Cube World Woes Continue With DDoS Attacks

Look at how sad you've made this cube person, DDoS attackers. FEEL BAD.

I don’t think it’s much of an exaggeration to say that everyone on this decidedly spherical planet wants Cube World. And given that we live in an era of limitless digital bounty, you’d think they’d all be able to zap it into their homes on glorious beams of cyberlightning in fairly short order. Day one, however, saw Cube World’s store servers wobble and lurch under incredible strain, and they’ve been up, down, and pretty much all around ever since. But that, as it turns out, is only one side of the story. That other? People being awful for no real apparent reason, of course! Developer Wollay’s come under a series of apparently timed, targeted DDoS (denial of service) attacks, necessitating frequent server downtime. Details after the break.

Wollay was frank and to-the-point about the situation on Cube World’s website:

“Our server is getting attacked by denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks on a regular basis. The attacks usually occur in the evening and at night (European time). Because of that we have to disable user registrations and the shop from time to time, and you will get the message about ‘Server Maintenance.'”

“We will try to find a solution as soon as possible.”

Meanwhile, Wollay told Kotaku that his tiny team (just he and his wife) were blindsided by the attacks, but they’re working as quickly as possible to reinforce their server setup and put an end to Cube World’s woeful early days.

Jeez, though, what an ugly situation. I have no idea what people hope to accomplish by launching a ruthless campaign against a small game developer (of what I’m hearing is a rather good game, no less), but here we are. Who all has gotten a chance to download this cubest of worlds? How are you finding it?


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  1. Tom Walker says:

    Wait, spambots can get married? That's just degrading to the institution.

    It's not natural, I tell you.
  1. razgon says:

    I’d say Cube Worlds biggest problem is, that its not a minecraft clone, despite looking a bit like it. From various sites where I’ve seen the game discussed, this is often brought up, and its not at all a builder game like Minecraft, but more of an action rpg , with no limits.

    Its also very cute, very good, and very interesting for a game being in alpha – Can’t wait to see what will come of it later on!

    • Lobotomist says:

      It should be as Terraria was to minecraft.

      A RPG , but with minecraft sandbox possibilities built in.

      • razgon says:

        Why should it be what you want it to be? Its great as it is, and its NOT a builder.

        • Sheng-ji says:

          It does seem odd that they have built it from voxels but don’t take advantage of voxels greatest strength, the ability for the player to modify the world and build in it?

          • razgon says:

            I think people are mistaken what Voxel based engines are – Crysis, and crysis 2 and 3 was built using a voxel engine with height mapping as well ;-)

            As I wrote, its biggest issue is that it LOOKS like a minecraft game – And who knows, maybe down the road some sort of world modification will be part of the game, but its not currently and people should come to terms with it, instead of trying to make the game into something its not :-)

          • Sheng-ji says:

            As one of the devs from novalogic, and one of the creators of the engine delta force was built on, I know exactly what a voxel engine is. Do you?

            I’m not saying that it’s not a good game – I have literally no idea, what I’m saying is that a voxel engine is by far the most difficult and obfuscated way of achieving the game they have created. Why did they choose that method in the face of better ways without including the only advantage voxel based engines have?

          • razgon says:

            Good for you that your Epeen is that big! Now point it somewhere else!

            Edit: and now you edited your post to make it sensible and less antagonistic! Anyways, I have no idea why they choose that particular type of engine. I suspect its something he’s talked about somewhere, but I only started paying attention to the game recently, so I have no idea why that particular choice was made.

          • Ninja Foodstuff says:

            The first voxel-based game I can think of was a helicopter sim in the 90s (though I use the “sim” lightly, and it might actually have been “voxel spacing” rather than pure voxels). Commanche, I think it was.

          • razgon says:

            Yeah, Outcast was heavily marketed as a Voxel game as well I remember.

          • Sheng-ji says:

            ” I have no idea why they choose that particular type of engine.”

            Thanks for your valuable opinion.

            Won’t be editing this post either ;)

            EDIT: Ok I will to point out that I changed no content in my previous post, I merely added to the bottom of it. The antagonism is still there in all it’s disappointing glory, but it’s interesting you edited the reply to my first post to remove the bit where you insinuate that I know nothing of voxel engines, which prompted me to tell you exactly how much I knew about them. Classy.

          • Njordsk says:

            Ah delta Force !

            Good ‘ol time. I spent afternoon shooting at little pixels in the desert. That was fun.

          • Lemming says:

            Outcast in an open-world RPG made with voxels. The ‘pixel look’ is merely an art-direction that is, by the way, not much like Minecraft when you see it side-by-side. There’s a level of detail here, for a start.

