And So It Begins: Steam Summer Sale Started

Get ready to empty your bank accounts into the chasms of Valve’s gold stores, because their Big One has started, and is going to last 11 days. So much so that the website is a bit hit and miss at the time of writing. The in-Steam version seems to still be working right now, however, and is currently offering the usual collection of very slashed prices. This time with their new trading card gubbins throughout, whatever they are.

It’s a rather lacking design this summer, sadly. The usual cartoon characters haven’t made an appearance yet. But still, prices.

So right now you could grab yourself BioShock: Infinite at half price at £17.49, or the excellent Call Of Juarez: Gunslinger for just £8. Don’t Starve is just over £7, and there’s Endless Space down to £8.50. And as ever, Valve’s stuff is displaying epic discounts, with all of Half-Life at £13.50, and Left 4 Dead 2 at £3.75.

Post the best bargains you find below, and we’ll keep an eye out for anything particular special over the next week and a half.


  1. Jaffo says:

    Bioshock Infinite is £12 on GMG at the moment.

  2. Berserkben says:

    The GOG sale has already filled me up on games I don’t have time to play.

  3. Cytrom says:

    I’ll pass todays selection… everything I actually wanted is barely discounted.

    Still hoping for some ridiculous flash sale though, but there has been less and less of them with every steam sale.

    • El_MUERkO says:

      going to sit on my hands this time out, maybe pick up the Civ5 DLC & Hitman Absolution on a daily deal but I have everything I want right now

    • flang says:

      Steam’s sales have been less than exciting for the last couple of years. The days of $5 AAA games or $10 5-game indie bundles are long gone. I buy pretty much all of my Steam games through Amazon now.

      • squareking says:

        Yeah, I’m hoping for real show-stoppers like the $2 Alpha Protocol from a while back and $2.50 Stalker from even while backier.

        • flang says:

          I remember Super Meat Boy going down to $3 just a couple months after it was released, and getting the Overlord collection for $4. Not to mention the massive publisher packs which now seem to be gone entirely.

          • ahmedabdo says:

            I bought Rome: Total war gold (with barbarian invasion) for 1$ one month ago!

          • flang says:

            I guess if you’re talking about games that are nearly a decade old, then yeah you might get a decent deal now and again.

        • InternetBatman says:

          $2.50 Stalker happened during the Winter sale. These deals are not exciting at all, especially the dramatically overpriced Toki Tori 2.

        • Baines says:

          The really big stuff these days seems to happen everywhere except Steam. Valve seems content to sit with owning the majority of market share while the other online sites break their own wallets trying to offer better deals. (Okay, GamersGate’s biggest moments are due to pricing mistakes, but places like Amazon, GMG, and the like intentionally try to offer deals that surpass Steam.)

          • flang says:

            One of my greatest hopes is that Amazon will try to seriously challenge Steam in the PC games market. They are already a better service in so many ways – customer support is helpful and super fast, a reasonable refund policy, an informative customer feedback system (where the developers can’t delete threads and ban users at their discretion), DRM information that is actually accurate, and overall lower prices and better deals.

            All they need is a halfway decent client that is secure enough to satisfy publishers and has enough perks to satisfy users.

      • MattM says:

        I’ve noticed that too, but I think part of it is that I already have most every game I want that is more than 2 years old. The games I am most interested in getting now tend to only be 6-14 months old and those are the ones that are only getting 50-66% discounts.

      • anduin1 says:

        Most of the indie games end up being way cheaper on humble bundles at that, so far not 1 deal that hasn’t been beaten by a competitor

    • Tiguh says:

      Fewer and fewer. XXX

  4. aldo_14 says:

    Is there any actual point to the trading cards beyond virtual fluff?

    • RedViv says:

      MORE virtual fluff, of course! At some point it will create a virtual fluff anomaly, the first door of many that Snaz’eetop, God of Hats, needs to gain entrance to the mortal plain.

