dynamic combat is in that game, it’s more like playing an ARPG than an MMO. More like a hybrid, I suppose. Standing still and going through canned animations is the rookie mistake in that game that’ll get you killed pretty darn quick once you get past the early tutorial levels.

        There’s no way I can go back to a WoW-like combat model after that, which ESO seems to be trying to emulate, except with more brown.

        • Triplanetary says:

          Yeah, whenever PC game sites/mags do a “100 best PC games evar” list, and World of Warcraft inevitably makes it into the top 10, I think, “Uh, have you played, like, any MMO since WoW?” The gameplay has been greatly refined and improved by other games since then. And it’s still pretty fucking boring. (Although, like you, I love GW2.)

          I feel like they feel obligated to include WoW because, uh, 12 million people can’t be wrong or something? I dunno. A select group of people put a shit-ton of time into that game, but that says nothing – positive or negative – about its quality.

  4. RedViv says:

    ♪ Kwama Kwama Kwama Kwama Kwama Chameleon
    No you are not, no really not
    Killing you is hard and takes such long time oh please
    My fists turn blue, black, green like peas ♪

    And it will apparently not change in the millennia between this and Morrowind.

  5. Text_Fish says:

    Biped Kwama = Much disgruntlement again.

  6. Pich says:

    wow, MMO click-and-watch-numbers-fly but in first person, it’s all i ever wanted

  7. Cryptoshrimp says:

    Wow, that’s incredibly disappointing. I don’t need another WoW clone – I play WoW! Why didn’t they grab this opportunity to create something unique – something that does justice to the game’s strong concepts and interesting story ideas? Such a shame that they chose to go for a by-the-numbers MMO.

  8. Monkey says:

    Now you’ve made me want a shawarma, thanks RPS

  9. chris1479 says:

    Ever since I found out that TESO was going to be instanced into oblivion (badum-tish) in a bajillion tiny fragmentary tiny dungeons whilst I stroll around gawking at NPCs and wondering where all the people are I have completely given up on this game. Throw it over there in the corner along with all the other failed definitelynotwowbutitisreally MMOs and f*** off.

  10. McTerry says:


  11. Glentoran says:

    I’m still entirely unconvinced by ESO. And hand-to-hand combat was always TES’s series’ least fleshed-out feature. So the fact that they’re importing this simplistic, click-bash-bash system doesn’t fill me with any additional confidence. However, i’m personally pleased at the news that you will be able to “class-shift” at will to some degree. More choice Is always better in my opinion. Though this isn’t enough for me alone. I really hope they have something absolutely jaw-dropping up their sleeve that they’re yet to tell us…

    • Bagpuss says:

      I think Bethesda think that this is the jaw-dropping stuff.

      I really couldn’t be less interested in this.

  12. mezron says:

    Just trying to keep my expectations low… hopefully it turns out better than I’m expecting.

    Nothing breaks the immersion faster than approaching a city and having to pass through the bunny hopping duel flag gauntlet.

    This also happens to be my biggest concern about Survarium.

  13. tkioz says:

    I honestly don’t get the obsession with first person view in TES/Fallout games, I find it very hard to “role-play” when all I can see is a weapon…

    • Hendar23 says:

      Allow me to explain: It is the difference between looking at a character in another world, and being a character in the world.

    • Peter says:

      The best immersion focused first person titles tend to have a “sheathe weapon” mechanic.

  14. aliksy says:

    Those are some ugly animations.

  15. tumbleworld says:

    It’s bad enough having TESCO overcharge me for poor-quality groceries without this horrible mess lowering the bar.

  16. Bagpuss says:

    Elder Scrolls games always stuck me as being huge but dead as a door nail.. just single player ‘mmo’s’ There’s not much of a difference here except that I have to play online and with other people.. and this time playing with other people isn’t the worst thing.

    Any predictions for how long it’ll take to go free?.. Not long I’d say.

    • Sunny Boy says:

      They should have quite a long breath. I give them 6-12 months!