Steam’s summer sale is happening as we speak! Isn’t that exciting? This webpage tells me it’s exciting, and it’s probably the greatest thing I’ve seen in my entire life. And of course, with Steam sales come innumerable guides, because your IQ is just a picture of a confused sloth and you need to be told which things to buy. But goodness gracious, there are so many. What ever will you do? How will you cope? Why, by reading my definitive, all-encompassing hyperguide, naturally. It’s scientifically proven to be 127 percent guidier than all other guides. Do you have questions? Well then, I have answers. But only to really specific questions that I wrote.


A: OK, then don’t do it.


A: OK, then do it.


A: OK, then don’t do it.


A: OK, then do it.


A: Probably because there haven’t been a lot of great triple-A games on PC recently and most of the major indie releases launch cheap anyway. Oh, and Steam trading cards are kind of a boring gimmick. Also, because the most exciting event of your summer is a videogame sale.


A: GOG and Amazon both had big ones. Arguably better than Steam’s.


A: You missed them. Well, I guess Amazon’s is still going, but it’s US-only and ends on July 14th.

Q: OH.

A: Yeah.


A: No. But anyway, don’t you have a million-billion games backlogged from other Steam sales anyway? And look, I don’t know, Just Cause 2 is super great. It’s practically free at this point. Antichamber’s also magnificent, and you know what? You may as well just wheel your cart up to the indie section and go nuts, because everything there is running about with only itsy bitsy price tags to cover up their gamey bits.


A: OK, we’re done here.


  1. lordcooper says:

    nathan nasty, jim tell me what buy?

    • princec says:

      Thou shalt buy the ULTRABUNDLE, and gain 4 games of most high calibre!

    • Ultra Superior says:

      Nathan, typical GRAYSON. Of the notorious GRAYSON family of the GRAYSON GLOBAL fame.

      Are you up to some REVENGEY stuff, Nathan?

    • charlist05 says:

      just before I looked at the receipt for $9131, I didn’t believe that my friend actualey taking home money parttime from there new laptop.. there moms best frend had bean doing this for only about nineteen months and resently paid for the loans on their condo and bourt themselves a Lancia Straton. this is where I went, >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> bidznew.COM

  2. skinlo says:

    I have a hard limit of a tenner for each game I buy. I was willing to make an exception for Bioshock Infinite when it was £12 on GMG, but I didn’t realise the code would expire, and £15 is too much.

    Far Cry 3 at only 40% off is a joke, so I simply will wait until Christmas.

    • PoLLeNSKi says:

      TEN?!?!? pounds per game? Sir you are waaaay over my budget. Less than £2.50 or no deal is what I say to Mr GabeN, Trading Cards or not… £20 spent so far and 12 games lined up for the next few months :)

      • bills6693 says:

        Mine is 75% off. It is rare for a game to go cheaper than that, and 75% is plenty.

        • flang says:

          If you’re buying based on the percentage discount, you’re probably being swindled a bit.

          Most publishers have caught on to gamers’ preference of buying games on a steep discount, so they’re either keeping the base price high (like Darksiders II for example, which is still $50 even though it’s nearly a year old now) Or, in the case of some particularly loathsome publishers, actually raising the base price in order to compensate (like the pub/dev of Defender’s Quest, who admitted to raising the game’s price on GOG and Steam because they knew they would make most of their sales on discount: link to

          The lesson being – pick a set price you think the game is worth, and ignore the percentages.

          • malkav11 says:

            I think both degree of discount and raw price are relevant. If a game’s $60 and I’m not that sold on it, a 60% discount only takes it down to about $24, and my threshold for “eh, maybe someday” is usually sub-$10, or more likely $5. Conversely, a $5 game that’s discounted by 10% still has plenty of room to drop in future sales so I’ll only pick it up if I want to play it right then.

            Yes, this does mean that pricing like Defender’s Quest did is probably a wise move on the part of the developer or publisher.

    • KenTWOu says:

      You could grab Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon with 55% sale!

