Out Of The Dark: Loads Of Shadowrun Returns Footage

Kotaku, the grand dame of games blogging, leads me to a Shadowrun Returns Let’s Play. The significant part of that is that the whole thing wasn’t smoke and mirrors. There is a Shadowrun game coming it for the PC. It exists. People are playing it. And I’d imagine that the people at Kickstarter are thrilled that another of their brood is showing signs of life and not honking on the money horn once again. Even more excitingly, people are already building things for it using the level editor. The mission embedded below that LPer Loserific is running through is fan-made. The glorious future of gaming’s past returning to the present has begun.

It looks lovely, and there’s a fair amount of content for a fan mission. You can tell by the questioning tone of the fellow that’s playing that what’s happening is surprising him, which speaks well of the editor and the game’s systems. He’s a man after my own heart: he made a female character, and attempted to flirt his way through the game. Part one is below, and there are more parts here if it intrigues you.

There are other missions out there. The most interesting one is this attempt to recreate the SNES game. That was always going to happen, but the fact that it’s happening before the game has been properly released is wonderful.

When’s it actually out? Ooh! July 25th!


  1. Meat Circus says:

    I want to lick its cyberports.

    • Bhazor says:

      I’d jack its deck port

      • S Jay says:

        Are you going to use protection, like a firewall or antivirus?

    • nowako05 says:

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  2. cocoleche says:

    >Kotaku, the grand dame of games blogging,

    u wot m8

  3. Discopanda says:

    As a person who backed this kickstarter and many others, let me just say on behalf of the rest of us to Jordan Weisman and Harebrained Schemes, EFF YOU for delaying this game a month, because I really want to play it and my life is moderately less enjoyable for the wait.

    • Lars Westergren says:

      Maybe you just meant that jokingly, but this is the second time in a short time I’ve seen people saying “Fuck you on behalf of all backers…” Please stop that. You don’t speak for all of us.

      Edit: Ah, just saw your reply. So, joking then.

      • Discopanda says:

        If you go back even further, you can see my response to that guy where I told him to write a personal letter of apology to Tim Schafer. ^_^

  4. RedViv says:

    Good gods. It’s full of grand!

  5. Snidesworth says:

    Something to watch on the commute home, I think. Really looking forward to this, hopefully it’ll turn out well. Fan created content should give it quite a bit of longevity. Especially if Harebrained makes good on their promise to bring the best fan created content to the Android version at a later date.

  6. Anthile says:

    Can we expect a WIT before release? It looks good but I’m really not sold on it being a good RPG.

  7. Lars Westergren says:

    This is awesome. Unlike Discopanda, I don’t mind the delays. Give me a polished game any day.

    > And I’d imagine that the people at Kickstarter are thrilled that another of their brood is showing signs of life and not honking on the money horn once again.

    Is RPS going to continue for a long time with these sarcastic jabs against Double Fine whenever Kickstarter or adventures are mentioned? I thought being negative nannies was the job of us, the commenters. :P

    • Discopanda says:


      • The Random One says:

        A delayed game is only delayed for a while, a good game is good forever, but a game on time allows me to more effectively stave off the realization that my life is a series of meaningless distractions and none will remember me after my inevitable demise.

    • Grayvern says:

      The jibes take on a distasteful tone in light of a lot of other sites, often disingenuous, coverage of the situation and how people who write for/ run game centric sites have their privileged position threatened by kickstarter.

      kickstarter robs game critics of their privilege in a much less morally assailable way than pre-orders and bonuses and it also infringes on their role in information dissemination, doing so in their own demographic of engaged consumers.

      The affected paternal concern in many quarters is frankly insulting to many backers who fully comprehend the inherent risk that backing a project entails.

      Not to mention that ridiculing a developer for being open leaves a bad impression.

      • InternetBatman says:

        That and Shadow Run Returns did the exact same thing Doublefine did. They had a plan, got way more money than they expected. Promised two campaigns in response to the extra money. Didn’t have the money/time to make two campaigns, and are splitting it up and using the money from the first to make the second. They were just a bit less open about the financial state and when they reduced scope (like the matrix).

