Behold! The Graft Of A Million Concept Artists

The fourteenth Final Fantasy game is very pretty. It’s a very pretty MMO, too, which hardly makes it unique, but it does make it very likely contain more swords than the Samurai Blade Library of Scabbard Isle. Some of those swords will be as big as three men. Since this is actually Square’s second attempt at making a fourteenth Final Fantasy game, I wonder if it should be called XIVb? That’ll never catch on.

But here’s something that will always be popular: videos of distinctly over-attractive fantasy words. Below!

27th of August for Realm Reborn fun times! I guess.


  1. Chalky says:

    Since it’s unlikely that this will be particularly good, I hope it’s so bad that we at least get some amusing youtube videos out of it like we did for the last one.

    • ran93r says:

      Been in the beta for about six weekends and although I might be a fanboy, I think anyone with even a passing interest in MMO’s will be pleasantly surprised at the progress they have made. It’s certainly not anything like the previous game, even the polish has polish.
      Obviously I can’t speak for longevity/end game but I have been more than happy with the experience so far.

      • Drayk says:

        The biggest problem I have with this game is that you spend more time running than doing anything else… When you see faster paced game such as, Firefall or Wildstar it seems really boring.

        • Flopper says:

          I’d play it just for the authentic FF music and sound effects.

    • Alextended says:

      The “last one” was pretty good though, assuming you mean the previous Final Fantasy MMORPG, XI, not XIV’s earlier versions. Quite unique if flawed (not like any aren’t).

      • riverman says:

        FFXI was the first and last MMO that held my attention past lvl30. that game was brutal in a way that no other MMO I’ve played was, and frankly, that was a a large part of its charm.

        • bleeps says:

          Too true. It was the Demon’s Souls of MMOs prior to there ever being a Demon’s Souls.

          Having been in the beta for two phases now I can say FFXIV ARR itself isn’t terribly innovative but, as has been said previously, it is tremendously polished. They’ve distilled everything that works in current MMOs into a very pretty and gorgeously lit world. I also think the less than lightspeed pace of the game is a good thing, there’s a lot of atmosphere to absorb in this game.

  2. xavdeman says:

    How come games (and their trailers) from Asian countries always have such “eccentric” fonts and overly emotional music?

    • John Connor says:

      For the same reason they think “revengeance” is a word?

      • Shieldmaiden says:

        Surprisingly enough it is, and has been for quite some time.

        • Ny24 says:

          Is it, though?

          • Shieldmaiden says:

            According to dictionaries and stuff, yes. It’s old and generally out of use though. Probably because it sounds silly.

  3. Niko says:

    Oh look, spawning gro… *ahem* sorry, I feel asleep.

    • The white guar says:

      I actually fell asleep for a minute around 4:00 D:
      I must be getting old.

  4. RedViv says:

    Yes, yes, yes, my prettiness detector definitely says that it has at least 2991 degrees of pretty. I think it overloaded the graphics counter though. Definitely too big a lot of graphics for that poor beast. Must be more than 9000.

  5. Alien426 says:

    Should we tell the developers that people tend to play MMOs on notebooks and mom-computers; and that therefore the more graphically sophisticated titles usually do less well in the market? Or do we assume that they target only young’uns in their basements anyways?

    • Shieldmaiden says:

      I played in the last beta weekend and it actually runs better now than it did in the original beta, and that’s on my 5-6 year old machine which you could probably pick up for 50p and half a Curly Wurly these days.

    • darkath says:

      It runs at 15-20 fps on a intel HD4000 chipset and I5 processor with the lowest settings. Not quite enough but i’ve seen worse for MMOs

      And if you got a laptop graphic cards such as a 640M (which i do have) it will run perfectly fine on medium.

  6. Tuhalu says:

    It was all good until about 3 minutes into the video and then I got confused. Preciously intelligent child-like race with magic yellow-glowing pet that looks suspiciously like a fat rodent? For a second there, I thought they’d slipped in some footage from a Pokemon MMO.

    • Scrooge McDuck says:

      That “fat rodent”, which is not yellow, preceded Pokemon by 5 years.

    • Nestama says:

      Someone doesn’t seem to know what Carbuncle (something which has been in the Final Fantasy series since Final Fantasy V – 1992) is.

  7. Njordsk says:

    Dear lord I hate those “asian” design.

    8 years old girls look alike casting magic with a weird pet, tall overly huge-boobs equipped girls etc…

    I mean around 3:50 this girl is so much ass-whirling I wonder how her spine is stil in place.

    I passed tera because of this, that sucks, and I’ll pass on that one. GW2 was the limit I could handle without getting too much pissed at chara-design.

