Hotline Miami 2 Footage! Also, A Talking Chicken

Next I want a game where we play as Hotline Miami's janitor.

Hotline Miami 2 is a real thing with real dreams and real hopes and real (read: thankfully fictional) depictions of some really fucked up shit. But honestly, why should you believe me? So far, I’ve only been able to produce a burbling gore fountain of words and a psychedelic, extra-scrambly teaser. Where’s the meat? Maybe I’m crazy. Maybe I’m just making the whole thing up. But hah, joke’s on you because Eurogamer‘s produced nearly five minutes of gameplay footage, with commentary provided by an endlessly clucking man in a chicken mask. See? I can’t be crazy if everyone around me is even crazier. Watch the full thing after the break.

Shockingly, Hotline Miami 2 looks quite a bit like Hotline Miami. This is a snippet of the demo I already tried out, and I can safely say that it’s still pretty great. Environmental detail’s been stepped up a few dingy, dirty, cocaine-y notches, and new character powers – like the ability to choose your starting point by leaping through windows – intrigue.

It’s coming out later this year. Will you answer the call of… well hm, certainly not duty. Uh, really fucked up shit?


  1. DonDrapersAcidTrip says:

    But does it have really fucked up shit?

    • buzzfocus07 says:

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  2. Jerppa says:

    What a clucking piece of chick.

  3. Cross says:

    “Top-down f*ck ’em up”. Best description of Hotline Miami i ever heard. Also, make it a genre!

  4. Goodtwist says:


  5. lowprices says:

    I completed the original recently, and even though I don’t have the patience to replay the game hunting for the secrets, I’m ready for new, more varied ultraviolence.

    … It’s very difficult to talk appreciatively about this game without sounding like a psychopath.

    • mouton says:

      This is a game where I laugh maniacally aloud while playing. So there.

  6. Innovacious says:

    Game looks like more of the same, which is good. Shame the interview gimmick was terrible and brought the whole video down.

  7. junsumoney says:

    I don’t like the font. I liked the classy aesthetic of the first one. Oh well, I hope Hotline Miami 2 is good.

  8. jrodman says:

    Irrelevant to this article really, but I think it *might* be okay down here, so many comments in.

    Am I alone in finding the ultraviolence more than a little repulsive?

    I don’t claim others are all terrible people for having different reactions, but I have trouble coming to grips with this evoking glee.

    • iucounu says:

      I think the whole point of Hotline: Miami is to play on the edge between exulting in the violence and feeling repulsed by it. You’re intended to have trouble with it.

    • junsumoney says:

      Hotline Miami is intentionally trying to invoke dissonance between the fun gameplay and the horrible nature of your actions. When I was playing, I was having fun, trying to figure out the most efficient way of getting through the building. After finishing the level, the music shuts off suddenly and there’s an eery ambiance as you walk back through the corpse-ridden apartment with blood and gore scattered everywhere.

    • Pender says:

      I’m sure you’re not alone, but I was surprised at how much it felt like it added to the first game. It’s a very specific edgy/methamphetamish aesthetic that the game is going for (and absolutely nails) — the animal masks, fluorescent color palette, frenetic gameplay, coked-out plot and sloshing oceans of ultraviolence all really worked well together. I’m usually not a fan of violence in video games, because it usually feels tacked-on and boorish… but in H:M, I honestly think it would be a lesser game without it.

    • Shooop says:

      As far as I gather from all the commentary (since I haven’t played it), the violence is an integral part of the game actually. They want you to be torn between being thrilled and being disturbed.

    • jrodman says:

      Overall, I think the difference for me is that I’m only disturbed, and not thrilled.

      I guess I feel better knowing that it’s disturbing for everyone. Thanks.

      • LennyLeonardo says:

        I quite like being disturbed by entertainment, but there’s a very fine line between genuinely disturbing and needlessly over the top. I think everything else around the violence in H:M helps to make it the former, but I can see how other might disagree.

  9. Tefrian says:

    I loved Hotline Miami but these developers are ridiculously lazy. I was annoyed when they started making a sequel when the original still had a load of bugs but the fact that the sequel is exactly the same is just a slap in the face -.-

    • Dominic White says:

      This sequel was meant to be DLC, and they announced it within about a week of the original releasing. It grew a bit beyond the original design so they’ve split it off into being a whole standalone game. It’s hardly news, though, or a surprise betrayal.

      Also, you might want to give the game another look. A second team came in to port HLM to a new engine – whatever long-standing bugs the game had back then are probably gone now, if you use the Beta build: link to

      • Tefrian says:

        Wow, thanks for the info and the link. Clearly, I need to pay more attention to this game :P

  10. Shooop says:

    I’m starting to get interested in this one which is strange because I wasn’t really interested in the first game.

    I blame that hypnotic music.

  11. Initialised says:

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