  3. AngoraFish says:

    I do miss the days, must have been only last year, when I actually held my breath for seasonal Steam sales and then bought up big.

    So long ago now, so much history, so many memories. Sigh.

    People probably won’t even get the joke if this article is repeated next year.

    • Shuck says:

      This sale does seem especially weak (even given that I’m jaded from having bought too many games in previous sales that are yet unplayed). No indie collections/bundles this time, for example.

    • Syra says:

      Derp this is because we all went nuts the last time and bought all the games we could conceivably want. There have been less game’s really worth a buy since then than I can count on my fapping hand and basically they are still ‘too new’ to be giving a proper discount on, or we preordered them anyway and should feel our shame burn brightly now, so maybe next year eh?

      • Cleave says:

        Yeah I get the feeling. I’ve bought most of the new games I wanted to play this year on release and have a worryingly long list of unplayed games on steam anyway.

        Still I’ve got Sleeping Dogs, Surgeon Simulator and Roller coaster Tycoon 3 (because I never played the safari park add on) so far.

  4. zain3000 says:

    Someone wake me up when Far Cry 3 is $4.99…

  5. SF Legend says:

    Speaking of Just Cause 2, the multiplayer mod is having a beta test next weekend.

    • Mr. Mister says:

      Yep, it was obvious that it would go down to $3 almost imediately. It probably will be a daily deal again next friday.

      And next week’s test is supposed to introduce Faction Wars gamemode! Can’t wait.

  6. demicanadian says:

    Damn you amazon with your “No paypal” and “No maestro”!

    • Lemming says:

      A. No Maestro? I assume you’re attempting to purchase from an overseas Amazon then?

      B. Who the fuck still has Maestro? Didn’t they all get changed to Visas? Talk to your bank (unless you’re under 18 I guess).

      • demicanadian says:

        I’m pretty lazy when it comes to change anything regarding my bank account. Especially since it would mean changing my old, quite cheap account to “it costs, but has shiny lights” bundled with social network style internet security holes.

        • Lemming says:

          Nothing changes except the card (and therefore the card number). Your account number wouldn’t change, it’s really easy. If you’ve got internet banking just send a message through that system asking for a Visa debit card to replace your current one.

  7. DrScuttles says:

    Nathan solved the Summer Sale. Though at least John would give us hugs; Nathan’s being grumpy. And in any case, it’s worth following Savygamer during times like these if you are compelled to spend all your monies.
    Now my only problem is those trading cards. I can’t stop. I hate myself and I trade them. Help.

    • Syra says:

      End it now.

    • Aninhumer says:

      If it helps you to stop, you can exchange them for about 40p of steam credit each in the market. Would you rather have gimmicky cards that don’t do anything, or games you never play? The choice is yours.

      • DrScuttles says:

        My Steam marketing efforts have all been thwarted by dwindling prices as everyone seems to undercut one another in an effort to get their card at the top of the list and more likely to be sold. But hey! Virtual tat!
        And besides, I may be single, beardy, broke, have a crap job and no social life, but soon I’ll have a full set of Euro Truck Simulator 2 cards and then I’ll cool right.

  8. Jimbo says:


    A. Ok, then don’t do it.

    • Donkeyfumbler says:

      Q. I don’t have anything nice to say about an article – shall I write something snarky and unfunny?

      A. OK, don’t do it.

    • Novack says:

      No kidding. I will start checking who is the author, and ignoring everything from Grayson. Hope he put something together or at least stop writing bs.

      • kirby_freak says:

        His stories are normally pretty good, if I recall. Outliers are not representatives of the norm! :P

        • Novack says:

          Not for me. Actually, I feel like RPS has drifted. Polluted by a Grayson trapped in unsubtle and viced “humor”, where the target seems to be USA teens. I miss the old days, each time I come to read the uber literal jokes of the Grayson’s posts introductions.

          Even worst, some of his “opinions” are not just out of the editorial line, but completely idiotic. Like when he mentioned piracy a “money-chomping wolf”: does he even read his partners articles? doesn’t he has noted the tons of material here mentioning that such “losses” have never been proved? does he even care about what he writes?