      • 00000 says:

        Those anomalies can get dangerous. A virtual fluff anomalies can cause you to start accumulating so much excess virtual fluff in one account, that demand decreased within the entire community ecosystem. The reduced value of virtual fluff will then implode all your virtual fluff into a virtual fluff singularity, which slowly starts to destroy your entire steam library. It’s not until enough Gaben-radiation is evaporated that this process stops, unfortunately the half-life for a virtual fluff singularity is forever.

    • Cytrom says:

      No, but (un)surprizingly there are people willing to pay for them, which makes them kinda.. real.

    • Jaffo says:

      Selling most of mine. Made about £12 so far which may cover me for this sale.

      • Snidesworth says:

        A friend of mine managed to sell a single one for £7. Not bad for an imaginary bit of foil and cardboard.

      • HothMonster says:

        Prices took a massive dive today. Things that were selling for $10 yesterday are selling for under $1. Gonna hoard mine till the sale is over and hope the market rebound a little.

        • HadToLogin says:

          Bad news for you – they will never go up (well, maybe few cents). People who wanted cards bought them already or wait for even big price drops and there’s much more people selling then buying.

          • AngoraFish says:

            So sayz you.

            As far as I can tell there’s plenty of artificial scarcity in the market, particularly since once you’ve bought a full set you can buy it all over again up to five times. And every badge crafted is another half fewer dozen cards available to sell in the market, yet no one is ever going to acquire more than half a single set on their own. One person buying up to level five is taking the equivalent of nine other people’s cards out of the market as well. Not to mention that plenty of people uninterested in the market will simply sit on the cards in their inventory rather than listing them.

            They’re limited edition sets as well that will be discontinued in maybe six months or a year and replaced with new sets. At that point the value of this current set of cards is going to skyrocket as new collectors appear, or people who couldn’t previous afford them get money.

            Valve employs an economist to model this kind of thing, and will continue to tweak supply and demand to guarantee regular turnover (which is where they make money), but I can’t see anything other than prices going up over time.

    • woodsey says:

      Selling them to crazy people.

    • darkChozo says:

      They level up your Steam profile, which IIRC has some minor benefits (wasn’t there something about friends list size?). You also get emotacons, which serve as slightly more compelling virtual fluff.

      • Xocrates says:

        Levelling increases the maximum size of your friend list by 5, but given that the base size is around 200+ this isn’t particularly useful.

        Amusingly, the rewards for crafting badges are worth less in the market than what you would get for selling the cards, so even if you wanted the emoticons, it would be better to just sell the cards and buy the ones you want.

        • Derpa says:

          Every level increases it by 10 friends.

          Also pretty useful for people who run servers or those who are popular.

      • Leb says:

        Biggest point for me is that at higher steam levels you get higher chance at booster packs
        +33% at level 10 and +66 at level 20 and +100% and level 30

        While I agree collecting virtual trading cards is a little silly…. i’m collecting them and creating badges that will net me more card drops in the future = more money

        Small cash investment for more cash later on? Yes please.

        Already paid off.. got a rare “foil” card in a booster pack today

        • The Random One says:

          I got a foil card. It is worth like one dollar in the store. This is not the lopsided economy I had planned to abuse.

    • Shuck says:

      Coupons for games and DLC, supposedly.

      • Xocrates says:

        Coupons which you have to use within a week, do not stack with other discounts, and which will probably not be for a game you want.

  5. Soulstrider says:

    The only game that I have interested in that might go for sale is CK2: Old Gods. No interest in the rest, I already have all the games I wanted from previous sales.

  6. LXM says:

    Pretty weak start considering most of the biggest game discounts have gone for cheaper elsewhere and still activate on steam.

    Also, as someone who’s enjoyed their little meta-games in previous sales to often tried and get the badges, the trading card bit seems like it pushes a bit far.

    • Contrafibularity says:

      If this is your first Steam sale; The “best” sales are daily sales and flash sales, while you might hold off on global sales (the ones that last through till July 22) to see if they’re featured in daily or flash sale between now and then.