        I backed both and I’ve been happy with both (although I won’t have time to make a module in Shadowrun because they changed the release date).

        • Emeraude says:

          They were just a bit less open about the financial state and when they reduced scope (like the matrix).

          To be fair, would need to recheck the exact chronology, but as far as I remember, they did not reduce the matrix, it was announced from the start that it would only be an overlay.

          In the end, they even delivered more than what was originally promised on that front, as in the end the game does have full Matrix segments.

      • WrenBoy says:

        There is nothing wrong with the game being delayed but to call them open is extremely generous.

        The promises made during the kickstarter were not kept. While all projects have risks and Kickstarter backers are inherently exposed to them, unkept promises become outright lies when the developers do not admit to them and even claim they kept all backer promises.

      • InternetBatman says:

        I think that’s an overstatement, but the pissy creators should make their updates public argument was pretty good proof.

    • aurious says:

      I’d have to say the HBS has done more to anger their backers with the DRM and steam issues than Doublefine has with delays. And from the way backers are questioning new products they’ve done more to make potential backers wary.

      I’ve backed both and I’m more than happy with both, but… y’know… balance.

      Edit: other projects, not products.

      • Tacroy says:

        Good grief, it seems like no satisfying Shadowrun fans at all.

        • Emeraude says:

          To be honest, it has made me a lot more wary before jumping into a project.

          See Satellite Reign’s FAQ. I read:

          “Will Satellite Reign have DRM?

          The option of DRM-Free versions of Satellite Reign will be available to all backers.”

          and immediately, I wonder whether that’s meant to say the end product won’t be available DRM free for non backers.

          • aldo_14 says:

            I would imagine it’s referring to the fact that selling through sites like Steam entails mandatory DRM; that you can’t (for example) buy it off of Steam and also get a DRM-free version.

          • InternetBatman says:

            Selling through steam doesn’t even mean mandatory DRM. Plenty of Steam games just download the whole thing, and you can launch in or out of Steam.

          • WrenBoy says:

            I had an identical reaction to that line. I backed Satellite Reign purely because they promise to release via Gog which means DRM free.

            If it turns out that its Steam DRM only and that its the same slimy lies as Shadowrun Returns I will be pissed as fuck. I trust them enough to pay twenty bucks on their word though.

          • PegasusOrgans says:

            You Shadowrun Returns haters overvalue your measly 20$ contribution. Thankfully there’s very few of you, so you guys leaving won’t be too much of a hit. But you guys will complain, even if you don’t back a project because you feel entitled.

          • Emeraude says:

            I want to believe you’re trolling, but as always, there is probably be no need to explain with malice what stupidity can perfectly account for.

            Try to read the posts before commenting on them, at the very least ?

        • Bagpuss says:

          What has being a fan of ‘x’ got to do with not wanting to be shafted or lied at?

        • Nick says:

          I’m perfectly satisfied, thanks.

      • Snidesworth says:

        Yeah, the DRM issue is a big thing. While it’s apparently a license holder issue, with said license holder demanding DRM for anything not promised in the Kickstarters, it’s a kick in the teeth for those who want DRM free copies as they won’t have access to later expansions.

        • WrenBoy says:

          Its even worse than that in my opinion. I would like that more games were released DRM free and so only back projects which promise to release DRM free games. The more games which are released DRM free the more this will become a normal way of releasing games.

          If the game is not available to purchase DRM free then I feel cheated even if I get a personal DRM free copy.

      • PegasusOrgans says:

        QQ moar!! God damn, I’m SICK SICK SICK TO DEATH of all the moaning by backers, or, more commonly, NON BACKERS that Shadowrun Returns is on Steam! ON NOES! You’ll buy hundreds of games off Steam, but god forbid a developer gets forced to put a game on Steam because they don’t own the license.

        I’m gonna play the hell out of this and be able to ignore the whining a-holes, but sadly HBS can’t. In fact, they’re forced to believe you guys are a sizeable force, rather than a small but very vocal (and sad) minority.

