Glasswing Reveal The Good Looks Of Insection

RPS chum PixelProspector (visit his site!) sends word of a promising-looking indie 4-player FPS called Insection. Well, they call it INSECTION, but that seems gratuitous to me. Anyway, I say ‘indie’, because I know it’s by Greek studio Glasswing, and that they need money via Kickstarter, but the execution of this seems more like top notch, big studio stuff. Seriously, go take a look at the video below: this is shiny sci-fi combat like the used to make. It’s action-movie handsome, and instantly set my deathmatch glands aflaring. I think this could be interesting!

They’re looking for £280,000 funding:


  1. buzzfocus07 says:

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  2. MykulJaxin says:

    Regrettably I downvoted this one on Steam over the weekend. It just looked like another Unreal Engine 3-esque game with minimal to no tweaks in the typical shooter formula. I suppose this is one (of the many, apparently) issues with Greenlight: there’s too much stuff to sort through and after seeing a lot of redundancy I just started making split second judgments based on how unique the idea appears in text and screenshot. Phrases like “Old-school” or “Retro” make me wary- Is this some clown looking to make a quick game to cash in on or do they really have something to say? Or maybe I’m just a tool. But I have rated everything on Greenlight. Maybe that’s the real game for me. I’ll go look at this again since my friends at RPS are talking about it.

  3. trjp says:

    Game isn’t my cuppa but TEN THUMBS UP for Pixel Prospectors site which is absolutely amazing

    The lists of dev resources etc. he keeps are invaluable – one of the best sites I’ve ever seen for developers…

  4. Tei says:

    Well, the translation from artwork to 3D models is decent enough. A bit wooded the character faces. The animations could be better. Its this a in-engine cgi?

    The idea looks a lot like Borderlands. Do this game have some idea that separate it from Bordelands?