  7. Yosharian says:

    Not even mentioning Antichamber? Shame on you. This game is a great pickup, even if it is mind-bogglingly hard.

    • KDR_11k says:

      I recommend staying away from quicklooks and such for that game since all the really mindbending stuff is in the first few puzzles, the later ones tend more towards logic puzzles which can be deduced reasonably easily.

  8. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    I know I’m getting old when I can’t fathom what the thing with the cards is all about.

    Also what the hell happened to Origin being a “Steam-killer”. Do they even still sell anything other than the Sims expansions or Battlefield pre-orders?

    • jonfitt says:

      I think the kids trade them for wumpy-chews. Giant cola bottles are 5 cards. Nobody trades for them for shrimp though because those things are nasty.

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      The thing with the cards is all about people who don’t get what the thing with the cards is all about selling them to the people who do. Idling some games and playing Baby’s First Stock Market for a bit created 22 almost-Ameridollars out of ether for me. I can get the games I’m interested in for essentially free and still have some change to bet on a rousing game of jacks,

    • blackmyron says:

      Well, after EA’s great publicity with the head of Origin announcing they wouldn’t prostitute themselves with “sales”… are now apparently doing a ‘summer sale’ at the same time as Steam.

      • RaveTurned says:

        The air-quotes there are deserved. “Up to 50% off” for games that already hilariously overpriced compared to all other digital outlets? I think I’ll pass.

  9. lowprices says:

    Hooray, the chance to impulsively buy a metric fuckton of games I won’t have time to play for a year or two!

    • lowprices says:

      For those of you who are old fashioned and refuse to convert to metric, the Fuckton is equal to 3.5 Imperial Fuckloads.

  10. Kaira- says:

    Well, that’s underwhelming start, but I guess I’ve been spoiled by GOG.

    • Csirke says:

      Yeah, but that used to be the other way around, didn’t it?

      • Tacroy says:

        Meh it makes sense – Steam is no longer in the business of selling games to consumers, they’re now in the business of selling Steam keys to companies who sell games.

        • belgand says:

          So they’ve become a digital wholesaler/distributor essentially? One wouldn’t have thought it possible, but it’s quite interesting to see how that’s worked out.

  11. Turkey says:

    Nope. Not doing this again. Never ever never.

    • MacTheGeek says:

      (doodly doodly doodly)

      Ahh, crap, I went and did it again!!

  12. ScorpionWasp says:

    The bit that scares me about this trading card nonsense is this: “Get rewards for crafting badges
    During badge crafting you’ll receive random rewards from a set of game related items. They are tradable and can only be used while you possess them.”

    A bit ambiguous, but do they mean in-game items??? Will no game be a level playing field anymore, all of them full of levels and XP and unique items you have to trade virtual cards for? Will I never get to play an uncompromising skill-based game which resets fully between matches, with the same philosophy as Chess, in my life again? Everything has to have progression now? I wonder if B.F. Skinner ever anticipated something like this happening. The pigeons he used didn’t have much of a choice. The gamers of today willingly enter the box.

    • derbefrier says:

      nope people dont want those types of games anymore. Nu gamers want big popups telling them how awesome they are at all times. There are a few out there though that are holding out. Natural selection 2 is the first that comes to mind and also….well shit, Counter Strike is still around.

      • LionsPhil says:

        I’m kind of suprised CS:GO isn’t in persistent levelling hell.

        • Malibu Stacey says:

          It would fuck over the competitive scene which is exactly the reason there is no competitive scene for games like Battlefield & CoD (post Modern Warfare obviously). VALVe like to encourage the competitive scenes as well as public play.

          CS:GO is VALVe’s attempt at a do-over of CS:S since they released it with HL2 & then barely supported it.

    • Kiya says:

      The items you get through leveling are things like backgrounds that can be used on your profile page, emoticons that can be used in the forums and in chat, money off coupons and ways to personalise your profile page – there is nothing that effects gameplay.

