Firefall Welcomes One And All

Here’s a fun Firefall fact: everyone on RPS has access except John. For a while it was funny to chat about the game in front of him, talking about the fun we had gliding all over the lumpy land, dropping into battles against the giant bugs that roamed the cartoon landscape, setting up Thumper parties in the middle of nowhere. But eventually it just became awkward, so we stopped. The good news for him, and everyone else, is there’s no longer a barrier of entry into Firefall: the free-to-play MMOFPS combo today dropped into open beta, so everyone can join in. There’s a ridiculous live-action trailer to celebrate this fact.

I will pop-in and see what the influx of new players has on the game. It was a good game the last time I checked, though at this stage in the beta it’s still far from done. It’s a strange feeling to run out of content in an MMO, but then Firefall’s beta is a tad different from most, with developers Red 5 still building a lot of it. There will be story stuff coming, hopefully later on in the year, but right now I wouldn’t recommend grinding mission content or you’ll soon run out. Best bet is to hop around shooting and exploring. It won’t cost you anything.

Bad live-action trailer time.

And here’s what the game actually looks like. This is new content that’s come in time for the beta.


  1. skyturnedred says:

    I tried the beta once, but I had no idea where I was supposed to go or what I needed to do. So I just ran around getting killed. Guess I’ll try it again, with better luck I hope.

    • Etnos says:

      haha, I thought it was me. But yeah its confusing to say the least, also It is clearly design to microtransaction the shit out of it, I pass.

      • Flopper says:

        Microtransaction the shit out of it? This must have been in a patch since this week because I’ve played it since last summer and got no impression of anything like that. Or you’re just over reacting. Probably think GW2 is P2W. lol

  2. Snakejuice says:

    I think I might give this a spin. I assume progress will be wiped after beta?

    • Dominic White says:

      ‘Open beta’ usually means ‘soft launch’ these days, so I doubt any wipes will be happening unless they still plan on making sweeping changes to the core gameplay.

    • omegazero says:

      Nope, progress won’t be wiped after open beta.

  3. Koozer says:

    It would be nice if they let me install it. The installer crashes every single time.

  4. lord_heman says:

    It would also be nice, if the game would let me register my birthday.. I happen to have been born on the 1st of january 1982. The brilliant sign-up form states that “that date is not included in the list”.. WTF?! When the problems already arise when a player is trying to sign up, the game has a looooong way to go.

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      People of your exact age are not allowed to play Firefall. It’s true, I read it somewhere.

    • Stickman says:

      Registration on the website uses YYYY/MM/DD. Might you have been using a more standard format?

    • cocoleche says:

      sorry, game is only for fat old neckbeards. WoW is this way –>

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      I’m sorry to inform you that you no longer exist. Please cease existing immediately, or turn yourself in to the authorities for birth date reassignment.

      In Superman (1978), the titular hero flies around the world at super-speed to reverse time to undo a catastrophe. After four years it became apparent that the side effects of his interfering with our history threatened to result in the Spice Girls forming ten years too soon, so he wound the world forwards a day to skip the 1st of January 1982, saving the Spice-Time Continuum.

  5. Commander Gun says:

    Why are trailers always afraid to show actionbars/HUDs? It seems important, assuming you always have to look at a screen with those visible, right?

    • SomeDuder says:

      Actually, live action intros are my trigger. It looks just as stupid and dumb and poo poo as any other live action intro ever made ever. Also, why is the villain from The Mask in this? IS THIS ONE OF JIM CARREY’S WORKS?

      Also, the game isn’t very fun either. Shoot bugs, call pillar from sky, turn down subwoofer and punch ground, shoot bugs. Repeat.

      • Grimlar says:

        Theres a bit more to the game than that.

        Sure mining is a large part of the game, but you gain resources from almost everything you do now, defend/retake watchtowers and bases, incursions, invasions, melding tornados, a variety of mini-missions, motorbike time trial races, crashed thumpers and courier bikes. (PvP too if thats your thing. PvP frames are standard so you can jump into that from day 1.)

        Tasks are mostly dynamic stuff, nobody gives you a quest, you dont turn it in to anyone, something starts nearby and you join in, its as simple as that. or you go and start something yourself.

        The game does have a way to go, no denying it, there is little story based stuff yet. But at the end of the day the game is mostly about running around shooting stuff, using your jetpacks, gliders, motorbikes and shooting more stuff. If you arent into the shooting stuff part then it might be worth waiting a bit.

        Its come a long way in the last three months or so. It will be interesting to see what they come up with over the rest of this year.

        Finally, for those who asked.

        I believe that there are no character/XP wipes planned, ever. There havent been any in the 6 months or so Ive been playing. Its not a level based game so XP isnt so important as some games. Items and crafting resources are less certain, but I dont believe they intend to wipe them either.

        Progression is mostly about upgrading your kit and your battleframe. What dificulty content you can do depends partly on your kit and partly on your skill. You can do the hardest stuff in entry level kit… you just have to be very good.

        There are microstransactions, but its mostly for cosmetics, pets and boosts. You can buy new battleframes as well, (you start with five I believe,) but you can also unlock them in game without paying anything.

        And yes, this is a dev beta not a soft launch. There is stuff missing, being developed, going to be redeveloped and all the bugs that implies. On the whole though the game is pretty stable most of the time.

        Its fun. If you like that kind of thing.

        • scatterbrainless says:

          God I hate it when games try to be “fun”. It’s so cliche.

