Burn The Press: Dragon Commander’s Interactive Trailer

You 'orrible little man
My favourite thing about this interactive trailer for Divinity: Dragon Commander is the music it plays while you consider your position. It reminds me of dramatic quiz show music, adding a frisson of tension to the already taut situation you’re asked to involve yourself in. It makes me want to ask Noel Edmonds for his opinion on the matter, which is how all decisions should be made. You’re asked to mediate on a political dispute: the press are reporting on the more sensationalist aspects of the world’s leader’s lives. Should you allow them to continue, or should you stop them from printing? Listen to the arguments and make a decision. As a gamer, I’d imagine you have annotations on Youtube turned off. They’ll need to be on for this to work

I am surprised one of the options isn’t “dragon them to death”, because even as a member of da press I’d happily see the muck-rakers burned to a crisp by a Leveson-like Lizard. I’m also amused that a war game about dragons even asks such questions, but as Alec found out the politicking has an effect on your strength. Many, many questions are asked and answered.

If that little roundtable chat impressed you, there’s still a couple of thousand beta keys over here. Or you can wait till August, when the game is finally out.


  1. Makariel says:

    Fitting that the dwarves are running the equivalent of Fox News :)

  2. Drake Sigar says:

    I let them continue on the understanding that when they reported on the size of my dragonhood, they’d be very generous.

    • Soulstrider says:

      You know, I am totally ok with this idea. I would love they did a game like that, I had some hopes for the Kingdom management of Fable 3 ( I know I shouldn’t place any hopes in modern Molyneux) but was completely disappointed.

      Well I still have King of the Dragon Pass, which is more of a tribal chieftain simulator

  3. lowprices says:

    Could they release a version that’s just the fantasy politicking? As great as “Dragons with Jetpacks” sounds, it’s this side of the game I find most interesting. Also I’m awful at real time strategy. So, so awful.

    • trjp says:

      In fairness the RTS is whittled-down to a more action/short-term/quick thinking type of game by the board game/card/wide range of things you can do at the strategic level.

      I’m really waiting to see how they get the single player working – will they offer lots of paths forward which allows you to play it many different ways and simply ‘enjoy the story’ or will it be a strategy challenge only.

      From the trailer, from their comments on the large amount of choices and events etc. – I’m thinking the former – in which case I’m in.

      • lowprices says:

        I think you underestimate just how awful I am at rts games. My entire strategy can be summed up as “Select all troops; have all troops attack one guy; repeat until Mission Failed screen because I forget to defend my base.”

        Still, maybe it will be absurdly cheap in the Steam Summer Sale.

        • LionsPhil says:

          If you can out-economy them at the strategic level, you can autoresolve battles and it geeenerally seems to go OK.

          Although then you miss out on being a dragon with a jetpack, since for some reason this diplomacy section seems to think I ever want to be something other than a dragon with a jetpack.

          “Sir, I am unconvinced by your fiscal strategy of ‘put all the gold in a big pile and then sit on it’.”
          “…buuut I could be compelled to coming around to your point of view.”

  4. Crosmando says:

    I would of thought Dwarves would be more of the isolationist political type (not just capitalist), ie “They hide in their mountains seeking riches, they care nothing for the troubles of others”

    • Chris D says:

      There are probably those type of dwarves too, but we never see them because they’re still hiding in their mountains seeking riches.

      • RedViv says:

        Aye, the Dwarves Independent Party does not show up to the Dragon Unity meetings. They’re registered though and get the money for sessions, even if they don’t show up. Perfect isn’t it?

  5. trjp says:

    There’s a bug in their Youtube code – if you choose NOT to act (I’m guessing the less popular option) you get all the positive views AFTER the negative ones – saves doing it all again I guess! :)

    I love the idea of these but I feel it might get a bit tiresome – in this case it’s clearly a ‘upset the dwarves and goblins or upset everyone else” question – you’d assume in most cases the best choice will be to upset the fewest factions (given that there’s 5 and no-one seems to opt-out?)

    Even the Goblin coin-toss is sacred!

  6. MajorManiac says:

    I know this is a little odd observation, but its how my mind works.

    How come the lizard lady has boobs? I would assume she is reptilian and not mammalian. It would be just as bizarre if the female dragons had breasts too.

    • Low Life says:

      Maybe it’s just a prosthetic used to make them more visually appealing to the other races? Dragons obviously don’t have use for such things, in fact they would only be a hindrance due to aerodynamics.

      Edit: I took the risk and typed “dragon commander lizard breasts” into the Google search box. Sadly, no official comment on the matter by the developer. Quite a few links I dared not click, though. Excuse me, I’ll need to delete my browsing history now.

      • Faxmachinen says:

        I wouldn’t be so sure about the aerodynamics. Don’t forget that a golf ball has much less friction than a ping-pong ball. In other words, a smooth surface is not necessarily better than a bumpy one.

        I was kinda disappointed that all the aliens looked so human in Mass Effect. Also that we didn’t get to see any alien naughty bits. Someone should make a game about the adventures of an intergalactic nymphomaniac.

        • Brun says:

          (Incoming pedantry):

          That has to do with the texture of the ball, which induces turbulent flow over the ball’s surface. In fact, such a surface has higher skin friction (turbulent flow causes more friction than laminar), but it lowers form drag by keeping the flow attached to the ball’s surface (turbulent flow doesn’t separate as easily as laminar flow). Doing this has a few positive effects on the ball, including making its flight path more consistent.

          For something like a dragon – assuming it is a relatively low-speed dragon – your biggest source of drag would be induced drag (caused by the wings generating lift), as it is on most subsonic aircraft. That said, having unnecessary bluff bodies in the airstream won’t help you through a “golf ball” effect. There’s an upper limit to the size of such features before they start doing more harm than good.

        • welverin says:

          There are Star Trek games.

    • lowprices says:

      Because videogame developers like boobs and are willing to put their love of boobs above research, knowledge or common sense?

    • lordcooper says:


    • LionsPhil says:

      There is also a skeleton with facial expressions.

      I do not think they are going for a strict adherence to realism here.

      • Ringwraith says:

        Just don’t get him to talk about his existence. That would be bad.
        (The undead in Divinity are kinda awesome as far as undead go).