    • Dances to Podcasts says:

      I’m guessing that by ‘game related items’ they don’t mean in-game items or they would’ve said so. Then again, I’ve fallen into this trap of ‘people saying what they mean and meaning what they say’ before…

  13. derbefrier says:

    I do want the new Call of Juarez and a few others on my wishlist but I have to be picky this sale as I just bought a new car and don’t have the extra money I usually do. I will probably just sit quietly hoping the new Civ 5 expansion goes on sale(I know it probably wont though). I am sure I will make up for it during the Christmas sale though.

    • Xocrates says:

      You can get the new Civ V expansion for 14.40£ on Gamefly right now. I doubt Steam will make it cheaper than that (particularly if you’re on the eurozone)

      • darkChozo says:

        GMG has it for $6 off store credit, which appears to be a better deal (at least it is in America moneydollars). For real money off, either Gamefly have 20% off deals going on ($4.50 off). Turns out that misremembering Amazon prices and then using them as an implicit calculator is a bad idea.

        This is definitely not a lure for anyone to post better deals if they know of them, because I’m definitely not finding myself vaguely interested in the expansion.

      • kael13 says:

        There’s a flash sale for it on right now. 33% off. Which ain’t bad, considering it came out yesterday.

    • Eddy9000 says:

      Oh treat yourself to call of Juarez, it really is good.

  14. Cloudiest Nights says:

    Hoping for Borderlands 2 or Dishonored to get the $10.20 flash sale. I can get a card out of the deal and probably sell it for more than that. Farcry 3 for 40% off is a joke though.

    • Derpa says:

      BL2 been a sale for $10 elsewhere many times and people could have gotten dishonored for 7.50 last month.

  15. SkittleDiddler says:

    The sale is a complete fucking mess ATM. Purchases aren’t registering, and the Market is so glitched out that any attempt at trying to sell items only results in error messages and listings disappearing completely from the market page.

    Fuck Valve. The only thing they manage with these stupid seasonal sales is to highlight their own incompetence when it comes to setting up and maintaining special events. They can’t even be bothered to rent extra servers for the additional customer load that inevitably crashes the client at the most inopportune times. I’m starting to wonder if dropping my Steam “no buy” boycott was worth all the trouble.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Well, you don’t have to boycott them. You can just decide to buy games at the competitor of your choice for other reasons. Personally I prefer GOG and Humblebundles.. and sometimes Gamersgate.

      • SkittleDiddler says:

        That’s precisely what I was doing for about two years, and for some bizarre reason I decided to give Valve another chance and start making purchases directly from Steam again a few months ago.

        As is evident from today’s event performance (not to mention past ones), they obviously can’t keep their shit together, which means they don’t deserve my money.

    • Kaira- says:

      It happens year after year, big sale after big sale. One would imagine at some point they’d take some precautions, but no.

      • LionsPhil says:

        The one positive point is that they do seem to have properly isolated the community side now, same as the DRM side before it, so if you already have the games you want this sale going on shouldn’t prevent you being able to play them in a group with your friends.

      • Morte66 says:

        To have the servers crap out once might be considered unfortunate. To have them crap out every time must be considered careless.

        • Berzee says:

          I would strongly advise you, Mr. Newell, to try and acquire some precautions as soon as possible, and to make a definite effort to produce at any rate one working server.

        • Baines says:

          Remember that you are talking about Valve and Steam. They still can’t manage to get things like their “Mid-week Madness” deals to display on-time during non-sale weeks. You’d think it would be on a timer set up years ago, rolling over like clockwork, but sometimes it can take hours to actually display.

          And I do find it funny that when Steam has a pricing SNAFU, it always seems to be in the favor of Steam and the publisher and never the other way around. Of course Valve isn’t necessarily to blame directly for stuff like bundles that cost more than their component parts, but those aren’t exactly uncommon either, and you’d think a store might take the effort to flag such things to publishers.