  6. Myrdinn says:

    Hope this is time they stop spamming my mailbox about the darn beta. About 4 years ago I was excited about this, now it doesn’t look so great anymore. I just noticed that this game uses the Project Offset (link to engine which was looking really, really cutting-edge in 2007 but also lost is shine somewhat since then. The gameplay video seems very meh; does anyone have positive experiences playing Firefall?

  7. fish99 says:

    I watched my brother playing the alpha for an hour about 6 months ago and it looked like there was nothing to the game but endless thumper grinding, and the occasional random event, and IIRC he got bored of it within 5 hrs. Is there more to do now?

  8. hemmingjay says:

    I have tried to play it on and off for 2 years now. They still haven’t really added any content. The game has had an identity crisis since day one. At first it was aimed at Global Agenda but then people wanted PVE missions and content. Then they added what are essentially the same 3-5 missions and have yet to address this issue. Sadly, the superficial but ok Defiance is a better game even though it only has marginally more content. I don’t have confidence in the dev team to add anything and would advise everyone not to spend any money on it, although you can do so if you choose, obviously.

    I really really want to like it but can’t. It’s like a super hot, nymphomaniac young woman with bi-polar disorder. The one flaw outweighs all of the other benefits.

  9. WantOn says:

    Watched the live action trailer. Still clueless as to what is going on. Might try it cos its free, but having fun with Neverwinter at the moment. Have to say, this move to F2P is pretty awesome from my point of view. When I think of the hundreds of pounds I spent on WoW over the years, I can’t imagine ever doing that on a game again.

  10. Faxanadu says:

    I wish they would combine PvE with PvP.

  11. solymer89 says:

    I dropped $20 on this a couple of years ago, when things were really sparse. Quite literally all you had to do was thump and run around randomly. I followed what little quest content they had and it ran out very quickly. They tell you to open up the map by reaching each SIN tower in the different towns on the map. I did so but after that was completely lost, not a good feeling for a new player.

    I came back to this a few months ago and they have added quite a bit of content, but only in the form of PvE random quests and events. I had a better understanding of the materials you can thump for and how they integrate into the crafting, it’s actually rather easy but can seem overwhelming at first approach. The world feels rather large and the overhead map seems to justify that, however I was able to unlock one of the motorcycles, and though you have a tough time over the rougher terrains, it greatly shrunk the world down. Add in the flight pads you can buy and travel becomes a minor irritant. For what they have released right now the game is fun, for a while.

    The game quickly became repetitive as you either are searching for good thump spots or running from random pve mission to random pve mission (and the rewards from doing these missions are rather good but thumping is THE way to get a lot of a certain element.)

    One thing I will say however is there is a noticeable difference when you get a frame upgraded, namely in the hover time and overall speed of the frame. Seeing that Red5 has locked everything beyond rank 2 out crafting wise, I can’t tell if these appreciable differences are greater or lesser in effect beyond that rank.

    I think if the devs would outline what the immediate and far future goals of the game were I’d be more comfortable in dedicating the time required to actually get somewhere in the game. Seeing as they are now in open beta and not a whole lot has changed in the last two years or so makes me think that what we see now is pretty much what we are gonna get, maybe on a larger scale.

    • Wret says:

      You can actually craft ranks/stages 3 and 4 now, since the last major patch. Unfortunately not all higher ranked items have interesting pluses to them besides a raw increase in stats. Like my Biorifle 3 just kills more and Plating 3 just healths more, but Multi-turret 3 can have up to 9 turrets deployed. Granted that’s another form of increased DPS but it means you can have 3 turrets covering various approaches and stuff. They need things that are exciting to unlock when you get to higher stages.

      Also DEAR HELL they really have gone C&C. I always said Crystite was blue Tiberium but holy-

      Anyway, the biggest problem the open world has now is that the missions really are random. Chosen with bombs and evil tornadoes come out of literally no where. But on a recent livestream they had one of the devs on, and he talked about how in the future the events will be tied to “ecosystems”. As an example he explained how Aranhas are supposed to first have nest. Then, individual Aranha will become hungry and turn into BraveRanha and go out and search for food. At first only a single one will do this and grow scared rather quickly and turn back. But as more get hungry, the roaming horde gets bigger, braver, making further trips from the nest until they find a Brontodon, kill it, and begin to eat it. They want things like that to be an event. This is the kind of thing that got my interested in the game and they sooner they get to it the better.

      Also the AI could stand to suck less <_<

    • waaaaaaaals says:

      Most we’ve had lately is their plan to add inventory limits and probably buying more space with their real money currency thing.

      This is after them peppering use with premade drops that can’t be repaired so whatever they’re planning, consistency isn’t high on the agenda.

  12. Megakoresh says:

    The game, as indicated my comments here, has one greatest flaw: Gameplay variety. The game is a shooter and yet it has none of the variety of a shooter. Upgrading and crafting are just boring stat tweaks and have NO impact on gameplay whatsoever. You can switch up abilities and some weapons but that doesn’t really change anything.

    The best thing is if they actually change the crafting system to GIVE that gameplay variety. So for instance when i craft a shotgun barrel it can be a double barrel or automatic barrel the clip can be crafted into shell loading or an actual magazine and all these could be combined to create a weapon or ability that actually PLAYS differently. That is their greatest problem and THAT is what they should have done long ago.

    So you best go and tell them about it on the forums. They DO listen, if anything, and they will do it if we make it clear that this is what we want.

  13. The_Great_Skratsby says:

    That live action trailer really was all kinds of 90s FMV glorious. Looking forward to trying out the game too.

  14. Leb says:

    I’m surprised their has been no comment from anyone here on the highly sexualized female models in the game

    Specifically the engineer who is missing half of her pants and walks around with an exposed left ass-cheek

    And the assault chick with bootie shorts