          The site is tarnished when assertions without meaning, or poorly elaborated opinions are thrown in the stream at the same level than this kind of articles.

          • Josh W says:

            Grayson has been corrupting them with his vices for some time now. It’s obvious in the slurred commas.

  9. Donkeyfumbler says:

    Glad to say I’ve finally reached the point where I can resist Steam (and other) sales, despite having over £20 in my Steam wallet.

    I think the moment came when I decided to play through my list of unplayed games alphabetically about a year ago, and six months later I still hadn’t got past ‘C’.

    The question I force myself to ask myself each time is ‘Is this game likely to be cheaper before I eventually get round to playing it properly (rather than installing it, playing it for half an hour to check it works OK and then going on to something else)’ and invariably the answer is ‘Of course it will be cheaper’.

    Too many times I’ve bought stuff at what I thought was a great deal, only to see it pop up for even less money before I’ve had the chance to play it.

    My one exception this time will be when Dishonored makes it on to sale at £5 – it got outvoted by Borderlands 2 in one of the flash sale votes but I’m sure it will appear at some point (and seeing as I’m just getting to the ‘D’s I’ll be playing it soon too :))

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      My only interest on this steam sale would be the two Civ V expansions, G&K and Brave New World. I must admit other than Civilization and roguelikes my only other interest of late has been… *apologetic throat clearing*… SolSuite.

      • AngoraFish says:

        Having now played a full game through (10 hours) with both expansions, I can heartily recommend them.

      • Amstrad says:

        For Gods&Kings, the best deal is to buy the Gold Edition Upgrade which is currently only 10bux and will net you both the expansion and all the previous DLC. Then you can buy Brave New World separately.

    • AngoraFish says:

      Is this game likely to be cheaper before I eventually get round to playing it properly” – my brain is in an almost identical space, however significantly less well articulated. Thanks for helping me to articulate this.

    • Lemming says:

      I’ve always been able to resist them, mainly because in hot weather I tend to just stare at my computer for an hour thinking ‘what the fuck do I do now?’, type some comments and go lie down somewhere cool without ever having loaded Steam.

      • LionsPhil says:

        Wanted: return of 16-bit microcomputer era where every personal computer wasn’t also a 800-watt electric heater.

        • Mario Figueiredo says:

          Yeah. Always sort of annoyed me that, with all advancements in GPU technology, the power footprint has seen the least of it. We’ve been happily increasing processing time on the back of our electric outlets.

          16 bit era was nice for many reasons, indeed.. But, Wanted: A new computer architecture.

    • LionsPhil says:

      Steam Prices is pretty cool for showing you a graph of just how low and how often a game has gone on sale for.

      And if you set “compare to” to US and the EU, you can feel both ripped off and less-ripped-off simultaneously!

  10. Mario Figueiredo says:

    Wow, that animation… would make central stage on any anti-consumerism documentary.

  11. lowprices says:

    I have a massive backlog of games, have previously played Bioshock Infinite, bought a handful of games and am still quite comfortable with my financial situation, but would still like a hug. Where do I stand in this situation?

    • Cunning Linguist says:

      There are clearly others more needing of a hug than you, rich person.

      • lowprices says:

        But-but-but-but I’m not rich, I just budgeted carefully.

        Now I’ve been a victim of classism, I need a hug even more. :(

        • Sir Buildbot Winslave says:

          Come here, good fellow. Have a hug :)
          and let me relieve you of that fat wallet

        • Cunning Linguist says:

          That’s what they all say as they exploit the poor even more.

    • SominiTheCommenter says:

      I’ll give you a hug.
      You will have to watch out, it’s all vultures here.

      • lowprices says:

        Well one of these friendly commoners appears to have stolen my wallet.

        Jeeves, bring me one of my backup wallets!

        • SominiTheCommenter says:

          I’m shocked, shocked to know there are burglars around here.