      • Similar says:

        This is the first sale I’ve tried where I can’t buy anything due to Steam’s system being overloaded. It’s quite impressive.

  16. almostDead says:

    The only thing I really care about is whether this Summer sale is going to fuck me over from downloading Brave New World when it finally releases at midnight tonight.

    The steam client always drops down dead when this event starts.

    And you can’t preload BNW.

    • GunnerMcCaffrey says:

      They do seem to have hived the game, store, and market servers off, so at least each can toil in its own madness free from interruption. For a good two hours this year’s sale was just a big error message clearance, and the market seems to have some sort of aphasia, but I’ve had a couple of downloads whirring along nicely all the while.

  17. wodin says:

    Just bought Dominions 3 for £4.75 from Gamersgate..only a few hours left though..

    • mgardner says:

      Ooh that’s a great price for a great game. The 300 page PDF manual is available from the game website, if anyone is curious what this game is about. The manual will either scare you away or suck you in… Plus, Dom 4 has been announced so this might be a cost effective introduction to the series.

      • bladedsmoke says:

        Holy shit Dominions 4 has been announced??? Thanks for the news! Fuck the Steam sale, this is the best thing ever.

  18. Morte66 says:

    On the plus side… an awful lot of games that aren’t mentioned on the front page as discounted are discounted. Looking at my six game wishlist (which is actually more of a “not sure” list):

    Kentucky Route Zero -25%
    System Shock 2 -50%
    Angry Birds Space -60%
    Xcom Slingshot DLC – 50%
    The Walking Dead -50%
    Silent Hunter Wolves of the Pacific: -35%

    Not a single game on my list is full price.

    Of course, some of them might get bigger discounts later in the sale.

    • FF56 says:

      The rule in steam sales is, if it’s not on a daily deal, wait until the last day.
      It’s quite likely those games will get better discounts whenever they enter the daily deal.

    • almostDead says:

      Dude, the Steam sale has RULES, rules I say!!

    • Mudlab says:

      KRZ should be a must-play, not a “not sure!”

    • Vesuvius says:

      10% off Prison Architect surprised me

  19. Wulfram says:

    Buying DA:O ultimate edition on the flash sale would be cheaper than buying the various DLC seperately, even if you’ve already got the game and the expansion.

    Though I gather the DLC isn’t all that good

    • InternetBatman says:

      Awakening is great. The rest is not so great.

    • bleeters says:

      It varies between actually worth having (the stone prisoner, awakening) to nothing particularly special but alright to play through (warden’s keep, witch hunt, leliana’s song maybe depending on how much you care for the character), to full on why-does-this-exist awful (darkspawn chronicles, golems of amgarrak, return to ostagar).

      I continue to refuse to acknowledge the gift dlc as a thing.

      Honestly, you might as well just get the ultimate edition just to get the stuff that’s actually decent.

      • MattM says:

        If you buy the dlc separately from the bioware site, a single dlc can be as much as $15 and they never go on sale.

        • bleeters says:

          That would be why I suggested the ultimate edition, yes.

        • Voronwer says:

          That’s incorrect. Origin does put its DLC on sale. I bought all Kingdoms of Amalur DLC there at 50% off.

  20. Noviere says:

    I got Scribblenauts Unlimited(75% off at $4.99) and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP($2.95 at 63% off).

    I know the rule of Steam sales, but even if they go lower than that I won’t feel too ripped off :P

  21. Jurple says:

    There doesn’t appear to be a parallel indie sale this time around, as there was for the last two sales. Still, I see decent discounts on some recentish games (Kairo and FTL at 1/2; Fly’n and Sine Mora at 1/4, Giana Sisters at 1/3, …)

    More mainstream, there’s everything Civ (except Brave New World) at 1/2, as well as all of CKII (except Old Gods).

  22. Derpa says:

    I always forget the amount of bitching and moaning that now happens during steam sales.

