“Deeper In A Primitive Zone”: NaissanceE

NaissanceE looks fascinating. It’s like someone exploring an endless monochrome Quake III level. There’s a new gameplay trailer out, which you can see below. The developers explain: “The main idea behind the game is to make the player appreciate the loneliness, the feeling to be lost in a gigantic unknown universe and to be marvelled by the beauty of this world. A world which seems to be alive, leading the player, manipulating him and playing with him for any reason. Imagination is an important key to enjoy and understand NaissanceE. Walking in an undiscovered abstract structure brings questions about the nature of this world, about the meaning of this trip. Evocating and symbolic, the architecture and events will lead player’s imagination to find an answer, if it only matters.”

If it only matters!


  1. CutieKnucklePie says:

    “Excuse me, but you seem to have a weird case of double-breathing” The game looks fantastic regardless.

  2. Battlehenkie says:

    By the power of combine this with the Oculus Rift please.

  3. Knightley4 says:

    Disturbing. Was expecting something hiding in the dark.

  4. MaVmAn says:

    Thanks for the article and comments.
    NaissanceE is on Greenlight btw.

    • fitzroy_doll says:

      Ah excellent. I remember your mods – glad to see you are still making things!

    • AaronLee says:

      The game’s coming along nicely, though I think the soundtrack kept me on edge a bit more then it should have. Unless there’s actual danger in this game XD, something I’d be excited to know.

      Regardless, good luck, good to hear this project’s moving along.

  5. Pliqu3011 says:

    Finally a trailer.
    Looks brilliant.

  6. Pich says:

    Seems alright, but all that breathing it’s gonna be really annoying.

  7. ZIGS says:

    So, Kairo 2 then. The idea is great but the graphics ruin it for me. Maybe I’m not “indie” enough but to me a game where exploration is key requires fantastic environments. Take Portal 2 for example, when you go into the abandoned facility. That part of the game completely fascinated me and it’s the main reason I’m eagerly waiting for this: link to steamcommunity.com

    • Smion says:

      How are the environments shown in the trailer not fantastic? HOW?


    • AaronLee says:

      It’s pretty fantastic. Is it sophisticated in its details? No. That’s kind of the unique draw of this game, though.

  8. vivlo says:

    This is the Citizen Kane of videogames !

  9. Somerled says:

    I love that part in abstract, white-on-gray, corridor walkathons where you go around a corridor loop and it repeats forever, but then you try something unconventional and you can proceed. As much as I love the FPS’ escape-from-burning-building segments. I love it to bitsies, yes I do.

    I do, unsarcastically, love how Naissancee is coming along.

  10. slerbal says:

    Colour me intrigued! Or should that be monochrome me intrigued? Either way, I’m interested :)

  11. ChromeBallz says:

    Okay. Now i want an Antichamber/Naissancee hybrid. NOW. Yesterday.

  12. Kein says:

    Looks like we are getting continuation to this:

  13. Felixader says:

    Yes. I always wanted to walk trough the worlds of BLAME!.

    As thin as the story always has been, the world was something that kept me reading all of it.

    • Ravenholme says:

      You and the guy below you, you’re alright.

      Walking through the megastructure from BLAME! would be awesome.

  14. PsychoWedge says:

    Kinda reminds me of BLAME!. If it were just a touch less artificial looking it would be perfect for people like me… xD

    • King in Winter says:

      Nihei’s Blame! was the first thing I thought of too. Endless corridors and cityscapes. Now we need to figure where Toha Heavy Industries is hiding.

  15. Thiefsie says:

    This looks incredible, apart from maybe a little frustrating with all the jumping puzzles. As an architect, I heartily endorse abstract spacial worlds with awesome fancy lighting and spatial oddities. That loop running through endlessly and then getting out by going once the other way is fantastic.

  16. crinkles esq. says:

    Seems like a puzzle game built by the architect who designed Soviet apartment blocks. Completely oppressive and devoid of humanity. Why would anyone want to subject themselves to that?

  17. Iskariot says:

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  18. fenriz says:

    *”Walking in an undiscovered abstract structure brings questions about the nature of this world”*

    I’m not sure i would, since the only interaction is jumping and following a lightball. I’ll just think of not falling, i recko.
    If the actions i do deal with environment more deeply, then yes i’ll muse about the environment.
    We’re forgetting that videogames are almost entirely about interaction. Only 1% is gazing.

  19. kristian says:

    “Press E to move light balls between predefined positions” the game

  20. kronpas says:

    anyone read manga here? A brilliant piece by Tsutomu nihei, link to mangaupdates.com, titled BLAME! (not blame as in English, its roumajination of the kata for gun shot sound). I ve been wanting to travel in the manga’s endless world for so long, hopefully this game can deliver it.