          • razgon says:

            “EDIT: Ok I will to point out that I changed no content in my previous post, I merely added to the bottom of it. The antagonism is still there in all it’s disappointing glory, but it’s interesting you edited the reply to my first post to remove the bit where you insinuate that I know nothing of voxel engines, which prompted me to tell you exactly how much I knew about them. Classy.”

            Eh? I didn ‘t remove a single thing? I think you may have misread something, because I am not normally in the business of insinuating things like that? IF I somehow did so, I apologize – I have no more knowledge of voxel engines than any enthusiast gamer, and never tried to imply thus. All I wrote was that I knew voxel engines were being used in games other than minecraft, and added a smiley after that.

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            Can’t they just have chosen this look and feel because it’s abstract and pretty in a way that they liked? I can imagine a game like this starting off with an experiment in creating a minecraft style world from blocks/voxels/whatevertheymaketheircubesoutof and evolving into its own game. I’m quite glad it’s not like minecraft because we already have minecraft for that and I have yet to play a game with crafting as its core mechanic that I didn’t find horrendously tedious.

          • Taidan says:

            I would imagine that it’s been done this way because it’s probably easier to procedurally generate a colourful, cartoony world using voxels than other methods.

          • JamesTheNumberless says:

            @Taidan – Yes that did occur to me too. In my own experiments with procedural terrain, doing a 2D heightmap is easy but translating that nicely into a 3D world is a little bit trickier, building that world out of columns of blocks in a grid system simplifies not only terrain rendering but a whole host of other game mechanics allowing you to focus more on making a cool game than making it look good. In everything from snakes & ladders to Legend of Grimrock, a grid based approach has always lent itself well to tight game mechanics.

            Furthermore, if you make realistic terrain you then have the problem that everything else in the game has to be realistic too and unless you have thousands of man hours and millions of dollars available to you it’s much more sensible to build an open world out of blocks – whether they’re truly voxels or not. AND it’s still a great look. I find it hard to believe people can call this graphical style “retro” – exactly when in the past did anyone make a game that looked like this?

          • evenflowjimbo says:

            I’ve created the doughnut. Suck it.

          • Jahnz says:

            The player can use bombs which will destroy blocks of the world. Boss monsters have attacks which can destroy world blocks as well.
            Players can add blocks to their weapons which give bonuses to the weapons.

        • eland028 says:

          Don’t listen to Sheng-ji, he/she is a troll. read his/her comments at link to

          • Jenks says:

            It’s claimed that it’s blocked me at least 3 times now, but never actually does because the urge to troll is way too high with that one.

          • SkittleDiddler says:

            I don’t know whether that thread is proof positive that Sheng-ji is a troll, but dear Dog it was a bizarrely sad read.

          • jrodman says:

            Oh give it up already. People who do things you don’t like aren’t by definition trolls.
            Sheng-ji is a legitimately strong personality.

    • Arkanos says:

      To say Cube World has no limits is the largest fallacy I’ve heard in the last year. (I don’t hear many untruths.

      Not only does Cube World have limits, but it engages in exponentially-diminishing returns. To the extent that it takes over a million levels to reach the limit.

      • Tom Walker says:

        Wait, spambots can get married? That’s just degrading to the institution.

        It’s not natural, I tell you.

      • Tei says:

        Experts say that at level 80 you are as powerful as the Pope. At level 1982, you stop progressing gear. From that point every levels let you upgrade stuff by 0.01 %.

        Maybe the game is not infinite, but it probably last longer than many human lives.

    • ScubaMonster says:

      How is this a problem? Do you really want another Minecraft clone?

    • Vagrant says:

      Looks more like a 3D Dot Game Hero clone, and it sounds like that’s what it is too.

  2. Artist says:

    Sad to hear about the troubles, but so far Cube World is really underwhelming – even for an alpha. Seems to develop into a bland voxel grindfest.

    • Derpa says:

      What other alphas have you played?

      • Shuck says:

        Releasing true alpha builds can be problematic for just this reason – people don’t normally play alphas, and so too many players expect feature complete, even polished games. Some developers release “alpha” builds that are really betas that are undergoing a final round of bug testing, thus further skewing expectations. So when playing an alpha build, it’s hard to evaluate it, since you have no idea how much will change.

    • Chalky says:

      It’s really not underwhelming for an alpha. It’s exactly what any sane person should expect from an alpha – content sparse but with solid foundations.

      It’s astonishing how much fun it is considering how incomplete and unbalanced the content is.

      • DarkFenix says:

        Um, I wouldn’t even call the foundations very solid right now with Cube World. The very core of the gameplay just isn’t very good at the moment.

