BAaaaaAArf: AaaaaAAaaa Getting Oculus Rift Support



*hurls uncontrollably*

I can only assume that’s the reaction co-developer Owlchemy Labs is going for by adding Oculus Rift support to face-first base-jumping opus AaaaaAAaaaAAAaaAAAAaAAAAA!!! for the Awesome. I mean, now that I give the idea some thought, it’s like the two were made for each other… in some demonic nausea factory, inextricably fused by a glue made of congealed stomach acid.

Owlchemy’s still testing the functionality right now, but the plan is to have you feeling just like you’re falling to your death at ludicrous speeds “soon”. Unsurprisingly, it’s an experience that’s not for the faint of heart. Or the easily motion sick. Owlchemy explained:

“The all-encompassing sense of free-fall is so intense, the feeling of blasting past buildings for points so real, our very own play-testers have been known to duck their heads, in real life, when large objects scream past their face.”

I wouldn’t doubt it. Oculus Rift once made me cower in fear of ladders.

Oculus support for AaaaaI’mNotGoingToPasteInTheEntireTitleAgain will be available via Steam as soon as it’s ready. For now, however, here is a Vine of people being very, very silly.


  1. jrodman says:


    • Flopper says:

      I’m posting at the top because I need an answer! What is the draw of Vine? I don’t get why it’s becoming a new trend. It’s a crappy short video or multiple even shorter videos stuck together… Someone explain why I’m supposed to think it’s a fresh new idea!

      • Captchist says:

        What’s the advantage of twitter? It’s just a way to post short messages to people. There are ways to send much longer messages!

        The fact that it’s shorter means people perceive it differently, use it differently and interact with it differently.

        • Doomsayer says:

          It’s a GIF with audio, but an arbitrary limit of six seconds.

          It’s a copy of Twitter, but way stupider.

          It’s a random brand name, designed to stick in your brain.

          It’s hip.

      • xsikal says:

        @Flopper: Basically, the extreme time constraint serves two purposes. First, it potentially spurs creativity (what can you do with a looping six seconds), much like poetic forms can do for poetry. Second, it means that, even if the vine is pointless drivel, as most of them are, it’ll be over in six seconds, so the viewer is only wasting their time in tiny intervals. :-)

      • Pockets says:

        I have no idea what that is. Is it a thing, now?
        It seems like animated gifs, but HD, almost.
        I don’t understand. I feel old.

  2. DashKrimson says:

    Great news, Now get Dejobaan to put in joypad support, please.

    (unless the game already has joypad support, in which case. please excuse my ignorance. The original game’s M&K-only controls never sat right with me.)

  3. lordcooper says:

    Oh dear gods no.

  4. Procrastination Giant says:


  5. Rikard Peterson says:

    The video is autoplaying.

  6. DrScuttles says:

    They need to release a video with the side-by-side 3D-o-vision so I can go all cross eyed watching it and vomit down my shirt. It’s an old, faded shirt so I don’t mind.

  7. Retro says:

    I have a oculus dev kit and I just can’t handle any steep stairways or ladders in HL2.. so I think I’ll pass..

  8. SuicideKing says:

    I thought it was Alec, turned out to be Nathan.

  9. Nim says:

    Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah yourself!

  10. The Random One says:

    “Read the rest of this entry”

    Not sure why I would want to.

  11. Shooop says:

    …You maniacs.

    You goddamn gloriously insane maniacs. Now I want an OR even more.

    Day of release, anyone want to have a contest to see who can play longest without puking or fainting?

  12. Psymon says:

    I wish people who uploaded videos/screen shots from oculus rift swapped the left and right first so us that can do cross view can see it properly, rather than with inversed depth.

  13. IonTichy says:

    Wanted to buy this game on summer sale, yet after watching the videos I have the impression that this game is not fast enough? Or were those beginner levels of some kind?

    I was reallly hoping for some insane speeedfall…..what I saw so far was a rather laid back fall..