    • kirby_freak says:

      I’m quite enjoying your name right now, lowprices. Very fitting this week. :P

  12. SuicideKing says:

    Well, as a supplement, i present Oatmeal:
    link to

  13. FloorBelow says:

    Steam trading cards ‘a boring gimmick?’ I tell ya, this is the only time I’ve ever made money off a Steam sale. I just got the Binding of Isaac soudtrack, the Basement Collection, and Just Cause 2 totally for free, and all I had to do is open up some games for a while and alt-tab back to whatever I was doing.

    • Mario Figueiredo says:

      Actually it wasn’t free. It is made up so you think you are getting something for free.

      A friend.

      • FloorBelow says:

        Uh, thanks mate, but given that I’ve never added money to my Steam wallet, I’ve gotten all my cards from games I already owned (at least half of which I bought on sale anyway,) that I’ve never had to pay money in order to use the Steam service, I can’t think of any way I’m not getting things for free.

        • LTK says:

          You paid for it with time, attention and CPU cycles, but that’s still a pretty good deal if you ask me.

          • The Random One says:

            Man, here I was thinking my mom used to breastfeed me for free when I was a baby, but I never thought of all the energy I’d have to spend on the metabolic processes to digest that milk! No free lunch indeed!

    • rxyz says:

      You made money? As in getting that off of the Steam account and buying whatever you want with it?

      Also, let me know when that stuff pays better than an actual job.

    • Cunning Linguist says:

      You made money or steamed buns?

      • jrodman says:

        Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Steamed Buns.

        • BooleanBob says:

          I was really happy with the dinner I was eating until I read these comments. Thanks, jerks!

    • SkittleDiddler says:

      Uhhmm, yeah, about that…

      You’re not actually making money. You’re getting credit for the time and real-life money you put into buying games through Steam.

      That credit belongs to Valve, they’re simply allowing you access to it.

    • Faxmachinen says:

      You didn’t make any money.

  14. cptgone says:

    today only, this comment is 80% off! read it for €24.99 only and get a chance to win a certified cptgone’s Stinky Summer Underpants to trade with your friends!
    (disclaimer: cptgone’s Stinky Summer Underpants is not a toy. please dispose of properly. to avoid danger of suffocation, refrain from wearing it as a hat)

    • LTK says:

      If I do wear them as a hat, will I gain telekinetic powers?

      • Grygus says:

        Unbelievably, incredibly, stupidly, you do not! I am heading to the official forums right now to dash off a badly spelled missive suggesting that this is due to the inherent laziness of all developers who owe me telekinetic powers, which is all of them, and yet said powers have yet to manifest at all, revealing the deep and abiding corruption within the industry. I suggest you join me; together we can make them see the futility of resisting our will!

    • Cunning Linguist says:

      Sorry I pirated it but I will buy it as soon as I have the cash, promise.

  15. Innovacious says:

    Always make sure to check greenmangaming before you make a purchase! (unless you really want that money to go towards a trading card). They undercut valve on at least bioshock infinite (again! did it for the pre-orders too) and their 20% off vouchers work with almost everything and they are mostly steam keys.

  16. Ninja Foodstuff says:

    I think this is a little unfair, there are many facets to the sale that are confusing to people who don’t regularly use Steam, and having articles to point those people towards the best deals (especially as the prices during the sale will vary on almost every games depending on the day of the week) is not a bad thing.

  17. Cunning Linguist says:

    and have no intention of making any effort to play it. If I come across it on a friend’s machine I may check it out but I lost interest as soon as I realised this is another disposable FPS game with gory executions and a few hours of drudgery just to see all the awesome graphics and the supposedly intelligent story that I won’t care about…. nah….

    You can give me a hug if you’ve had a shower today and have no contagious diseases, but I’m good either way. . .

    • Prime says:

      I AM THE ONE CYBERTRONIAN WHO HASN’T PLAYED BIOSHOCK INFINITE YET (Why are we shouting?) and I have no intentions of doing so either. I have 40 games on my Hotlist, mostly Kickstarters and Indies, and each one of those is 10 times more exciting than another well-dressed, on-rails shooting experience with pretensions.