        Of course, the reason this annoys me so much is I can see the potential. I see this game as essentially The Elder Scrolls meets Terraria with the style of Minecraft. I enjoy all three of those greatly and their respective sub-genres, but thus far Cube World is failing to deliver on any of the points that made any of those games good. Instead we’re getting the worst elements of MMO’s and open world games without any of the virtues along for the ride.

        Even for an alpha, Cube World just isn’t very good right now. It looks like all the dev time went into making that procedural world generator, with zero thought or time put into what a player will do in that world. He should have waited another month or three before even trying to go public in my opinion.

        • Arkanos says:

          The best thing Cube World could do… is abandon the infinite-level system. Since power only ranges from 1 to 100, needing a million+ levels to reach full-power is retarded.

        • thematrix606 says:

          I like how you don’t even go into 1 specific! Wtf bro.

        • Chalky says:

          I don’t think you understand the difference between content and foundations.

          Yes, all the effort went into the game engine and combat system and zero effort went into things to do. That’s exactly how alphas work. Balance is screwed and there’s nothing to do, but you can run around in the world and check out the mechanics.

          What other alphas have you started playing on day 1 that have been so much better than this? Alphas are universally terrible when they start out and cube world is surprisingly high quality. The engine is extremely good and the combat system works well.

          I’ve seen people say “look at kerbal space program, that’s alpha and it’s got loads to do” – that’s an alpha AFTER several years of development. This is an alpha on day 1. On day one, KSP alpha was a handful of parts, a bad UI and a single planet.

        • ScubaMonster says:

          You really expected Elder Scrolls quality from Cube World? Game looks cool but I have no false expectations.

  3. Lobotomist says:

    I have resolved to play not savory version. ( until shop is available )

    The game is great , and its silly how much potential it has.

    If Wollay pulls more people to work on it.
    1.Creates more of minecraft destructible/building possibilities
    2.Makes MMO server size , possibility.

    It could easily be a new minecraft in terms of popularity.

    • Lemming says:

      No. No building/minecraft stuff. That’s not what this game is for. Why aren’t you demanding minecraft/building in Call of Duty? Or Mario Kart?

      • Lobotomist says:

        Im just saying, why it cant be like terraria on this aspect ?

        Have all rpg elements , but also be able to build castle, craft your weapons, or explore and mine caverns to find strange loot ?

        In my book : more is more. Not less

        • Stromko says:

          It would be nice if it had more depth, however that takes shape. Right now most of one’s time in Cubeworld has about as much depth as a cookie sheet. Being able to build and add onto the world to create an attachment to it would go a ways to making it a more gripping experience, but that would just be the most obvious thing they could do to improve it.

          There’s hints of more than it is now, like being able to visually customize your weapons and shields in a very limited manner, getting quests from villagers (currently they just direct you to the occasional point-of-interest where you can fight some monsters and kill a boss).

          It’s definitely easier on the eyes with its stylized graphics than a lot of alphas, but it doesn’t yet have any features that would make it a great game on its own merits I think. In summation, to those who haven’t played it I would call it a simplified Monster Hunter game, or an open-world Zelda with no story and less toys, but its focus on leveled content (seriously even squirrels and bees will kill you until you’ve powerleveled enough and upgraded your gear) makes it more resemble the latter.

          But obviously it isn’t done. I have some hope my 19.90$ will support the development of a deeper game, but I’ve been let down before. Paying for an incomplete game is a gamble.

          • Taidan says:

            I’m having a fair bit of fun with it despite the obvious present shortcomings.

            I really love the npc adventuring parties you come across in the world, who are out doing their own thing. I’ve had a couple of fantastic experiences when I’ve struggling with a boss or a huuuge group of mobs, and a group of them have trundled over a nearby hill and leapt to my aid.

            If he builds on that sort of thing, there’s a whole world of emergent possibilities waiting to be had.

          • fdisk says:

            It sounds like you are playing it alone; get some friends in there and hilarity will ensue. This was all made by one guy and it’s better than a lot of big studio games. He’s very committed to this game and I am positive there will be a lot added in the coming years.

            As of right now, just running around with your friends is awesome. Last night we went on a mission to fight a boss who was on top of a giant rock, the size of a sky scraper. There was no path to him, we had to climb the rock’s face and fight him on top of it, to make things worse the place was so high half of it was inside a cloud and you couldn’t see in and out of it. The boss was way higher level that us and it literally took us about 30 minutes to kill him with multiple corpse runs and taking turns getting aggro so the other two people could eat or sleep while fighting.

