What Do Voodoo? Full Mojo Rampage

Over The Top Games send word of a new trailer for their “rogue-like, action-adventure”, Full Mojo Rampage. Bizarrely, the trailer is a black and white thing which looks like an entirely different side-scrolling game. I want to play that game! Full Mojo Rampage itself is a top-down voodoo-driven action RPG with roguelike elements. I’ve also posted a developer diary to give you an idea of what the game is actually like. Go take a look!

No release date or anything yet, but we’re assured news is on the way.


  1. Swanny says:

    Dat Cursor.

  2. Syra says:

    Can I get in before the usual suspects complain about the word roguelike being used frivolously, just to say “get with the program cool kids!” The definition of roguelike is changing and becoming loser, just the same way that RPG mechanics started to bleed into everything and now multiplayer CoD is considered to have “RPG elements”.

    Let’s not do this dance again.

    • Hmm-Hmm. says:

      Yes you may. I would also like to remark that saying ‘roguelike elements’ does not infer that the game is itself a roguelike. Like music which takes from various styles.

      That said, I agree with faelnor that this just seems like a hack’n’slash game.

    • JackShandy says:

      What are the roguelike elements, though? Do you lose items on death, or all your progress?

  3. faelnor says:

    So now a hack’n’slash is a “action RPG with roguelike elements”?

  4. Shooop says:

    That first image and trailer had me all excited for a game that looks like Mad World on PC at last.

    The letdown was crushing Jim. CRUSHING! WHY DID YOU PLAY WITH MY DREAMS LIKE THAT?!

  5. ww99w says:

    This looks like your typical dual stick shooter. I think the only roguelike element in this garbage is that when u die u have to restart. Also I dont see any character progression, other then picking up some lame items. Honestly i cant tell the difference between this and solomons boneyard, which was actually a very fun iphone game. This game looks totally ‘meh’. Not gna bother giving it a second look.