        • Emeraude says:

          I don’t know what is more annoying, the people crying murder at the DRM bit, or your complete disregard and incomprehension (the two obviously being related – see your Conquistador/Steam comment below) of the issue.

          As a pissed backer myself – but one who certainly didn’t find it fair to ask for a refund – I don’t see how it is so hard to understand that:

          a) Some of us hoped to foster an alternative ecosystem free of all what we deem bullshit from the modern industry. Among which some publishers practices, yes, and mandatory clients. And as such are disappointed by the turn of event.

          b) Many of us find it necessary to make the issue know. Bad publicity – as long as it remains honest and fair – is a necessary answer to that issue.
          I hope HBS never has to make use of Kickstarter again, but if they do, they’ll have to live up to how they managed this campaign. All the good and the bad.

          • PegasusOrgans says:

            They managed it quite well. The fact I might be denied another Shadowrun RPG because of whining from the likes of you saddens me terribly. Sure, it would have been great if they could have released a full alternative DRM free solution that allowed all future DLC and player generated content but, as it stands, they did what they could with a very strict license holder in Microsoft.

            You technically do get to play the main game and Berlin expansion DRM free from their site (as long as you backed enough for that) but it doesn’t include all the Steam goodies for obvious reasons. Why go on and on attacking a studio making a great game for an issue that most games get a pass on (seriously, how many games don’t appear on Steam?).

            As for the whole DRM crusade, I was around for the real DRM issues back 10-15 years ago. Shit like StarForce, shit that was practically on the level of viruses and rootkits that could and did destroy computers. That is where the anti-DRM fight began. It just spiraled into lunacy today. It is parroted by ppl who don’t know the first thing about real DRM woes. The kind where you could have serious issues getting games to run. Steam is BARELY DRM in the way we old timers know DRM. If we all had Steam level DRM, it would never had become a “thing” to rail against DRM. We’d have said “who cares?” and kept gaming. Seriously, Steam is no big deal. You cannot equate Steam to Starforce.

          • Emeraude says:

            You cannot equate Steam to Starforce.

            I don’t need to. To each its own set of attached problems, to be dealt with accordingly.
            I was there *before* Starforce, up to 30 years ago. DRM/copy protection has always been an issue in one form or another – though for the most part it remained benign for the customers in earlier years.
            Again, many of us were against Steam from inception. The fact that a third party can make itself a mandatory layer between one and one’s games after one has paid for them is unacceptable to some of us – making it little different from one of the rootkit you seem to vilify, only with things being done upfront*.

            You technically do get to play the main game and Berlin expansion DRM free from their site

            What part of “alternative ecosystem” do you refuse to understand ? We did not pre-order a game. We backed a project. Which we understood would end up delivering a DRM free game on the market.
            As such we feel the way things have unfolded is quite unsatisfactory, HBS keeping to the letter of their word at best, but not the spirit.

            *Tangential – and in all honesty only related in that weird way the brain makes seemingly haphazard connections past 5AM – but I am reminded of how things evolved in the US regarding privacy: the government got caught red-handed several time doing some illegal and unethical surveillances in the past ten years… so the law was changed to make things legal. Which is one measure of progress I guess.

    • Premium User Badge

      Ninja Dodo says:

      Seconded. I generally appreciate the irreverent tone of the site but in the context of the completely unjustified hate being piled on top Doublefine all over the internet (for the crime of being honest) this sarcasm seems in incredibly poor taste… kicking when they’re down as it were. I thought RPS was better than this.

      • Wisq says:

        for the crime of being honest

        I’ve gotten the impression that a lot of people feel that Doublefine only got into the current situation because they didn’t plan properly (or perhaps even lied) at the start. Thus, they feel that being honest now doesn’t excuse them for not being honest back then when it mattered more.

        I didn’t back it (missed it), and I’m generally neutral about the whole thing, but I’m just saying what I’ve seen from others.

        • Premium User Badge

          Ninja Dodo says:

          Most of the people complaining forget that when the kickstarter went way over the goal they completely re-scoped the concept to be worthy of backers’ now 3 mil expectations. If they had delivered a 300K game on time and on budget and pocketed the difference there would’ve been more outrage than there is now.
          I don’t think anyone crying that they want the 300K game they paid for right now actually realizes what they are asking or has any idea what making a game with a medium-sized studio actually costs.