            It was so much fun! Single player, I would have HATED the whole thing; but the narrative of three “heroes” climbing the face of a rock to fight an undead creature was epic. The fact that the battle was so epic (It took a whole day in-game) that the “heroes” kept taking turns to have lunch and take naps mid-battle was HILARIOUS.

      • Star_Drowned says:

        How about we leave “what this game is for” up to the devs? Because they totally have player built housing as a planned feature right on their overview. link to

        Also your point about asking for building in other games is childish and dumb, and you know it.

        Basically, your whole comment was bad and you should be ashamed.

  4. DannyMB says:

    I wouldn’t be surprised if some juvenile element of the Minecraft fanbase are behind the attacks. But then the consistency and size of the DDoS attacks suggest someone with some pretty serious firepower. Would be very interested to hear who is behind it all.

    • waaaaaaaals says:

      Several years ago there was an open source project to offer something like what Minecraft did but in another language (I think it was C++ or something) and their site got DDOSed to hell and back for being a “clone” of Minecraft.

      I’m going to be glad when we go back to not thinking one game has the rights to a certain set of attributes with all other games being direct copies. It was stupid with Doom making every first person game a “Doom clone” and it’s stupid with this.

  5. NaN says:

    I miss few things to this great game:
    -Ingame music, come on Wolay, they are a million indie artist waiting to create the music for this game for very little money.
    -More quest.
    -Some more balance
    -Posibility to create buildings and things, same as minecraft did.

  6. mkraven says:

    Can they prove they were the target of a DDoS attack though?

    In my mind it would be easy to blame DDoS instead of admitting to a poor scaling of the server infrastructure. Not saying they’re lying I’m just saying you shouldn’t believe everything everyone says everywhere!

    • Ninja Foodstuff says:

      The linked article does seem to suggest that they’re aware of the difference.

    • mjrmua says:

      “Never ascribe to malice that which is adequately explained by incompetence”

    • Muzman says:

      In was wondering that as well. The time of day thing is suspect I suppose. They aren’t necessarily that easy to identify though.

      • Belsameth says:

        I doubt they’re hosting on a server at home, so their hoster can probably help with identifying it. A “DDoS” could be explained by people buying and downloading the game, but you can’t. A very large part of the DDoSes being done are DNS Amp Atacks (simple and annonymous) which gives you very different traffic from regular traffic.

        • stump sock says:

          As someone who looks at server logs all day, I can confirm that it’s not very hard to discern malicious traffic from “ordinary” traffic.

    • Stuart Walton says:

      Wollay tweeted an image of the server traffic from one of the attacks. I would interpret a constant 100MBits/s of incoming traffic as a DDoS attack.

    • DDoS Protection says:

      With dozens of cheap DDoS services out there… I wouldn’t be surprised it that was a real DDoS attack.

  7. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    everyone on this decidedly spherical planet wants Cube World

    Why, exactly? Every single thing I’ve read about it is along the lines of “OMG Cube World is amazing!” whilst failing to provide reasons. Maybe it’s because I’m not in the habit of watching all the video blurb about it, but can someone explain what’s so exciting?

    • Lemming says:

      Just find a gameplay video and watch it for a bit. That’s not too hard is it? What happened to a little research if you’re curious about a game? It’s the first thing I did when I heard it was released. It’s a procedural 3D Zelda LTTP-type game with optional multiplayer

    • Loque says:

      Because we’re currently living in the “retro-pixel-nostalgia” era. That’s the current trend, By adding pixels everywhere and any kind of retro feel… you get a LOT of attention (it wont last long, though).

      • Mad Hamish says:

        That’s bloody nonsense. “by adding pixels everywhere” what does that even mean? There’s thousands of games out there using pixel art and retro aesthetics. Can you name em all? No, because we’ve never heard of them and it takes a bit more than that to get your game noticed.

      • Skabooga says:

        That there exists from the first game to use them to the present day an unbroken chain of games using pixels to display their graphical elements somewhat speaks to the idea that it isn’t a fad so much as a common art direction.

  8. drakmaniso says:

    The game has a great potential, and for an early alpha is already really fun. The combat mechanics are very good, but are not explained in the game so you have to dig in the forums to understand them. Especially since many of these mechanics are different than what you find in most RPGs (e.g. the stealth system, or the interaction between dodging, blocking and your mana bar). There are some rough edges though, for example the first 10 levels the progression is very slow; strangely enough, leveling is faster past 10. Traveling is also a bit slow, since the maps are so huge.

  9. Noviere says:

    Part of me wants to buy this… and yet I have my doubts. It looks really charming, but what is the motivation to keep playing it?