      Not sure we Cybertronians have a sense of touch so no hugs required, thank you.

    • golem09 says:

      In general, I pretty much HATE the whole shooter genre, but I make some exceptions for games where it isn’t the whole focus.
      Bioshock Infinite is still my game of the year, and I heavily doubt that anything can even possibly beat it. It’s not about the “intelligent” story, it’s about the stories presentation, the wonderful music and the simply fascinating turn of events. Of course once you go a bit weird and sciency, every nerd comes out of the closet complaining about how it doesn’t follow rule X from star trekt XY, how nothing makes sense, and that the pretentious “intelligent” story is stupid. Although it didn’t even tried to be.

      And yes it’s a shooter, but you also get secondary “magic” powers and can materialize stuff on the battlefield. BTW the “on rails” part is the most fun about the game, because you actually do use rails for transportation, but there are no restrictions to it, and it’s also used for combat.

      You can even turn the game to “easy”, jsut breeze through the fights to focus on the city, the exploration and the events, it would still be worth it.

      • Cunning Linguist says:

        ” it’s about the stories presentation, the wonderful music and the simply fascinating turn of events”

        I can watch films that will do these things much better. I just want pure video gaming without the glossy gimmicks that are meant to create an “interactive movie” experience. I must be a weirdo.

        I still play arcade games and console games that were made 5-10 years ago because the gameplay continues to be fun and there is no time wasted on a story. When you play a game for a 100th time you won’t be interested in the turn of events or any of the gloss . Video games used to be made to be played again and again, not played once before moving on to the next piece of disposable entertainment.

        • AndrewC says:

          Those 100’s of times games still get made. There’s loads of them. Also now there are these types of games, which value moving through a very specific, thematically pointed world. There is both. You don’t have to play both. Choice is wonderful!

          Now, let us assume your argument about movies is correct. How many movies are there about floating colonial cities, monsters, mutants, magic, racism, revolution AND alternative realities? Not many! Gaming allows us to realise visions that Hollywood is incapable or uninterested in making. Wonderful!

        • golem09 says:

          If you call it disposable entertainment, then so are alle books and movies, and even music. I do know what you mean though. I don’t give a shit about most cinematic games out there, for various reasons, ranging from ultra boring gameplay to simply badly written stories that are not even worth watching.

          It’s just that Infinite’s story hardly could have been told in another medium, and surely not with the impact it had one me. I didn’t kill a single enemy for the first two hours, just walked around the city, watching listening.
          The second thing is, even if it could be told in another medium, NOBODY would ever tell that story. It’s way too far out there to be picked up by anything. And certainly not with this kind of genius art and sound design.

        • malkav11 says:

          I don’t begrudge folks their endlessly replayable chunks of pure gameplay, by any means, but story and exploration are absolutely core to my enjoyment of games and if that’s not there, I’m not sticking around long. And my not desiring to replay them regularly doesn’t mean they’re disposable. Like the best books and movies, a really well made narrative game will bring me back from time to time just to refresh that experience, perhaps appreciate it from a new angle. It may not hold up to 100 plays, but that’s fine. It doesn’t need to. It holds up to one play, which is more than systemic games typically do for me.

    • aldo_14 says:

      and have no intention of making any effort to play it. If I come across it on a friend’s machine I may check it out but I lost interest as soon as I realised this is another disposable FPS game with gory executions and a few hours of drudgery just to see all the awesome graphics and the supposedly intelligent story that I won’t care about…. nah….

      Well, if you don’t want to like it – which is perfectly fine – you won’t like it regardless.

      But I enjoyed it, and I think the term ‘disposable’ is a bit unfair. They certainly tried narrative and gameplay stuff that I’ve not really seen tried before (or, at lease, often), although the success is in the eye of the beholder. Even the gore has a certain justification within the former.

    • Ninja Foodstuff says:

      I haven’t played it either, but that’s because I’m waiting for the Mac release.