          Scheduling creative projects is not an exact science. It’s the reason most games studios are still failing to prevent crunch.
          If you make a game that’s not an iterative sequel or well-understood formula there are many things that can take longer than expected. So you either move the deadline or compromise on quality, or scope.

          How many games can you name that were never delayed? The only difference here is transparency. I’d rather have the game they intended later than something not as good right now.

          • PegasusOrgans says:

            The whiners are incapable of individual thought. They congregate and have massive wank parties about how every developer owes them everything they can imagine. Nothing is ever good enough, but I guess that’s a common theme on the internet. It’s also one of the reasons I interact less and less with the drooling hordes. The internet used to not be this annoying and sad… really, it was quite a bit less pathetic before it became accessible to every idiot with a playstation or cell phone.

        • aurious says:

          A lot of people seem to have missed that the double fine project was for a documentary about Double fine designing and building a game from scratch.

          Seeing the project get into this situation and the sort of discussions and decisions involved is the project.

          Admittedly, most of the stuff backers are really enthused about is locked away for backers only, but that was part of the reward.

          But this is the wrong place… Shadow Run is coming!

        • Xocrates says:

          The documentary makes it rather obvious than what happened was that they started working on the game, but only realized how long it would take after the team had been on it for a while, which gave them essentially two choices: cut back the scale or get the rest of the money themselves (keep in mind this was months ago, so it was still reasonable to significantly re-scope the project).

          They chose the latter, because they would much rather deliver a bigger and better game, and so far they seem to be doing a good job getting (most of) the necessary funds.

          That people are attacking them for this is, quite frankly, bizarre.

          • Premium User Badge

            Ninja Dodo says:

            Yup, the documentary is phenomenal.

          • Caiman says:

            Anyone who has watched the documentary from the start would hopefully agree that DoubleFine have been as transparent as possible about this whole thing. Anyone who hasn’t seen those docs and comes into the story without any background information is likely to accuse them of not being transparent and deceiving us all. Amazing what background information can do for your opinion, right? DF has done exactly what they said they’d do with the original pitch, develop a game and have us along for the ride for better or worse. It’s already one of the best games I’ve ever put money into, and will be even if it crashes and burns.

          • PegasusOrgans says:

            The people attacking them need to get a hobby… or find a purpose to live for instead of obsessing over the actions of a game they donated 20 bucks to… imagine if you obsessed over EVERY 20 dollar expense??

      • Mad Hamish says:

        ” I thought RPS was better than this.”

        that should be a bloody catch phrase around here I’ve seen it so much. Everyone seems to think their own idea of what RPS is is cannon . They’re only lightly taking the piss out of a current blown out of proportion scandal. And there’s never any shortage of them. If anything about RPS needs the change it’s the commenters that needs to lighten up(and cut down on the puns).

  8. Scoops says:

    I always wondered why they didnt make the mechanics for fighting the same as the SNES. Way more exciting than turn based grid stuff… Still going to play the shit outta this though.

    • rustybroomhandle says:

      Nothing is more exciting than turn-based grid stuff… except turn-based hexagon stuff.

    • InternetBatman says:

      Magic didn’t work that well in the SNES version. The idea of finding components to learn spells was cool, but there were too few spells. Summoning was an incredible oversimplification. The party mechanics were kind of crap. The lack of logical progression meant that it was easy to make mistakes leveling up, and the only cure for that was grinding. The game was very offensively focused too.

      I liked the game quite a lot, but that doesn’t mean it’s without its flaws.

    • Nick says:

      The snes game is great, but the combat in it really isn’t.

  9. Cross says:

    I am honking on my money horn, but nothing happens. Feed me!

  10. Sparkasaurusmex says:

    Is this going to be like NWN where the only good campaigns are user made and the game itself just ships with a sort of “placeholder” campaign and toolset?
    Sort of rhetorical, I guess. I hope there’s a good story “in box” as it were.