    Either way, these supposed DDoS attacks are a shame. I have no idea why anyone would target these guys, especially for this long. I’ve been trying to create an account for 3 days, so I think them saying they are disabling registrations from “time to time” is a bit of an understatement…

  10. mrmalodor says:

    I’m betting it was angry Minecraft fans. Disgusting people.

    • ChrisMidget says:

      I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the case, whilst there are some good aspects to the minecraft community so much of it is awful. Also Notch fanboys DDoS attacked the Yogscast website after Minecon 2011 so it has been done before.

      • Nick says:

        Yeah, but to be fair that’s a good deed.

        • ChrisMidget says:

          I disagree, it does not matter if you personally dislike the Yogscast but other people like them`and them being around does not affect you so why take away other people’s fun because you don’t enjoy them. And that is probably what is happening with cube world

      • Trollsama says:

        I love how everyone jumps right on Minecraft for the blame >.<
        just because you may have had a bad experence within the Minecraft community does not mean you know how the greater portion of a community that has 11,230,00 members in just the Mac/PC version alone acts.

        in fact basically every single member of the Minecraft community that I know (including the staff and members on a large server) is not pissed because this game is ,as everyone is calling it, "A minecraft clone"…. There pissed that some idiots keep DDoSing the site preventing them from owning it.

        its just like terarria, a bunch of people were calling it a minecraft clone, and blameing the minecaft community for hating on it… meanwhile i would bet the larger portion of its playerbase is from the MC community.

        TL;DR: dont pin "Minecraft Fanboys" unless you have some sort of proof to back it up. as a "Minecraft Fanboy" myself, I want to OWN this game, not to destroy it. :D

        • El_Emmental says:

          Basically, you’re saying that (at least) the majority of the MC fanbase is okay and wouldn’t do DDoS attacks. Fun fact: you only need 1 Minecraft fan to launch a DDoS attack.

          Either paid (very likely, botnets are heavily monetized), or made by himself/herself (unlikely, it requires quite some skills to do proper DDoS attacks that not even a professional hosting solution can block).

          And it happened before with Minecraft-related issues. There’s a few MC fanatics out there who love to destroy anything “in the name of Minecraft”, this is a fact.

          The only thing the “good” MC fans can do is publicly showing support for the victims and strongly reject anyone supporting such attacks (just like many ethnic/religious groups have to do these days)

        • ChrisMidget says:

          I am not a minecraft hater, it is probably the game I play the most however I think, just like any large community, it has issues. Whilst there are the very brilliant nodders, map makers, texture pack artists and you tubers you do not have to look far to see the issues. If you look at the Minecraft forums the shear amount of moaning at dev versions and complaining about everything Mojang do/don’t put in a free update is enormous. Also like any other game/thing with a young audience there are going to be maturity issues but it has been proven before that a small minority of the minecraft community will do things like this. Whilst I am not saying this is a Minecraft fanboy for certain there is a high chance that is the case

    • Skabooga says:

      I met a Minecraft-fan the other day. Disgusting creatures.

      • RedViv says:

        V’iv has heard of them. They’ve got all the cubes. Minecraft people taking over everything. They already run YouTube!

      • subactuality says:

        I’ve fought Minecraft fans more fearsome than you!

      • The Random One says:

        One of them walked up to my house and exploded.

  11. Seafort says:

    The DDoS seems like a sad, pathetic fanboy nerd rage to me. I wish people would actually act their age on the internet but that’s life.
    They’ve been going on since the start so it’s targetted to stop Cube World from being successful I guess.

    I think they failed :)

    Anyway the game is great and I’m having a lot of fun exploring the world and what it has to offer in the alpha state. There’s limitless possibilities due to the procedural elements and I can’t wait to see where Wollay takes it.
    It’s an 4 player coop action RPG with harvesting, crafting, taming pets, sailing, hand gliding, dunegons and bosses etc. There’s 4-5 biomes atm with more to come as the game progresses. I’ve seen 2 so far.

    Watch some videos from the Yogscast Simon and Lewis or Martyn. That’ll peak your interest :)

    • Baines says:

      The DDoS attacks have people downloading illegal copies of the game. People are getting frustrated at the Cube World creators due to the game being inaccessible. I don’t think there have been any new posts on the official forum for over a week, due to posting being disabled. (The most recent posts are apparently from 8 days ago?) News itself is sparse.

      So the DDoS has had some effect.

      • El_Emmental says:

        One of the possible reason of the attacks is about that.

        DDoSing the main official website when the game is at its peak of popularity is forcing thousands of people to find “alternative” sources for the game (nb: I witnessed it myself, on several forums, chatrooms, websites)

        The power-users go on their usual (rather safe) piracy platforms and play the pirated Alpha just fine, while thousands of less computer-savvy users rely on Google/search engines to find that.