  18. cocoleche says:

    TotalBiscuit has a daily guide with recommendations for the summer sale
    link to

  19. HadToLogin says:

    I don’t know why people are so in love with Steam Sales nowadays. They were great 2 years ago. Now they are medicore and only pricing errors are worth looking for.
    Especially if you’re from Euro-Zone and have credit card – Amazon has great “price match” policy, so you can get most stuff cheaper than from Steam (since dolar<euro while Steam has dolar=euro policy).
    Only good thing are cards you can sell, but that's still only good if you're buying stuff from Steam on your own – which means it's practically an offer for Russians…

    • Arona Daal says:

      Badly informed ,that´s why?
      I for my Part use link to ,and link to

      The first one has Things like Emailalerts,Pricegraphs,Filters (Dlc,discount,DD etc.),even allows importing your Steam Wishlist.
      So far the best “Pricecomparison-Searchengine” i know.

    • dE says:

      I’m sorry, I don’t do credit card fraud, even though it’s the vogue thing to do at the moment.

      • HadToLogin says:

        Well, there’s always cheap “get friends in US” way to get games. Got tons of games that way with help of paypal (I sent him $5, he gifts me game).

  20. angrym0b says:

    Unrelated plea for help – does anyone know why I can’t post or reply to anything on the RPS Forum? It says:

    angrym0b, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons:

    Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else’s post, access administrative features or some other privileged system?

    If you are trying to post, the administrator may have disabled your account, or it may be awaiting activation.

    Any ideas? I’m a long time lurker, and have 0 posts.

    • LTK says:

      Send Jim an e-mail, maybe?

    • GernauMorat says:

      I have exactly the same problem, finally sent an email to the administrator yesterday so we shall see

      • Jim Rossignol says:

        I hope you sent it to my RPS address and not via the forum, I don’t answer forum PMs.

        • GernauMorat says:

          Hi Jim, thanks for answering. I sent it through the ‘send a message to the site a administrator’ dealy on the forums. I hope that’s OK, otherwise I’ll do as you say

  21. Prime says:

    Couldn’t resist yesterday’s flash-sale of Dark Souls for a measly five shanix. Been having fun with it this morning, dying lots and learning what the fuss has been all about. Bought one for a mate, too. Well, why wouldn’t you at that price?

    • DrScuttles says:

      Praise the sun!

    • Cunning Linguist says:

      I heard this game can be bad if you take it personally.

    • HothMonster says:

      Use the connectivity fix if you want to have jolly cooperation with your friend without waiting around an hour for your signs to align.

      link to

      Same guy who made the fps and other fixes as well. Well worth your time to set it all up.

  22. Alexander says:

    Best guide ever (not).

    I’m waiting for someone to make a video that explains what’s up with the damn card system and if it’s more than another achievement bubble (for example, can I get rich from it?).

    • angrym0b says:

      I would say that if it is possible to get rich from it, those waiting on guides for it are not going to be the ones to get rich from it….

      • Baines says:

        Trading card bubble is arguably already bursting. Prices tanked at the start of the summer sale, likely due to all the people dumping cards to buy games, and buying heavily discounted card games in order to generate cards to sell cards.

        Though it was kind of entertaing to see people complaining about how they bought a game only to see card prices tank before they could make their money back.

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      It’s not possible to get rich from it. But it is possible to make a few quids from it. I have sold 98 trading cards at the going rate, for a total of £18.25 in SteamWalletFakeMoney™. Not rich, but it’s eighteen pounds that I can save in this sale or some other game later.

      • Alexander says:

        How long did it take you to collect so many? And did you get them through buying/playing games or both?

        • basilisk says:

          Assuming they were obtained through regular drops, 98 cards * 20 minutes/card drop rate = 1960 minutes = 32.67 hours.

        • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

          I just started the games and alt-tabbed away. With the exception of the Source engine games, you can have more than one running at a time. In fact, for those games with a launcher (Borderlands 2, Skyrim, Civ V, etc), just leaving the launcher running was enough. Bioshock Infinite was the only game that was problematic, as it chews up a lot of CPU at the main menu.