  11. Emeraude says:

    Despite the disappointments, and the fact I’m going to keep out of the user generated side of things for the great majority, I am still eagerly waiting for this.
    Was worth backing.

    Hell, even bought some Blue Mountain for the occasion. Going to get some nice sleepless nights I hope.

  12. Bagpuss says:

    Pissed me off that they were making promises they ultimately had no intentions of keeping.

    DRM Free…….. for the first one only, for a limited time then DRM with everything courtesy of the contract they had ALREADY SIGNED with MS.

    Not nice to lie to your fans/supporters/PEOPLE WHO GAVE YOU MONEY, HBS… Quite underhanded :<

    At least there was no hassle getting my refund when this news was pissed down on us from on high.

    • AlienMind says:

      I recommend you give Expeditions Conquistador a whirl. It’s not using the Shadowrun universe but it has a varying story depending on your interactions and good turnbased combat, and it’s also a recently completed KS game which honored all their agreements (for example: no drm and release date). It’s on GOG.

      • Bagpuss says:

        “which honored all their agreements”

        This is quite enough to get me to support.. $19.99 paid and added to my ever expanding GOG collection.

        Thank you for the recommendation… now I just need to find the time to play it.

        Death before dishonour.

      • PegasusOrgans says:

        This is EXACTLY what I’m talking about. You guys that complain about Shadowrun being on Steam are completely 100% full of shit. Expeditions Conquistador is without DRM? Please, it’s on Steam! WTF! There is 0 difference except that it’s cool to rag on Shadowrun so every asshat is doing it. Following the herd like the mindless ovine creatures they are.

        • Bagpuss says:

          Pu-lease. And the DRM thing was the only fuck up they made right?

          Want me to rhyme it all off .. again? It’s all been said all ready.

          What about the bullshit about the second campaign?.. Yeah, fuck those who back a physical copy, eh?

          Keep your snippy bullshit to yourself.. HBS pulled a bait and switch… and they fucking knew it from the beginning, they’d already signed the contract with MS before the KS started.. they KNEW it would be limited DRM-free.. did they fucking tell anyone til they’d ponied up?

          HBS was full of shit right from the beginning.. making promises they knew they couldn’t keep.. that’s why I got a refund.. not because of the issue itself, but because of the lies and silence round it.

          • Emeraude says:

            Honestly, part of me kinda thinks they didn’t even realize this would be an issue until the shitstorm started. Many developers don’t seem to acknowledge/understand the situation some people have in regard to Steam.

            Then confronted with it, under the pressure, they reacted, in my opinion, rather poorly.

            Which is sad, because for the most part, I am pretty satisfied with HBS; I think, from what we’ve seen so far, that they did a great job given the conditions.

          • Bagpuss says:

            Emeraude, I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t think it would all hit the fan.. especially when the decision effectively split the fan base and the ability for user made mods, which is what it was all about for a lot of people.

            Even saying it wasn’t such a big thing.. in that case why weren’t they straight from the beginning.. it was never going to be DRM free….. just the first one, and even the second campaign, which should have been part of the original release, was going to be saddled with steam.

            I’ll buy steam if I know what I’m getting into, but I absolutely refuse to be hoodwinked into it…and if you wanted the full game, everything that you’d backed for.. you were being forced to use steam.. it wasn’t nice at all.

          • Emeraude says:

            I find it hard to believe that they wouldn’t think it would all hit the fan.. especially when the decision effectively split the fan base

            That’s the thing though: I don’t think they even considered the possibility that people would *refuse* to make use of the Steam-bundled game. Hell, the way I see it, they probably even thought the news of the Steam integration would be for the most part *well* received.

            Call me naive, but given some talks I’ve had with people working in the industry, I can totally see that.

          • PegasusOrgans says:

            You probably have a massive Steam library, but it’s cool to hate on HBS so you jump on the wagon. How sad you must be. You think giving them 20$ and then getting a REFUND still gives the right to whine incessantly! But you’ll pay 60$ for a game full of DRM and smile happily, because, hey no one else is complaining about that 60$ game….