        Oh, what a shocking surprise: some black hats just made a galaxy of scam websites, filled with ads, links to surveys and malwares, made with quick’n’dirty SEO optimization to be in the top Google results (for a handful of weeks, before Google find out, which is enough to achieve their goals).

        People go on these websites, display all the ads, go through 3 or 4 surveys to get their download link, then get the alpha installer bundled with a few malwares. The black hats got their money and some new zombies, while the whole DDoS didn’t cost much.

        ps: it is also possible that such websites were created after a Minecraft fan with issues decided to DDoS, since piggyback riding is the norm in grey/black hat shenanigans they might have jumped on the opportunity.

        • Baines says:

          Looking around different forums and stuff, I’ve seen a few people *in favor* of the DDoS attacks. Some because they think Cube World is a Minecraft clone. A few others because they want it on Steam. The logic being that they refuse to buy the game if it isn’t on Steam, and the continued DDoS may force the creator to use Steam as their store/distribution site.

        • SheffieldSteel says:

          My first thought when reading about the DDoS attacks was rabid minecraft fanboys. But then I shrugged and went back to trying to download a copy. After a few attempts to find something that looked safe… and once I saw the level of monetization of the “free download” sites out there – yeah, you can have your download, just as soon as you earn us a couple of cents by following one of these links – I was convinced: this is just a bunch of slightly-tech-savvy leeches who have latched onto Cube World as The Next Big Thing.

  12. Inzimus says:

    I personally have been waiting for this since first announced and was lucky enough to grab a copy the second day it was out, then proceeded to spend three days and nights playing it relentlessly
    if you take it for what it (currently) is, then you’re in for a treat like no other;
    huge variety in monsters/NPC’s/pets/environments, a visual feast to the eyes and more exploring than I dare shake a stick at
    I managed to buy a copy for my fiancee as well and we’ve been playing it together, which truly completes the experience

    unfortunately she (as so many others) was expecting it to be more Minecraft and hence she thinks it’s lacking in ‘things to do’
    but since it’s still in alpha, I don’t expect too much of it in terms of ‘things to do’, right now it’s all about hang-gliding and exploring to me

    I see huge potential in this and compared to Minecraft alpha, I dare say that this has kept me more interested in future development, since I am more of an Action-RPG kind of person, rather than lego-buiding (not to say that I haven’t enjoyed Minecraft since early alpha, *but* it hasn’t really evolved into anything as alive as Cube World already is)

    the alpha is a great time for those who don’t mind grinding and exploring, for all others it might be worth the while to wait until there are more fleshed out features

    • Jahnz says:

      I too have had a great time with the alpha, and I spent three days playing this pretty much nonstop. I love the action oriented way that this plays, and I’ve had a ton of fun just climbing cliffs and hang gliding across the world. The vistas are somehow impressive and really fun to traverse.

      • Xigageshi says:

        I’ve also heard people complain that without building there’s “not much to do” but the thing is, I always felt that way about minecraft, not that I don’t love it or anything but I feel that once you’ve built a really cool fortress with some redstone stuff in it minecraft is pretty much over.
        what interests me about cubeworld is that Wollay seems to have focused a lot on making cube world an actual game first, with gamey elements like deeper combat, monster bosses, combat with variety, quests, actiony combat… where as minecraft is mostly just a building game with monsters and hold left-click-to-win tacked on. I think once Wollay adds the player housing this game will replace minecraft for me and my friends, I’d rather hang-glide / climb around a world that lets me be a wizard with spells and combat and what not than a house building simulator with samey, grindy combat.
        It’s a terrible shame that they’re getting DDoS’d, and if it turns out to be minecraft fans doing it I really hope notch / mojang come out and condemn it.

        • SheffieldSteel says:

          Agreed. In Mineccraft I’ve got my manor house surrounded by its plantation, fireworks display, research cannon, mini-Moria under the cellar… what’s left to do?

          Perhaps some of the hatred from MC fans is due to a sense that this is a real *threat* – it copies the look and feel of the game world, but polishes up the animation, visuals, and so on (seriously, sit in a campground from 8pm to midnight and watch the sky) and takes a completely different approach to gameplay, one that potentially could be much more successful.

  13. JamesTheNumberless says:

    A game I worked on has had similar problems recently, people attacking its servers for no reason other than that they discovered they could. As a developer dedicated to building things, the mindset of people who want to go to extraordinary lengths to destroy things in order to prevent other people from enjoying a game is something I will never really be able to understand.