          This was for 24 games, 22 of which I owned prior to this sale. I bought Hotline Miami, because everyone had been talking about it so much, and McPixel, because it was 59p and I wanted to experiment to see if I could earn that back through selling its cards. I couldn’t: they were only selling for really low values; I got 43p in total for all seven cards it dropped.

          I don’t know how much elapsed time it took to get the cards, but it was over almost a week in calendar time, because not all the games had trading cards from the start.

          • Baines says:

            People buying games to sell the cards have largely killed the resale value of cards.

            Cards values were already getting weaker due to the increasing number of games with cards and the growing realization that there is nothing to sustain the “value” of cards other than hype and hope of making a profit. Card prices were stable largely because most people didn’t want to sell too far below the perceived market value, even if they had no use for the cards themselves. Valve’s chunk of marketplace sales also did a bit to keep card prices up.

            But there is no value to the cards themselves. You can craft badges, but badges mean nothing. You get emoticons that no one wants from crafting, as well as backgrounds that few want. The coupons *could* have been an incentive, but the coupons are for equal or less savings that a regular Steam sale. Who wants a 50% off (non-stackable) coupon for a game that is already 75% off every other month?

            Look at the marketplace. There are 9,000-10,000 copies of each Team Fortress card just sitting there. They are sitting there because the supply so far outstripped the demand. Some games do still hold their value more than others, not so much due to demand, but probably more because people refuse to sell them below a certain price. (I’d really like to see sales history for Steam’s marketplace. Their “Recently Sold” tab only covers 10 items.)

          • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

            You’ve basically listed the reasons why I couldn’t believe anyone was actually buying cards. Beyond an impulse to collect, the actual rewards for doing so are pretty useless. As you say, pretty much nobody wants the emoticons and profile backgrounds—which is reflected in the prices they’re listed for. Selling a set of 8 cards for 15p (net) each is £1.20, but the emoticons and profiles are usually selling for about 5-10p. So if anyone wants a particular profile background or emoticon, they’re much better off buying it instead of building a set of cards.

            The vouchers too are pretty worthless unless they happen to be for a game you want, and the Steam sale wasn’t already happening. The whole economics of the cards seems quite unbalanced. Maybe if sets of cards actually got you a voucher for a free game, that’d be something (but the cards are too common for that).

  23. Ansob says:

    The Amazon sale isn’t and never has been “US only;” they just throw that up to cover their asses. Use any debit card, give it a US address (google a business HQ, don’t pick something obvious like 90210) and you can buy their games just fine.

  24. DrGonzo says:

    Boring gimmick!? I’ve earned over a fiver and got a free game out of em, they certainly aren’t boring!

    And I’ve tried to love Just Cause 2. I bought it a few years back and bounced off it a few times. It’s fun to run around for 20 minutes, but that’s about as far as I’ve ever got.

    • LTK says:

      Well, there’s your problem! You need to stop running around and steal a sports car, dune buggy or motorcycle, hijack a jet fighter, helicopter, sport plane or passenger aircraft, or jump on a boat or hovercraft. Or hop between all of those with the parachute and grapple.

      Just Cause 2 is the least fun when you have both your feet on the ground.

  25. somnolentsurfer says:

    Is there a list somewhere of what’s been up in the flash sales so far? Trying to make sure I’m playing the ‘wait until the last day’ game right.

  26. Voronwer says:

    I wasn’t expecting to buy anything, but my desire to get XCOM won out over my desire to wait for its planned DLC. So I got that yesterday along with the cosmetic DLC for 12.71. Then, because I was buying something anyway, I got The Walking Dead and Puzzle Quest: Galactrix. (Look, I’d looted the latter and liked it so I figured I might as well come clean and pay for it.)

  27. BreadBitten says:

    I’ve got one, and I’m being serious here…

    Q. I’ve got some money to spare and a good bunch of the games on sale are definitely for me, but I can’t really pay for games on Steam directly, due to regional discrepancies, and feel kind of cheated (and of course sadface-ed) seeing 99% of the folks in my friends list reap the benefits of being fortunate while I’m here staring at the festivities from the cold outside. What do I do Nathan?