          • Emeraude says:


            Might be difficult for you to process, but some of us have been against Steam since its inception, and have since then flat out refused to make use of the “service”.

            As for your ignoring the other points raised, to use your own language: you think funding (or even just not being economically linked to, for all we know) a project gives you the right to antagonize and flat out disregard any critic regarding said project ?

          • Bagpuss says:

            PegasusOrgans, deleted.

            It’s not even worth arguing with you.

          • Bagpuss says:

            Emeraud. What really hurt for a lot of people, and I was in this camp too up to a point, was that the release break between steam and standalone instantly null and voided a lot of what was hyped for the game… Originally we were supposed to be able to be able to use other players characters as a team, that didn’t happen either. and then when it was found out that the mods wouldn’t be usable universally… standalone wasn’t compatible with steam and then the ‘second’ campaign, which really should have been part of the original release, was steam only, effectively destroying any chance of the full game being drm free.. the roof blew off.

            So tbh I’m really not sure, if as you say, why they wouldn’t be fully aware that people wouldn’t be happy.. it was a huge change in the end. They even used the DRM-free hype as a call to arms, so they certainly knew there that a lot of people were getting it for that reason.

          • Emeraude says:


            Oh I do know, and felt the sting. There’s a reason I mostly removed myself from the community. No point investing time when I’m basically programmed to be thrown out of it in due time.

            Just because I am trying to remain fair doesn’t mean I am not pissed.

          • Bagpuss says:


            Ah, lol, fair enough mate.. I just guess I’m a little less forgiving….Ok, A LOT less. ;)

        • Bagpuss says:

          wrong reply line. :/

    • Caiman says:

      Already signed with MS? Citation please? I’d like to see what really happened here, the internet bullshit filter is unreliable.

      • Bagpuss says:

        Go check their statement when the news broke.. it’s in THEIR forum, I’m not going to do your work for you..research it yourself, why should I be the one who stops you looking like an asshole when you post crap like this.

        • PegasusOrgans says:

          You’re the one looking like an asshole for obsessing over something that does not affect your well being one bit. You are just another entitled gamer who thinks they have the right to dictate everything to a developer. God forbid your 20$ donation doesn’t buy you power over life and death.

          Seriously, GET OVER IT. It makes you seem like you have no life they way you obsess over a game you aren’t even helping fund.

          • Bagpuss says:

            Actually YOU seem to be the one obsessing.

            I have a reason to be angry… you’re just angry at me being angry. Who’s the asshole now?

          • WrenBoy says:

            Youre spamming the thread with fanboy outrage and then you claim everyone else is obsessing.


          • Bagpuss says:

            Wouldn’t that be anti-fanboy rage?

            And since when is replying to those posting to me, spamming? I thought spamming was multitudes of individual posts not particularly aimed at anyone. If spamming is simply replying in a conversation then isn’t virtually everything spamming?

          • WrenBoy says:

            I wasnt replying to you. I would have made that clearer but your reply didnt exist when I started typing.

          • Bagpuss says:

            Sorry Wrenboy, my bad.

            Aren’t I glad it was a civil reply. ;)

      • Emeraude says:

        From the “What’s the Deal with DRM-free and Other Questions” update:

        link to kickstarter.com

        We said that post-Berlin Campaign DLC would only be available on Steam but we never said why. We regret the omission. The reason is that our license to develop Shadowrun Returns actually requires that the game and its DLC be distributed under DRM. This didn’t come up earlier because the situation was complicated by the number of parties involved in the license and because the process was “ongoing”. Ultimately, we were able to successfully negotiate an exception with Microsoft for us to provide our Backers with a DRM-free version of the Kickstarter rewards (specifically the game and the Berlin Campaign) but that exception does not extend to non-reward DLC. So unfortunately, we cannot sell or give away DRM-free versions of the game or DLC on stores like GoG, and that’s why any future Shadowrun Returns DLC will only be available for purchase on Steam.

        Having faced the issue myself, I have a feeling this might have to do with both sides reaching an oral agreement only to realize upon signing that they did not exactly mean the same thing at the time of talking things out.