    Fair enough, cheating in a game is fun when you can get away with it, but not even a cheat wants to completely ruin the game for everyone (including themselves)

    I think it’s very easy to be naive as a developer and assume that people who don’t want to enjoy your game will just leave it alone. It’s analogous to an adult walking into a playground where some kids are having a kickabout, and stealing their ball, just to throw it away.

  14. Bahoxu says:

    I have played a couple of hours of cube world. The foundations are there for a truly epic game when its finished. The gameplay is solid, combat is interesting and the worldbuilding is amazing. But thats all there is atm. I’m looking forward to playing the finished game but i’m done with what the alpha has to offer.

  15. -Spooky- says:

    I´m one of the lucky guys, they got a copy in the store on friday noon. The start was very nice, checking out some settings and hook up with a 3 ppl coop party (of 4). Some facts besides the other discussions about “dat minecraft clone” – like in mmorpg “dat wow clone”.

    – Full random algorithm to create the world / landscape.
    – Voxel? I don´t care about the voxel? Why? Nothing new since Outcast or Delta Force. ;)
    – A world without borders. Take your time, when you want travel around. After two days of running straight on (with mount), we reached our seventh kingdom (i hate the minecraft term biodome – or whatever it´s called). Riding / Sailing / Gliding .. pick your fav. choice to travel on.
    – Crafting is Ultima Online style. Find the Bush, chop the wood, grab wood, build whatever you can on your class / recipe.
    – Pokemon? Yes, of course. Pet food to tame diff. pets, wich has diff. skills. Some are mounts, others are only for fighting.
    – Exploring? Hell yes. “Oh look. Dat shiny pyramid! – Let´s go inside? – You bet .. – Oh, noes. We died! The mobs are +4. *all laughing* Okay. We should travel on.”
    – Action? Any time, every where. Beware of the Laz0r witches!
    – LvL System? Not rly relevant, so far. Feels more like UO. The mob is to strong, go on. Find easier ones around the area.
    – Full world reset? Yes. Go to the Inn, speak to the keeper inside. That´s it. You find diff. Boss locations etc.
    – Portals? Yes. But we have the problem they didnt work yet. No Idea why, but hey it´s alpha.

    When you like full sandbox systems, i mean rly full sandbox – THIS game is for you!

  16. derbefrier says:

    some friends and I were able to get copies with a little persistence. The game is very fun in my opinion. screw these people here wanting to turn it into minecraft or are badmouthing it because its not minecraft. Its not trying to be minecraft so stop it. running around in an open world arpg sandbox is awesome. The combat is fun and is as good as any other arpg. The bosses are not only pretty hard but really fun to fight. The skill tree is pretty simplistic but thankfully thats one thing they plan to expand on also. I would say for an ALPHA its more than one should expect. I have only had a few minor problems (a random crash here and there is all) and it runs and plays well. My advice is if your expecting and wanting a mincecraft clone because of the graphics dont bother. If the idea of grabbing a few friends and playing an open world sandbox RPG appeals to you go ahead and try it. You’ll probably like it.

  17. Baddiekins says:

    I really hope they look into alternative ways to sell this, other than their website. I’d hate to see this game not do as well as it could, just because no one can buy it. Desura would probably be perfect for this. This could probably get greenlit in an instant, but I’m not sure Steam is really the best choice.

  18. Tei says:

    Infiniminer fans Ddos minecraft. Then some minecraft fans ddos minecraft. After that, some minecraft fan ddos terraria. And now we have a unknown party attacking cube wolrd. Its the same person? Or cube sandbox attract idiots with zombie computer networks?

    • RedViv says:

      There is only one logical conclusion: Earth is under attack by a race of cuboid beings, and this is how they will stop us from creating any kind of potential virtual training device with which to practice for their elimination.

      • JamesTheNumberless says:

        This certainly makes more sense than the suggestion than fans of one game involving cubes are DDOSing the servers of another game involving cubes, because the cubes in one game don’t quite work the way the cubes in the other do.

        • darkChozo says:

          Clearly, we need to step away from cubes as a medium for the space-filling polyhedron genre. I’ll get to work on my own variant, Truncated Octahedron World.

      • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

        Even now fearless workers of the Proletariat are toiling in the cube mines of Minecraft to build up the “Victory Through Unending Back-Breaking Labour” Strategic Cube Reserve. If we can hold off the invasion until August we’ll have enough to finish feeding and breeding an immense army of the cubes’ natural predator: Creepers. Though we may pay a heavy price in buildings and infrastructure, victory is within our grasp.

        Onward, comrades! Dig for victory! Only through the sweat of your mouse hand can survival be assured!

  19. fdisk says:

    Cube World is the best gaming $20 I’ve spent all year. The single player experience can get a little grindy after a your first 10-20 hours of gameplay, but the multiplayer is REALLY fun.