      • BreadBitten says:

        Sounds too complicated for someone as cautious as myself to try, oh and the fact that Paypal (or almost any of the other e-payment sites for that matter) don’t list my country might also be worth mentioning. But thanks man, appreciate the help, enjoy the sales for me!

    • VelvetFistIronGlove says:

      You need to talk to some of the good folks in the forum—specifically, this thread.

      Edit: Hello there, LTK. You must be a handsome and clever person to have the same reply as me, only a minute earlier!

    • The Random One says:

      Realize that there are many vendors out there, which have smaller selections but comparable discounts in their own sales, and many of them give out Steam keys anyway. Vow never to buy anything on Steam again.

  28. Lemming says:


    A: Because it’s ultimately a hollow experience disguised by a unique setting.”


  29. Chorltonwheelie says:

    Hotline Miami, Surgeon Simulator, CoJ Gunslinger so far. Keeping my nerve for a lower Bioshock Infinite price.

    Anything to avoid going outside in this face melting heat. Can’t wait for winter.

    • LennyLeonardo says:

      I reckon Gunslinger is one of the best budget games this year. Arcade mode is absolutely superb. Great game.

  30. f4stjack says:

    Probably the only advice should be if you are not in a hurry and your desired game is in a discount till 22 July, you should wait for flash sales for more discount-y price.

  31. timespike says:

    I think the key to these things is to make a list of stuff you’d like to play now, but can’t quite justify the current price of BEFORE the sale starts. My list for this summer was:

    Don’t Starve
    Rogue Legacy

    So far, I’ve got 75% of what I wanted and it’s only day two. There’s a second tier of opportunity purchases underneath those four, but realistically, between Steam, Gog, Origin, Uplay, Green Man, GetGames, my old CD collection, and so forth, I have something like a thousand games. I am not, nor will I EVER be, hurting for things to play.

  32. lomaxgnome says:

    Not a single question referencing waiting for the Daily Deals?

  33. Beelzebud says:

    I scored some Borderlands 2 DLC for very chap, then i bought Civ V: Brave New World at full price. It was worth it.

  34. Fox89 says: was pretty cool, but personally I think this one is a little more to the point! link to

  35. crinkles esq. says:

    Finally picked up FTL+Soundtrack for $3.49, a diabolic deal I couldn’t pass up. The harder part will be finding time to play it. And getting my soul back.

    • Themadcow says:

      As someone with demanding job, demanding wife and demanding kids (i.e. 3hrs of gaming time a week if I’m lucky)…. find time to play it. FTL is probably the only game currently installed on my PC that I never regret spending time with.

      Incidentally, if Steam suddenly starts selling temporal rifts which allow me to double my gaming time without work/wife/kids finding out then I’d actually be throwing money at my screen and not stop laughing as the 20p’s bounce back and smash me in the face.

  36. DanMan says:

    So far I’ve picked up The Walking Dead Season 1-5 (atrocious game pad support), XCOM Enemy Unknown and Batman Arkham City GOTY. A few days before the sale i got Natural Selection II.

    The Just Cause 2 demo crashed on me a few minutes in, so no, thanks.

  37. ScorpionWasp says:

    If my general inclinations are anything to go by (they aren’t), we’ll be having another videogame industry crash soon, for the same reasons as the first. I browse some games, reject 95% of them outright, then linger on that one specimen whose sales pitch isn’t completely repulsive to me, but ultimately realize that statistically, I’m much, much more likely to feel I’ve wasted the 2 hours playing it just to get disappointed by something, plus the money I paid, than that it’ll be an engrossing gaming experience, so I reject it too. I wonder if this is what they call old age…

  38. Screamer says:

    The biggest deal so far has been Darksiers II -80%, which gave me the right opportunity to get the more important DLC.

    Actually, this summer sale I’ve only bought DLC form various games, Skyrim, DX Human Revelotion, DmC, Dishonoured, etc. I don’t buy DLC usually because they are waaaay overpriced. Now, I feel I actually get what I paid for.