    • anduin1 says:

      The competition is kicking ass, steam isn’t responding with any crazy deals

  23. slerbal says:

    Like pretty much everyone else commenting above I’m not actually excited by the Steam sale. The Humble Bundles + GOG have been doing me proud for quite some time and there are no games (yet) in the Steam sale that I actually want but don’t already have.

    The Spiderweb Humble Weekly Sale, however was a no brainer. I hope that does well for them :)

    Aside from that it is just possible that I have enough games… shock horror! Though I am sure something will come along that I just have to have…but those are mostly indie titles these days.

  24. Scumbag says:

    Once upon a time, in 2010, the prospect of a sale on Steam got me giddy. 75% off this game? 75%!!! Thats fantasticals! As time went by the sales remained compulsive, yet the piles of unplayed stuff got bigger and bigger. Sale time became a period of horror, a time when my need to eat was put on hold for the empty premise of things I would never use.
    Now a Sale comes, I say “that is interesting” and then move on. Thank you for the time Valve, but I must move on with my life now. Its not you, its me. I’m sorry!

    • slerbal says:

      Heh, I know how you feel.

    • MattM says:

      I don’t really buy games on speculation anymore, too many in the backlog but there are always a few I want to play just enough to wait for a sale and not buy them at full price. Right now that is the Borderlands 2 DLC and Dishonored.

  25. Tom Servo says:

    I already have too many unplayed games to even consider buying anymore but I might have to get Skyrim, I presume all the bugs are worked out by now.

  26. honuk says:

    the amazon sales are better than the steam ones these days

  27. Leb says:

    All the “what in the hell are trading cards about” comments makes me wonder if anyone has even bothered to read what steam tells you about them… specifically the point of higher steam level = more cards = more cards to sell = more money

  28. stupid_mcgee says:

    Puzzle Quest 2 is 75% off during the entire sale.

    This game has never been on sale before. At least, I’ve never seen it on sale during the past two or so years worth of sales.

    • jrodman says:


      Not sure why they don’t make the activation of items on your wishlist more obvious.

  29. InternetBatman says:

    I have to say I’m not crazy about the metagame this time around. The least they could do is make the way of getting cards interesting.

    • dE says:

      I thought they stopped doing interesting metagames when some folks were multiboxing the fuck out of the coal system, nicked a shitload of games (some got more than a hundred free AAA games this way) and THEN had the audacity to bitch at steam for not having more free games on storage anymore.

  30. strangeloup says:

    My experience was, roughly, in this order:

    * Wait a minute, there isn’t anything I want, and I already have literally hundreds of games I got in sales and haven’t bloody played
    * Does anyone care about the trading cards thing, or is it kind of Valve’s kinect?

    • Baines says:

      I think the card market is slowly crashing because too many people are getting cards with the idea of selling them to either make a profit or to pay for the game.

  31. anduin1 says:

    It won’t by much, people are getting flooded with cards. It only going to keep going down except for the foils

  32. malkav11 says:

    I’m not one of those people that’s generally down on DLC as a concept, but as I watch sale after sale where the base game goes on heavy discount and the DLC remains full price or barely discounted at all I begin to change my mind.

    • Baines says:

      More annoying to me is that DLC almost never sees a permanent price reduction.

      You can buy the GOTY/Complete version of some games for less than just the DLC alone. (I’ve actually rebought games that I already owned simply because it was cheaper doing that than to buy the DLC that I was missing.)

  33. Ostymandias says:

    i bought CS:GO so now i can shoot people on the internet
    not gonna buy anything else
    not joking
    i seriously don’t get people who buy a lot of games just because they are cheap
    if i were you i would just buy counter strike (you can shoot men) and l4d2 (you can shoot zombies/eat men/women) in this sale

    you’ll have entertainment for years to come provided you don’t hate other people (you don’t, do you?)
    and that’s 9,74€ total (i don’t know what it is in your fancy angloamerican poundlars)
    don’t buy another “indie” puzzle thing with funky physics or whatever or some spacesim
    you own fifty of those already and won’t play them anyway

    (you can thank me later when you can afford to eat)

    • The Random One says:

      Stop being silly. Of course I hate people. I find your attempt to pretend you don’t suspicious, and I hate suspicious people.

