Sven Co-Op & The 7 Most Beautiful Words In The World

“Added breakable functionality to all door types.”

Well, first-person shooters, it only took you 21 years, but you’ve finally cracked it. Our ultimate foe has at last been defeated.

Sven Co-Op is a gloriously absurd, long-running mod for the original Half-Life, which starts with the concept of adding co-op and then runs off to do a mad, many person dance in elaborate puzzle-maps filled with monsters, overclocked weapons and a disco megamix of everything Black Mesa. It’s almost impossible not to have a good time in it.

That said, I haven’t looked in on it for many years now, so I don’t know what the current state of play is, but as well as the whole doors thing my ears were also sent a-prickin’ by the news that v4.8 will “most likely be the final SC mod release.” Boo!

“But this is by no means the end of Sven Co-op. We have a major announcement to make soon, so keep an eye on over the next couple of weeks.” Yay! Are they talking going standalone, or are they resurrecting the long-dead Sven Co-Op II for Half-Life 2? OR IS THIS PART OF AN ARG FOR HALF-LIFE 3 oh just shoot me.

All we do know is that, back in January, Sven and his team were looking to recruit staff with the following skills for undisclosed reasons:

Character Design
UV unwrapping


In any case, v4.8 also adds co-op support for the Blue Shift campaign, which I suppose has been a long time coming. I think you should all go and play it as one giant happy RPS family. Be sure to smash every door you see – after all these years, you’ve earned it.

Sven Co-Op v4.8 is out now.


  1. Loyal_Viggo says:

    Is that Master Chief on that car?

    • baby snot says:

      Pretty sure it’s a HL2 rebel in a green HEV suit.

      • LionsPhil says:

        I think it’s just the HL1 multiplayer HEV-suit-wearing-the-helmet model. If memory serves you could hue-shift parts of the textures to customize them a bit.

      • Loyal_Viggo says:

        You’re probably right, but I guess you missed Dick Cheney in the lab coat in the bottom left of the screen.

        Explain that one!

        • baby snot says:

          You mean Kleiner?

          • Loyal_Viggo says:

            Is that name he’s going by these days?

            Next thing you’ll say is that it is most certainly not the Karate Kid about to Crane Kick the car.

          • baby snot says:

            Yeah I got nothing on that. HL2 Barney on casual Friday? Dude in SUV looking pretty nonchalant. Just another day in Sven World.

          • Loyal_Viggo says:

            A good summary, but I’d be remiss if I did not point out that Aliens’ Vasquez is just standing in acid-blood, does she not know that’s hazardous to her health?

          • baby snot says:

            Maybe it’s like an anthive?

    • HadToLogin says:

      Probably is, since someone “stole” models from halo and converted them to be usable in Half Life. link to

      • Tokidok says:

        That is absolutely false.

        All models shown in the Above screenshot are just hue-changes on the original HEV and Robotic HEV suits the game shipped with.

        Half Life had these models (that i admit do look like Master Chief’s outfit) a full THREE YEARS before Master chief actually existed. They were models for the multiplayer player-vs-player segment of the game and are by default orange, unless you changed the color sliders in the customize menu.

        • El_Emmental says:

          +1, I was the player always in a green full-HEV suit with the shotgun on HL1 multiplayer :D

          (that was at least a full year before Halo 1 release)

  2. LionsPhil says:

    Holy crap, I expected this mod to be long-dead. It was a crazy amount of fun back in the day. :D

  3. Petethegoat says:

    “final SC mod release”
    “mod release”

    I would buy the heck out of a commercial game in the spirit of sven coop.

  4. PoulWrist says:

    Actually Blake Stone Aliens of Gold had destructable doors. In 1993. So, it only took 1 year.

  5. RedNick says:

    “Added breakable functionality to all door types.”
    That’s 7 words.

  6. Crosmando says:

    I think Half-Life 1 looks better than 2, there’s just just something about the Quake-y style engine and graphics which holds my heart

    • bstard says:

      Thats nostalgia, it happens when people getting really old. I can tell.

      • El_Emmental says:

        No, that’s textures art vs “photorealistic” texture.

        Half-Life 1 couldn’t use photorealistic textures, so the texture artists had to create a believable world, conveying the right emotions, choosing the right colours – if look at the levels, Valve did a fantastic work on the textures, almost none are out of place.

        That’s why older games look “better” than the 2005-2008 games (after that most games dropped the photorealism, or much better implemented it).

    • Syra says:

      Back in my day we didn’t have polygons, you had to finish all the pixels or you went to bed with no gameplay.

  7. Skeleton Key says:

    I never really got into this mod at the time so I may have another go to see why there is still interest after all this time.
    Vampire Slayer and Action Half-Life where my favorite HL mods. I was playing them well after HL2 came out.

    • aiusepsi says:

      Oh, I did love Vampire Slayer. Although I did also have a massive soft spot for Natural Selection. Truely, that was a golden age.

  8. PatrickR says:

    I’m shocked that the phrase doorstruction hasn’t yet come up.

  9. RobF says:

    It’s always Half Life 3. Always.

  10. elevown says:

    I thought the most beautiful words in the world were ‘cellar door’.

  11. outoffeelinsobad says:

    “Half Life 3 is being released today.”

  12. yuri999 says:

    Oh dear god… this is the only CO-OP game that I have ever enjoyed in all my years of gaming. So many creative levels, fun gameplay, enjoyable mechanics and all on an extremely outdated engine. Just proves that its not the graphics that matter but the gameplay. Also, DEUS EX. (go and install it nao!)