    I see a lot of people here criticizing the game quite unfairly. First of all, this game was made by ONE person. Second of all, it’s still ALPHA. It is, by the way the smoothest, most solid alpha I’ve ever played; it has yet to crash a single time for me or my friends. It even runs on my Surface Pro tablet.

    The game has A TON of potential and LOTS of things to do, building aside. I’m sure at some point creating your own house will be patched in since, like Minecraft, this is an ongoing project. Right now though you can tame a whole bunch of different pets AND ride them, hang glide, sail, craft a ton of different weapons and armor, potions, food, and customize not just the stats on your weapons but also the look. You can make stuff look almost any way you want.

    RPG wise it’s very dynamic, you have 4 or 5 classes and each class has 3 unique special skills and 2 specializations, on top of that each class can also use 3 different types of weapons and each weapon type changes your primary and secondary attack with unique animations.

    While there are no quests YET, there is a mission system where you can go off into the world and fight bosses; some of them are in mini-dungeons with basic traps and lots of minions. Bosses drop special coins that when spent in town will upgrade your weapon to match your current level in power, only once per weapon though.

    The game world is also procedurally created and it’s very interesting and fun to explore. It’s fun to run around killing things, collecting materials, and every now and then you’ll bump into a castle, a dungeon, or a cave complex, the former lets you fight bosses and get nice loot, the latter allows you to find metal and precious gems for crafting green and blue weapons.

    Let me reiterate all this was done by one person, and the game looks beautiful to boot.

    There’s lots of stuff to add, of course. While the game has day cycles, they don’t mean much. Night time is just annoying and since you can revert the day back to 7:00 AM in a second there’s not a reason for it other than how annoying it is that you can’t see anything. I’m sure in the future the night time will be made to be dark, and full of terrors.

  20. c-Row says:

    I am tempted to support this just to spit in the face of whoever is behind that DDoS attack.

  21. jonahcutter says:

    Played a bit of it.

    The fundamentals of the gameplay are pretty solid, though not particularly deep. It’s very grindy, at least at the beginning. There is zero lore or fleshing out of the world. No real quests other than “there’s a castle over there”. There are a lot of balance issues. It’s cute to an extreme (to the point of potentially wanting to make you barf, if you react negatively to ubercute).

    Combat is action, with dodging/blocking and charging up of attacks. You have to “play” constantly, but there are very limited options. Simple fun.

    Parties of friendly npcs wander about. You can pull mobs to them to get help if you need. NPC ai is pretty shallow. Enemy mobs just beeline you, though they will drink health potions and use their specials at times.

    The climbing mechanic is a great addition I don’t recall seeing in other rpgs.

    It’s functionally polished for an alpha. Most things I encountered worked. It plays smooth.

    You can add blocks to your weapons and gear to alter their appearance through an in-game editor. Pretty cool. The only way to alter the environment is to use a bomb to blow up a bit of it. And this is a game that cries out for players building their own homes/mansions/dungeons/mountain-top keeps. If it doesn’t add that functionality, it misses what could be its chance to be truly great.

    I think it’s got that gene of players wanting to grind through it. It’s got a very simple, uncomplicated sense of fun. It’s not even close to deep, but it does start sucking you in. But I also sensed that after 10+ levels I’d be feeling empty about the experience, so I quit after I tried out the hang glider around level 5.

    It’s undoubtedly far more rewarding to play with a group. But I also kept wanting to encounter other players in the world, and not just party-mates. It seems like it could shine as that big social-chaos kind of game.

    I don’t see this game as a sandbox at all. You cannot alter nor change the world in any significant way. You cannot build, and only barely tear down. It’s not even really a “toybox” game. There are currently very limited tools and mechanics to play around with, within it. (Though players more dedicated than myself might find emergent ways to do so).

    What it is, is a huge, open-world action-rpg. It’s supposed hook is exploration. Whether this world is compelling to explore, beyond its appealing but simple visuals, remains very much an open question.

  22. ScubaMonster says:

    This is really beginning to piss me off. WHY would you want to screw this indie dev over who has a charming looking game? I just don’t get it. Save your ire for EA or somebody. Whoever is behind this is a real jerk off.

  23. Emeraude says:

    Having played only a little bit so far, I’d really love to see how the game would play with a gamepad. Seems to me like it would be a good fit for it. Make for a simple, dumb but fun LAN game.

  24. spectone says:

    At least I’m twenty dollars richer for the time being.

  25. Chris says:

    Sell it on Desura for goodness sake!

    I still think Wolfram von Funck is the coolest name ever.