      Now excuse me while I go back to playing Dwarf Fortress.

    • bleeters says:

      As someone with no interest whatsoever in shooting other people on the internet, I’ll be sure to take your advice to heart.

    • phylum sinter says:

      I think budgeting is important, but saying those games will do for everyone is a little beyond presumptuous.

      They are good games, but if you’re really giving advice here, i think mine’s better: set a daily limit that allows you to eat, be disciplined and wait for the <66% deal on the games you really must have.

    • Malibu Stacey says:

      Having been forced to watch some CS:GO at Starladder while waiting for the Dota 2 matches to start I’m probably going to pick it up during the sale. I played the HL1 CS since beta 2 & loads of CS:S but gave up on it shortly after TF2 came out. Seems like it could be fun for the odd game now & then.

  34. Frank says:

    Excellent: a Hotline Miami soundtrack download, for when I don’t have access to Soundcloud. Who needs games?

    • Frank says:

      Curse you, Steam, and your meaningless “Media” section in the library.

      Apparently, I have to re-download the game to get the soundtrack. I’m lucky that HM is on the small side among modern games (half a gig). So word to the wise: don’t get soundtracks through Steam if you can buy them elsewhere.

    • Lord Custard Smingleigh says:

      You kids and your clouds of sound. In my day if I wanted to listen to a soundtrack I’d have to kidnap John Williams.

      • Weylyn says:

        You sir win the best reply award, I even had to register for the site finally to reply to that.

      • belgand says:

        Williams wasn’t so much of a bother, it was having to go round and kidnap an entire orchestra that was the annoying bit. The cellists in particular seemed to chafe against their leg irons.

  35. phylum sinter says:

    Legend of Grimrock – $5.09
    Strike Suit Infinity – $1.74
    Deponia – $4.99
    Dyad – $3.74
    Super Hexagon – $1.01

    5 games of incredible awesome (in varying flavors, all indie) for $16.57. Thanks Valve, i think that’ll do for today.

    I’m tempted to get Bioshock: Infinite, but as i’ve already beaten it on the gamebox 360 i’m holding out for the GOTY edition (and a better card – i’m thinking my 5850 will not allow me to max it to justify my platform’s superiority).

    The trick is to not go for the AAA’s til the last day, lest they be on a community choice… otherwise don’t expect them to be less than 50% list, especially if they’re under a year old. There’s still loads of good deals buried too.

  36. Ricochet64 says:

    I only just noticed that there was a giant GOG sale, and I missed it. Fuck.

  37. mondomau says:

    Just a warning that I hope doesn’t get buried under all the bitching about the sale selection – It’s pretty much impossible to buy anything at the moment. Steam has been consistently declining my card for the last 3 hours, even though a.) It has plenty of money on it b.) It works everywhere else I have tried it this morning, and c.) My bank says no attempt was even made to take money from the card by steam.

    It’s one thing for their servers to be down due to poor organisation (again), but to imply it’s my bank that’s at fault is outright bullshit. Bad show Valve.

    • cunningmunki says:

      I was having the same problem with my Paypal payments, but it’s fixed now. I can tell it’s fixed because of the four new games that have just magically appeared in my library.

  38. The Random One says:

    The little CARDS CARDS CARDS CARDS banners on top of every sale link would make me think it was parody if I didn’t know any better.

  39. Snegletiss says:

    Ok, so I noticed something: The Skyrim legendary edition is not 39,99 Euro with a 25% discount which makes it 29,99 Euro. Wasn’t that always the price? Did they raise the price, then give a discount to see if people just buy discounted stuff?

    Steam and their testing. :|

  40. running fungus says:

    Since apparently my desktop can no longer run even Knights of Pen and Paper without overheating or otherwise crashing, I look forward to my new Steam titles on my next machine…