    • Flappybat says:

      That’s an exaggeration. I’ve been in beta for two months and it’s a lot less sexualised than Tera or Blade And Soul. There’s a few bits of armor more revealing than ones you’d see in WoW but most are as covering as GW2.

      • MobileAssaultDuck says:

        To be fair, I’ve seen porn less sexualized than Tera.

  8. Gap Gen says:

    “distinctly over-attractive fantasy words”


  9. ketsko says:

    Looking forward to dive into the game at release!
    Such an achivement turning this around from 1.0 version. Yoshi-P seems like a really honest and open minded guy. True passion for MMOs and listens to feedback.

  10. -Spooky- says:

    Shiny VFX with shitty gameplay? No thanks.

  11. kael13 says:

    The blue fellow is quite cute and awesome. Can’t say I’d want to play the associated character race, however.

    I hope the game does at least moderately well. I get glum and guilty feelings in my stomach when it seems like the work of so many artists may go largely unnoticed.

  12. Thelps says:

    All that matters to me – ALL that matters, is that the classes are a bit more evenly balanced than FF11. If that’s the case then this will be a much more tactical, reasonably-paced alternative to all the WoW clones out there (yes, it’s a WoW/EQ-type game itself, but the pacing and combat mechanics are all its own).

    Also, I’m detecting a huge amount of hatred for JRPGs here. :Disappointed face:

    • ketsko says:

      Right now there’s two classes for each role, each with different pros and cons but the differences are mostly down to playstyle rather than one being good and the other bad, which was the case in FFXI for however long. For example: tanks are Paladin and Warrior, where PLD is more about mitigating incoming damage and being able to cure him/herself (though this is rather limited at high lv I’d think), whilst doing less damage. WAR is more of a HP-steal/absorb tank that does a bit more damage than PLD but lacks some of the defensive skills.

      As it looks to date the classes are rather balanced and they make sense.

      And yeah RPS readers are not too fond of JRPGs nor MMOs with the word “fantasy” in it, so get used to that :) Each to their own..

      What I really like about FFXIV is the atmosphere. Great music, art, writing e.t.c. The pacing is good as well but I can see a lot of people wanting more of an action-MMO getting bored quickly. Most people probably judge the game before even getting past level 30 with one class. The thing with FFXIV is that levels 1-15 is basically a tutorial where you solo to learn how the game works and the specific classquests actually teach you how to play your class and how you should manage encounters. I read on the official forums for the Beta that people think some classquests are impossible and should be nerfed but the problem is them not paying attention to quests and rushing through things. If they use their abilites and play like they’ve been taught it’s easy.

      Again these are probably the people that want the fastpaced “action-MMO”. Reading quests takes way to long and who cares if I know how to play my class in an MMO where the whole point is to get over obstacles and interact with OTHER players.. ;)

  13. SuicideKing says:

    If Squenix were M$ this would be called FF: One.

  14. MikoSquiz says:

    They keep calling them final fantasies, but there’s always another one. :(

  15. Cryptoshrimp says:

    Fantasy… fantasy… processing plant? Robots? Neon lights?

  16. porps says:

    Sure does look good.. Whats the combat like? Havent played a FF game since FF7 which had some kind of lame turn based spell selection.. im assuming it’s a bit more dynamic now? Also, is there pvp, in particular open world pvp?

  17. aliksy says:

    Looks like combat is a lot of standing in place and trading attacks? Boring.

    • Shieldmaiden says:

      It’s a bit more involved than that, though it doesn’t have active dodging. I was doing a class quest at around level 10 that was impossible without actually reacting to enemy attacks and moving out the way.

    • Nestama says:

      Standing around in one place during the Ifrit fight will get you killed (he and other monsters have attacks you can avoid. Either running behind them or moving out of the AoE circle).

  18. MobileAssaultDuck says:

    Sometimes I think Asian devs went into the future, cracked open my head and took all their art designs from the “looks terrible” part of my brain.

    It’s all subjective of course, but I am just amazed at how Asian art teams manage to make the exact antithesis of what I think looks interesting and cool.

  19. Puffycheeks288 says:

    Played the beta of the game in fact I just alt tabbed out of it to read this article. So far I have been enjoying it tremendously. The game looks amazing, the game play can be altered to your liking, the game is also on PS3 so you could be raiding with someone who is on a controller and the storyline is very detailed and quite brilliant.

    Overall I rate Final Fantasy 14 5 STARS

    If you are already playing the game then make sure you add me.

    World: Cerberus
    Name: Shylex Harvenheit