    • PegasusOrgans says:

      I’m sure your 20$ donation will be sorely missed by HBS, but please keep complaining about them despite getting a refund, loser.

  13. yuri999 says:

    I still can’t get over the fact that the game doesn’t have a proper save system. Damn you, HBS…

    • Bagpuss says:

      The campaign of tragedy that this release has become.. and that is what annoys you? :/

      • Core says:

        Also there is no inventory system, all weapons have infinite ammo, and there are no lootable corpses or containers etc..

        • Unrepentant says:

          That… that is simply not true. Well, the infinite ammo (with reloads like the new XCOM) is true, I’ve houseruled ammo consumption away in the games I’ve run anyway. It adds nothing to the game except people running melee and magic builds so that they don’t have to spend anything on ammo (gamers are stingy with money). More importantly, if you simply watched the video provided in the article to which you are replying, you would see both a functional inventory and lootable containers. HBS said that they don’t have much looting in the main campaign because that’s not what Shadowrun is about. But the capability to loot objects and receive loot from killing enemies is shown off by the fan made module that was posted. I feel like just with DoubleFine, the angriest are the least informed.

          • PegasusOrgans says:

            Absolutely. Shadowrun Returns looks to live up to almost every backers dream.

    • JiminyJickers says:

      I agree, their excuse for not including it sounded a bit daft to me.

      It still looks decent though and I will probably pick it up.

    • LionsPhil says:

      I’ve apparently missed a lot about this game’s recent development turns.

  14. Jason Lutes says:

    I pre-ordered and am really looking forward to playing, but I am a tad disappointed that, even though a firefight breaks out on the bus, the player could still talk to NPCs as if nothing was happening. I hope it’s just an oversight on the part of the user who made the scenario, and not a limitation of the toolset. If violent action is going down nearby, I’d prefer that dialogue with NPCs reflect that fact somehow.

    • jonahcutter says:

      I think there might be some immersion-breaking corners cut in this game. There’s no destructible cover either I think. So be prepared to hurl high explosives and rockets at someone hiding behind a sofa and leave nary a scratch on the furniture.

      Still very much looking forward to it. But it would be nice to see the surrounding world (npcs and objects) somewhat react to the hyper-violent actions going on.

    • Calabi says:

      What? I thought that was one of the best parts. Your always locked out of conversations in turn based games or where they have a combat mode. Do people lose the power of speech when combat hits?

      • Jason Lutes says:

        Um, no, which is why I wrote, “I’d prefer if dialogue with NPCs would reflect that somehow,” instead of, “I’d prefer if you couldn’t talk to NPCs during combat.”

        In the video, while people are being shot at and killed around her, the PC initiates a conversation with an NPC that has about 8 different dialogue options (awesome!), all of which revolve around them meeting and getting to know each other (not awesome!).

        BLAM! BLAM!

        “Hi, I’m Diamondback. I’ve never been to Seattle before. Nice to meetcha.”


        “[Compassionate] I’m glad to meet you, Diamondback. Where are you from?”

        BLAM BLAM!

    • Emeraude says:

      As far as I can tell, this is not a limitation of the toolset, since you can trigger different reactions depending on whether you are or not in combat.

  15. Crosmando says:

    The lack of looting and a proper inventory system is very disappointing, as is the fact that they scrapped stealth. But hey at least it’s coming out at all.

    • saluk says:

      With all the negative talk, the video didn’t look as bad as I thought. Inventory system seemed sufficient if not ideal, and the player was getting loot from downed enemies even though the corpses aren’t lootable. I mean, it’s pretty close to functionally equivalent to what I want, if not exactly what I want.

  16. Sardukar says:

    Game looks really fun,mostly glad I backed it. Wish they’d been clearer about the DRM and save issues first, but if they had, might not have backed it. So…job done, I guess?

    Also, I get a cool T-Shirt! Yes!

  17. Bobka says:

    This is it, isn’t it? The first big-budget Kickstarter to actually launch. I hope it does the practice justice.

    Also because I’ve already invested in it.